Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 3 week 6 - Wednesday 26 August 2020

From the Principal - Stephen Jolley

Curriculum and Learning

This week all year 1 students will undertake a Phonics Screening Check (PSC). The phonics screening check is an assessment tool that will provide information around how students are progressing in their phonics development. Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds and is vital in learning to read. There are 40 words in the PSC which includes a mixture of real words and invented words. Children who can decode the invented words should have the skills to decode any other unfamiliar words using similar patterns of consonants and vowels. Teachers will be conducting the assessment with their class and following the test will spend time analysing their students’ data to develop interventions where needed.

Another testing program that will be undertaken from next week will involve yrs 2-7 students completing a reading and mathematics assessment and year 1 students completing a maths assessment (PAT R and PAT M). These assessments are completed online and teachers will have immediate access to student achievement. The information gained from these assessments will enable teachers to identify areas of strength and development at both an individual and class level.

 If you have any queries regarding your child’s achievement in these assessments please speak to their class teacher.

Year 7 to high school

2021 will be a very unique year for our school when we will be fare-welling both our yr 6 and 7 students at the end of the year. Our upper primary staff have commenced planning for next year and over the coming weeks will be meeting with next year’s grade 6 and 7 students to get their thoughts on how they can be supported to have a successful year. As a part of this process there will be an opportunity for families of these students to give feedback on how we can work together to ensure they have a positive and rewarding final year at Henley Beach.

A partnership initiative aimed at strengthening the transition of students to high school has involved upper primary teachers from our school and Henley High School facilitating classroom observations. This is a valuable opportunity for the participating teachers to build an understanding of each other’s context with a view to identifying strategies to help with the transition of students at the end of their primary years.

2021 Planning

Future enrolments are an important factor that helps inform the school’s class and staffing arrangements. In order to support our planning for next year, for families of Reception students (starting in 2021), if you have not already contacted the school regarding your child’s enrolment, could you please do so as soon as possible. Alternatively, we require families to inform us if their child will be leaving Henley Beach at the end of 2020 as soon as possible. This information helps us plan our class structures for next year. Also, if you know of families who are considering enrolling their children at Henley Beach, please encourage them to contact the school.

 Staffing News

Lucinda Mann, current reception teacher, will commence her maternity leave at the end of next week and we wish her all the best. Nikol Vikov, who currently teaches in this class one day a week, will be taking on this position full time.

A valued part of our school’s staffing is the presence of a Student Wellbeing Leader. This role has a strong focus on supporting student engagement and wellbeing. Department for Education funding for this position is in place for the next 2 years which has enabled the school to recently advertise this job. Appointing a person for this period of time (2021 and 2022) will ensure continuity of the work that is undertaken within the school community. The successful applicant will be known early next term.

School Sport

It has been great to hear about and see our students participating in school basketball and football sporting competitions this term; a special mention to our footballers who braved a very chilly day on the weekend to play their games! I would also like to acknowledge the incredible level of support provided by families through parents taking on coaching roles along with other family members cheering on the players. The success of school sport relies on this support and I encourage families to help out where possible. For term 4, students have the opportunity to play in a cricket competition. Further details about this will be sent out via skoolbag, including a nomination form.

2020 Parent/Caregiver Survey

In the coming weeks the Department for Education will be providing information to schools regarding the 2020 parent/caregiver survey. The survey will be able to be completed via an online link (this will be provided to families via Skoolbag it becomes available for distribution). Please take the time to complete the survey as the information provides an important part of our school improvement processes and will help inform future priorities.

ICT resourcing update

The school’s ICT support person has conducted an audit of the school’s current number of student devices (laptops and ipads) and teacher teams have also submitted information relating to their class needs for the future. This information will be used to inform our planning with a view to purchasing additional resources for students to use in their learning.


SSO Recognition Week

This week we acknowledged the work of our SSOs as part of SSO Recognition Week. Our SSOs fulfil a variety of roles and responsibilities and make an invaluable contribution to the learning and wellbeing of students along with the day to day operations of the school. We are fortunate to have such a committed group of SSOs and we thank them for their work.

School Closure - Friday 4 September

Pupil Free day - Monday 7 September

SAPSASA Report - Renee Hanna PE teacher

Henley Beach PS has regular student representation in SAPSASA sport which is a great achievement for the school. This year SAPSASA is a bit different but in general will follow the same basic structure. SAPSASA is structured by birth year rather than school year level, and our district is named Airport.

 Athletics, Cross Country 1500m and Swimming

These SAPSASA sports all become available in the year your child turns 10. Our school puts together a team that we then take to our local district event. The top placing students from this event are then selected for the Airport team to compete at State Championships. Winners and some place getters from here can then go on to trial and compete at Nationals (however this will be different this year due to COVID-19).

 District Sports

We also form Airport District teams for Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Softball, Football and Netball. These are usually only available to Year 6 and 7 students with interested students being given information about selection trials.


For Basketball we enter school teams, usually one boys team and one girls team if we have enough players.  These players are in Year 6/7.  These are school teams, not a district team and our teams compete at the State Championships.

 Specialised Sports

There are other SAPSASA events that students have the opportunity to participate in such as golf and sports, that offer SAPSASA competitions to only those specialised in that sport, such as diving. Parents/caregivers must see me very early in the year if their child has the potential to compete in any of the rarer sports offered by SAPSASA (check out the School Sport SA website).

