Caroline Chisholm College Newsletter

Term 2 Week 10 Issue 10 2019


From the Principal

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students of Caroline Chisholm College,

Did you know you can go to university without an ATAR? You can even go to university without a HSC. Over the last week, I shared our exciting plans for a new educational pathway with our teachers, parents and students in Years 9 and 10. It is called Learn+. This program will see students completing diploma studies at the college either alongside, or instead of their HSC. Once complete, they can carry these credentials into university study or the workforce. For those planning to attend university, the Learn+ diploma will guarantee them university entry, without having to join the ATAR queue. Initially these diplomas will be in the fields of business, event management, marketing and innovation, and will see students benefit from partnerships with Australian Catholic University, University of Technology Sydney and Western Sydney University. We are currently negotiating with other universities to ensure there is a pathway for every girl. We are also exploring a range of other diplomas that can be delivered over three (or in some cases two) years.


Learn+ represents a significantly different approach to learning in Years 11 and 12. You have no doubt heard or read my thoughts about the ATAR, the pressure it puts on students, and the rather narrow approach to learning required for success in the HSC. The HSC will continue to be the pathway of choice for most students, but Learn+ fills a gap in learning options for those students who have a clear sense of their strengths and their plans, and who are independent and mature enough to embark on tertiary studies while still quite young. At Caroline Chisholm we never underestimate what our girls are capable of, and, given the opportunity, I believe our students will excel when they are appropriately challenged with learning experiences that they find relevant and engaging.


Early in Term 3 we will be holding a more detailed briefing about Learn+ and we will begin the process of helping students discern if that pathway is right for them.


The other exciting announcement from last week is that in 2020 we will be taking students on a pilgrimage to the United Kingdom to journey in the footsteps of Caroline Chisholm. In partnership with Harvest Journeys, we will travel to London, Northampton, Stratford-Upon-Avon and other sites significant in the life of our patron. Our college is approaching 45 years old, and it is fitting that we learn more deeply about the contribution Caroline Chisholm made to the women and the disadvantaged in early Australia. What better way than to travel to her home, visit the church of her baptism and the site of her grave, as well as seeing and experiencing many of the sites and attractions of London and surrounds. The pilgrimage will be available to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 and will take place during the April school holidays in 2020. A brochure was sent to parents this week.


Congratulations to all the students engaged in our first Chisholm / St Dom’s musical; “Pop Stars”. The boys and girls have worked hard for months putting together a professional and fun show that sees a girl band compete with a boy band for the title of “Pop Stars”. I am grateful to the team at St Dominic’s College and their Principal, Mr Ronchetti for inviting us to participate in this event. I want to acknowledge the hard work, enthusiasm and creativity of our Creative Arts team, particularly Mr Richard Caws, Mrs Christine Lewis, Mrs Sara Lemaire, Mrs Karen King and Mrs Brooke Hughes, as well as a small army of workers and helpers. These opportunities are a labour of love for our staff, who have given up so much of their time on evenings, weekends and holidays to present a good show, and their efforts are recognised and appreciated. I know the shows were sold out, so I hope you were able to get along and enjoy the spectacular.


As we approach the school holiday period, I pray it is a time of rest and well-being, particularly for our staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the term supporting the learning and growth of your daughters. May God richly bless your time with family over the coming weeks. At busy times like these past few months, I am encouraged by God’s words to the Israelites in the book of Exodus (33):

"My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."

Mr Greg Elliott

Semester 1 Principal’s Award

The College Principal’s Award is given to students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment in all areas of their learning. It encourages all girls to strive for excellence in their work.

