10 May 2019

Welcome back to Term 2!

I hope that students, staff and families enjoyed a happy and restful break over the Easter holiday period. I’m looking forward to the term ahead and the opportunities for students to engage and excel in the classroom as well as in co-curricular activities.

Staffing Changes

I would like to welcome back Mrs Carol Bloomfield. Mrs Bloomfield will take up the position of Chanel House Coordinator while Mrs Bombaci is on maternity leave. Congratulations to Mrs Bombaci and her husband Dan on the safe arrival of their new born son, Orelio Piraino Bombaci, born 27 April.

    I also welcome to the College community Ms Katie White who will cover Mrs Bombaci’s classes. Katie introduces herself later in this Newsletter.

      Mr Matthew Iskander will cover Ms Smith’s classes while she is on maternity leave.

        Mrs Kathryn Della Vedova will cover Mrs Dowdall’s classes while she is on carer’s leave. Please continue to keep the Dowdall family in your prayers as 3 year old Harper continues radiation treatment.

          In week 5, we welcome back Mrs Carly La Rossa from maternity leave to continue in a job-share capacity with Mrs Rosario Poli. We will therefore farewell Mrs Leonie Powrie.

          Building Works

          Our refurbishment of the top floor of the Chanel building continues to progress. In the holidays, fire hydrants were re-located to allow ramp access into the building. We are pleased that the jack-hammering has now ceased and roof construction is being prepared off-site.


          Visit from Sr Lilibeth – Impacting the lives of people affected by violence and abuse

          Last Friday, we held a special College Assembly to welcome and hear from one of our Marist Sisters, Sr Lilibeth. Sr Lilibeth has worked in the Philippines for the past four years and is the Director of the Balay Banaag Centre. The Balay Banaag Centre provides an alternative family environment for young girls, aged 6 – 18 years, children of women who are sexually exploited. The young girls are given an education, place to live and spiritual and emotional support to deal with the trauma of the physical and emotional abuse that they have experienced in their very young lives. Sr Lilibeth used the symbol of a blue and white beaded bracelet to explain to the  Woolwich students how the Balay Banaag students are encouraged to, just like them, “develop their own Marist compass”. 

          On the bracelet were symbols of a ‘girl, key and padlock’. Sr Lilibeth said the symbols were used so that students would be reminded that through positive relationships and the support of others, they would be empowered to unlock their padlock to develop their gifts and reach their future dreams. Our Marist Compass and its dimensions have certainly resonated with our Marist family in the Philippines.

          The Balay Banaag Project is one of the Marist Projects, which we at Marist Sisters’ College have supported financially, through our House fundraising. Sr Lilibeth spoke to the students and staff to explain where funds had been used and what we as a College community can do to continue to support the project. Below is a photo of the bracelet and some of the photos that Sr Lilibeth shared at the Assembly.

          Ex-Students Reunion

          Last Sunday, I joined our ex-students for their annual mass and luncheon at the College. It was a very enjoyable day and it was wonderful to hear the many stories and reminiscing of their time at the College. I presented to the group our Marist vision for the current students, “Developing a compass for Life” with its four dimensions: Sisters for Life, Courage for Life, Gift for Life and Empower for Life.  They were fascinated by the concept and very appreciative and excited by the contemporary approach that the College was taking to continue to empower Marist girls of the future. Enjoy the photos below.

          My best wishes to our College community for a successful, productive and enjoyable Term 2.

          Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums, Grandmothers, Aunts and female role models on Sunday.

           Dr Anne Ireland, Principal

          This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #1, #5, #10 & #11

          New Staff Introduction

          Ms Katie White

          My name is Kathryn White and I will be teaching Religious Education at the College for the remainder of 2019. During the 9 years of teaching at LaSalle Catholic College, Bankstown (a co-educational Catholic secondary school), I worked as the Youth Ministry Coordinator, HSIE Coordinator and the Religious Education Coordinator. My qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Teaching/Arts (Humanities) from the Australian Catholic University (ACU). I completed a Masters in Religious Education at ACU in 2017.

