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Issue 9 – 12 June 2020

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 3 July: Pupil Free Day
  • 3 July: Reports emailed home
  • 21 July: Students start Term 3

Principal's Message

Dear Community

We have had a very positive feel around the school in the last few weeks. It seems the general mood around our community is lifting as more and more aspects of our lives start to slowly feel less restricted. We are now able to be more sociable, going out for coffee and meals, hitting the gym and frequenting public parks and playgrounds that have been off limits for the last few months.

As most of you will be aware, a Skoolbag announcement went out last Sunday outlining an update on what the easing of restrictions means to Scarborough PS. The key points are listed below, but you can read further detailed information by checking the Skoolbag App.

Key Points:

  • Parents now can access the outside areas on the school site, however, there is still restricted access to entering the school buildings; i.e. You may come through the gates, but not into the buildings.
  • School buildings can be entered with a prearranged appointment with a staff member.
  • Families must continue to leave school premises by 3:20pm
  • Choir (Monday afternoons) will recommence in Week 8.
  • Running Club and Skipping is TBA as they require a few changes before we can get them back up and running.
  • Please make every effort to social distance when on the school site.

Please read on below for information on

  • Parking
  • Student Free Day 3 July
  • Upcoming School Board meeting

As always, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Sarah Dawson



Unfortunately, we are having some issues with parking behaviour at the end of the day on Hinderwell Road. There are daily instances of double and even at times triple parking in the afternoons. This had led to a number of near misses, general safety concerns and complaints from the local community.

Whilst parking at Scarborough PS has always been problematic due to the small size of our school site, this has been compounded this term with parents understandably staying in their cars and waiting for their children to come to them as they haven’t had access to the school site.

Now that parents are allowed to come through the school gates once again, we ask that parents where possible return to their previous routines to alleviate the parking congestion and help to make school pick up a safe experience for our families.

There are further parking options on Deanmore Road.

IMPORTANT: Pupil Free Day: Friday 3 July.

Staff were unable to participate in a school development day at the beginning of this term as teachers were required to use the pupil free day to plan for the unexpected return of students to school. As a result, the Department has directed that schools choose an extra pupil free day for school development purposes.

We have chosen to hold this day on Friday 3 July, the last day of term. We hope that adjoining this day to the upcoming holidays will cause the least possible disruption to our families.

Please add this pupil free days to your calendars. Reminders will also be sent out on the Skoolbag App and in future newsletters closer to the date.

School Board

The School Board will be meeting again next Wednesday, 17 June at 6pm in the School Library. The meeting will focus on two main topics:

  • A review of the dress code policy: all policies are reviewed on a 3-year cycle.
  • Business Plan Development: focus on using school review information to inform the development of Business Plans.

As always, our meetings are open to the public and we welcome anyone who may be interested in joining us. If you are considering attending, please let me know beforehand via email so that we can ensure social distancing protocols can be complied with.

Dad Joke Friday Competition

I always knock on the fridge door before I open it..... 

Just in case there is a salad dressing

If there are any Dads out there that want to contribute an appropriate dad joke, please send them to;

We will be having a vote at the end of year for the best Dad joke with the winner receiving a Bunnings gift voucher. Are you going to be the punniest Dad at Scarborough Primary?

Pre-primary and Kindergarten Enrolments 2021

Kindergarten and Pre-primary applications for enrolment are now open for 2021.

Kindergarten teaches children valuable, age appropriate life skills in a play-based learning environment. Through experimentation and participation in group activities, children make friends, build resilience and develop positive self-esteem.

Scarborough Primary School are committed to working with families to ensure that, wherever possible, all eligible children have access to a high quality early childhood programs. Applications for enrolment close on 24/07/20, so we encourage you to return your form as soon as possible.

Click on the link below for further information and application forms or contact the school on 9222 9200.

Voluntary Contributions

Each year we set a target for how much of the student Voluntary Contributions we estimate we will receive and budget accordingly. At present we are pleased to report that even after an eventful start to the year, we are at approximately 82% of our target.

Voluntary contributions form an important part of our school budget and allow us to better resource our students with things like home readers, library books, cooking and craft experiences and iPads just to name a few things.

If you have not already contributed and are able to do so it would be much appreciated.

Contributions can be made by

Commonwealth Bank
Scarborough Primary School
BSB: 066 040       Acct: 19 900 233

School Oval

The use of the school oval by individual community members outside of school hours is a feature of the inclusive culture at our school.

Unfortunately, we have had several instances of dog poo being left behind in the last few weeks which has caused some inconvenience to our students when they access the oval and our teachers in their preparation of outdoor learning activities. Could we please ask that individuals walking their dogs be mindful of picking up any litter they may leave along the way.

P&C News

Hi there!

The next P&C General Meeting will be held Tuesday 23 June at 6.30pm in the school library. We welcome all Scarborough Primary families and community members to come along.  There will be a focus on non-contact fundraising options and we would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on this matter. It is a gold coin donation to become a financial member of the P&C.  Only a financial member can participate in the democratic decision making processes of a P&C Association, so please remember your gold coin!

We will also have limited availability to call in remotely. Please email us at if you would like to know more about this option.     

The Uniform Shop is looking for pre-loved green uniform shirts, preferably size 6. So if you have some shirts laying around gathering dust, now is a good time to donate these to the Uniform Shop!

The Uniform Shop is open for email orders only. All orders and enquiries can be directed to Sarah Firth at

Canteen is operating again with a full menu. Please note that ALL orders need to be placed via QuickCliq prior to 8.30am on Friday. Cash is not accepted.

We are always looking for a volunteer to help out on Fridays with canteen. Please contact us if you can help.

The P&C will be continuing to fundraise through the Entertainment Book this year. All entertainment book memberships are now available online and on the app. Jump online and order yours today! Remember to select “Scarborough Primary School” to ensure we receive the 20% value from each purchase.

Want to stay up to date on what the P&C is doing? Follow us on Facebook - Scarborough Primary P and C

News and updates will also be communicated via the School’s website, SkoolBag, and your classroom representative.

 Any questions and/or suggestions please don’t hesitate to email us

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is open online only. Please email orders through to and your order will be delivered to your child's classroom. Forms can be downloaded from the website -

Thank you - Sarah

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