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2022 Term 4 Week 10


Tuesday 13 & Friday 16 December - Preschool Graduation

Wednesday 14 December - Presentation Day 

Friday 16 December - Last day of Term 4 for all students 


Friday 27th and Monday 30 January - STAFF Development Day 

Tuesday 31 January - Term 1 begins for students

Principal's Message

To all our families,

Congratulations on the completion of our first full year of uninterrupted learning since 2019. How wonderful it is to know that we have been able to teach, learn and connect with our students and families face-to-face over the entire year.

As the school year comes to an end, I want to acknowledge all our school staff for the commitment and teamwork displayed over a year that has had its challenges and successes. It is so difficult, impossible at times, to quantify all the learning, positive interactions, adjustments and decisions made across a day let alone a year. I want to deeply thank each staff member for their commitment to our students, their learning and wellbeing, and the difference they have made over 2022. Our vision is to create an inclusive and collaborative community who value the wellbeing of each individual and celebrate our diversity. Our reflective practices continue to drive student growth, in all its forms. I recognise the partnerships and relationships every staff member has developed with our families to ensure every student is known, valued and cared for.

It has been a year where schools have been able to venture outside our gates to provide even richer learning experiences for our students. Excursions to Riverside Theatre, Symbio Wildlife Park, Calmsley Hill City Farm, Centennial Parkland, Swim School, and many others was super exciting for our students and their teachers. Our excursions culminated with the overnight Year 6 camp to the Sydney Academy of Sport at Narrabeen. I was lucky enough to spend the day and evening onsite and there was so much laughter and fun as they experienced archer tag, kayaking and chariot building. Thank you to Mrs El Esh, Mr Potten, Miss Birgin, Miss Williams, Mr Noshie and Mrs Hanna for leaving their own families for the night and going above and beyond for these students. It was a huge success.

Kindergarten Orientation last week was testament to the openness and welcoming culture of our school. So wonderful to have our 2023 Kindergarten students and their families onsite, experiencing their classrooms and teachers as well as learning important information about our school and all that it has to offer. Thank you to Mrs Robinson and Miss Mantzavrakos and the kindergarten team, as well as to the teachers who supported the program by supervising our current Kindergarten classes.

Preschool Stay and Play and enrolment interviews also occurred last week. Another important milestone for our 2023 Preschoolers. The impact of these transition programs over the term cannot be underestimated and we look forward to building partnerships with our new families to ensure the learning progress of these students. Thank you to Mrs Jobling, Mrs Mareko and the preschool team.

To our Year 6 students who have one more event to be a part of this week, I wish all the best with their first steps into high school life. We had a wonderful Year 6 Farewell last week which was enjoyed by all. Especially our parents who joined us for a last dance on the dance floor. There will be much to navigate in the first weeks of 2023 for our Year 6 students and their families, but I know that the advice and values of our school will support your decision making over this time of change. All the staff look forward to hearing of your successes in this next phase of your education. Best of Luck.

All the teachers have been working on our classes for next year. There will be some changes to our teaching team.

Mrs Lia Gioulis has been successful in gaining a temporary position at Wiley Park Public School where she will be leading the School as Community Centre as Facilitator. We wish Ms Lia all the very best in this new position and thank her for her many years of service to the Preschool and PPS community. 

Ms Koutsoufis will be taking a year away from PPS to complete a year as a Itinerent Teacher – Hearing. I wish her all the best as she begins this new challenge and I know she will be a wonderful addition to that very important team of teachers supporting students with hearing difficulties in our schools.

Mrs Park was successful in gaining a positing as a support class teacher of students with autism at Ryde Public School. I want to thank Mrs Park for her passion and commitment to the students of Owls and wish her all the best in her new role.

Mrs El Esh has been successful in gaining a position at Auburn Public School as Assistant Principal Curriculum and Instruction. Mrs El Esh has made a large contribution to our school in many ways over her time here. I look forward to hearing about her successes at APS and I wish her all the best.

Ms Stojceska has been successful at gaining a teaching position at an Independent School closer to her home. We thank her for her contribution to the school and wish her all the very best for the future. 