          From the Assistant Principal

          Happy Easter and Welcome Back to Term 2!

          I hope you all had a beautiful Easter and that the time was spent remembering the wonderful gift of our faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

          As we begin Term 2, it is timely to remind all students of the importance of attendance, personal organisation, having a positive approach to study and learning, being willing to participate and get involved with College life. These are key elements for successful learning and happiness at school.

          ANZAC Day Ceremony

          During the holidays, we stopped to remember the significant sacrifices made by Australians and New Zealanders during times of war. These sacrifices were all for the sake of our freedom. Last week, we had our College Anzac Day Commemoration to show our respect and gratitude to the men and women who served in wartime. Many hours of preparation and research were put in to this event and I thank the Year 10 History Students, Mr Nally, Mrs Marsh and Mr Richardson for their significant work for this event.

          As we approach the weekend I wish every Mum a wonderful Mothers’ Day on Sunday! May it be a day filled with love, happiness and appreciation for all you do for us and all you are to us!

          Ms Marietta Taliana, Assistant Principal

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          What's Been Happening in Religious Education

          Welcome back to Term Two, I hope you all had a happy and Holy Easter! During the holiday period I was drawn to the Easter Vigil Homily of Pope Francis and his message of hope. Below is a small extract from his Homily, I hope it connects with you in the same way it did for me.

          Pope Francis at Easter Vigil: Roll away the stones that crush hope

          “Often what blocks hope is the stone of discouragement. Once we start thinking that everything is going badly and that things can’t get worse, we lose heart and come to believe that death is stronger than life.  We become cynical, negative and despondent. Stone upon stone, we build within ourselves a monument to our own dissatisfaction: the sepulcher of hope. Life becomes a succession of complaints and we grow sick in spirit.  A kind of tomb psychology takes over: everything ends there, with no hope of emerging alive.  But at that moment, we hear once more the insistent question of Easter: Why do you seek the living among the dead? The Lord is not to be found in resignation.  He is risen; he is not there. Don’t seek him where you will never find him: he is not the God of the dead but of the living (cf. Mk 22:32).  Do not bury hope!”

          Project Compassion

          Throughout Lent, students gave generously to our Lenten Fundraising and the College raised $4,198.10 for Project Compassion. This tremendous amount will go far to spread the Easter message of hope to many thousands of people around the world through the wonderful work of Caritas Australia.

          Social Justice Week Update

          This term we were welcomed back to school with Social Justice Week, which consists of four days dedicated to raising awareness of different inequities faced by groups of individuals within our society. This year we specifically focused on women affected by domestic violence living in shelters as well as the homeless.

          On behalf of all the students who are a part of our Marist In Action group, we wanted to say a big thank you to all the girls who donated clothing and toiletries. These donations were put into care packages at lunch on Monday 6 May, to be sent to either the Vinnies Winter Appeal or the Vinnies Women’s Shelters for women who have faced domestic violence. A small act of charity can go a very long way.

          The College supports participation in Social Justice Week through student involvement in a variety activities held throughout the school and the generous donations collected have truly been an embodiment of our Marist Compass dimension, Empower for Life. We hope this week, through empowering the students and staff, we are able to go out and empower others in the community.

          For any students interested, we also run our Marist In Action & Faith In Action meetings every Monday at lunch where we focus on different issues and how we, as a school community, can help make a difference. All are welcome and encouraged.

          Gemma O’Grady and Kate Plummer, Social Justice Co-Captains

          Year 10 Year Group Mass

          Next Wednesday, 15 May, we will hold our Year 10 Year Group Mass at St Peter Chanel Church, Woolwich. Mass will begin at 9.10am and all parents are warmly invited. If any parent is interested in reading or helping with the distribution of the Eucharist then please contact me via Reception.

          Mr Daniel Ronchetti, Acting Religious Education Coordinator

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          From the Leader of Learning & Curriculum

          Curriculum Professional Learning Day

          Last Monday 29 April all teaching staff were involved in professional learning for the day with a focus on ‘Unlocking Potential’ and identifying pathways for progress and MSCW learners. The day allowed staff to inquire into external datasets as a source for knowing our learners in class, year and KLA contexts. Teachers engaged in collaborative teacher inquiry that allowed for exploration of strengths and areas of growth for all our learners to better  inform future teaching and learning.

