Term 1 Week 3 2023

Important Dates 2023

Important Dates Term 1

30 Jan Term 1 Begins
15 AprTerm 1 Ends
13 Feb - 17 FebRM 2, 3, 6, 7,10 & 11 Swimming
17 FebruaryAssembly 9am Hall: Hosted by Room 8 & 9 
20 Feb - 24 FebRM 1, 4, 5, 8 & 9 Swimming
28 FebruaryNAPLAN Technical Readiness test
3 MarchAssembly 9am Hall
13 MarchAdelaide Cup
17 MarchAssembly 9am Hall
15 - 24 MarchNAPLAN Year 3 & 5
27 MarchPupil Free Day
31 MarchAssembly 9am Hall
7 AprilGood Friday
10 AprilEaster Monday
13 AprilSports Day
14 AprilAssembly 9am Hall

Dear Families,


A warm welcome to all of our families, and particularly our new families for 2023. A special mention to our 43 Reception students who have braved the first three weeks of school.  It has been a great start to the year with students settling with new teachers, peer groups and school routines.

Acquaintance Afternoon was well attended on Tuesday afternoon. This was an opportunity for families to hear from teachers about classroom routines, expectations, coming events, policies, communication etc. Before this, teachers sent home a welcome letter introducing themselves and letting families know the best way to make contact.

Students had lots of fun helping parents fill out their Acquaintance Afternoon Passport. We had many completed passports returned by the end of the afternoon to be in the running for a prize. Congratulations to Kate Cook whose completed passport was drawn. Your prize is available from the front office on Monday afternoon.  

We have started the year on 248 students R-6, and smaller than usual class sizes. The following table outlines current staff and their roles for 2023:





Jen Irwin

Del Hearnden

Rm 1

Year 1/2

Class teachers

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri


Briony Tempest

Del Hearnden

Rm 2

Year 1/2

Class teachers

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri


Kim Gniel

Rm 3

Reception  Class teacher

Mon - Fri

Erin Casey

Rm 4

Reception  Class teacher


Michelle Goudie

Rm 5

Year 3/4     Class teacher

Mon - Fri

Rhiannon Hall

Sheree Argent

Rm 6

Year 2

Class teachers

Mon, Tues, Wed

Thurs, Fri

Matt Burne

Rm 7

Year 3/4   Class teacher

Mon – Fri

Daisy Evans

Rm 8

Year 3/4   Class teacher

Mon - Fri

Joy Darmody

Rm 9

Year 5/6   Class teacher

Mon - Fri

Emily Brown

Leonie Schultz

Rm 10

Year 5/6

Class teachers

Mon - Tue

Wed - Fri

Kym Taylor

Rm 11

Year 5/6   Class teacher


Matt Bradley


PE R-6

Mon - Tues

Matt Bradley

Rm 12

Health R-6

Wed - Thurs

Heidi Shields

Rm 12

German R-6

Mon - Wed

Emily Brown


Performing Arts R-6

Wed - Fri

Nicole Taylor


Librarian/History R-6

Mon - Fri

Sokhan Greenwood


Deputy Principal

Mon - Fri

Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown



Mon - Fri

Lou Hadden


Administration Officer

Mon - Fri

Kim Oag


Finance Officer

Wed - Fri

Lindy Linke



Mon - Fri

Lou Hadden



Mon - Fri

Heidi Roesler



Mon - Fri

Nat Wood



Tues - Thurs

Richard Geyer


Grounds person

Mon - Fri

Tilly Hadden

Kate Wohler

Faye Hale

Kelvin Jean






Mon, Tues, Fri

Wed - Fri

Mon – Thurs


Staff officially returned to school Week 0 Monday 23rd February. Rachel Kennedy from Numicon presented a four-hour workshop, Moving on with Numicon and Place Value Yr 3-6. What is Numicon?

Numicon is an approach to teaching maths that helps your child to see connections between numbers. From Oxford University Press, it supports your child as they learn early maths skills in nursery and primary school. It is a multi-sensory way of learning, which means your child learns by seeing and feeling. Physical resources like the colourful Numicon Shapes are an important part of Numicon. The holes in the Numicon Shapes represent the numbers 1 to 10. When they are arranged in order, as in the picture above, children can easily see connections between numbers, such as ‘one more’ or ‘one less’.

