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Hindmarsh Edition 22: Term 4 Week 6

πŸ“£ Vacation Care Closed 22nd Dec - 6th Jan. Returns Mon 9th Jan 2023 πŸ“£

What you'll find in this week's Newsletter

  • School Board 2023 - Nominations
  • Swimming Program
  • OSHC Security
  • Classes 2023
  • End of Year Thanksgiving Mass
  • Vinnie's Christmas Appeal
  • School Highlights
  • Preschool News
  • Upcoming Events & Reminders
  • Dec/Jan Vacation Care Program
  • Parenting Ideas
    Article: The art of good conversation with young people
    Article: Mind your language. How what you say creates your child's mindset
  • Community Noticeboard

Diary Dates

Term 4

Thursday 24th NovemberπŸƒ SACPSSA Athletics Carnival
Saturday 26th NovemberπŸͺ΄ Native Plant Propagation Workshop
Monday 12th December✝️ End of Year School Mass at 6.30pm - Sacred Heart Church
Wednesday 7th DecemberπŸŽ„ Christmas Carols Afternoon, at 2.10 pm
Wednesday 14th DecemberπŸŽ“ Year 6 Graduation Dinner at 6.00pm - Festival Function Centre
Thursday 15th December⏰ Last Day School, finish at 3.00 pm
Vacation Care

Friday 16th December🎲 Board Game Bonanza (Pupil Free Day)
Mon 19th Dec - Wed 21st DecπŸŽ„ Christmas Cooking & Craft Fun
🍿 Movie at Arndale Cinema
πŸŽ… OSHC Christmas Party
Thurs 22nd Dec - Fri 6th Jan🚫 Vacation Care Closed
Mon 9th Jan - Fri 27th Jan🀩 Vacation Care - three weeks of non-stop fun!
Thurs 26th Jan🦘 Australia Day Public Holiday
Term 1, 2023

Monday 30th Jan😊 First day of School, Term 1

From the Principal

School Board 2023 – Nominations sought

We are now seeking nominations of parents/caregivers in our community who wish to represent the interests of all stakeholders in the school as a member of the St Joseph’s School Board. Elected members serve a 2-year term and, along with staff and Parish representatives, they fulfil an advisory role in the decision making of the school. Once all nominations have been received, we provide the opportunity for all parents/caregivers to elect our new 2023 St Joseph’s School Board members.

In accepting a position on the board, members indicate they believe in its ethos, have a genuine interest in the school and wish to give something in return for the benefits they might have received as a student, parent or caregiver. Further information about the role of a School Board member can be found on the CESA website.

Parents or Caregivers can self-nominate or can be nominated by another. If you are looking to nominate someone whom you think would contribute well to the Board, please have a conversation with them first. Click here to self-nominate, or to nominate another.

Swimming Program

Last week I invited families to provide some feedback in relation to the four-day swimming program that has just concluded for our Reception to Year 3 students.  As you will have read last week, this program costs the school approximately $15,000 and thus is a significant investment of our resources. Thank you to those who took the time to provide comment. Unfortunately, we only received 10 responses. This does make it difficult to get a clear sense of the opinions and preferences of our community which will be taken into account in future decision making.  This survey is still live.  Please take the time to provide your valued feedback at this link.


Whilst mandated isolation periods for COVID no longer apply, please continue to be vigilant in keeping your child home from school if they are unwell. There are a number of contagious viruses in addition to COVID around at the moment.  If you suspect your child has COVID but a RAT is showing negative, PCR tests continue to be available to the community at testing sites around Adelaide.

OSHC Security

Two significant security issues have been brought to my attention in recent times.  Firstly, the gate access code has been shared with students by their parents.  This is not appropriate as it forms a part of our access security and is for adults only. Essentially this is the equivalent to giving children a key to exit the site.  Maria Cronin will arrange for the code to be changed and this will be shared with families when it has been enacted.  Secondly, the sign in and out for students is another highly important document and again, is intended only for adult use.  Please do not allow your child to access the sign in/out iPad.   Thank you for ensuring you are not breaching OSHC security procedures which are in place to keep everyone safe and our service compliant with regulations.  