          Professional learning for teachers provides an opportunity to to continue to learn and develop as teachers to meet the current needs of all their learners. Through this day teachers are able to collaborate with colleagues and more effectively bring about teaching and learning improvements across the College.


          All students is Years 7 and 9 will sit their NAPLAN tests online at the College during Weeks 3 & 4.  NAPLAN tests skills in literacy and numeracy that are developed throughout the whole school curriculum.

          Please see below for the dates and times of testing for Year 7 and 9:

          Year 7

          Writing                                           14 May Period 3 & 4

          Reading                                          15 May Period 1 & 2

          Language Conventions            20 May Period 1 & 2

          Numeracy                                       22 May Period 3 & 4

          Year 9

          Writing                                            15 May Period 3 & 4

          Reading                                           17 May Period 3 & 4

          Language Conventions             20 May Period 3 & 4

          Numeracy                                       23 May Period 1 & 2

          Every student has the opportunity to trial the types of test questions, and understand the interactive test format and specific NAPLAN Online tools by visiting ACARA’s 
          public demonstration site. Students are encouraged to complete appropriate tests for their year level.

          Minimum Standards Test

          All Year 10 students will sit the Minimum Standards Test online in Week 3. Please see below for dates and times of tests.

          Year 10

          Reading                                13 May Period 1 & 2

          Numeracy                            16 May Period 1 & 2

          Writing                                  17 May Period 1 & 2

          Mrs Melinda Alvarez, Leader of Learning and Curriculum 

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          From the Leader of Wellbeing

          “Sisters take care of each other, watch out for each other, comfort for each other and are there for each other through thick and thin.”

          In fostering a greater sense of connection with our Sisters, the term has commenced with the opportunity for our Year 7 & 11 students to continue to build upon their relationships with one another through their camp and retreat experiences. Forming secure, authentic and strong friendships with peers is something that we are committed to achieving in every form of interaction within College life. The feedback, from the Year 7 students and camp teachers , was overwhelmingly positive and all involved had a wonderful experience.

          Research shows that for those students who feel that they belong or are a part of a school community are more likely to perform academically and are motivated to do so. At Marist Sisters’ College, the Wellbeing program constantly works towards building good relationships between the students and teachers to help foster a sense of belonging within our very special community.

          Uniform and Revised Detention Policy

          With the cooler temperatures certainly settling into the Autumn season, I request that parents continue to support the College by reviewing the expectations that are clearly outlined in our College Uniform Policy (available on the Parent Portal, Engage). It is to be noted that extreme or excessive breach of the Uniform Policy will result in parental intervention to assist in managing the issue.

          If there are any questions, I am confident that your daughter’s Tutor or House Co-ordinator would be able to assist in clarifying your concerns.

          St Ignatius’ College, Riverview: Year 8-10 Dances

          This term our Year 8 -10 students had been invited to attend the St Ignatius’, Riverview dances towards the end of this month. These opportunities allow our students to connect on a social level and build the capacity of establishing greater friendships within our broader community.

          Please be mindful that all MSCW students that attend are effectively representing our College and that our expectation is that they will conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner at all times on the premises. These social dances are certainly well received and of which we hear lots of positive feedback. We hope that students attending do not let the upcoming occasion(s) be hindered by poor standards or disrespectful behaviour, as this would be most disappointing and not a true reflection of our proud Marist values.

          MSCW Learning Enrichment

          Our Learning Enrichment team is continuing to provide extraordinary support to a number of our students that need assistance in various areas of literacy and numeracy. To effectively maximise their time with students, it would be greatly appreciated that all work presented to the Learning Enrichment team is primarily curriculum based work from school and not from tutoring. The purpose of Learning Enrichment is to establish a closer collaborative connection between the targeted learning in the various curriculum subjects. Teachers often align their classwork with the Learning Enrichment team to assist in the process. This needs to be our priority to ensure that active and engaged learning is at the centre of each lesson.

