Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Newsletter

Term 1- Issue 1. 31st January

Dates to remember:

Monday 10th Febuary

  • P & F Meeting- Time TBC

Wednesday 12th February

  • Parent Information night 5:30pm-6:30pm

Monday 24th January

  • Opening Mass 9:00am

Tuesday 25th February  

  • Ash ceremony 09:00am

Wednesday 26th February 

  • Ash Wednesday Mass 11:00am- Year 4- Year 6
  • Ash Wednesday Mass 11:45am - ELC- Year 3

Message from the Principal - Denis Graham

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Members of the Mother Teresa Community

 Welcome back to the exciting new year of learning. This morning I met many of you at the front gate as you streamed in for the first day of primary. There is an exciting buzz in the air and we are now well positioned to have a very successful academic year. For me it is a real privilege to lead this wonderful school and continue the hard work that has been invested in this amazing facility filled with such dedicated staff. My strong desire is to ensure we continue the great culture developed around the vision and mission of St Teresa of Calcutta.

We provide a very warm welcome to our new staff as we commence the year with ever increasing enrolments: Ms Josephine Santos- Year 2, Ms Rochelle Wildman- ART/P.E., Mr Jack Foody- Year 3, Ms Lisa Barry- Transition, Ms Kylie Lake- Transition, Mr Joe Higgins-Facility Manager (Danihers), Ms Janice Taylor – Administration, Ms Kelly Rasmussen- Inclusion Support and Mr Dylan Collins- OSHC

 There are always many organisational matters to attend to at the beginning of the year, especially in a new school so here are a few:


1.      Seesaw and Skool Bag are our major forms of communications. We also communicate via Facebook. Please ensure you are linked into these apps. See instructions below on how to download SkoolBag. Skool Bag is used for all school related communication and See-Saw is used for classroom communications.

2.      The school believes that we provide quite comprehensive communication options for parents. Please ensure you that these official channels are the only means by which you communicate with individual staff members in order to respect their privacy. For example, contacting staff via their private social media accounts.

3.      See-Saw codes and instructions will be handed out from classroom teachers.

4.      Defence Families: Thanks for your response to the survey. We really need accurate figures on how many defence families we have at MTCP so please let the office know if you have yet to inform them.

5.      Please see our recent Skool Bag eForm, regarding a preferred time for P & F meeting. The meeting will be held on Monday 10th February. Once we have a set time, we will advise our parent community.

6.      Finally, thank you for adjusting to our new arrival and departure plans.


 Denis Graham

Acting Principal 

Skool Bag Instructions

School notices !!

Assembly - Assembly's will continue to be held on Friday mornings at 8:20am. Each week a class will host the assembly and there will also be prayer, class awards and notices for the week. A calendar will be published naming the classes hosting each week.

Illness-- Please help minimize the risk of spreading germs and illness through out the school. If your child is sick please do not send them to school. If a child has a temperature of 38 degrees or above, you will required to collect your child from school. 


First Day Smiles !!!!!

Over the holidays, some students from our vacation care decided they would open an art shop to raise money for victims of the bushfires. They had a target of $30.00. Using only resources that were available from vacation care, they made pillows, bookmarks, snowflakes, pet rocks and much more. They advertised the shop to parents at drop off and pick up and in the end they raised an amazing total of $97.00 !! Fran from St Vincent de Pauls came out to assembly this morning to present the students with a certificate and congratulate and thank them all. As a school, we are so proud of the initiative and compassion these students showed to our fellow Aussies in need.

2020 School Term Dates

NT Government $100.00 Sporting voucher now available.

Community News !!