We congratulate the following recipients of the Principal’s Awards for Semester 1 for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10

Year 7

Hasrat Bhatthal

Ava Blom

Sarah Budge

Imogen Buttigieg

Audrey Cocks

Krystal Daly

Matilda Fagan

Kate Flynn

Emily Fox

Ilaria Gale

Vashti Gale

Kate Hanson

Isabella Hargrave

Jasmine Hay

Brianna Kant

Katelyn King

Jaida Knight

Ella Loughland Larsen

Sofia Maiorana

Abbe May

Lucie McIntosh

Claire Mecsery

Shwithi Nimmagadda

Talyse Pantazakos

Aurelia Parsley

Peehudeep Peehudeep

Kate Roser

Avalon Smith

Emily Steiner

Tara Stoll

Namika Talusani

Rebecca Topp

Kaila Webb

Hannah Williams

Year 8 

Abby Affleck

Kaitlin Antao

Jessica Baker

Reese Bennett

Piper Bruce

Lana Burke

Aaliyah Chhuy

Emma Cona

Bella Cunningham

Marissa Davies

Emma Davis

Marissa De Santis

Chelsea Donoghue

Ebony Duardo

Carolina Dudley

Emma Dunn

Terina Edwards

Olivia Eilersen

Matilda Fuller

Gabrielle Gattellari

Chloe Gill

Ella Grennell

Keira Harvey

Olivia Hayes

Ella Hayward

Bailey Hayward

Chloe Heidtmann

Monique Heidtmann

Shae Hodgson

Poppi Howells

Jenny Keshari

Ashlea Kramer

Chloe Kramer

Jacqueline Lam

Estela McCarthy

Caitlin McCaw

Lily McElroy

April Monteleone

Aalia Nasser

Holly Northey

Millicent Oxley

Evangelina Papalia

Lily Paul

Alyse Penza

Shanelka Perera

Brittany Phillips

Rachel Pirotta

Jordan Reynolds

Sienna Rose

Hayley Ross

Stefania Saliba

Cassandra Sanchez

Hannah Selby

Siddhi Shahu

Evelyn Shanley

Avantika Singh

Zeinab Slaibi

Katelyn Smith

Isabella Smith

Lucy Spisiak

Annabelle Squires

Caroline Stanley

Layla Starr

Autumn Sydir

Jorja Tabor

Ann Thomas

Ashleigh Thompson

Tara Tjahjadi

Cianna Whitlock

Sofia Zamprogno

Year 9

Grace Allen

Abigail Aquino

Louse Armstrong

Leilani Balewai

Yashu Banypal

Olivia Bennett

Jayapreet Bhatthal

Jessica Buzzi

Riya Chauhan

Montana Clifford

Chanel Cunningham

Jessica Dray

Anais Easthorpe

Tahlia Fog

Samantha Gallen

Ashleigh Gill

Alexia Grima

Danijela Hader

Courtney Hamilton

Nadine Hanna

Lucy Holmes

Amber Horne

Lily Howells

Ashleigh Hunt

Karitika Kashyap

Ashnoorpreet Kaur

Navsumeet kaur

Sarpreet Kaur

Mary Charbel Khater

Maddison Krahe

Gourvika Kumar

Alicia Langford

Lily Loughland Larsen

Violet Neal

Mariah Nicholopoulos

Lydia Nicotera

Emily Obereigner

Isabella Padjen

Breeana Palmer

Anique Pantazakos

Clare Roser

Stephanie Rowley

Venee Roy Chowdhury

Shivani Singh

Holly Sultana

Sarah Townsley

Melanie Van Zon

Haylee Vella

Meg Whittaker

Jamie Wilkinson

Ella Yeomans

Brooke Young

Stephanie Young

Year 10

Ammaleah Astruc

Annlin Biju

Monique Buksh

Olivia Camilleri

Liana Cavallaro

Kate Charlton

Emily Cunningham

Amy De Bono

Amber Dempsey

Lani Elmer

Emily Fagan

Isabella Fava

Kimberley Fenech

Elise Flynn

Tayla Gallen

Tahlia Godfrey

Jordan Harvey

Layla Hawli

Sophie Heather

Mia Hosking

Caitlin Impelido

Julia Jomon

Taranpreet Kaur

Alexa Kenny

Isabella Landrigan

Tara Langford

Maddison McCarry

Paris McLaughlin

Bailey Mitchell

Christine Muscat

Olivia Newton

Kristen Palfreeman

Jesse Penza

Lara Roser

Emily Ross

Imogen Scully

Akanksha Sood

Kailah Stapleton

Hannah Stephan

Azahlia Stevenson

Kelsie Stoltenberg

Nourien Tanaz

Ourania Theodorou

Vivien Toth

Emily Vella

Zahlie Vidler

Hayley Wacker

Bernadette Wakeling

Sarah Webb

Isabella White

Nicola Willmette

Bridie Witjes

Grace Wood

Georgia Youssef

From the Assistant Principal Pastoral

Personal Fundraising
Students and parents are reminded that the college policy is that students are generally not allowed to conduct personal fundraising at school. This includes selling chocolates and other items for sporting clubs and the like. The only exception is where a student has a particularly charitable cause she wants to support because of a personal connection she has. In these cases, the student would need to apply in writing to the Principal or Assistant Principal, explaining the cause, the reason for her wanting to support it and the way she would like to do this. Generally permission will only be given for a student to raise money for a limited period of time.

“Doing the Right Thing Awards”