          Mrs Sia Mastro, Leader of Wellbeing

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          From the Wellbeing Coordinator

          Year 7 Camp

          On behalf of the student’s and myself, I would like to thank Mr Powell, Mr Hodges, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Kalmus, Mr Fuda, Ms Askew, Mrs George, Ms Robinson, Mr Walker, Mr Naicker and Mr Keller for giving of their time to come away with Year 7 on camp at the Tops Conference Center, Stanwell Park. Their enthusiasm, humour, support and energy was so greatly appreciated and made for a very enjoyable experience for all.

          Please find some student reports below.

          Mrs Felicity Gray, Wellbeing Coordinator

          Finally, the thing that all Year 7 girls look forward to came around...CAMP!

          Camp was one of my BEST experiences since we had so many different activities to do as well as being able to have our own comfy beds and great food. One of the highlights of my camp experience was the GIANT SWING! You were strapped into a harness and slingshotted into the air which gave you an amazing view of the ocean. This was just one of the four incredible activities I got to participate in. My second highlight of the camp was getting to show our talents to Dr Ireland and Mr Powell. There were singing, rapping, tricks and comedy acts all round. And then, when you think camp can’t get any better Mrs Gray was able to pull together prises for girls who were selected by their group's leader. These prizes were award for a variety of reasons, great effort, supporting other team mates, overcoming fears and encouraging others, just to name a few. The teachers had put in so much effort to make us have the best time, and it worked. Thank you to all the teachers for letting us have the time of our lives.

          Ella Appathurai, Year 7 Student

          Camp was a great time. It was an opportunity that helped everyone to become great team players and to face our fears on some of the challenges. A couple of things that I have learnt from this camp are the importance of teamwork and giving everyone in the group the opportunity to contribute. The outdoor activities helped me to face my fears and get out of my comfort zone; which I am so glad I did because it was so much fun! My favourite activities were archery, survivor games and the giant swing.

          I also really liked all of the prizes that Mrs Gray put together to reward the Most Valuable Player Awards after each activity.

          If I had to pick one favourite memory it would be challenging my fears and going 26 meters high on a giant swing, it was a great, once in a lifetime experience. 

          Camp was excellent and so much fun, Thank you so much to everyone who helped make it happen!

          Isabel Dooley, Year 7 Student

          Amica Peer Support Program

          Year 7 and Year 10 students continue to participate in the Amica Peer Support Program.

          Session 3  - Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

          In our last session at the end of Term 1, the Year 10 Amicas facilitated activities with Year 7 that focused on understanding the qualities of a healthy friendship. Students identified and discussed the qualities that they admire and value in their friendships and explored ways to promote these. 

          Diversity of responses was noted to reinforce that we are all unique and look for and value different qualities in others. Discussing diversity deepens understanding about accepting and embracing different views and different people. Understanding our own expectations of friendships allows us to become better friends to others. 

          Cyber safety was also explored and students discussed the importance of behaving responsibly and respectfully online. They used skills such as empathy to consider how posts or texts might make another person feel. Cyber communication can seem faceless but have a dramatic effect on another person. 

          Session 4 - My View

          The focus of next week's session is strengthening our connections. Students will explore the importance of being encouraging, thankful and looking for opportunities to exercise kindness in everyday relationships. Students are led in discussion about behaving in a friendly  manner and towards others while not having to be friends with everyone. Research supports the development of these important skills in building strong young people and thereby minimising unkind or bullying behaviours. 

          Students will also look at the influence that Bystanders and Upstanders can have on unkind or bullying behaviour. 

          Mrs Felicity Gray, Wellbeing Coordinator

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          Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews

          A reminder that Year 12 Parent Teacher interviews will take place next Tuesday, 14 May from 3:30pm – 7:30pm in Belley and surrounding classrooms.

          Online bookings opened at 4pm on Tuesday 30 April and will close at 12:00pm on Monday 13 May. To book, visit 
          School Interviews and access the Marist Sisters' College event and access bookings using -

          Code: ndqev

          Interviews are scheduled for a 5 minute allotment and will take place over the following two sessions:

          Session 1: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

          Session 2: 5:40pm – 7:20pm

          It is expected that students attend the interviews in full College uniform.