Mrs Rana has also been successful in gaining a position at Rydelmere Public School as Assistant Principal Curriculum and Instruction. Mrs Rana has been a huge supporter of our students and families over many years here at PPS. Huge congratulations to her and we know she will do so well work just as diligently for her new students. Good Luck Mrs Rana.

Miss Crawford will be moving on to Cronulla Public School next year. Thank you, Miss Crawford for your work with our Stage 1 students and their families. We wish you all the best in your new role.

We are coming to the close of a monumental year, my first as the substantive Principal. I couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved this year as a school and community. I am looking forward to our Presentation Assemblies this Wednesday to recognise student achievement from K-6, as well as our Preschool Graduations on Tuesday and Friday. Term 4 ends for students on Friday 16 December and resumes for 2023 on Tuesday 31 January. Kindergarten 2023 parents will receive an email from the school with more information about Best Start assessment and start days. 

I wish everyone a safe summer holiday and look forward to welcoming everyone back in the new year.

Donna McGeary 


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Aussies of the Month for December - Congratulations to Shayma and Ameera

SaCC News

It has been a busy term in the SaCC centre with programs targeting early childhood learning as well as learning for our parents.

Our 'Chat over a Cuppa English Class' was consistently attended by 16 parents and the program was led by Tanya from The Junction Program. Participants enjoyed the craft work offered to them and each others' company.

The Learning Club continued throughout the term on Monday afternoons, and we thank the Learning for Life -Smith Family program for the end of year celebration where students received gifts to celebrate another great term of learning. 

The Mother Goose Program participants were treated to a special visit from Raptor Reptiles where children, their parents and staff were able to learn about different reptiles in a fun and interactive way.

The SaCC centre would like to wish our families and early learners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a wonderful holiday break and we look forward to seeing you again in 2023. 

Asenati Mareko

SaCC Facilitator

Preschool & Early Intervention

This term, the Preschoolers have been learning about routines in “big school”. We have been practicing lining up when we hear the bell ring. We have also been engaging in rotation learning experiences during indoor play. Children have expressed their enthusiasm when this part of the day comes around. Through learning, children have been developing curiosity, cooperation, confidence and persistence whilst developing a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation and hypothesising. Children become confident and involved learners.  

Early Stage 1

That’s a wrap on 2022! It has been a busy year and we have achieved so much. Thank you to all our students for their hard work, resilience and for always making us smile. Look at what they can do now! Great job, everyone! They will apply these skills in year 1. We hope you all have a relaxing holiday!

Stage 1

Its been a busy year in Stage 1! Students have had the privilege of going on various excursions and incursions which has provided them with some unforgettable memories. We asked some of the students from Year 1 and Year 2 what their favourite memory from 2022 was. Here is what they had to say... 

Royan- 1 Octopus: “One of my favorite things about this year was going to the theater to watch Edward the Emu. I enjoyed watching the characters come to life.”  

Benjamin- 2 Kingfish: “My favourite memory from Year 2 was when we went to Symbio Wildlife Park. I really enjoyed walking through the cave, learning about some of Australia's most dangerous reptiles.”  

Oumar – 2 Clownfish: “My highlight from 2022 was swimming because we got to practice our swimming skills every day. We learnt how to be brave in the water to become very good swimmers. We even got to swim in the deep end with a lifejacket”. 

Aseel – 2 Gemfish: “My favourite thing about 2022 was the excursions we got to go on. We started the year with a visit to the theatre and ended it with swimming and a trip to Symbio. I enjoyed these events as they were fun and entertaining. The highlight for me was swimming where I showed how brave I was.”   

Ammara- 1Penguins “My favourite thing about 2022 was going to Symbio and seeing the Tawny Frogmouth. I also liked doing art because it is creative, and you can make extraordinary things.” 

Mariya –1/2 Mantarays: “My highlight from 2022 was when the class went to Symbio Wildlife Park because I love going on the bus and seeing animals that I have never seen or heard about.” 

Aisha – 1 Turtles: “My favourite memory from 2022 was when we went to Symbio. I got to feed a kangaroo, and I felt its wet nose on my hand when it was eating.” 

