Aspire to achieve together

Issue 3

Term 2 

Thursday 25 June, 2020

Principal's Message

Hello everyone and welcome to our first official Newsletter for Term 2 2020.


As you are aware, due to the COVID 19 environment many of the usual programs and activities have been either cancelled or postponed. This continues to be the case with the Government remaining cautious in regard to approval of all non-core activities in schools. We will continue to see this impact our school until restrictions are lifted further. If nothing else, the current situation in Victoria demonstrates that we must continue to support this strategy and be vigilant ourselves. Most importantly I would like to congratulate our parents and our children for demonstrating great resilience and patience in the disrupted and, at times, unsettled COVID environment and for getting straight back into learning; both online and at school once restrictions were lifted. Interestingly we are averaging over 94% attendance at the moment, an improvement of 2% on this time last year. We continue to remain vigilant with social distancing and hygiene practices and we seek the continued support of families as well.

Thank you to our Kindy and Pre Primary parents for your patience in supporting the retention of our new start and finish times. I am certain you will have noticed the improvement to parking availability and traffic congestion at pick up and drop off times. In addition, your support in allowing your children to walk into class themselves of a morning has demonstrated their progress in the area of independence over the year.


All families will receive their Semester one reports next week and these too have been impacted by the COVID 19 virus. As you have been previously advised, due to the disruption to learning across semester one, the Department of Education has advised schools to not incorporate A to E grades and instead to comment on your child’s/ children’s progress in Maths and English; and to provide a comprehensive general comment. In addition, you will be invited to a meeting with your child’s teacher, designed to elaborate on the written report and allow you to engage teachers in greater detail.

School Board and P & C

Both our P&C and School Board have met recently following the easing of restrictions and it has been pleasing to see such high attendance rates at these meetings. Restrictions permitting, there are wonderful initiatives planned for the second half of the year, so more soon from both the Board and P&C. The next Board meeting in term 3 will be our annual “Open” meeting, meaning the community can attend (as observers and subject to social distancing requirements and limits). You will be advised of the meeting details soon. In addition, the next meeting of our P&C will be its annual General Meeting. We will keep you advised of the details of this meeting also.

Taking Pictures of Students.

Can I remind parents that due to legal and safety issues related to some of our students, it is not permitted to take pictures of students at school without the appropriate permission/s. This includes at events, in carparks, lining up or at the gates. In doing so, should the images inadvertently become public, you are risking the safety and well-being of some of our students.

Additional Classrooms

Early in term 3 we will see the arrival of 2 new teaching rooms. These are of the “transportable” type and will be placed in between teaching blocks 4 and 5 so as to try to conserve as much open play space as possible.

Stay safe and well and see you at the gate. Mr Morgan, Principal.

H.E.A.R.T. Awards

 Honesty  /  Effort  /  Attitude  /  Respect  /  Teamwork

Congratulations to all the students who were awarded certificates recently for displaying the H.E.A.R.T attributes.

HEART Awards – 3 June 2020

Yr 2A


Gabrielle YATES 

Yr 2C

Lachlan BURDETT 


Chhavi KHUDIA 

Haru Loon

Kaison TAKIE 

Yr 2/3

Harrison COX


Yr 3/4


Yr 4

Abbegayle ALBERT

Nithika DE ZOYSA

Yr 5/6A


Yr 5/6B


HEART Awards - 17 June 2020 




Yuvraj SINGH 



Amelia BELL



Zaviyah DODD 


Patrick NUNAN


Lachlan BUTCHER 


Yr 1A


Yr 1C


Yr 1D


 Yr 2A


Yr 2B



Taiea BOON 



Anthony YANG 

Yr 2/3

Harrison COX (Bronze)

Yr 3/4


Angel JOJI

Jenie KIDEN 

Sienna SEILER 

Yr 4

Shayan PAUN 

Giselle TAN

Hannah WATSON 

Yr 5/6A

Saiyaan ARIF


Yr 5/6B


Balin COOPER (2 awards – Bronze and Blue)



Junior Choir

I am happy to announce that Junior Choir will re-commence in Term 3. Rehearsals will take place on Wednesday at lunchtime (1:10-1:40) in the Technologies Room. Please pack your child a small lunch on this day as students will need to be ready to sing at 1:10pm. Students should bring their music folder and drink bottle to rehearsals.

 I look forward to seeing everyone at our first rehearsal for the term on Wednesday 22nd July.

Senior Choir

I am pleased to let you know that Senior Choir will re-commence in Term 3. Rehearsals will take place on Wednesday afternoons in the Technologies Room but will run for 45 mins from 3pm- 3:45pm. Please ensure you collect your child from the Technologies Room via the OSH gates behind the undercover area at 3:45pm.