Students who provide service to the college for a variety of reasons are eligible for a “Doing the Right Thing Award”.  Congratulations to Matilda Fagan (7 Macarthur), Sienna Hackworthy (7 MacKillop), Jessica Topp (9 Kenny) and Meg Whittaker (9 MacKillop) who receive vouchers for the canteen for being the students drawn from the box.  All students who put in award slips will have points credited to their house. 

Appreciation of Honesty
Students at Caroline Chisholm College regularly display outstanding honesty in returning items they find on the college grounds. Often these can be of quite substantial value. Students handing in found items receive a certificate of appreciation. I would like to congratulate the following student who handed an item in over the last fortnight: Isabella Fava (10 Wright).

Mr Greg King - Assistant Principal 

From Assistant Principal Learning

Report profiles – Years 7-11

As you are aware, the College has changed the ‘Student Profiles’ on the reports. The new profiles are: 

➢     Manages her learning
➢     Takes opportunities to extend her learning
➢     Relates to others to enhance learning.


This week I spoke to some of our students and asked them to explain what ‘Relates to others to enhance learning’ means. Here are some of their answers.


To relate to others to enhance our learning can mean various things in different contexts. It extends beyond working with other people. It means bouncing our ideas off our peers and listening actively to others’ opinions to deepen our own personal understanding of learning.
Brianna, Carla and Lily Year 12


To communicate and interact with peers to understand concepts and other perspectives. To collaborate with others and seek feedback. To listen to others and try to understand others.
Riya and Chanel Year 9


Working with one another to get a task done.
Hannah and Jessica Year 9


To see things from others’ perspectives and to improve our own understanding of a topic.
Cassandra, Elizabeth, Leah Year 8


If we have connections and work well with others we can improve our learning. 
Emma Year 8


I learn from my peers by understanding how they organise their daily routines and understand the strategies they use to study effectively. I ask for help and seek advice to help me manage my workload and study. 
Taylah and Natalie Year 12


Relates to others to enhance learning means being able to understand other individuals and appreciate their learning capabilities. This will help me to work efficiently and develop my own skills. 
Megan Year 10


Maybe you are an elite athlete? Or a dedicated performer? Or someone who has many talents across lots of different areas and doesn’t want to give up any of your activities? No matter the reason, the bottom line is you are time poor. You struggle to fit in everything you need to do for school, because of all the other commitments in your life. The bad news is that there is no magic solution that will easily fix this issue for you. You cannot create more time. The good news is that there are things you can do to make more efficient use of the time you have.


These tips are an abbreviated version of the handout available on – just visit the ‘Things to Print’ page to see the full version.


  • Don’t waste time in any of your classes at school. Make the most of every moment so you have less to do at home and set up a buddy system in case you miss any lessons.
  • Prune your activities and see if there is anything you can cut to reduce the pressure.
  • Make a timetable so you can schedule in everything that you need to do and want to do.
  • Use all little pockets of time. If you are waiting before training then use that time to complete some homework.
  • Always prioritise before you start work to ensure that the most important and urgent work is completed first.
  • If you are too tired when you get home from training it may be better to get to bed early and get up a bit earlier in the morning when you are fresh and do your work then.
  • You may need to sacrifice an occasional lunchtime when you know you will be too busy that night.
  • Let go of perfectionism it may not be possible to do everything as fully as you would like. Take smart shortcuts when you can.
  • Use any big blocks of time to tackle the time-consuming tasks that you haven’t had time for.
  • Some work like study notes, assessments or major works may be able to be left to the holidays.