Stage 2

Stage 2 Excursion to Centennial Parklands 

We have been privileged to visit the Centennial Parklands with all of Stage 2. We had a wonderful time. We got to do mapping and exploring. We were able to do all the hands-on activities. The parkkeepers helped us understand all the activities and if we got stuck on where to go, they would help guide us to the right area. We had lots of fun, and the park keepers allowed us to have a turn on the big slide. We got to look at pictures and find out where the picture was taken. For the first 15 minutes we got to explore and figure out where everything was. We went to Centennial Parklands to expand on our mapping skills as well as expanding on our Geography unit for the semester.  

By Eshaal Aziz & Helen Nguyen, 4 Resilience 

K/6 Owls & K/6 Kookaburras

Well, what an eventful few weeks we have had! Kookaburras and Owls attended the Special Children’s Christmas Party at Rosehill Gardens last week and our wonderful support unit parents were our guests. Students were given the opportunity to explore and experience a wide range of activities including rides, foods and face painting. During the day, each of our students received gifts and showbags. This event would not have been a huge success without the help and support of all teachers, SLSOs and parents. During this time of the year, we celebrate and farewell all our Year 6 students. Staff and students attended the Year 6 Farewell in Week 8 where they enjoyed a meal, laugh and dance together. We want to acknowledge the seven wonderful years of schooling achievements they have had and wish them every success as they begin their new high school chapter.  

Stage 3

This month several year 6 students had the opportunity to attend an overnight camp to the Sydney Academy of Sport & Recreation Centre in Narrabeen. This adventurous experience encouraged student’s teambuilding and communication skills. Where all students engaged in resilience building activities such as Archery tag, Canoeing and Chariots. 

This is what students had to say about their camp-life experience:  

Dalia El-Far: The year 6 camp was AMAAAZ-ZING it gave us a chance to build teamwork and give things a try. The camp was great because whilst we were having fun we were staying fit and healthy. Lots of the activities were games we would never have had the opportunity to try anywhere else so it was good to try something new. 

Khadijah Trad: This year we were so lucky to have a camp experience organised for us. The camp helped us build teamwork and resilience. The cabins helped us build relationships with others we wouldn’t usually hang out with. The activities were so fun and we got to learn new things. 

Zaynab Elnazer: The year 6 camp was a super fun experience, we did lots of great activities and we were kept entertained even throughout the night with Mr Potten’s Guitar music. Me and my friends laughed so much during the trip and we had an awesome time. Special thanks to the teachers for taking us. 

Kevin Tran: This camp was the most memorable event of my primary school life. The memories, fun and laughter we had enjoying activities like archery and canoeing. The cabins helped us create stronger bonds and better communication with our friends.   

Tanisha Islam: The activities at Narrabeen challenged us to be more active than normal and strategic in dealing with challenging tasks. Personally, camp was amazing, it improved my sporting skills all while having a great first experience at camp with my Punchbowl family.  

Community Language - Arabic

Wishing our students and families a happy and safe holiday. 

We have had a fantastic year of learning Arabic. We are proud to say that all students showed positive attitudes towards learning Arabic.  During the year, teachers and students participated in many ways to learn the Arabic language. We not only learnt Arabic by reading and writing, but also by creating art and craft items to showcase our Arabic skills in the Punchbowl Public School Centenary. The Community Language teachers, Mrs Roffaell and Mrs Awada are looking forward to seeing our students return in 2023. 


Stage 3:  “Walking in Gagudju Country: Exploring the Monsoon Forest” by Diane Lucas and Ben Tyler 

Abdelbari: The author wrote the story so people can learn more about Gagudju Country. It helps us to understand Aboriginal Culture and their strong connection to Country. 

Moala: From the story I learnt Aboriginal words. For example, anboyberre means white bush apple and kinga means saltwater crocodile. Walking in Country helped me understand Aboriginal people and how they listen to nature. They listen to the sounds in Gagudju Country. The sounds from certain birds are a warning that kinga is close by.  


