St Mary's Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 10 (5 July, 2019)

Principal's Message

Dear St Mary's School Community

Luke 10: 1-12, 17-20

Sunday’s Gospel tells us how the disciples came back rejoicing from spreading Jesus’ word, for they had been able to do great things in Jesus’ name.  When we work for Christ, he gives us power and grace to do his will.


NAIDOC Week begins on Sunday, 7 July. The theme this year is Voice. Treaty. Truth. NAIDOC Week is a time for Aboriginal people to come together in different ways to connect to culture and country. NAIDOC Week is also an opportunity for non-Aboriginal Australians to grow their cultural awareness, knowledge and skills, by participating in Aboriginal community events in a respectful way. 

NAIDOC Week begins with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday.  This year’s theme is “Peace to this house and all who dwell within” People are called to reflect and make time to look for inner peace in their busy lives and celebrate with families, friends and the wider community God’s message and peace for all.

Code of Conduct

Conduct Statement 10: You maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in Catholic schools and the Church.

For STAFF this includes but is not limited to:

Ensure acceptable behaviour within the public community that follows the Catholic ethos

Law abiding – keeping Principal informed of any changes

Social media interaction and presence

Ensure Code of Conduct is signed 

For PARENTS this includes but is not limited to:

Social media interaction and presence – do not mention St Mary’s School, teachers, other parents or students in posts

Ensure Code of Conduct is signed/sighted 

For STUDENTS this includes but is not limited to:

Social media interaction and presence – do not mention St Mary’s School, teachers, other parents or students in posts

Ensure acceptable behaviour within the public community that follows the Catholic ethos (when in uniform) 

For VISITORS/VOLUNTEERS this includes but is not limited to:

Social media interaction and presence – do not mention St Mary’s School, teachers, other parents or students in posts

Winter Carnival

Congratulations to the Year Three to Six students who participated in the Winter Carnival against Merredin College on Wednesday.  Thank you to Mrs Criddle for helping to coordinate the carnival and to all the parents and teachers who helped with coaching and umpiring.  The students showed great sportsmanship and participated with enthusiasm.  The beautiful weather was an added bonus! 


Thank you to Year Three and Miss Walsh for presenting the story of “Il Pappagallo” at today’s assembly, in Italian.  This was a great way to show case to the school what the children are learning as part of their Italian program.  The pronunciation of the children was most impressive and made me think I was in Italy!


Mrs Riethmuller:  Mrs Riethmuller will be returning to St Mary’s at the beginning of Term Three (earlier than expected) as the principal at St Joseph’s had a fall prior to going on her leave and consequently has been on sick leave during this time – she will be returning to St Joseph’s for the start of Term Three.

Year One and Year Two:  The process for employing a Year One and Year Two teacher for Semester Two is complete.  We welcome to St Mary’s School Ms Natalia Dotsyak (Year One) and Miss Grace Sossiev (Year Two) who will begin at the start of Term Three.  Both teachers visited St Mary's this week to do handover and meet the staff and children.  I am sure that they will be made to feel very welcome at St Mary's School.


We farewell Mrs Craine and wish her and her family all the very best as they move to Perth.  If you were at assembly this morning you would have heard all the wonderful accolades heaped on her – Mrs Craine will be sorely missed by everyone but goes onto the next chapter of her life with all our blessings!

Term Three

A reminder that Term Three begins on Tuesday, 23 July for all students (Kindy to Year Six).  Monday is a Pupil Free Day and staff will be engaged in Protective Behaviours PD with Andrea Musulin.

Thank You

It is hard to believe another term is over!  I am always grateful for leading such a beautiful community as St Mary’s School but even more so at the end of this very busy term.  I would like to thank Mrs Grant, Millington and Mrs Criddle who took on extra roles and responsibilities this term and to all the staff who accommodated those changes in their days!  To Mrs Jenny Maloney who has come in three days a week to listen to reading and do spelling in Year One your commitment to this was much appreciated by the children and Mrs Millington – thank you!  To all the staff, thanks again for another great term – your passion for the students in our school and hard work and commitment never seeks to amaze me.  To all the parents thank you for all you do for our school and for your support of it.  Finally, to the students, the reason we are all here – thank you for being the wonderful little people you all are!  

Happy Holidays

I wish all families a very happy holidays – keep warm, keep safe and enjoy the your time together as a family.  I look forward to seeing you all in Term Three.

God Bless 

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Religious News

Mrs Hannah Herbert 

Religious Education Coordinator 

Other News & Important Dates - Term Three

Term 3 Parent Calendar - Full Version




Please see below the Tuckshop Menu and Roster for Term Three.  Thank you for all parents/care givers that have volunteered to help in our Canteen.

Please note that the first Tuckshop for Term Three with be Friday 26th July (Week One).

Please place orders to your child's classroom teacher on Wednesday 24th July. 

Term 3 Tuckshop Menu


Class News

Year Six RE Corner

Term Two has been an exciting term for Year Six in Religion. We have learnt about the special Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and researched saints in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We all enjoyed our Confirmation retreat and congratulate Mia Barnett, Laura Casella, Ellie Criddle, Makayla Geier, Baillie Dean, Vincent McCormack, Olumide Onikola, Casey Alvaro and Jacob Barnett on their special day. We are now learning all about making choices and gathering relevant information in order to make a good decision. Coming to understand important choices are greater than just ourselves and that seeking guidance in knowing right from wrong is important.

Year Two Class News

This term in Year Two, we have been investigating the format used in Fairytales and Fractured Fairytales.  We can identify the problem and solutions and we have also been working on ensuring our orientation grabs the readers attention.   