 Rugby and Girls Football

Finally, we also usually compete in the Crows Cup and Rugby League competitions. Crows Cup is for Year 5-7 girls and preference will be given to girls who play football in tackle age groups. Rugby is usually for Years 4/5 and 6/7. This sport sits outside of the usual SAPSASA competitions but is used to scout talent for SAPSASA based national events.

 Feel free to chat to me if you need any more information.

Miss Izzy's Class - T9

Cyber Safety

By: Cole F  -  4IR

My class attended a CYBER SAFETY talk last week.

Here are three things from this talk that you need to hear.

You must be over 13 years old to have social media apps, for example Snapchat and Facebook, but sometimes you must be over 18 years old because there may be adult content in the game.  Don’t share personal INFO online because other people that are online may be older than what they say they are and they could find out where you live, where you go to school or discover who you are.  Don’t let people be your friends online if you don’t know them because they may be lying about who they are.


Cyber Safety Presentation

By: Isaak L -  4IR

On the 19th of August we went to a Cyber Safety Presentation and the Years 4 and 5 students learnt about lots of things, here are a few.  The blue light from you iPad, phone or computer makes your brain feel like it’s still day. Don’t use technology for an hour before you go to bed. When you are going to Uni it was suggested to get blue light glasses which lock blue light, this will help you to do research on your computer without damaging your eyes and sleep. We were also shown a photo of a child and asked what we can find out about this child by just looking at the photo, surprisingly there was a lot of information about this child we could find out by just looking at a photo.


Cyber Safety Visit

By: Sophie B 4IR

On Wednesday the 19th of August the year 4/5 students had a cyber-safety lesson with Chris from “Cyber safe Families” When playing video games online you should turn your chat off because sometimes people pretend to be someone they’re not.

It was explained to us that it is illegal to use social medial, certain apps and MA rated computer games until you are 16 or older. We also watched a video about cyber bullying and explained that the mean words we say can affect people sometimes more than we realise.  Lastly we talked about sending photos to people and being careful about the photos we post online. Once you send a photo to somebody you have NO control over where it goes next. Thank you Chris for coming to Henley Primary and teaching us how to be safe online



Cyber Bullying - Mr J's (T7) by Aiessa & Darshini

Hi I’m Aiesssa, and I’m Darshini. We are from Mr J’s class. We are going to talk about Cyber Safety. Cyber bullying is basically bullying but online. Cyber bullying is worse than actual bullying because you don’t know who they are, and the bully can get you anywhere.

Everyone can get a criminal record, young or old. One of things that can be on it is Cyber bully. Things like inappropriate words to pictures.

Fake identity is also HORRIBLE! Being nice is one thing that is not part of your criminal record.

Things to do:

·        Tell a trusted adult if your being picked on

·        Don’t be scared to report someone

·        Stand up for someone, it could make their day

·        Think about what your texting or sending before you press enter.

Unwell students & sick certificates

It is Department for Education policy that the guidelines below are followed. Thank you in anticipation of your support with this area.

If your child has flu like symptoms or is sick please keep them at home.

If your child has/had vomited and/or diarrhea they must not come to school for 24 hrs.

If a child presents to class with these symptoms you will be called to pick your child up and take home.

Sick Certificate & COVID testing

If your child is absent for 3 days you must provide the school with a sick certificate from a doctor.

If your child has had a COVID test please provide the school with a copy of the COVID negative result to clear your child back to school.

Finance Officer - Mark Beech

Thank you to all the families who have paid their school fees for 2020.  A reminder to all families that school fees are a legally recoverable debt and are now overdue. If you think you may be eligible for school card assistance please make sure you have completed the online application form. A new application is required each year. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact me to arrange a payment plan.


Niina marni (Hi, How are you?),    

 Bush Tucker Garden

At the end of last term, Nunga Group transformed the two garden beds outside the hall into Bush Tucker Gardens. The plants are native to Australia and are what Aboriginal people traditionally used for food and medicine. The plants are very small and will need some TLC over the next 12 months as they get established but will soon be flourishing!

 The plants are:

·        Quandong trees

·        Golden wattle

·        Muntries

·        Pigface

·        Ruby saltbush

·        Native lemongrass

 A big thank you to Nancy who arranged the collection of the plants, the preparation of the garden beds and helped Nunga Group with the planting.

 Nukkun (see ya),



Sustainability - Nancy Coleman

OSHC - Tammy Bahr

Bookings on 0401 121 087 or tammyhbpsoshc@yahoo.com.au

School Closure - 4 September OSHC Booking Form


Pupil Free Day - 7 September OSHC Booking Form


CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

Whoa!  You are keeping us busy this term!

 4kg of Bolognaise

4kg of Butter Chicken

60 Sausage Rolls

4kg of Chicken Burgers

48+ Slices of Banana Bread

50+ Serves of Pancakes

 All made by us on site, and that was only in the first few weeks!

 A huge thank you to our Volunteers this term, you have been amazing and we greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you to those embracing SignUp to volunteer their time. Why not jump on board and join up too?  Click the link below to select a date.


Also a reminder to please return your slips for Italian Day with your choice of meal deal:-  Homemade Bolognaise or Cannelloni (spinach & ricotta) both made by Nicole, good Italian cooking at its finest!  Yum!

REMINDER - Cut off Days for orders:

Sports Day - Friday 11th September

Italian day – Tuesday 15th September

Did you know?

We now have a Thermomix. Your Canteen is not for profit.