          If you are experiencing any issues with bookings please contact the College. We look forward to meeting with you and your daughter.

          Mrs Antonina Arcidiacono, Leader of Administration

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          A Word from the Counsellor

          A Word From the Counsellor... "The Happy Brain Chemicals" and How to Increase your Levels Naturally…

          Can you feel the change in the air? For many, this season is associated with happy things like crisp weather, warm beverages, and the autumn colours. But for others, the change in weather indicates a downturn in mood and energy that leaves them feeling sad, lethargic, and fatigued. Along with the shift to spending more time indoors, the gradually shorter days of autumn and winter can trigger some physiological changes in the brain that can affect mood.

          When we ask ourselves what makes us happy, we often think of the circumstances, possessions, or people in our lives. In reality, happiness is largely a chemical experience. This is actually great news. It means even when circumstances, possessions, or people in our lives aren't exactly as we'd like them to be, there are simple ways we can increase our “happy brain chemicals” and alter our moods.

          Our “happy brain chemicals” help facilitate sustained and deep sleep, maintaining a balanced mood, self-confidence, social engagement, and a healthy appetite. Additionally, they help decrease our worries and concerns and is associated with improved learning and memory.

          When these “happy brain chemicals” are too low you’re more likely to become irritable, anxious, and perceive the world as unfriendly. You may feel depressed, pessimistic, and have irregular appetite and sleep. So let’s consider what you can do to help increase your “happy brain” chemicals below:

          1. Endorphins

          Endorphins are released after both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. In one study, as little as 30 minutes of walking on a treadmill for 10 days in a row was sufficient to produce a significant reduction in depression among clinically depressed subjects.

          2. Serotonin

          Serotonin may be the best-known happiness chemical because it's the one that antidepressant medication primarily addresses. Exposure to bright light, especially sunshine, is one way to increase serotonin. Exercise and happy thoughts also stimulate production of this chemical. Some research has found that a higher intake of tryptophan-heavy foods, relative to other foods in the diet, may do the trick as well, leafy greens/spinach, eggs, poultry, salmon, seeds, sweet potato, carrots, blueberries, probiotic yoghurt.

          3. Dopamine

          Dopamine is a neurotransmitter often referred to as the "chemical of reward." When you score a goal, hit a target, or accomplish a task, you receive a pleasurable hit of dopamine in your brain that tells you you’ve done a good job. But you can also get a natural dose of dopamine when you perform acts of kindness toward others. Just thinking kind thoughts can be helpful.

          4. Oxytocin

          The hormone produced in abundance during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It's also the high behind MDMA, a popular party drug, which releases oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin is primarily associated with loving touch and close relationships. This hormone provides a multiple whammy of warm fuzzies, by stimulating dopamine and serotonin, while reducing anxiety. To get your hit of oxytocin without popping ecstasy, give someone you love a cuddle. A pet will do or a favourite teddy!

          If you have any mental health concerns about your daughter please feel free to contact the College Counsellor, Becky Salter via or ph: 0435 659 694.

          Ms Becky Salter, College Counsellor

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          News from the Leader of Governance and Communication

          Road Safety on Woolwich Road

          A reminder to all our community that school zones remain in place for the safety of our students and families. School zones operate on all gazetted school days,​ which are all days the school is open,​ even pupil free days.

          Please also be mindful of the road works occurring near Gladstone Avenue.

          Bus zones also operate from 3:15pm to 4pm. Please note that Hunters Hill Council Rangers are enforcing the bus zones most afternoons.

          Tell Them From Me Partners in Learning Survey

          In the coming weeks we will be inviting students, teachers and parents to provide feedback on their experience of our school using an online survey. The surveys are an important part of our whole school evaluation and planning process.

          As we value the role of parents and carers within our school community we would greatly appreciate your feedback and invite you to complete the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Partners in Learning survey. The information you provide will be used to maintain our commitment to working together in partnership to further improve student learning and wellbeing at the College.

