Term 3, Week 2

From the Principal...

Dear Families,

It has been a very interesting start to Term 3 and despite the lockdown there were some lovely positives to the commencement of term. All classes came together to work with David Booth a local indigenous artist on a collaborative mural for the front of our school. David commenced with his expertise in didgeridoo playing and then followed up talking to students about his cultural connections and the symbols that are meaningful to his work as an artist. We then worked to create a wonderful background representative of the local area and the students added their handprints using a range of layered textures and artistic techniques. David has now taken the mural to overlay essential story elements created by the students using dot painting techniques and we have really celebrated this activity that has brought together our student community for the start of another busy term.

All class teachers were very proud of student accomplishments throughout the online learning period and as sent out previously it was great to see how adaptable and creative our children were in this process. We had all families connect onto the seesaw platform and teachers provided valuable feedback to student learning. They will continue to utilise this platform throughout the year to build continued familiarity and share some of the teaching and learning that is going on in classes. This creates greater classroom visibility and connections for those families that visit the school less frequently due to work commitments. Thank you for the positive messages that were received during this time and we appreciate the supportive way that parents assisted the children to complete learning tasks.

In light of teachers now using seesaw more actively in their classes, we have collectively decided to move to a fortnightly newsletter update on Skoolbag. Each fortnight there will be a classroom focus with teachers sharing with the broader community a positive aspect of their program.

Another positive community connection is reflected below with Sam Cooper inviting families to join a zoom social event. Please find the link below if you would like to participate and connect in with others families whilst restrictions are in place at school.

We are also pleased to announce that Cara Bilstein, a very accomplished music teacher in the hills area is also now available to conduct piano and drums lessons on Thursday afternoons as private music tuition at school. Cara comes with much professional experience and was educated through the conservatorium of music. She brings much energy and passion to music teaching and currently teaches across multiple hills schools with her ensembles playing regularly at school events and the Uraidla Show etc. If you would like to take up this opportunity and participate in private music tuition, please complete the forms attached  to the newsletter and return to the front office as soon as possible. Forms are also available in the front office.  Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards


Piano & Drum Lessons.......


Dear parents I am very excited to be teaching Piano at the school this year.

Could all students please fill out and return this form to the front office.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries on:

Cara Bilstein: 0429387299

I look forward to the upcoming year!


STUDENT'S NAME:                                                       







Included is a mid-year and end of year music concert.

$34 for 30-minute individual lesson

$15 for 30-minute group lesson



Dear parents

I am very excited to be teaching Piano at the school this year.

Please fill out and return this form to the front office.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries on:


I look forward to the upcoming year!

Cara Bilstein









Included is a mid-year and end of year music concert.

$34 for 30-minute individual lesson

$15 for 30-minute group lesson



David Booth visits BRPS......

From Laren's Reception Room.....

Dear Parents, 

 We had a beautiful start to the term, which was unfortunately interrupted by the Covid Lockdown, but we are now settling back into a nice rhythm.  I loved hearing about all the learning that the children were doing from home and the pictures made me feel connected to you all.

 I am always amazed at the wonderful learning opportunities that come about through play.  Last Tuesday, the children were learning about weight and balance using scales.  There was a lot of mathematical thinking and language used when determining which one weighed more…. 

 “It might need one more piece of sea glass to be even” Amali 

“No the finger knitting weighs more” Arden 

“It’s getting close to being the same” Amali 

“The whale is very heavy we will need a lot of gems to make it even” Arden 

“It went up because I put too much in there” Jimmy 

Let’s take one out and see what happens” Amali 

“It’s going down, I had two and I took one away, now there is one in there” Jimmy 

(See photos attached of this learning).

 We had a wonderful visit on the first day back to school from David Booth.  David is putting together a mural for the front of the school with input from the children.  He taught the children Aboriginal symbols which they then created a story.  He also played the didgeridoo which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

 I am aiming to take the children on a 10-15 minute nature walk every morning (weather permitting) around the school grounds.  I find this is a great way for the children to get out all that extra nervous energy they may have from the morning rush  and it brings a sense of calmness to the morning.  If for any reason you are running late, you can either find us on our walk or your child can wait in the office with Mel and we will pick them up on our way back.

 Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child and I look forward to getting to know you and your child as the term progresses.


Photos from the Reception Class....

Alex and Ethan's Kindling...

Dear Parents,

Have you ever tried to light your fire and had no wood, kindling or fire starters? Well, we have got the perfect thing for you. We have worked hard in cutting up a variety of wood for our $20 boss project this winter, and have decided to go out and sell It. if you would like to buy some wood, kindling or fire starters prices are as follows:

 $18 for a hessian bag of kindling

$10 for a small bag of fire starters

$25 for a medium bag of wood

$50 for a big bag of wood 

We are giving 25% of our money to the CFS charity and 25% of our money to school.

 Have you got your wood for winter? Well, if you haven’t, we are located at 37 Charles ST Caloote (P.H. 0451104084) and 2248 Mount Barker Road Hahndorf (P.H. 0432259748). Or as an alternative you can order wood and pickup it up at school, get yours while it lasts!

Community News...

Parents & Friends Zoom catchup

Dear all Parents and Friends of Basket Range,


My name is Sam and I am the mother of Lomoso (yr 2), Leikolo (Reception 2022), Somoe (2 yrs). Please join me for a purely social catch up on zoom next Tuesday 3rd August 8-9pm. This is a chance to informally catch up online to meet and see again other parents and friends from the school community. By keeping in touch and connected we can as a community can stay resilient in the face of the changes that are happening in the world and in our school.


All ideas for format and content of the catch up are welcome! If you have any ideas or connection issues please message/ call me on 0458572133.

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