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December 2019

Principal's Column

All students have now either finished their final assessment pieces for the year or are in the final stages of their remaining work. Year 12 students have completed their final exams and submitted all assignments for moderation. This represents the culmination of all the hard work and preparation across all subjects. We wish all students the best for their upcoming break. In the case of Year 12s we wish them well for the end of their time at Seaton High School and the future as they move into their post-school lives. Our students are well placed to move into a wide variety of positive pathways due to the many and varied opportunities available to them during their time at school.

 I would like to acknowledge the efforts of staff who have worked with our year 12s not only this year but throughout their time at Seaton High School. One of the highlights of end of year ceremonies and celebrations is hearing the genuine gratitude of students for the support and encouragement of staff in helping them to achieve success. Seaton High School is very fortunate to have a group of such capable, dedicated and committed staff.

 2020 staffing

We have finalised a number of teacher and leadership positions for next year:


English/FLO – Mr Mitch Milne
Health/FLO – Mr Ben Lodge
Home Economics – Ms Camila West, from Wirreanda HS
Dance – Ms Emma Hosie, from Seaview HS
Physics/Maths – Mr John Hooper
Tech – Mr Julius Zieleniecki


Coordinator EALD/LOTE/International student support – Ms Kate Sivewright

Coordinator Primary programs and specialist programs support – Mr Sa Danh

Coordinator Senior School and student voice – Ms Chloe Austen


In closing I would like to wish all the members of the Seaton High School community a safe and happy festive season.

Important Dates


Week 9

Please refer to details regarding the Week 9 Program in the circular previously distributed to Parents and Caregivers.


Tuesday 28 January

Term 1 commences

Years 8-12 - Start 8.35am, Dismissal 12.30pm

STEAM Tiny House

As a part of the Year 9 STEAM project, the students were required to participate in a presentation of learning, where they had the opportunity to display their group's work from the term, including their final designs for their Tiny House.

As a part of this process, each group designed an A2 academic poster which outlined the design process from a 2D scale drawing to a 3D house design using a new program called Revit. This included the design process behind addressing the water needs of each house through a rainwater tank. The presentation of learning in the Library on 26 October gave the students the opportunity to engage visitors with the project and share their learning journey and experiences with them. The students also designed their stalls to include any other artefacts from the project they felt necessary to give visitors the full STEAM experience.

From surveying the students during and after the project, they felt that they experienced a greater connection with the learning, and really enjoyed the multiple styles of learning employed during the project (e.g. guest speakers, excursions to real world examples of sustainable living). Students also enjoyed the freedom to design their house as individuals, while working towards a set design criteria, with a great sense of achievement and accomplishment felt at the conclusion of the project.


SSOs were given the opportunity to hear about Year 9 STEAM learning over the last Semester at their Thursday meeting.  Students Lily, Daniela and Emma along with Year 9 Teacher Mr Hooper, gave a presentation about their Tiny House Projects The students spoke about the design process, challenges they faced and displayed plans of their final models. 

SALA Festival

During Term 3 students were able to exhibit their art in the Seaton High School’s SALA Exhibition and the Youth Arts Exhibition.

The SALA exhibition comprised students from Years 8 – 12 and teachers exhibiting their work together. Jackson (Year 11 student) received the Eckersley’s Award for his digital artwork titled ‘Blow everyone’s socks off’ and this became the poster for the exhibition appearing in the entrance and on event invitations. Numerous students sold their work and are commended on the complexity and high standard of work produced.

Guthrow (Year 11 Student) was the only High School Student to have his work exhibited in the Mark Butler Awards. Every year in association with the SALA Festival Mark offers the Mark Butler Art Awards. These awards acknowledge the wonderful contribution artists make to our community.

The Mark Butler Art Awards acknowledges the most outstanding work, in any medium, at the SALA Festival. The Mark Butler Art Award is open to individuals living in the electorate of Port Adelaide.

The Ninth Annual Youth Arts Festival showcased the artistic talents of young local artists from eight South Australian schools over nine days at The Packing Shed at Hart’s Mill in Port Adelaide (September 14 - September 22, 2019). Hosted by the Black Diamond Gallery – Port Community Arts Centre, the exhibition was officially opened by Councillor Joost den Hartog from Port Adelaide Enfield Council and featured more than 200 original artworks.

