St Mary's Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 10 (1 July 2022)

Dear St Mary's School Community

Gospel: Luke 9:51-62

St Paul wrote, ‘Be careful not to be self-serving. Serve one another in works of love. Love your neighbour as yourself. If you go about snapping at each other and tearing each other to pieces you will destroy the whole community.’

Gossip, criticism, name-calling, angry outbursts, making judgements and accusations about others are just some ways our words can hurt others. St Paul calls us to love others as we love ourselves. 


Thank you to the Year 4/5 class and Miss Lynch for presenting our final assembly for Term Two. Thank you to Brad Anderson who sold coffee and donated the proceeds to our P&F. Congratulations to all our award recipients.


Reports are now visible on Seqta Engage. Once you have logged in, simply click on the reports tab on the left-hand side and your child/ren’s reports will be visible. These can then be downloaded and printed if desired. 

To log in go to:

Thank You and Happy Holiday

A big thank you to the St Mary’s School Community for their support throughout my time as Acting Principal. I wish all students and their families an enjoyable and safe holiday. See you all on Monday 18 July for the beginning of Term Three.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Mrs Zoe O'Malley

Acting Principal

Class News

Year One Class News

In Year One, we have been really enjoying the Number Talks we have been doing in Mental Maths. As a class, we work out how to solve different problems using our mental strategies. It has been great to see the learning that has been occurring with friends, sharing different ways of thinking and solving the same problem.  It also helps us to use our strategies in different tasks.

Award Winners

Christian Value & Excellence Awards

Pre-Primary:  Charlotte Alberti, Lucas Galbraith

Year One: Sienna Anderson, Ava Webb

Year Two: Kaylee Jacobson, River O’Meagher

Year Three/Four: Emily Smith, Caitlin Carlson

Year Four/Five: Nicholas Elliott, Camee Roberts

Year Six: Elijah Sutherland, Ellie Atkinson

Design & Technology Award

Pre-Primary: Jessica Nguyen

Year One: Stevie Axford

Year Two: Layla Gregory

Year Three/Four: Ella Bullock

Year Four/Five: Liam Anderson

Year Six: Isabella Stones

Performing Arts Award

Pre-Primary: Jessica Nguyen

Year One: Sana Creagh

Year Two: Georgia Caldwell

Year Three/Four: Toby Sharp

Year Four/Five: Logan O’Meagher

Year Six: Ellie Atkinson

Other News & Important Dates

Term Three Planner

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Please click on the link below to download the Term Three Roster. 

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Term Three Menu

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St Mary's Parish Merredin - Mass Times

Merredin: Saturday 6.30pm & Sunday 10.30am

Kellerberrin: Sunday 8.00am

Footy Tipping

Round 14 saw ESPNfan6655163… win the $50 thanks to Wheatbelt Coffee Time. Last week CSBP sponsored the win for Creaghdog! and Round 16 is sponsored by Nextra Merredin. Thanks to our awesome sponsors & happy tipping!

Let Us Pray

Community Notices

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