Students still need to bring their music folder, something light to eat from 2:40pm-3pm and a water bottle.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our first rehearsal for the term on Wednesday 22nd July.

Mrs Atherton

News From the Library

Library Book Donations

The Library is looking for donations of good quality new and used children’s books.  A donations box will be placed outside the Library and in the Administration Office.

Save the Date - Book Fair 2020

Book Fair 2020 will be held in Term 3 from 27 August, 2020 to 3 September 2020. The theme this year is  “Arctic Adventure”

We will be encouraging families to order online this year.  Students will come into the Library in their allocated class time with a wish list to take home. 

Book Club

Our school is participating in Scholastic Book Club this year. Up to twice a term, during the school year, we will send home a Club catalogue with a different selection of books offered for all ages.

It is easy to order. The Book Club LOOP platform for parents allows you to pay by credit card. Your child’s order is submitted directly to school safe and sound and the books will be delivered to class. You can place your child’s order at or using the LOOP app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. We will be accepting payment by Book Club LOOP only.  

House Logo Competition

All students were given the opportunity in Term 1 to design a logo for each house at Aspiri Primary School. We were overwhelmed with the amount of amazing designs submitted across the school.The staff and students voted on their favourite design and we have picked a winner! 

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the House Logo Competition for 2020 is Giselle Tan from Year 4. Congratulations! You have received 20 bonus points for Rossiter and you will see your logo designs used at various school events this year. 

Thank you to all the students who participated in the competition. Check out the winning design!

Aspiri OSH Club - Vacation Care Now Available

Aspiri OSH Club is now running Vacation Care for families starting this term. See attached flyer for details

Music Lesson Vacancies

In Term 3 there are available spaces for the following Music programs:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Vocals

If your child is interested in this opportunity please collect an application form from the Administration Office.  Don't delay as places fill quickly!

Information from the School Nurse

Healthy Eating - Tips for Parents

Go shopping with your children and allow them to choose the healthy foods that they enjoy eating. For example, ask children to choose some of the fruit and vegetables.

Shop twice a week - fresher fruits, vegetables, breads and meats are more likely to appeal to the whole family.

Buy in season - seasonal fruits and vegetables taste great, are better quality and are better value for money.

Select small pieces of fruit - younger children prefer smaller pieces of fruit as they are easier to handle.

Choose quality - try to avoid bruised fruit or vegetables.

Encourage variety - so that your child does not get bored with their food.

Ten tips for parents

1.    Give children a variety of different foods

2.    Offer nutritious snacks, like fruit, yoghurt, crackers and cheese

3.    Encourage your child to eat breakfast

4.    Ensure that the family eats together at least once a day

5.    Pack your child’s lunch at home.  Let your child help.

6.    If your child refuses a new food, don’t make a fuss.  Try again several times.

7.    Listen when your child tells you they are full

8.    When your child is thirsty, encourage them to drink water.

9.    Allow your children to help with planning and preparing healthy meals.

10. Plan physical activities for your family

Healthy eating for children

The Australian Dietary Guidelines provide up-to-date advice about the amount and kinds of foods and drinks that we need regularly, for health and well-being.

By providing your child with the recommended amounts from the Five Food Groups and limiting the foods that are high in saturated fat, added sugars and added salt, your child will get enough of the nutrients essential for good health, growth and development. A healthy diet reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers. Your child may also feel better, look better, enjoy life more and live longer!

The amount of food your child will need from the Five Food Groups depends on their age, gender, height, weight and physical activity levels. For example, a 3-year-old boy requires 1 serve of fruit a day, but an 11-year-old boy needs 2 serves of fruit a day. A 9-year-old girl needs 4 serves of grain (cereal) foods a day, and a 14-year-old girl needs 7 serves a day.

Children who are taller, more physically active or in the higher end of their age band, (and not overweight or obese), may be able to have additional serves of the Five Food Groups or unsaturated spreads and oils or discretionary choices. For further information go to

What should our children eat?

Try and follow these basic guidelines when deciding what to feed your children:

·         Include 2 fruit and 5 vegetable serves into the daily routine.

·         Serve lean meats, fish, chicken and dairy. Remember eggs and nuts!

·         Choose wholegrain bread and cereal.

·         Limit saturated fat intake and reduce total fat intake.

·         Limit fast food like chips and pastries.

·         Limit sugary drinks and offer water or low fat milk instead.

·         Limit lollies and foods with a high sugar content

Following these guidelines will help our children to be healthy children.

Thank you.

Emily Turner     Registered Nurse- Community Health