          The parent/carers’ survey is anonymous and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You will be able to access the parent survey on your computer or mobile device by using the URL which will be sent in Week 3 via a Skoolbag notification.

          Mr Justin Hodges, Leader of Governance and Communication

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          Project Compassion Appeal

          Thank you for your support throughout Lent of Project Compassion. As well as raising money the Social Justice Group worked on raising awareness by holding different initiatives at lunch. 

          Over 50% of the children currently in hospital around the world are there simply because they don’t have access to clean water. They don’t have taps in their houses, or even in their villages – some have to walk up to 7km each day just to find clean water. Every day they are challenged to find clean water.

          At lunch during Lent, the College held a Woolwich Water Challenge, which raised awareness of this important issue. Students had to carry large buckets of water across the Plaza and back that was a much smaller distance than what many children experience on a daily basis.  

          The Social Justice Group also gathered student volunteers who were willing to share their wonderful hair braiding skills for a gold coin donation to Project Compassion. Thanks to those students who shared their talents and those who took part!

          Mrs Adriana Hunter, Assistant Religious Education Coordinator

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          Carnevale comes to MSCW

          All MSCW students were invited  to attend Carnevale comes to MSCW during lunchtime on Friday 1 March to commemorate and celebrate the Carnival of Venice.  A record number of students attended the cultural enrichment event, where the students created and decorated eye masks, face masks or fans. Lots of feathers, glitter, sparkle, laughter and happy chatter along with Vivaldi’s music in the background truly created the Venetian ‘Carnevale’ atmosphere.

          Students had the option to enter their mask into a competition. The masks were displayed at the Campus Experience Evening in the languages display room where MSCW students, staff and the guests visiting the school could vote for their favourite mask.

          The winning entries are:

          First prize -  Isabella Speranza, Year 12 Student (Two  Events cinema movie tickets)

          Second Prize - Chloe Metzker, Year 8 Student ($20 iTunes card) 

          Third Prize - Clara Nguyen, Year 8 Student (Baci chocolates) 

          Mrs Adelina Boray, LOTE Coordinator 

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          Olivia assists with the Elderly and Disabled at Ba Vi Centre

          Over the April school holidays, Olivia Underwood, Year 11 student, along with her mother, travelled with a group of students from PLC Sydney to Ba Vi Centre for the Disabled and Elderly. Ba Vi is located north of Hanoi and houses over 300 residents with various level of disability. Most residents have significant physical and intellectual impairments due to the effects of agent orange. Olivia was an outstanding representative of MSCW. Olivia showed grace and resilience in caring for residents of all ages at Ba Vi Centre. She consistently demonstrated strength and maturity beyond her years, in what was a difficult and often confronting environment. A photo of Olivia assisting with a swim therapy day for the residents can be seen below. Olivia's hard work and service contributed greatly to the goal in supporting the Ba Vi Centre.

           Dr Anne Ireland, Principal

          This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #6

          Lions Youth of the Year Competition- District Final

          Recently, I participated in the Lion’s Youth of the Year competition. This competition is designed to encourage student interest in leadership and the qualities required to take an active and constructive role in the community. Throughout the competition, I was able to meet so many amazing people, young and old, both members of the Lion’s Club and those participating in LYOY. I am honoured to have been included in such diverse range of personalities, being ranked amongst those with high levels of academic, leadership, sporting, public speaking and citizenship achievements. I made it all the way to the District Final, along with 7 other incredible young people, whom I have no doubt will change our world for the better. This process, whilst daunting at times, has allowed me to recognise my role as a future citizen who will contribute to society. 

          I encourage all Woolwich girls to use the skills they already have to give back to their local communities, as well as have the courage to expose themselves to new opportunities that will allow them to develop new skills. It is so rewarding to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and to realise that our voices matter and deserve to be heard.

          I would like to thank Ms Mathews, Ms Cremin and Ms Smith who were there to support me at each round. Their continuous encouragement made the experience that much better. I would also like to thank Ms Bonus and Dr Ireland for giving me the opportunity to participate in such a great program that has allowed me to refine my skills and given me passion to continue to strive to play an active role in my community.  

