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Term Four Week 7 | Wednesday November 27, 2019

From Michael Grose - Parenting Ideas

As a parenting educator for more than 25 years, I’ve had many opportunities to observe and listen to parents in action. During this time I’ve learned some valuable lessons about raising children and managing families. Here are some parenting behaviours you may consider stopping or doing less of, together with replacement behaviour as well:

Doing too much: Children need to learn to fend for themselves and stand on their own two feet. Independence is the aim for parents.

Learn to delegate: Winning arguments The need to win arguments and prove that you are right harms relationships and creates fertile ground for conflict. Focus on the things that matter.

Expecting too little; Expectations are tricky. Too high and children can give up. Too low and children will meet them. Pitch them at their own abilities and their developmental age.

Speaking when angry: Speaking tends to be a default mechanism regardless of your emotional state. When you’re angry children don’t listen. They pick up your venom but not your words. Choose the time and the place to speak to children.

Failing to give proper recognition: It’s easy to take children’s good behaviour and their contributions to the family for granted. The behaviours you focus on expand so catch children doing the right thing.

Playing favourites: Children usually know who’s the favoured or preferred child in their family. Your discipline and expectations give this away. Share the parenting with others so you share the favouritism.

Letting children drop out of the family: In small families most children have their own bedroom, which means isolation is easy to achieve. Teenagers, in particular, tend to prefer their own company rather than the company of peers and parents. Put rituals in place and make sure everyone turns up to meal-time.

Taking the easy way out: It’s a quirk of modern life that as parents get busier with work and other things there is a tremendous temptation to avoid arguments by giving into children. Hang in there when you know it’s the right thing to do.

Judging yourself too harshly: Parents are generally hard markers of themselves. Children are more forgiving of their parents’ blunders than their parents. Parent your family as if it’s a large one.

Solving too many problems: It’s tempting to try to solve our children’s problems rather then leave some for them to solve. A forgotten school lunch is a child’s problem not a parent’s problem. Pose problems for children rather than solve them.

Confusing helping for responsibility: We all love it when our children help at home, but this shouldn’t be confused with taking responsibility. A child who gets himself up in the morning is learning to take responsibility. If you want a child to be responsible give him real responsibility.

Telling children everything will be ok when they are anxious: It’s human nature to reassure your children when they are worried or anxious that everything will be ok. This however is not always true and also reassurance leads to dependence. Validate your child’s worries so that they feel understood. Children need to hear “I get it” rather than “Get over it”.

Taking yourself too seriously: There is a lot of gravitas placed on parents’ behaviours and on modelling that can weigh you down and take the joy from being a parent. Take time to enjoy the little things in family life.

Parenting the individual: Small family parenting is almost always an individual endeavour. It’s worth remembering that sibling relationships (if children have siblings) can be just as influential as the parent-child relationship. It will almost certainly outlast the parent-child relationship. Lead the group, manage the child.

Refusal to express regret: Sometimes parents can work themselves into a tight corner after they’ve said something out of anger or desperation. One parent I know cancelled Christmas out of desperation, and refused to admit she was wrong. Sometimes you need to acknowledge your mistakes and start over again.

Neglecting your own wellbeing: Many families operate under a child-first mentality, which places a lot of pressure and stress on parents. We happily drive children to their leisure activities at the expense of our own. Carve out some time for your own interests and leisure pursuits.

Giving feedback at the wrong time: Timing is everything when you give children feedback. If you give negative feedback immediately after an event or action, you risk discouraging them. Use ‘just in time prompts’ to remind them how to do something. Pick your timing when you give feedback.

Clinging to the past: The ghosts from the past are strong indeed causing us to put some of our problems onto our children. The problems we may have experienced growing up won’t necessarily be shared by our children. Re-tune your parenting antennae to your child’s life and away from yours.

Believing everything your children say: As loving parents we want to trust our children and believe everything they tell us. Children are faulty observers and frequently only see one side of an issue. Help children process what happens to them and see issues from every side.

 It's not easy being a modern parent and it is a job that never ends. and one in which we learn new skills each day. However the journey is worth every step!

Speech Day - Friday December 6, 2019

Speech Day

We conclude the year with our most official occasion - Speech Day, held on Friday 6th December at The Scots College Auditorium, commencing at 9.30am for the Infants’ classes and 10.45am for the Primary classes.

The doors will be open at 9.15am and all Infants’ boys should be seated by 9.25am in their class groups. The boys will be sitting at the front of the auditorium.

At the conclusion of the Infants’ awards by 10.30, all boys and parents leave the auditorium via the stage door. Parents with sons in the Primary may remain in the Auditorium.

Primary boys should be seated by 10.40.

Year 6  boys will be seated in the front row and parents have reserved seating behind their sons. All other primary classes sit at the front of the auditorium in class groups.

Years K - 4 boys are to wear their winter uniform – short sleeve grey shirt, school tie, school socks, grey woollen shorts, CPS blazer and polished black shoes (no jumpers or hats).

Years 5 and 6 wear their winter uniform.


Welcome Kindergarten 2020

We were thrilled to welcome the Kindergarten 2020 Class to Coogee Prep last Friday for their orientation. Accompanied by their new Year 6 2020 buddies the boys had a great morning in class and in the hall with their parents and buddies at morning tea. The Year 5 boys were a credit to the School as they looked after their buddies sop well and chatted to the new parents. Many remarked at how lovely their behaviour was.  The little boys were star struck with their big buddies.