In Mathematics, we have been working on the connection between multiple addition of the same number to multiplication.  We know how to skip count in twos, fives and tens and have started working with arrays. We also have been learning about fractions and have moved on from halves into thirds and quarters.  Finally, we have been also looking at the transformation of shapes and learning to identify flipped and rotated shapes and also how to slide a shape.  We have discussed the meaning of symmetrical and not only created our own symmetrical bugs for Art but we have also created a poster explaining this using Microsoft Word.

STEM Project – Collgar Windfarm

The Year Six class have been liaising with Collgar Windfarm to research a question posed by Joseph Bassford, who works for Collgar and is based in Melbourne. 

Mr Bassford provided two questions for us to research however, we decided to just focus on one of them.  The question posed was ‘How can we encourage families to want to live in Merredin?’ 

The students were asked to design an individual plan, then collaborate and design one group plan.  Then they constructed a model and a power point presentation. They worked in groups for a number of weeks to complete their project. 

On Tuesday we had Mr Wade Roberts and Mr Webb visit to see the Year Six class present their finished project.  Many different ideas and models were presented and they all did very well.  The students have given Collgar Wind Farm some good ideas to work with for their company.  Congratulations to all of them.  

Digital Technologies

We have been very busy this term, looking at how we can code, using robotic devices and using our problem-solving skills and working in a group to answer questions posed.

Pre Primary – have started to look at symbols and codes and how we can program a Bee Bot to move. 

Year One – are beginning to use a variety of symbols to represent a range of sequences using a number of apps. 

Year Two – have been busily working on how to create different scenes and code characters and objects to move. 

Year Three – are becoming familiar with following instructions to code the Lego We DO 2.

They have been able construct a number of different robots and are able to do it very quickly!  

Year Four – have been working on driving and coding the Sphero’s to follow a pathway.

Year Five – are becoming very adept at coding and problem solving to create a code for their Sphero’s to follow.

Year Six – have been busy designing, constructing and will be presenting to the Collgar Windfarm as to how we can make Merredin more sustainable and inviting for families.

Deanne Poole visited our school on Thursday.  She will be spent her time visiting classrooms to show them the Makey Makey and Micro Bits devices. 

Combined Schools Cross Country 2019

On Friday, 14 June we took our squad of eighteen runners to Bruce Rock for the annual Combined School Cross Country Carnival. The students ran beautifully and behaved impeccably. Congratulations to everyone for trying their hardest and to Mrs McDonald, Mrs Cooper and Miss Coniglio for accompanying the students on the day. 

We had two place getters for the day;

Charlie Atkinson 2nd place BOYS 10YRS & Under 1.5km

Jacob Barnett 3rd place BOYS 11 YRS & Under 2km

Well done everyone. 

Assembly Award Winners

Christian Values & Excellence Award Winners

Kindy:                Mac Johnston and Logan Sharp

Pre Primary:     Emily Kermode and Mia Crees

Year One:          Caitlin Carlson and Ruby Smith

Year Two:          Maya Dean and Kaylee Clark 

Year Three:       Brock Barnett and Charlie Growden

Year Four:         Savannah Dean and Tyler Geier

Year Five:          Nate Corlett and Casey Alvaro

Year Six:            Nash Barnett and Arabella Sutherland  

Performing Arts Award Winners

Pre Primary:           Kayla Smith

Year One:                Ruby Smith 

Year Two:                Myles Madaffari

Year Three:              Jasmine White

Year Four:                Jonah Clarke

Year Five:                 Darci Jefferys

Year Six:                    Zavier Sayers

Digital Technology Award Winners

Pre Primary:    Lucas Bartlett

Year One:         Kate Growden

Year Two:         Cooper Withers

Year Three:      Ellie Atkinson       

Year Four:         Olumiji Onikola

Year Five:          Lara Anderson

Year Six:            Olumide Onikola

ABRSM Music Exams

Congratulations to the following students who have passed their music exams;

PIANO PREP TEST -  Arabella Sutherland, Abigail Smith and Joshua Ruiz.

GUITAR PREP TEST - Joshua Smith.

PIANO GRADE ONE - Abigail Smith

Sam Macdonald

St Mary's Footy Tipping

Round Fifteen

Congratulations to Round Thirteen Winner The Millos Sponsored by Atkinson Helico

TipperRound 15Total
2Brendan Smith586
3Dragon Lady586
4M Quadrio585
5Fr Andrew585
8Desperate 2 get 2 MelbourneAgain584
9Wayne S484

Round Fourteen

Congratulations to Round Fourteen Winner EDMW Sponsored by Merredin Cinema and Cafe

Round Thirteen

Congratulations to Round Fifteen Winner Woodntavaclu Sponsored by Hutton and Northey Sales

Round Twelve

Congratulations to Round Twelve Winner Pop Sponsored by Darryn Grant Plastering

Round Eleven

Congratulations to Round Eleven Winner Derek Mason Sponsored by Trans-Plus Pty Ltd

Round Ten

Congratulations to Round Ten Winner Sharp Sponsored by Ranbuild and Tompkin Engineering

Other News

Waste Wise

The Community Grants Scheme, ‘Bicycles for Humanity,’ restores donated bicycles and those destined for landfill and sends them to such places as Namibia and Zambia. 

In these countries a bicycle can break the cycle of poverty.  By providing sustainable transport for one person, they dramatically improve their life and also the lives of their families, communities and future generations.

More than one million tonnes of recycled construction and demolition waste could be diverted from landfill and used to build roads under a landmark agreement between Main Roads WA and the Waste Authority.

Let Us Pray

Lord Jesus,

you send us your disciples to share the Gospel with others. 

Give us courage in the face of adversity. 


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