Classes 2023

As the school year begins to draw to a close, teachers are hard at work preparing student reports and organising class placements for 2023.  At this stage we have not yet finalised our staffing, however, based on our enrolment numbers for next year the class structure are likely to be as follows:

  • Preschool x 2 groups
  • Reception x 2 classes with a 3rd Reception class beginning in Term 3
  • Year 1 /2 x 3 classes
  • Year 3 /4 x 3 classes
  • Year 5/6 x 2 classes

Forming class groups is a careful process whereby the teachers take into account a number of factors to plan for the best learning environment for each student.  Whilst every care will be taken to consider student friendships and parent/caregiver requests, no guarantees can be made in relation to class placements given the many competing factors that need to be considered and balanced.  Thank you for your trust and patience with this process.

Leadership Contact Details

Marianne Farrugia
Assistant Principal Learning & Wellbeing
Rita Garreffa
Assistant Principal Religious Identity & Mission
Katie Downie

Religious Education News

End of Year Thanksgiving Mass

We will celebrate our End of Year Thanksgiving Mass on Monday, 12th December at 6:30pm at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 252 Port Road, Hindmarsh. Here we will come together as a school community to give thanks for the year we have had. We will also celebrate our Year 6 graduating students for 2022 in a small ceremony after Mass.

It would be great to see all our families together as a community giving thanks to God for each other, our school and staff, and the wonderful the school year we have had.

Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal

Last Wednesday we launched our Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal 2022 at the Year 3/4AB Assembly. Umes Acharya and Sandra Bahlij from St Vincent de Paul joined us to share information about how our donations will help families who are struggling. We are experiencing a β€˜new normal’ in the third year of the pandemic. This year, we have enjoyed more opportunities and are reconnecting with our loved ones. But for many less fortunate than us, Christmas can be a lonely, challenging, and even stressful time as they battle with the rising cost of living. Your support of the Vinnies Christmas Appeal this year means we can help individuals and families who are struggling with living costs to experience a bit more joy, dignity and hope.

School Highlights

πŸŽ™ Yr 5/6 Podcasting Program

 Since Term 3, the 5/6 Unit has partaken in a Podcasting Program with James Meston from 'Arch D Radio'. Arch D is a weekly radio show on 1079 Life with the aim of engaging and showcasing as many young voices from across the Archdioces of Adelaide - currently working with 29 Catholic schools across the state, including St Joseph's! The 5/6's worked with James to develop their very own podcasts which focused on themes of either their '2022 Art Show' or their 'Term 3 Small Business Ventures'. Students worked on their scripts, rehearsed their dialogue and then got to work in the 'make shift' podcasting studio right here at St Joseph's. They got to experience using all of the professional recording equipment and devices as they worked within their groups to record, edit and upload their very own podcasts! Arch D integrates elements of the 'Living Learning Leading' framework to provide students with the opportunity to engage with the capabilities by given them a voice, showing what they have learnt in their experiences of the framework and continua. 

πŸ‘‰ Head over to Spotify to have a listen! 

Remembrance Day

R-3 Swimming Lesson Highlights

🌱 Sustainability Project

St Joseph's School is involved in a sustainability project led by Deidre Knight focusing on planting native Kaurna flora in our community garden. The preschool children have the pleasure of working alongside Deidre to plant Warrigal Greens and Yam Daisies that will be transferred into the community garden.

The Preschoolers will make sure to visit the community garden in the coming weeks for an update on their growing plants!

πŸ¦‹ Butterflies in the Garden

Children and educators have been so excited to see caterpillars and so many butterflies visiting us to feed on the nectar and rest on the plants in our garden. We have been learning about their life cycle and have introduced a table with props and visuals featuring the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Upcoming Events & Reminders

Sacred Heart Parish Carols Night

Our Sacred Heart Parish warmly welcomes St Joseph’s School Families to our Carols Night in the Church grounds on Port Road at Hindmarsh on Sunday December 11th. Food and soft drinks will be available, together with a coffee van.