Wiley Park Public School Chess Club visited us this term. It was exciting to play them at our school. We enjoy chess, sometimes losing and sometimes winning but mostly because we get to make new friends. Ten students also participated in the Interschool Chess Challenge held at Wiley Park High School. 

Rubik's Club

We have close to forty students who have successfully learnt how to solve the Rubik’s cube this year and many more are persevering with this challenging puzzle. No doubt, our students are developing grit and determination, desirable characteristics of the 21st Century learners we are nurturing. 

Aditya: I like puzzles. I feel good about being able to solve the Rubik’s cube and I’m happy I didn’t give up. It was hard in the beginning but now I can do it. It helped boost my confidence with my learning. 

Tino: I saw my friend Aditya playing with the cube and then I wanted to learn how to solve it. It looked so cool. I kept on trying then finally I got it. Rubik’s cube helps me with learning about 3D shapes. Now I feel that I can do well in all my learning. 

Join your local library? 

When was the last time you visited your local library? With upgraded facilities and branches conveniently located, the school holidays will be a great time to see what is on offer. There are also free school holiday activities which usually start in early January. Visit the Canterbury-Bankstown library website for more details. 

Can’t visit the library? Make use of the online Story Box Library for your favourite Australian authors. You need to be a member to access the online library. You can register online to access the resources. However, you would need to visit the library within 30 days with photo identification for issuing of a library card. The link has details about library membership


Children can also enjoy books in over 50 different languages alongside English translations. This may help develop reading and listening skills when you read to your child. There are also puzzles and games. Click here to visit the website. 

 is also available to use throughout the school holidays. Login details have been issued to your child. If you have further queries, contact Mrs Matthews for assistance.  

Premiers Reading Challenge

With the help of our teachers, all our students completed the 2022 Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC). 147 students completed four years of the PRC, earning a Gold Certificate. Another 56 students completed 7 years of the PRC, gaining Platinum Awards. These are the highest number of awards we’ve received in a long time. 

A huge thank you to all our teachers over the years who have contributed to our students’ PRC success.  Remember to keep up with you reading over the summer holidays.

Watson Greeting Card Competition

Each year, students from Punchbowl Public School along with lots of other schools in our local area, participate in the annual Christmas and New Year card competition run by Tony Burke MP. Congratulations to our winner Stacey (4 Loyal), as well as Sophia (5 Wondrous) and Yusif (K Orange) both finalists in the competition. These students were presented with their certificates at a special presentation hosted by St Therese Catholic School Lakemba this morning. Well done to students P-6 for your outstanding entries.

Welcome Ms Nika - Wellbeing Nurse NSW Health

We warmly welcome Ms Nika - Wellbeing Nurse from NSW Health who will be officially joining us at the start of 2023. Ms Nika attended Kindergarten 2023 Orientation last week and was very excited to meet our families. 


'No Excuse for Abuse' Poster Competition

Congratulations to Omar and Nasreen from 5 Wondrous who placed 1st and 2nd in the ‘No Excuse for Abuse’ poster competition run by Campsie Police Area Command. We are proud of our connections with local community organisations and thank Ghandi and Sina for their tireless work in our local community.

An important message from the school office

Dear parents and carers

We are in the process of implementing a streamlined system for the payment of invoices and permission forms using School Bytes. Parents will now receive an email where they can give permission and pay for school activities online. Please check your emails for instructions on how to complete this process online.   

If you have recently changed your email address please make sure you provide these updated details to the school. 

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we transition to this process. 

Contact the school should you have any questions. 

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Local Community News and Events

A message from Fun Kids

The Government have announced that they are reopening the Before and After School Care $500 voucher initiative unit January 2023.  Follow the link for more details.

Fun Kids operated on the grounds of Punchbowl Public School and is registered to accept the government vouchers.

Please find attached our January 2023 summer vacation care program. To book, please contact us for an enrolment form 0422 968 085 

Fun Kids 


Midford - Punchbowl Public School Uniform Pricelist

Please note that we at Midford School uniforms will be accepting the $150.00 Back To School Vouchers when they come into effect at end of December.


This page provides the latest advice for parents and carers on the department’s response to the pandemic. This guide is updated regularly based on advice from NSW Health. Please check this regularly.