Later on, your child will be able to see more complex mathematical ideas, like how two fours make eight, three twos make six, and so on. This lays the foundation for their understanding of number all the way through school.

Numicon is often taught in primary schools as a whole-school programme, meaning it is their main way of teaching maths. Teachers use worksheets, physical shapes, online activities, and more to teach using Numicon. 

We are currently waiting for the arrival of class sets of manipulatives. Some of you will be familiar with the Numicon shapes as they are already being using in the junior Primary. Teachers are keen to implement the Numicon approach as it compliments what we are already doing in Big Ideas in Number.

All teachers are currently assessing students re. The Big Ideas in Number. Big Ideas are key math concepts that can be continually used to teach a variety of math skills/processes. Big ideas teaches the concepts of trusting the count, place value, multiplicative thinking, partitioning, proportional reasoning and generalising this is the way to develop fluency and understanding. Once assessments are completed teachers will spend time analysing the results to inform next step planning for groups and individuals.

Site Improvement priorities for 2023 include maths and writing. In maths, we will focus on implementing an evidenced based whole school approach to increase student achievement R-6. We are aiming for students to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of number and operations, and be able to use this understanding flexibly to make mathematical judgement.
  • develop useful and efficient strategies for managing numerical situations.
  • Successfully use the five stages of solving word problems in mathematics (Newman’s Error Analysis).


In writing, we will focus on implementing a whole school systematic approach to the explicit teaching of writing to increase student achievement. We are aiming for students to:

  • write a range of informative and imaginative text using correct structure, language features and vocabulary (increasing the use of tier 2/3 words).
  • receive feedback linked to clear learning intentions and success criteria to understand their progression in learning and set goals for next steps.
  • discuss text using correct metalanguage.


Later in the term on our PFD we will focus on Brightpath Writing Assessment. Brightpath is a research-based writing assessment and improvement tool that uses typical classroom writing tasks to help teachers:

  • develop assessment skills
  • differentiate learning
  • identify teaching points based on how they have assessed their students’ writing samples.


Teachers can use the Brightpath tool to compare student writing samples against a set of calibrated exemplars.

It can be used to assess 3 key genres:

  • narrative
  • persuasive
  • information report.


The Brightpath software provides immediate reporting to:

  • evaluate student growth in learning and identify next teaching points
  • facilitate the collection of school-wide writing data and allow teachers and leaders to track and monitor all students writing achievement.


We’ve been allocated a Brightpath Facilitator through the Department for Education who will train staff on the PFD and work with us for at least 12 months. We are looking forward to the new learning to support student improvement.


Just a reminder that NAPLAN has changed to term 1. Students in years 3 & 5 will participate in NAPLAN from Wednesday 15th March. A ‘technical readiness’ practice test will be held on 28th February to ensure our internet and devices can cope.  More information will be made available to parents at a later date.

A reminder that students should not be on site until after 8.20am unless they catch a bus. I also remind families to adhere to the parking rules along Cross St and Middle St at drop off and pick up times. This helps to keep our students safe but also respecting the residents who live by the school. It also prevents phone calls to the council and visits from parking inspectors!


We had 56 responses to the Parent Survey in term 4 last year. In staff meeting last week we spent time analysing the anonymous feedback and there is a clear message through all channels of the survey regarding communication,  communication in relation to student achievement (expectations, report writing, interviews etc).  We are listening, and because of your feedback we will document and share strategies to improve. I also shared the feedback with Governing Council on Tuesday evening to get their insight as the representatives of our families. We are aiming to share some new strategies/processes with you by the end of this term.

As mentioned late last year we moved the Water Safety Program - Swimming to term 1 so students were not swimming in winter months. The change did create issues with accessing swimming timetables, and then bus quotes in a timely manner to enable us to generate invoices and notes for families. We apologise for the short notice and any inconvenience this may have caused families.