          Danielle Dwyer, College Co-Captain

          This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #6

          Year 8 Visits Taronga Park Zoo

          A beautiful day greeted us as we arrived at the famous Taronga Park Zoo and though I had been to the zoo before, I was excited to be with all of my school friends.

          We all stayed with our teacher as we went from one exhibit to another and we saw some really interesting animals.

          We visited the new education center where our group received a talk about the adaptations of animals in a forest environment. This was fantastic as there were birds flying around us, Curlew birds walking around and a possum foraging among  the leaf litter.

          Then the keeper brought out a python, a blue tongue lizard, stick insect and a  tree frog for us to inspect. It was really interesting.

          We then spent the rest of the day filling in our worksheets, which became information for our task that we were working on. All in all it was a terrific day hanging out with our friends and our teachers and we learned much about animal adaptations.

          Year 8 Science Students

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          Year 11 Visual Art

          Year 11 Visual Art class was lucky enough to have an Art incursion recently, led by Krista Brennan an illustrator and watercolour artist. Krista taught and demonstrated how to used different methods and mediums (materials used to make art such as paint) to create art such as in life drawings, the use of charcoal and watercolour. Krista demonstrated how we can use everyday objects as inspiration in our art and practised in our art books. We also learnt how to use charcoal as a medium as we recreated artist John Singer Sargent's artwork, Mrs Charles Hunter. However, the best part of the incursion was learning Krista's preferred art medium watercolour. Krista showed the class how she uses watercolour and how we can use it in our artwork. By the end of the day, we gained new knowledge on how we can use charcoal and watercolour along with how we can practice our art. Krista greatly inspired us to used new techniques and mediums in our artworks for the future. 

          Emily Hansen, Year 11 Visual Arts student

          This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #2

          Anzac Ceremony hosted by Hunters Hill Council

          On 24 April, we made our way to an evening hosted by the Hunters Hill Council, for an ANZAC commemorative night. Before the evening, we were approached to prepare a speech on what ANZAC day means to the youth, with the theme of the year being Australian Nurses. Upon researching this subject matter, we were confronted by the untold experiences of many Australian women during World War I and were warmed by the strength, perseverance and courage of the nurses who served. We recognised how ANZAC day is still relevant for our generation as it allows us to connect with those who have returned from conflict, older generations, our local community, as well as giving young people opportunity to pay tribute to the values that bring people together across Australia. We would like to thank Hunters Hill Council as well as the Veterans Branch of Hunters Hill for organising this opportunity to commemorate all those who served, died, or are still living.

          Luana di Stefano and Laura McDermott, Year 12 Students

          This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #2

          RSL and Schools Remember ANZAC Commemoration Service

          On 9 April, Ms Vu and eight students from the Year 12 Modern History class were invited to attend the RSL and Schools Remember ANZAC Commemoration Service at Hyde Park. Schools from all over Sydney gathered to honour the men and women who fought and died defending the values, principles and tradition cherished by Australians today.

          Speeches were made by various students in which they shared their understanding on what Anzac means to them as young Australians. The Governor of New South Wales, David Hurley, discussed our national values of mateship and courage that were displayed selflessly by ANZAC soldiers and how we, citizens of this country, can implement these values into our own lives.

          In a deeply resonating service, the ceremony was a time to remember those who gave their lives to ensure we are able to enjoy the opportunities made available for us only by such immense sacrifices. With today’s ANZAC Day broadened to include the remembrance of all Australians killed in military and peacekeeping operations, it was an honour to represent MSCW in both attending and laying the floral wreath tribute to express our gratitude for every Australian who has selflessly dedicated their lives to us.

          Lest We Forget.

          Krista Teran and Eden Smeath, Year 12 Modern History Students

          This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #2

          Sports News

          MCCS Touch Football

          During Term 1 the Junior and Open Touch Football team competed in the MCCS competition at Doyle Park.

