Holy Trinity Primary Granville

Term 4 Week 8 - 6th December 2019

From the Leadership Team

Philip Mahony | Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

Summer Play

The summer holidays are a wonderful time for children to play. Any activity can be play. The secret sauce is playfulness - the ability to see a situation and be curious about it, realise it can be enjoyable, and get involved.


Intellectual development: Play builds executive function skills, content knowledge, and creative thinking. When children build with blocks or draw, they are counting, classifying, and creating and examining patterns.

Social development: Playing with others means listening, and taking person's perspective. Social play also requires children to share ideas and express feelings while negotiating  compromises.

Emotional development: Children learn self-regulation as they follow norms and pay attention while experiencing feelings such as anticipation or frustration. Play teaches children how to set and change rules, and how to decide when to lead and when to follow.

Physical development: In sports, outdoor games, and dance, children develop strength, muscle control, coordination and reflexes. They push limits and try new things - racing down a hill, swimming underwater - that can motivate them to take  risks in other circumstances.

The three indicators of playful learning: choice, wonder and delight.

Choice looks like children setting goals, developing and sharing ideas, making rules, negotiating challenges, and choosing how long to play.

Wonder looks like children exploring, creating, pretending, imagining, and learning from trial and error.

Delight looks like happiness: children smiling, laughing, being silly, or generally feeling cosy and at ease.


Plan for play, and create the space for it.

If children have been spending too much time in front of screens, say to them, "Tomorrow, let's have some of your friends over  here to play," or "Let's walk over to the playground".

Find fun in the materials you have. Rather than always buying new toys, encourage children to find their own materials.

Be open to risk. If you let children know that  you trust them to take small risks, they'll enjoy creating and exploring and won't mind a few bumps and bruises.

Model play. If children watch their parents or grandparents having hobbies, enjoying sports, being creative, being outside, then it's more likely they will find interesting things to do with their time.

Play together. Your children actually do want to play with you. Build sandcastles together, dress up together, or tell stories together. Really get into the spirit of play and doing it together. That's the beauty pf summertime.

Wait out the cries of "I'm bored". Children often have to pass through that initial discomfort and recover the space and presence to be self-directed and curious.

Acknowledgement: Leah Shafer

School Uniforms - Oz Fashions

Dear Parents/Guardians,

OZ Fashions your uniform supplier is now selling all uniforms required for 2020.

OZ Fashions are open 6 days a week Monday-Friday 9.00-5.30pm and Saturday 9.00-4.00pm.

We are closed from the 25th December till the 5th January. We do not trade on Public holidays nor Sundays.

Please purchase your uniforms before the New Year to avoid long queues and to guarantee we have all the sizes you require.

We also sell CLARKS black leather school shoes and CLARKS white leather sports shoes at very competitive prices.

Thank you

OZ Fashions

115-127 Parramatta Road, Granville

P: 9897 3121


School Fees

School fee arrangements will be now coming to a close in the next few weeks.

Fees not on an arrangement, need to be finalised by December 11, 2019. Thank you.

Weekly Attendance

The weekly attendance for the week ending the 22nd November 2019 is 94%.

HTG Facebook Page

Have you checked out the school Facebook page lately! We are constantly posting about the great things that are happening at HTG. 

Need to Know

Notice required before moving students from school

10 school weeks in writing must be given to the principal before removal of a student or a full term’s fees will be payable. 

This requirement is in recognition by the family of the commitment to assist funding of the School by having their child take a place that could have been offered to another family.

Enrolling Now for 2020

If your child turns 5 by 31st July 2020, they should enrol for school for next year. Please collect an enrolment package from the school office and return the completed forms with all the required documentation now.

Upcoming Events


Birthday Celebrations

Congratulations to the following students who celebrate their Birthday in December:

Dylan C, Lachlan T, Michael E, Alex C, Karson P, Daniella R, Savannah K, Ruby K, Antonio C, Jacob J, Ivana K and Olivia T.

Student of the Week

Week Ending 29/11/19

  • Kindergarten    -    Alana R
  • Year 1                -    Zoya B
  • Year 2                -    Jasmeet B
  • Year 3                -    Vanessa E
  • Year 4                -    Samuel R
  • Year 5                -    Lamea P
  • Year 6                -    Dylan C

Calendar Dates

Term 4

Friday 6th DecemberReports To Go Home
Tuesday 10th DecemberYear 6 Assembly
Year 6 Graduation Mass - 6pm
Wednesday 11th DecemberNRL Program - after school 3.15-4.15pm
Thursday 12th DecemberChristmas Concert with Michael Mangon - 6pm
Friday 13th DecemberAwards Ceremony - 9.15am
Morning Tea
Advent Mass with Delany 11am
Monday 16th DecemberWhole School Movie Fun Day
Wednesday 18th DecemberLast Day of School for Students
NRL Program - after school 3.15-4.15pm

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