A reminder that the following classes have swimming this week:

  • Room 4 Casey
  • Room 5 Goudie
  • Room 9 Schultz
  • Room 1 Irwin/Hearnden
  • Room 8 Evans


We plan to hold Sports Day this term, deliberately moving away from term 3 because the weather is too unpredictable. Well it certainly was last year. Planning is well under way with Mr Bradley and his team working out the schedule for the day, with some changes to events. Sports Day is planned for Thursday 6th April. There is a lot happening this term.

During the power point presentation in the hall on Acquaintance Afternoon I showed a slide ‘Better Together – Working with your School.’ I have included that slide further on in the newsletter to promote the importance of parents and teachers working together and communicating well. If you have time copy the link below into your browser and enjoy a Pep Talk from Kid President!

Looking forward to an ‘awesome’ year.    

Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown

Student Leadership Council

Student Leadership Council (SLC) is designed as a platform for students to develop student agency and leadership in all year levels across the school. Reception – Year 6 students are elected by their class using their agreed processes. The year 5 and 6 students have the option of applying for SLC Mentor or Peer Leader roles through written application and presentation to a panel run by the Principal, PCW and Deputy. SLC mentors work with an assigned SLC leader R- 4 to help develop leadership skills, support planning and enact on ideas. Peer Leaders work to plan and set up activities for all students to participate in at recess and or lunch times.

All SLC leaders work as a team to support whole school events, plan fundraising ideas to support charities that are important to them and enact on feedback from students raised during class meetings.

We hope to finalise SLC by the end of week 4 and announce in the next newsletter.

Children’s University

We are in our third year of participation in Children’s University. We are offering this to students in Year 3 -6.

Through University of Adelaide, CU aims to nurture aspirations and develop a love of learning. Children and young people enrolled in CU are issued with a Passport to Learning which records their individual learning journey. After the first 30 hours of learning, children are rewarded for their participation at a graduation ceremony held at the University of Adelaide or a prestigious venue in regional areas. Children can graduate multiple times depending on the hours they accrue.

The most important principles of CU are that participation is voluntary and activities must take place outside the normal school day during lunch, after school, weekends and holidays. All CU learning is designed to inspire children to think about their futures with a greater knowledge of the careers and professions that they could aspire to.

Last year the students celebrated their graduation in the magnificent Bonython Hall and got to experience what it feels like to graduate from university.

If your child would like to participate please look out for the note that will go home in the next few weeks.

Meet APS Specialist German Teacher

Willkommen zum Deutsch in 2023 (Welcome to German in 2023) My name is Heidi Shields and I am the German teacher at Angaston Primary School. This year I will be on-site Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It has been exciting to welcome students back to our German/Health classroom, and I’m looking forward to continuing to foster a love of language. This year we continue to build on our basic oral language skills, using vocabulary building activities, as well as reading and writing tasks. Responding to and creating texts will also provide opportunities to use our knowledge and skills. I hope that we may share our learning with you in some form over the year. Alles Gute, Frau Shields

Meet APS Specialist Health and PE Teacher

Hello parents and caregivers of students at Angaston Primary School. My name is Mr. Matt Bradley and I am the Health/PE teacher at Angaston PS. This year students will be covering their fundamental movement skills of balance, throwing, catching, kicking etc in the junior primary years using various types of equipment, and in the middle and upper primary classes students will further develop their fundamental movement skills by using various forms of equipment in different sports involving throwing, catching, kicking, and striking. Some sports that will be covered include Athletics, Football, Netball, Cricket, Lacrosse, and many others. Students in Year 4 to 6 will also have many opportunities to try out and represent the school and the district in various sapsasa sports. In Health all students will learn about a healthy lifestyle through testing their fitness levels, nutrition, wellbeing and safety in various formats. Yours in Sport Mr. Matt Bradley

Meet APS Specialist Teacher Librarian

My name is Nicole Taylor and I am the Teacher Librarian at Angaston Primary. I thoroughly enjoy my role running the Library and promoting all things reading and books. We are so fortunate to have such a great Library space at A.P.S. and families who value and support reading. I thank you for your continued support. Class teachers have elected to do borrowing of library books and take-home readers with their own classes this year, so please direct queries regarding borrowing/returns/overdues to your child’s class teacher in 2023. The Library space continues to be open before school and lunchtime every day, and I encourage your children to visit outside of lesson times and spend time too. We enjoy a lively and inviting library at break times J As well as my Librarian role, I teach History/Geography to each class. This is a part of the HASS (Humanities & Social Sciences) subject. I look forward to working with students of all ages to delve further in to personal, local and Australian history and places this year. Please email me at if you have queries about the library or HASS. I look forward to a great year of curiosity and reading in the Library. Nicole Taylor

