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Week 9 Term 2 - Friday 21st June 2019

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On Thursday our Year 3 First Eucharist candidates enjoyed a reflection day in preparation for this weekend. This included finishing their stoles, cooking special biscuits and practice in the church for their special roles in the mass .

We extend our congratulations to: 

  • Oscar Rodwell
  • Sienna Mosalleh
  • Abbey Templer
  • Mia Lander
  • Alex Estrada
  • Lara Corcoran

 who will make the Sacrament of First Eucharist this Saturday  22nd June at 6pm at St Timothy's Church..

Thank you to Jessi and Anne Maree who have prepared the children and to Fr James for the celebration of the Sacrament of Eucharist Mass.

St Vinnies 2019 Winter Appeal


We are looking for non perishable items;

Tins/bottles/jars food (soups, spaghetti, sauces, tin tomatoes, Dolmio, Chicken Tonight, packet sauces, Milo,  etc)

Packaged food/Food Pouches (soups, pasta, biscuits, long life milk, cereals etc)

Treats ( chocolate, marshmallows etc)

Toiletries ( toothpaste, soap, powder, nappies, hand cream , body cream, shampoo, toilet paper, conditioner, face washers, hand towels , sanitary products, baby goods etc)

Clothing ( good condition please- scarves, gloves, skivvies, jumpers, tracksuit pants, track tops etc)

Just think of what you need /want/like all donations GREATLY appreciated.




A SUBWAY LUNCH is organised for the last day of school FRIDAY 28TH JUNE.

An order form (envelope) was sent home, The cost is $6

Children are able to order a  choice of bread type, sub type, salads, sauce, sides(cookie) and drink. 

Orders need to be placed no later than WEDNESDAY 27th June.


Semester 1 Reports

Next week you will receive  your child’s Semester 1 report. The report is written in line with the Reporting Student Progress and Achievement- 2019  Guidelines for Catholic Schools Version 2.2.

Reporting is ONE process by which this information is communicated to parents/guardians. Your child has been assessed against the standards in the Victorian Curriculum. In addition, you will find an assessment of student achievement against the Religious Education Framework.

Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns about your child's report.

Formal Parent Teachers Interviews are  held in Term 1 & 3 but Parents/guardians are able to request an interview at any time throughout the year.

Semester 1 Snapshot of Learning (Communication Books)

As mentioned above your child's Semester 1 School Report will be sent home next week. In addition each child will bring home a 'Snapshot of Learning' Communication book with samples of work from Semester 1,  which support scores and comments made on your child's reports. Please look at the collection of work samples and discuss with your child. They are a wonderful celebration of the children's achievements through Term 1 & Term 2. Please return Snapshot of Learning books to school by week 2 Term 3.  If you have any questions please make an appointment to see your child's teacher.

Earn & Learn


Earn and Learn is back again at Woolworths and finishes at 11.59pm Tuesday 25th June. We would like families who shop at Woolworths to collect Earn & Learn Stickers and use the sheets provided. Please return to school or drop into the box at Brentford Square or Forest Hill ASAP. 


Learning & Teaching

First Eucharist Parent Child Workshop

A lovely evening was celebrated on Tuesday with our children, parents  and staff to help  prepare for the Sacrament of Eucharist. The children and families made beautiful banners and stoles and participated in a lovely prayer service. We thank all our families for supporting the children in their Catholic faith journey. We look forward to Saturday evening First Eucharist mass at St Timothy's Church.


On Monday 17th June, the entire school participated in a dance workshop run by Alex from ASPA  (Australian School of Performing Arts). The students learned a short dance routine, had fun in a dance game and discussed different forms of dance styles. Students experienced a range of music and dance such as hip hop, salsa, country and contemporary. It was really a fun afternoon and we appreciated Alex's enthusiasm and skill!

Telling our Story- Aboriginal Craft & Tools.

The year 4/5 and 5/6 students have been researching and making Indigenous crafts and tools. They have had to consider the materials, colours and construction of their objects!

World Refugee Day

20th June

World Refugee Day honours the strength and courage of refugees and encourages public awareness and support of the refugees, people who have had to flee their home lands because of conflict or natural disaster. At St Timothy's we warmly welcome our refugee families and are so grateful for all they bring to our school community. 


Confirmation for our Year 6 candidates is THURSDAY 1st August at 6:30pm.

  • Parent Child Workshop- Tuesday 23rd July 7pm
  • Monsignor Tony Ireland visit - Wednesday 31st July
  • Reflection Day -TBC (change due to clash with Emmaus testing date)
  • Sacrament Thursday 1st August 6:30pm 


Our annual Walkathon will be on Wednesday 7th August. Sponsor sheets will be sent home next week. We appreciate all donations big and small from neighbours, friends and family. Once again our children will walk the school grounds to raise money for additional  resources.

Students of The Week

Year P,1,2    

Alaap, Neriya

Year 2/3Jayden, Milton, Nour
Year 4/5Charlotte, Nathan   
Year 5/6Fraser, Marcus   

Cake Raffle

Thursday June 27thGold Team

Term 3 

Volunteers Needed

Child Safety

Social Media

A reminder that the legal age for children to be able to sign up for most Social Media sites e.g Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat is 13 years old. This is in effort to keep children safe from online hazards from known and unknown sources. Whilst parents are responsible for the final choice of whether they permit their child to access Social Media sites, St Timothy's does not grant children permission to use their school email address. Please assist us in keeping your child safe online.

Camp Australia

Parents & Friends


St Timothy's School Calendar

Term 2 dates

Saturday 20th JuneFirst Eucharist Mass 6pm
Thursday 22nd June Safety Drill
Friday 28th JuneFinal Day Term 2
Monday 15th July TERM 3 BEGINS