Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 4 week 6 - Wednesday 18 November 2020

From the Principal - Stephen Jolley

 The past 24 hours have seen significant decisions made by the SA government in its management of the COVID-19 situation. Please find below a summary of key information:

·       Friday 20 November, Monday 23 November and Tuesday 24 November our school will remain open for children of essential workers. Please refer to the SA Health website for information as to what occupations/employment have been deemed essential.

·       If you consider yourself an essential worker and are intending to send your child to school tomorrow, please complete the survey that was sent out yesterday. Another survey will be provided to families tomorrow regarding school attendance on Monday and Tuesday.

·       Before and after school care will be provided by OSHC on these dates.

Once further information is received from the department we will be in a position to inform families of the plans that will be in place for student attendance and learning beyond next Tuesday. We will endeavour to do this as soon as possible.

All staff at Henley Beach are committed to working in partnership with families during this challenging time. We hope everyone stays safe and supportive of each other. Please contact the school at any time if you have a query.

Crossing Monitors

Families will have noticed over the last week that our school crossing monitors have commenced their roles. Our upper primary students who have volunteered for this role are to be commended for their willingness to help out and for demonstrating a positive community spirit; I am very proud of them for putting our school values into action. Please encourage your child to consider volunteering for this role, if they have not already done so. Thanks also to the students and families who use the crossing for showing your appreciation, our volunteers appreciate this encouragement.

All families are encouraged to remain vigilant when walking and driving near crossings. It is particularly busy at these times and we all have a collective responsibility to be vigilant. It has been noticed that some students are climbing over the perimeter fence to enter and exit the school; this behaviour is not encouraged and instead, all students should be using the access gates. Also, please be aware that the short term ‘kiss and drop’ car park space should not be used as a long term park. Traffic can bank up around this area if there is not a constant flow of vehicles due to cars being parked for an extended period of time. We are also seeking family support to ensure children do not arrive at school too early; supervision of the yard commences at 8.30am.

Thank you in advance for your support with these matters.

End of Year Reporting Information

End of year reports will be made available to families on Wednesday 9 December and will provide a summary of your child’s achievement for this semester. A student who receives a ‘satisfactory’ rating for their achievement is demonstrating what is expected at their year level, with the grade equivalent being a C. Students who are working above what is expected for their level will receive an excellent or good rating, the equivalent of an A or B grade respectively. Students who have yet to achieve their year level standard will have demonstrated minimal (D) or partial (E) achievement. Please be aware that as per previous information, end of year reports will be available for families to access via an online platform. Families should have received a letter with instructions for how to set up your access; if you have not received this information, or are having difficulty with this process please contact the school. A paper copy of reports will only be provided upon request, under special circumstances.

 NAIDOC Week and Remembrance Day

Last week our school community recognised these important events with student lead assemblies. To mark the start of NAIDOC Week, Kath Moore (ACEO) arranged for Aunty Elaine, a community member, to perform a welcome to country and as a part of the assembly we had an official flag raising ceremony. During the week our upper primary students facilitated a range of indigenous games for students to participate in.

For our Remembrance Day ceremony our upper primary students did an excellent job of explaining the significance of this day to everyone, including reading In Flanders Fields and other poems written about World War 1. Penny Sigal, our Business Manager, spoke to the students about her past and current role in the army and year 7 student Kirsty performed the Last Post and Rouse. 

2021 Class Planning

The organisation of classes continues to progress and will be finalised in the coming weeks. Every effort is being made to ensure each class has a balanced profile (gender, academic achievement, friendships). Based on current projected enrolments, our class structures will be similar to this year. Later this term students will participate in a transition lesson whereby they will visit their new classroom and meet their teacher (if the teacher is currently working at our school). At the end of this day, students will bring home a note that indicates their class placement details and including their teacher. We acknowledge that children will respond differently to this change. They have a strong sense of anticipation when new classes are announced, and when they discover that they have not been placed with their ‘best’ friend, there can be a sense of disappointment and sadness. Teachers have worked with their students to reinforce a range of important dispositions and habits to support their learning, including developing a growth mindset and being resilient. The experience of transitioning into a new environment is a great way for students to build their awareness of these important life skills that they will need as adults. We ask that you support your child through this experience and frame it in a positive way. 


At our last assembly we had some special presentations. Matt Cowdrey, local MP, presented certificates to 2 of our upper primary students on their outstanding achievement in the Premier’s Reading Challenge: Edie and Jemma.

We also presented 2 students with the Kiwanis Terrific Kids Award. Congratulations to Athan and Grace for being recognised on their positive behaviour and efforts at school.

Staffing Update

At the end of this year Judy Isaac will be retiring from teaching. Judy, who is currently on leave, has been working at Henley Beach Primary School since 2004. Judy has been a passionate performing arts teacher here and had a leading role in the growth of the school’s choir and instrumental music program. We wish Judy all the best in her retirement.


Remembrance Day 2020

Many thanks to Maisie, Huddy, Kirsty and Skye from Year 7 who created a magnificent Remembrance Day ceremony.  The students were keen to make our 2020 ceremony special, different and a solemn tribute to all who have fought for our country.  The ceremony included a handmade wooden plaque as the centre-piece for our field of poppies, a display, a school-wide poetry competition, wise words from “Penny from the office” in dress uniform and the live trumpet performance by Kirsty.

The ceremony was a great success and reflected wonderful teamwork and attention to detail by our four students.

The Henley Beach Giving Tree - St Vincent de Paul charity

If  COVID allows this year, we are proudly supporting St Vinnies by collecting a gift for children who would otherwise not have a present to unwrap on Christmas day. We are also collecting tins, jars, supermarket vouchers or gift cards towards a Christmas hamper. These collections will be donated to St Vincent de Paul for less fortunate families this Christmas.

Please do not wrap the gift, just put a tag on the gift to identify gender and age.

Tags can be found on the tree in the office and the gift to be placed in the box next to the tree.

Collection closes Wednesday 9 December.

If the situation changes we will let you all know if this can take place.

Toy Museum Incursion - Mrs Cook's year 1 class

Georgie - Year 1

On the 3rd of November my class went on an incursion called the Toy Museum. I was so excited to go into the Toy Museum I almost exploded. Then we all sat down to get some instructions in the gym. Alan said “Now you guys will be sorted into groups” so then we got sorted. Next I played with so many different toys that I had never ever played with before. It was so amazing!

Cohen - Year 1

We went to a Toy Museum on the 3rd of November in the morning with Mrs Cook, Shahani and William (student teachers).  It was in the gym. We saw Alan in the gym for a tour of toys and games that were 100 years old.  I was happy and it was fun.  I played with musical instruments and bowling games. I saw old Beyblades (spinning tops) and my favourite money game.

Instrumental Music

A reminder for all children who hire a musical instrument from the school. All instruments must be returned to the school by the end of week 8. Annual maintenance is performed at the end of year so it is important that ALL instruments are returned, even if you are continuing on next year.

Library News

All books borrowed from the library must be returned at the end of week 8, Friday 4 December. A stocktake will take place in week 9 .


OSHC - Tammy Bahr Bookings on 0401 121 087 or tammyhbpsoshc@yahoo.com.au

We are coming up to the Christmas season and OSHC is getting into the Holiday Spirit.

Over the coming week OSHC will be celebrating all things Christmas.

This week we will be making Christmas Decorations and in week 7 it’s all about gifts that can be given and shared.

So come along and join in the festivities.


OSHC Christmas Craft

CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

No orders last day of term  -  Friday 11 December.

Canteen will be open for over the counter canteen specials for recess and lunch so bring your gold coins for a bargain.