Meet APS Specialist Performing Arts teacher

My name is Emily Brown and I am the Performing Arts teacher at Angaston Primary school. You will also find me in the classroom on Mondays and Tuesdays teaching year 5/6. This is my third year running the Performing Arts program and I am so excited to see what we achieve this year. In term 1 we will be focusing on dance, specifically exploring cultural dances from around the world. Students will also be given the opportunity to choreograph their own dances independently and within a group dynamic as well. Throughout the first weeks of school, it has been wonderful seeing how excited students are for their lessons, and their willingness to have a go. It's going to be a fun year!

What a wonderfully book-ish start to the year in the Library!

Students have stepped right back in to plenty of borrowing and the Library has been abuzz with their continued enthusiasm for reading.

This year there has been a change to borrowing routines. Classroom teachers have chosen to manage borrowing of library books/readers with their classes on visits to the Library. In the past, most classes had borrowed during their specialist lesson with me. Going forward, if you have a query about borrowing, returns or lost books/readers, please communicate with the classroom teacher, as they will be managing this side of the Library routine.

I am continuing to teach the History part of HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) from Reception to Year 6. I am also adding Geography to my lessons for the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) has launched and students will have received a PRC form to write their books on. Usually the PRC asks that students read 12 books to complete the Challenge and earn a medal. This year there is an option to read 20 books to celebrate the 20th year of PRC! Students who read all 20 books will receive an extra certificate alongside their usual medal for the year. The extra 8 books are free-choice and don’t need to be PRC stickered books.

The Book Week theme in 2023 is “Read, Grow, Inspire”. Families who visited the Library on Acquaintance Night were given a little packet of seeds to remind them of the theme and encourage them to grow, and read to, plants. Thank you to all who dropped by to see our Library space and say hello.



Hi, I’m Nat and I am the Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) here at Angaston Primary School. Can you believe, I have been here for a little over a year and half already and it’s no secret … I LOVE THIS SCHOOL. The location, the teachers and of course our beautiful students.  

 What do I do? 

 I provide support to the students by listening and taking an interest in them, being involved in their daily lives, facilitating activities and seminars and being a positive role model.  

 I’m also there for the staff by being a supporting resource, providing a listening ear, encouragement, friendship and support their personal wellbeing. 

 I’m not just here for the school, I am here for families, by being a person of contact, listening and caring, providing support in times of crisis as well as being a referral to support services. 

 And of course, our community by being a link between churches, the wider community and the school community. 

 A little bit about me… 

 I live in Williamstown with my little family – my husband Woody, 12-year-old daughter Mia and our 2-year-old Kelpie Rowdy. I love camping and shopping but my real love is cooking and feeding people. It’s my absolute passion and allows me to be somewhat creative. I love how food creates connection and conversation – and we all know I love a good chat. 

 I’m looking forward this year to working with you all again, meeting new students and families, as well as nurturing and supporting existing connections.  

 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are my days at school and I can’t wait to see you all. 

 If you want a chat contact me via email otherwise I can be contacted via the Front Office or your Class Teacher.  

 Have you had a chance to see our CUP OF KINDNESS yet? Every student and teacher wrote something kind on a love heart for someone in the school, whether it be a friend or a teacher. We did it to celebrate kindness and to mirror our school motto Be safe, BE KIND, Work Hard. 

Here’s to an amazing 2023. 


NAT x  




Uniform Shop

The Uniform shop is open Monday & Tuesday 8:45 to 9:00am and Thursday 2:45 to 3pm. Purchasing of uniforms outside of these hours during the term is not available, including hats.

Order forms are also available from the Front Office.


Barossa Rams

Rugby League Come and Try

Angaston Football Club Players Wanted

Rebekah Bianca Horse Fun Day