St Andrews PS Newsletter

26th of October 2019

Dates to Remember

Term Four Dates
  • Friday 1st Nov - Interschool Sports at Arthurs Creek
  • Tuesday 5th Nov - Melbourne Cup Holiday - No School
  • Wednesday 6th Nov - CURRICULUM DAY - No School
  • Friday 15th Nov - Interschool Sports at home v Kangaroo Ground
  • Thursday 19th Dec - End of Year Concert at Eltham Community Centre
  • Friday 20th Dec - Last Day of School - 1:15 Assembly with 1:30 dismissal

Principal News

Welcome back to school for Term 4! What a rollercoaster week our first few weeks have been. With whooping cough having made the rounds, we hope everyone is looking after themselves and putting their health first. I have to send out a huge thank you to the staff for taking a step up and allowing me the time to recover over the past two weeks. As the Acting Principal, Felicity has done an outstanding job of taking the reins and steading the ship in my absence. I cannot thank her enough. A big thank you to Mel Bartlett who has also been a fantastic support to our school staff and has stepped in on a few crucial occasions to support our school!!

A big thank you to the parents that donate their time to our school! A HUGE thanks to the organisers of the Bunnings BBQ. The time taken to coordinate the set up and sausage turning cannot be underestimated and we really could not achieve such a great fundraiser without your support!

We're so happy to welcome Kyle back to school as well! Fortunately, he's been able to manoeuvre his timetable and will be able to return during the week to take some band and individual lessons.

In some other happy news, we’d like to congratulate our amazing 2/3 teacher, Carla, who is getting married to Adam today! We wish you a day full of love and laughter and a life time of happiness!

In other exciting news, we watched our new playground go up last Friday and had some new soft fall delivered yesterday, so, with a little raking over the next week, we should be able to have a gran unveiling soon. If you do have some time to spread some of the soft fall, please bring your forks of rake and we can point you in the right direction J The students were excited to have a fresh new sand delivery recently as well, toping up our front and back sand pits. A big thank you to Colin for arranging this!

You would have noticed our new plastic orange fencing at school. We've recently had some retaining walls taken down and we're awaiting approval from the Department to have them replaced. We apologise for the sight and inconvenience. 

The students have enjoyed spending the last few weeks working with Eliza on our school production. She will be attending school each Monday to work with classes and main actors, and we'll be putting the call out soon for additional support. 

In other student news, I’d like to congratulate Sam B, Tom B, Scarlett and Ava on challenging themselves on Monday. We adventured over to Yarra Junction and took part in a Physical Maths Challenge for the day, competing against small groups of 5/6 students from all around. We had a ball, challenging our teamwork, logic and physical skills and look forward to competing again next year.

We'd like to say a big WELCOME to our newest 2020 Preppy, Maxwell too! We're very excited to have you joining our special community next year. Look out for the transition dates, coming out soon!

In summation, we’ve had a lot going on, and we’ve got a lot ahead of us. I cannot thank you all enough for the time, patience, energy and positivity that you’ve all shown. I know I’m looking forward to the sun shining more, and an enjoyable end to the year at our amazing little school.  


Our Start to Term Four

Chan's STEM BLog

Last week we participated in one of the biggest citizen science projects in Australia! Check it out here:


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