    Remember to be kind to yourself.  It is difficult to have enough time to excel in every aspect of your life! All you can do is make good choices with the time you have and make the most of that time and still try and get the best results you can.


    Learn more at Our school’s subscription details are - 
    Username: forccconly
    Password: 55results

    Ms Deborah Scollard - Assistant Principal

    Food for Thought

    Subject: Creativity

    This food for thought is for teachers and students!

    Do you think you are a creative person?

    Neuroscience proves that creativity declines following mid 20s as humans are conditioned to view the world in set ways so we become ‘prisoners of our experiences’. This is often referred to as ‘Experience Bias’. (Source:‘Fly! Life Lessons from the Cockpit of QF32’, Richard de Crespigny, Sept 2018, p136)

    The Experience Bias Test

    Start a timer and determine whether ‘Z’ should be on the top or bottom row. If you’re stuck, ask someone younger than   you and see if it helps you find the correct answer. The answer will be in the next food for thought.

    Food for Thought is brought to you by Ellie and Simone, Leaders of the Learning Committee

    Mock Trial

    Over the past few months, Jaspreet Bhullar, Faith Clark, Paige Colgate, Alison Coutinho, Alyssa Dunworth, Alanah Eisenhuth, Saakshi Singh and Charlotte Williams have competed in the 2019 NSW Mock Trial Competition. We competed in four trials against other schools across Western Sydney.  We took on the various court personnel positions - these roles included: barristers, witnesses, solicitors, magistrate’s clerk and court officer appearing both for the prosecution and the defence. However, due to two forfeits from other teams, we were only given the chance to compete in two of the four trials. Despite this, we won our first trial and were narrowly beaten in our second.

    Preparation for the trials involved a lot of hard work and dedication, meeting at lunch to prepare the team’s plan and at home to create questions for cross examination, examination in chief, learn witness statements, construct opening and closing addresses and prepare detailed solicitor’s notes for presentation at the case. In addition to this all members had to aid in the development of a team strategy to successfully win our case. 

    While participating in the Mock Trial competition, we were able to experience both criminal and civil cases, yet the two that we competed in were both criminal. In our first case, we were the defendant for an individual who had been accused of stealing. In our second case we again appeared for the defendant who had been accused of setting her boss’ house on fire. Both cases were equally interesting to prepare and present, and to have both our clients acquitted was simply an additional bonus.

    We would like to thank Mrs Wilson and Mrs Vella for their dedication to our team, giving up their lunch times and afternoons to support us in preparing for the cases. Each of us are very appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the Mock Trial competition and we are grateful for the skills it has given us to potentially seek a legal career. 

    Written by Alyssa Dunworth, Paige Colgate and Alanah Eisenhuth on behalf of the Mock Trial Team.

    Disabled (RDA) Metropolitan Regional Dressage Competition

    On 23rd June Hannah Gotzman (year 11) and Ashleigh Gotzman (Year 7) competed in the Riding for the Disabled (RDA) Metropolitan Regional Dressage Competition at RDA ‘Tall Timbers’, Box Hill. Ashleigh had the daunting task of opening the competition riding Moe, a cross draught horse. Hannah was the second competitor, riding Theo, a thoroughbred. Both girls demonstrated excellent horse skills and completed the course confidently.

    Hannah placed 3rd and Ashleigh placed 4th on the day. Overall, Hannah has qualified for the RDA NSW State Dressage Competition to be held on the 9th, 10th and 11th August at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.

    Ashleigh competed in the RDA NSW State Mounted Games held at the Sydney Royal Easter Show earlier this year and placed 5th.

    Both of the girls are dedicated to their role of rider and volunteer at RDA NEPEAN. 

    Well done Hannah and Ashleigh!