A huge thank you to the 'Queen of School Catering' Lisa Goold who organised a delicious morning tea  and was helped by Angela Richards and Vanessa Miers and Emma Brown Garrett.

It was a resounding success and we cant wait for the out newest recruits to start!

Quote of the Week

"It's great to be great, but it's greater still to be human."

Will Rogers (1879-1935)

American actor and humorist

Important Dates

McKeown House  Mufti Thursday November 28

MOVEMBER GOLD COIN MUFTI  Whole School Friday November 29

Class Mufti Day Yr 1 & Yr 5 Monday 2nd December

Mandarin Lessons Finish on Monday December 2

Year 6 Bondi Beach Day Friday November 29

Christmas Church Service (all welcome)  Tuesday December 3

Staff & Boys Christmas Party and Santa visit  Wednesday December 4

Last day Term 4 Thursday December 5 half day pick up at 12.30

Speech Day (compulsory) Friday December 6

First Day Term 1 2020 - Wednesday 29 January

Uniform Shop payments

The Uniform Shop now has a SQUARE payment system so all purchases can paid for upon purchase by credit OR debit card from now on. If you have a long term outstanding debt at the Uniform Shop no further items of clothing will be dispensed until your debt is paid.

House Points

1st      Nimmo

2nd     McKeown

3rd      Storey

The winning house this term is McKeown and their mufti day is tomorrow Thursday 28th November.

Class Points

The winning classes this term are years 1 and 5 and they will have their mufti day next Monday 2nd December


Kindergarten     1586

Year 1                 2063

Year 2                 1372

Year 3                 1950

Year 4                 1441

Year 5                 2814.5

Year 6                 2389.5

Class Captains

Kindergarten     Mikaeel Yousaf

Year 1                 Thomas Cpaaan

Year 2                 Sam Goold

Year 3                 Rowan Munro

Year 4                 Dylan Silva

Year 5                 Jack Brandtman

Year 6                 Cobey Owen


Calling all Dads - send us your MO photos!

We have raised $360 so far and would like to increase this by having a gold coin mufti this Friday November 29

You can also Pledge your support here!

As we come to the end of November, and the moustaches are taking shape, we will have a whole school photo on Friday, complete with moustaches for all!  

Thanks to William and Archer Wong in Year 4 for this great pic!

Infants' Stars of the Week

Kindergarten     Leon Dunkley

Year 1                 Ethan Storie

Year 2                 Joseph Di Blasio

Silver and Bronze certificates

Josh Prazan             Year 1             GOLD 

William Steiner        Year 1            SILVER 

Police visit

Yesterday the Primary boys were visited by our local police liaison officers, who spoke about a variety of topics. These included cyber awareness, staying safe at school and out in public, truancy and being physical in the playground. The boys listened attentively and asked many relevant questions, so hopefully they will remember some of the important topics covered.

Infants' team STEM activities

Infants' enjoyed collaborating in mixed class groups yesterday afternoon, participating in a STEM workshop. They designed and created parachutes using various materials. 

Its LEGO time!

We LOVE LEGO week at Coogee Prep where the boys work out a variety of technical models to challenge their building engineering skills!

Textbook and Stationery orders 2020

Please find below the link to order the textbooks for 2020. This  will take you directly to the Campion website

Click here to order using the code 527J

Make sure you choose your sons 2020 class (not his class this year -  it's a common mistake!)

Ronald McDonald House Christmas Drive

This year we will be donating to Ronald McDonald House as our major Christmas charity. We would like all boys to donate something to this very special place which looks after sick children and their families, many of whom come from rural areas.

Childrens’ gifts [new please as we cannot donate second hand presents or toys] unwrapped. You can send in cash and we will purchase food items with it to donate.

Christmas food

All donated items can be sent to the staff room. We will deliver our donations in week 8.

Gelato Bushfire Appeal

We raised $475.00 for Bushfire Support and will donate it via the School Aid  IPSHA Bushfire Appeal. Thank you to the P&F for organising this yummy activity and to Emma and Lizzie for manning the stand!

Zavier Prichard's Bushfire Appeal

Tram update

Tram testing is underway across the CBD and South East Light Rail route.  

With cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and trams interacting together, it’s important we all play our part to stay safe around light rail.

Whether you’re walking or riding your bike, avoid distractions and cross the tram tracks safely. Drivers should be aware that road conditions have changed and to follow traffic signals.

Transport for NSW have some safety tips.

See the interactive map for road closures, interchanges, pedestrian zones and more.

See Sydney light rail for more information.

Sporting Update

Sports' results Round 12, Saturday November 23, 2019

Stuck on You labels fundraiser

Santa by the Surf

Term 4 calendar


Term Dates 2020


Holiday Fun

Holey Moley Holiday Fun

Calling all artists from ages 6–15 – it's time to fill your summer holidays with art-making! We have a wide array of workshops that will suit every family's needs: from half to full day, week-long activities and family workshops where parents can join in with their little one.

The Music Suite summer school


Code Camp


Gifted and Talented Summer Camp with Brainways Education


Tennis Camp at Latham Park


Transform your son's holiday with a Tansform-Us camp

A musical summer school with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

The SYO Summer School combines high level music making, creativity, exploration and personal development for young musicians. This week-long program is open to all school-aged students

Summer Sport Camps


More Summer Sport activities with Damian Murphy Sport Camps



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