Term 4 2019 | Week 6

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News from the Principal

Welcome to week 6’s newsletter.

The term is nearly over and the year is fast coming to an end. We have so many wonderful things to be grateful for and many more highlights to celebrate. Many students have reached and exceeded benchmarks and more importantly demonstrated growth and progress during the year. We thank our staff and students for their hard work and commitment during the year and look forward  to 2020.

 In the teaching profession there is always staff that move on to other career opportunities and move back to their homes in Adelaide or other areas. At the end of the year we say a sad farewell to Miss Day (Well-being Leader) and Mrs Tregenza (HASS Teacher). Miss Day will be heading back home to Adelaide to continue her career at McLaren Flat Primary School and Mrs Tregenza will be heading to Torrensville Primary. Both staff members have contributed to the learning and well-being of all the children they have taught and supported over 4 years whilst at Long Street. We wish them the very best of luck in their new adventures.

 We can also let the community know that Miss Day is expecting her first child in May, 2020, and Mrs Tregenza is expecting her second child soon thereafter. Congratulations to both of you and your families.

 I am currently in the process of finalising staff for 2020. Once all positions have been filled I will announce the teaching and leadership staff to the students and community.

 Please be careful in this heat and ensure students have a drink bottle in their bags.

Bryan Rotherham,


Student Wellbeing Leader News

What a busy term it has been so far! Hard to believe that we are nearly finished the 2019 school year.

 Since I last wrote we have had the school colour fun run, which was a fun afternoon for everyone involved. For those that fundraised, prizes should have been delivered to classrooms by now. If your child has not received their prize, please check with the classroom teacher.

 The last part of term 4 can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, if you have any questions or concerns about your child(ren)’s attendance or social/emotional learning, please make an appointment to come and see me, or give me  a call!

Warm Regards,


Colour Fun Run

Senior Leader News

On our Student Free Day last Monday all staff took part in training to better enhance our skills in particular areas.  Teaching staff were involved in updating our skills in undertaking Reading Assessments.  This training will enable us to be consistent in the way we assess our students, the way we analyse our data and identify the areas we need to improve in.

Our SSO staff were involved in learning about Speech Programs.  This was delivered by Anya Beck, our site Speech Pathologist, who gave them ideas of activities to do with our students that will address the goals in their Speech Programs.  They also learnt about the Traffic Light Program, which is a program that assists students to become independent and successful learners.  This session was lead by Lyn Mackenzie and Rosie Copeland.  We have used this program in the past and have found it to be beneficial for the students involved.  We will look at using this program with more students next year, depending on funding requirements.


Jodie Turpin

Diary Dates


Tuesday 3rdAwards Night
Thursday 5thChristmas Concert
Monday 9thYear 8 Transition
Monday 9thReception Transition
Tuesday 10thYear 7 Graduation
Thursday 12thYear 7 Aquatics
Friday 13th

Last day of term

2.10pm finish

Tuesday January 28th - First day of Term 1 2020

Award Winners

Week 3

Room 1

Keni-Lee Dadleh

Aston Griffin

Matika Kruger

Erin Daley

Room 6

Chanel Warren

Ace Murphy-Harris

Adam Veart

Zoe Lee

Room 2

Connor Woodland

Corben Lee

Letisha Wilton

Connor Ebdell

Room 10

Tahnea Wilton-Ahkee

Elijah Knibbs

Isaiah Edwards

Sienna Powell

Room 3

Xavier Miller

Riley Rocchi

Brooklyn Watkinson

Connor Rocchi

Room 12

Aleah Sleep

Dylan Valentic

Alicia Manfield

Blake Francis

Room 4

Mason Sleep

Melody Young

Hemi-Linkin Gale

Ruby Jones

Room 13

Brodie Prince

Xavaeir Pike

Hannah Dunbar

Jade Diepgrond

Getting to know......

Miss Smith

How long have you been teaching?

5 Years

What is your favourite subject to teach?


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Scotland. To see all the places Harry Potter was filmed.

If you could be any other occupation what would you be and why?

Flight attendant. Because then I could travel the world, and get paid to do it!


What's Happening in ........

Room 2?

This semester, Room 2 have been looking at Food and Food Production for Design and Tech. We researched crops and farms and discussed our roles as consumers. This naturally led us to our own Junior Primary garden. We looked at plants, different parts of plants and what they need to grow. We also researched the different vegetables, fruits and plants we have around the school. We loved the hands on experimental aspect of getting into the garden.

We learned that weeds can kill other plants and can strangle them. Room 2 saw this as a personal mission to get rid of all the weeds we could find in the JP Playground and were even weeding at lunch and recess! We loved learning how to pull them out, and discovering the different kinds of root systems plants have. Room 2 tried to grow some potatoes but it was a bit cold, so we investigated what are the best times and places for potatoes.

The school has purchased some compost tumbler wheels. Room 2 can’t wait  to find different alternatives to the bin for our green waste.

Gardening with Room 2

Around our School

Community Informaton


Our fabulous STEM Café, managed by the wonderful Sandra, is a Governing Council run service funded entirely by sales made by our school community, so it relies solely on your support.

We would like to encourage all families to continue to use the STEM Café for all your yummy lunch and recess needs.

Have you tried our delicious slushies yet? Our current flavours are Raspberry and Peach and Mango. They are only $2 and are perfect for this hot weather.

Keep an eye out for the QKR app which will be launched next year and will make ordering and paying for your canteen orders a breeze.

End of Year Concert