    Mrs Kimberley O’Brien and Mrs Janene Clifton

    Rotary Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) 2019

    This year we had two teams participate in the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) run by Rotary. Our Year 10 team, (comprising Vivien Toth, Christine Muscat, Elise Flynn and Georgia Youssef) represented France and our Year 11 team (comprising Alanah Eisenhuth, Alannah Hader and Nilisha Buksh) represented Switzerland. This event ran over two days on 22 and 23 of June and students from a number of local schools debated current significant global issues and negotiated a range of formal agreements, voting on Resolutions that the United Nations might put into action to make the world a better place. Congratulations to Christine Muscat who earned the Most Outstanding Individual Speaker award for her excellent arguments. Each of our students demonstrated an intelligent and thoughtful approach to the significant political, social and economic issues that they addressed. Our students have been invited by Penrith Rotary, our sponsor, to address one of their meetings and share their experience with the Rotarians.

    Mrs Natalie Vella - Leader of Learning HSIE

    Business Innovation Challenge

    On Thursday 30th and Friday 31st May, ten Year 10 students accepted an invitation and opportunity to attend the Business Innovation Challenge, hosted by Macquarie University in collaboration with Medtronic and Incept Labs.


    We were divided into ten different groups, a major obstacle in itself. The ‘challenge’ presented to students entailed finding a solution to an IT problem for transnational medical technology corporation, Medtronic, requiring us to find innovative ways to ensure that information trafficked from HQ is adopted by all employees - an initially overwhelming task. Over the course of the two-day inquiry learning experience, we became more comfortable with our groups, as we passed through a number of ‘stage-gates’ where we were able to pitch our concepts for appraisal from Medtronic board members including Medtronic IT specialist Hannah Han and Dr Robert Kay from Incept Labs. Following numerous idea adaptations, all teams presented to the students, teachers, Macquarie University representatives, and Medtronic Board Members, with only five minutes to ‘sell’ our solution and concept. It was definitely a moment of pride, revealing our carefully crafted idea to all, but also stressful watching the faces of Medtronic!


    A number of awards were presented on the day for best idea, best pitch, and best teamwork and the recipients from CCC were Georgia Yousef, Maddison McCarry, and Azahlia Stevenson. Monique Buksh, Hannah Stephan, Christine Muscat, Vivien Toth, Elise Flynn, Amber Dempsey and Nicola Willmette received commendations for their efforts throughout the two-day period.

    It was definitely a challenge by all means, but it was worth it. All that participated received a micro-credential, an asset which exhibits their competency in entrepreneurial thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, which will be invaluable in the future.

    I would like to thank Mrs Vella, Mrs Mills and Mr MacNamara for their efforts in organising such an unforgettable, and invaluable experience for the students, allowing us to apply our commercial skills in real-life situations.

    Written by Monique Buksh, Year 10 Commerce

    Diary Dates

    Term 3 Weeks 1-3

    Friday 5 JulyStaff Professional Learning Day ( No Students)
    Monday 22 July

    Staff Spirituality Day

    Tokyo Junshin Students arrive - 4.00 pm

    Tuesday 23 JulyYears 7-10 Student/Parent/Teacher Meeting 8.30-6.00pm
    Wed 24 July

    Term 3 Commences

    PDSSSC Girls Netball Gala Day, Penrith

    Thursday 25 July

    Year 9/10 HIS Sydney Living Museums Excursion

    Mental Health First Aid Course

    Friday 26 JulyNSW All Schools Cross Country, Eastern Creek
    Monday 29 JulyFIAT Secondary Event for Years 9-10 students, Rooty Hill RSL
    Wednesday 31 JulyHSC Drama Showcase
    Thursday 1 August

    Year 8 Japanese Day Incursion

    Mental Health First Aid Course

    Friday 2 August

    Year 12 Study Day

    Year 7 Reflection Day - CCC

    Year 8 Reflection Day - Baptist Church

    Year 9 Reflection Day - CCC

    Year 10 Reflection Day - Mt Schoenstatt

    Year 11 Imaginations Church Excursion

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