Seaton High School students Molly  and Noah were awarded the two top art prizes. Sandra (Year 12 student) Guthrow (Year 11 student),Temaana (Year 9 student), Taine (Year 11 student), Lydia (Year 11 student), Latisha (Year 11 student – studying Stage 2 Art) and Lani  (Year 10 student) also received Merit Awards for their art.

Believe and Achieve

There is a personal story I would like to share with you.

My Uncle Anton passed away in the early months of my first year at High School. There is not a day that goes by I don’t think about him and the man he was and what he achieved in his lifetime. He inspired me to take every opportunity with open arms, to work hard and be proud, be persistent and not to give up especially when things get tough and to make memories that last a lifetime because you don’t know when your time will be up.

A Journey I’ll treasure forever: Seaton High School has been my second home for the last five years. There have been many challenges I’ve had to face, but the most important thing is how to overcome them. There have also been many great times and memories that I will treasure forever.

Year 12 has been one of the best experiences of my life. It’s been a wild, crazy exciting year filled with blood, sweat, tears and smiles. I really enjoyed working closely with all my teachers both in class and behind the scenes, to improve my work, skills and knowledge across different areas to reach my personal best. I have put in love, passion and 100% effort into all of my work and it has paid off through my grades across the board. Through the tough times I was able to look down at the lock screen of my phone and see my uncle and keep fighting on like a warrior, like he did for me. After all these experiences, challenges and difficulties he contributed to my personal qualities and help me to become a better person, friend, work colleague, brother and son.

I feel very sad this High School Chapter is coming to an end. It is quite scary knowing there’s no more school. Although it’s coming to an end, I am quite excited about what the future will bring. I know I am well prepared for the next step. I also wish all Year 12s all the very best on their journeys ahead.


The Josiah Mitton Award

Year 12 Coordinator Mr Stockley came up to me during lesson towards the end of term 3 and said ‘I need to talk to you after class’. I was very worried. ‘What have I done?’ I wondered. Nervously, I went to his office. Mr Stockley smiled and started to explain I had been nominated to receive the Josiah Mitton Award. I was in shock! I was very happy and had a massive smile on my face, but at the same time I was very emotional on the inside. It is a huge honour and privilege to represent Seaton High school to receive this award.

I would like to thank all staff that have helped and supported me through the last 5 years. I really appreciate it more than you know.

The Josiah Mitton Prize is offered to the most outstanding or best ‘All Round Student’ in each Primary or High School in the City of Charles Sturt. The student is nominated by teachers at each school. Ben was nominated by Assistant Principal Sue Smith and Year 12 Coordinator Andrew Stockley.

FLO 2019 Volunteering Awards

This year the FLO Program has run a volunteering program to promote positivity, success and connection with community. The students have been exceptional this year lead by the tireless Dennis Mason and we have had a number of students achieve over 10, 50 even 100 hours of volunteering! As a result several FLO students will be receiving awards from the minister for their accomplishments.

The students were formally acknowledged for these achievements by the Deputy Mayor City of Charles Sturt, Senior Policy and Project Officer-Volunteers and FLO State Manager.

Award of Excellence

Congratulations to Year 10 Student Kyrin, from our SC19 Class. Kyrin has had an exceptional year and has achieved this award through success across all his subjects during 2019.

State Finals - 5 a side Soccer

Seaton High School were good enough to make it to the State Finals this year (one of the top 10 schools in South Australia) and had 1 boys team participating. Overall, they tried to play a nice, cultured game of football but fell short where it counts (in front of goals) and when it mattered and didn’t convert those chances they created which ultimately cost them a few games and vital points. They tried hard all day and fought valiantly to be competitive amongst very good sides, the best in the state.  Thank you also to Year 11 student Matthew who helped with the refereeing on the day. He volunteered his time and did a very professional job keeping order on the field of play.

Thank you to all who made this day so much fun! Mr Maricic. 

White Ribbon Day

We would like to thank the whole school community for their support of White Ribbon Day. This education program is about stopping male violence against females. The major cause of domestic violence is the view that males and females are not equal. The focus of our education program is to break down the comments, stereotypes and assumptions that lead to this inequality and stop domestic violence before it starts.

Students wrote the oath “I will stand up, speak out and act to end men’s violence against women” on a white A3 piece of paper and formed the shape of a ribbon on the oval. They then placed their pledge in a ballot style box. This act was a vote that signified our belief to choose to respect, stand up and speak out against violence towards women.

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