          The Junior team consisted of both Year 7 and 8 students, with an influx of talented Year 7 students coming through the ranks. MSCW was by far the strongest in the competition, beating the opposition considerably each week. After a few wet weather weeks, they made it to the Grand Final and beat a valiant Bethlehem side. Congratulations to the team for consistently applying skill, strategy and teamwork week in and out. 

          The Open team consisted of strong Year 9 and 10 Touch players. Throughout the round games the team were undefeated and came up against a strong St Patrick’s side in the Grand Final. After beating them comfortably throughout the round games, unfortunately MSCW went down 4-1 to a hard fighting St Pat’s. Well done to the team for never giving up and giving their all right until the bell sounded.

          Miss Kelsey Robinson, Sports Teacher

          This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #6

          Congratulations to Marist Dragons

          Congratulation to the Marist Dragons on their recent success at the National Dragon Boat Championships in Canberra last month.

          The team consisting of Genevieve Benn (Captain), Olivia Cicciari, Sharnae Thiele, Bianca Camroux, Angie Allen, Alana Doornbos, Bridget Dwyer, Caitlin Bartier and Madeleine Benn on bringing home a number of medals.

          Bronze – U18 500m Mixed 10s

          Silver – U18 2km Mixed 10s

          Gold – U18 200 Mixed 10s

          A special congratulations to Genevieve Benn who received a Bronze medal in the U18s 500m, Junior Women's 10s Boat.

          Awesome effort!

          Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator

          CGSSSA Rep Touch Football

          Congratulations to the following MSCW students who represented CGSSSA at the annual NSWCCC Touch Football Championship in Nelson Bay: Abbie Lewis, Eden Fraser and Hannah Pratt in the Senior Team and Mia Rodgers and Tatum Kelly in the Junior Team. Both teams had a successful tournament and made the grand final. The Senior Team came out victorious against Lismore while the Junior Team unfortunately couldn’t get the job done, going down in a tight game to a strong Broken Bay outfit.

          Special congratulations to Eden Fraser and Mia Rodgers for making the NSWCCC trial squad.

          Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator

          Congratulations to Annika Lynch

          Congratulations to Annika Lynch on her recent success at the Australian Track and Field Championships.

          Day 1 - First event was the triple jump and Annika won a Silver medal with a jump of 12.05m.

          Day 2 - 100m hurdles and finals. Annika won her heat and placed 4th in the final with a new PB of 14.57. There was only 0.35s difference between first and 4th

          Day 3 - High jump. Placed 7th with a jump of 1.63. 400m hurdles heats in a time of 1.08. She won her heat convincingly, knocking 4 seconds off her PB time and was the second fastest qualifier going into the finals.

          Day 4 - 400m hurdles finals and Annika won a Gold medal and a new PB of 1.02.

          A fantastic effort!

          Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator

          This article on College life meets The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools -Charter #6

          MCCS Touch Football

          Semi Final

          Junior MSCW 6 v Nagle 0


          Junior MSCW 5 v Bethlehem 2

          Open MSCW 0 v St Patrick’s 3

          *Junior Team Champions

          MCCS Netball

          Week 1

          Year 7 MSCW 28 v Nagle 0  - Win 

          Year 8 MSCW 23 v Nagle 3 -  Win 

          Year 9 MSCW 48 v Nagle 4 - Win

          Year 10 MSCW - Bye 

          Week 2

          MSCW Year 7 (15) vs St John Paul II (8)

          MSCW Year 8 (24) vs  St John Paul II (6)

          MSCW Year 9 (17) vs  St John Paul II (20)

          MSCW Year 10 (46) St John Paul II (5)

          MCCS Hockey

          Week 2


          MSCW 7 vs St John Paul II 0


          MSCW 1 vs Domremy 0

          Canteen News

          Week 3 Canteen Specials

          Week 3

          Wednesday 15 May & Thursday 16 May

          Penne Pasta with napolitana sauce with parmesan                                                 $6.00

          Week 4

          Wednesday 22 May & Thursday 23 May

          Butter Chicken & Rice                                                                                                         $6.00

          Term 2 Canteen Roster


          Community News