For further information, speak to Mary Hemmings, School Chaplain.   

πŸ“£ Vacation Care Closed 22nd Dec - 6th Jan. Returns Mon 9th Jan 2023 πŸ“£

🀩 Vacation Care Program Dec/Jan Holidays - Out Now!

Collect your printed booking form and program from OSHC.

Bookings for Vac Care are now OPEN.
Return your printed booking and consent form to secure your place. You will not be able to place a booking online for Vacation Care.

βœ… Vacation Care Open:

  • Friday 16th December to Wednesday 21st December
  • Monday 9th January to Friday 27th January

🚫 Vacation Care Closed:

  • Thursday 22nd December to Friday 6th January
  • Thursday 26th January  

Dec/Jan Vac Care Diary Dates

Friday 16th December🎲 Board Game Bonanza (Pupil Free Day)
Monday 19th DecemberπŸŽ„ Christmas Cooking & Craft Fun
Tuesday 20th December🍿 Movie at Arndale Cinema
Wednesday 21st DecemberπŸŽ… OSHC Christmas Party
Thurs 22nd Dec - Friday 6th Jan🚫 Vacation Care Closed
Monday 9th Januaryβ›³ Whizbang Family Fun Centre
Tuesday 10th JanuaryπŸ• Pizza & Zeppoli Making Fun Day
Wednesday 11th January🏊 SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre
Thursday 12th January🏞 Play in the Park
Friday 13th January🎨 Craft Fun Day
Monday 16th JanuaryπŸ€Ήβ€β™‚οΈ Circus Elements
Tuesday 17th JanuaryπŸ•Ή The Beachouse
Wednesday 18th JanuaryπŸͺ Cooking Making Madness
Thursday 19th January🏎 National Motor Museum
Friday 20th JanuaryπŸ€ Mini Hoopsters Basketball Clinic
Monday 23rd JanuaryπŸ’¦ Inflatable Waterslide & Waterplay Day
Tuesday 24th January🍿 Movie at Arndale Cinema
Wednesday 25th January🎟 Inflatable World at Salisbury
Thursday 26th January🚫 Australia Day Public Holiday
Friday 27th January🎀 Karaoke & Dance Party

View the program here πŸ‘‡

πŸ“ Return your Booking & Consent Form to OSHC
Bookings are available by filling in the printed form and returning it directly to OSHC in person or via email (bookings via our online system will not be available).

Please remember that term time bookings do not roll over into Vacation Care.

πŸ†• Using Vac Care for the first time?
Families using our service for the first time will need to complete an OSHC Enrolment process before care can be provided or bookings accepted. Haven't created an account yet? Simply follow the step by step information sheet below to enrol your child/ren.

πŸ€” Have a question?
Get in touch with our OSHC team, call 0408 809 107 or email


Parenting Ideas

Article: The art of good conversation with young people

Good conversation with young people, comes down to time - creating the time and space and then using that time wisely.

Article: Mind your language. How what you say creates your child's mindset

How you can help your child develop a more growth-oriented mindset.

Community Noticeboard

We've been asked to advertise the following:

πŸ—£ Interested in learning a new language?

 Languages courses for students in Years R-6 are available in Afrikaans, Arabic, Auslan, Chinese, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Nepali, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

These courses are based on the Australian Curriculum and are aimed at second language learners. 

Reception students who turn five on or before 30 April are eligible to enrol.

Year levels may be separate or combined depending on enrolment numbers.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please complete the enrolment form in the R-6 Enrolment form/Information 2023 section (located to the right) and email it to

Should you have any questions please contact the school on 8301 4800 during office hours.

Once enrolments are approved by an enrolment officer, students will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment email and a welcome package. 

Visit their website for more information: 

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Follow these steps to have your Newsletter translated:

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