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Term 4 Week 6, Friday 20 Nov. 2020

Principal's Report

We are flying through this term. Who can believe that we are at the end of week 6 already? There is still a great deal of learning and fun to be had over the coming weeks. 

It has been wonderful to see our parent and community volunteers return to our school over the past 2 weeks for reading support, canteen and the uniform shop. The staff, students and I are really enjoying having you back in the school.   

Due to the continued easing of restrictions we have been busily planning our end of year celebrations. They will look different this year, but they are going ahead in one form or another. The Presentation Day Assembly will take on a new format to ensure we are following the current health advice and restrictions. There will be two presentation assemblies, one for Stage 3 students and their invited family members and the other for the remainder of the school and their invited family members. Invites will be sent to the families of year 6 students who are graduating Primary school and to all other families of award recipients. We are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of all our students at these assemblies. Both assemblies will take place on Wednesday 9th December, Stage 3 from 9:30am and the second assembly from 12:15pm. 


Calendar of Events

Term 4

November      18- 2 Dec        Book Fair

                          20                    Orientation Day - Third & final visit                                                         

                          25                     Stage 1 Excursion to Puckeys Estate     

                          26                     Year 5 Leadership Speeches

December          4                     Stage 3 Gala Day

                             9                     Presentation Day

                           10                    Year 6 Farewell


Taking new enrolments

We are continuing our Kindergarten Orientation this week.  Students can come and explore our school, meet their buddies and find out about all the wonderful things that we have in store for them next year. The last session will run from 9:30am - 11:30am on Friday 20th of November.

We are also accepting enrolments for students in all other year levels, if you know of new families moving into our area, and they would like further information, please have them call the school to discuss all the wonderful opportunities that our school has to offer.  

From the Library

As the end of the year is fast approaching, could you please check on bookshelves, under beds and in toy cupboards for any library books that might have been forgotten about? There are a number of books overdue and I’d like to finalise this before the end of the year. The final week for student borrowing will be in week 8, but long term overdue notices will be sent home before then. 


Every year, we produce a yearbook that showcases our students. It is an 80 page, full colour magazine containing a piece of work from each student in the school, along with photographs of school events. The magazine is now available to be ordered at a cost of $18 per copy. Orders will be accepted until 5th February 2021. Delivery will not be until late February, so if your child is in year 6, please indicate on the form how you would like to receive your copy.


I would like to order ___________ copy/copies of Koolyangarra 2020. 

Student: ___________________________________________


Enclosed is $___________ or I have made an online payment and my receipt number is ________________________.

Year 6 students: Please indicate if you want your copy delivered to another student, or provide your phone number so we can notify you when it is ready to be collected.​

Susie Hamers

Book Fair

Our book fair has begun in the library and will be available until 1st December. There are lots of beautiful picture books, novels and kits for sale, along with some fun stationery items. Due to the current Covid restrictions, our fair is operating differently this year and a detailed note was sent home with every child explaining the procedure. Despite the changed shopping conditions, the book fair is still a great opportunity to pick up some Christmas presents, while helping raise money for the school at the same time!

Susie Hamers

Book Fair Prices

Empathy Projects - Loom bands

Hi, we are the Loom Booms. Our Empathy Project is raising money for the Starlight Children's Foundation... to brighten the lives of sick kids! We are holding a loom band workshop on Tuesday the 1st of December at lunchtime.

The workshop is only $2. So if you want to learn how to do it and make a loom band wristband at school, come along! You will also get an extra packet to make another one at home.​

See you at the silver seats near the office steps for our Loom Band Workshop!.

 By Havana, lvy, Tilly and Ella


Our school has been selected to participate in NAPLAN online in 2021. To prepare for this transition we are required to install a new App to each of the devices to be used for the assessment and to provide opportunities for students to interact with it, this term. If your child utilises a school device they will automatically be loaded with the app, if your child brings their personal device to school and are in year 2 or year 4, we need your help. Could you please download the NAPLAN Browser app using the link below by Monday 23 November so we are able to ensure all students have the app and are able to participate in the practice sessions. Thank you for your assistance.

Canteen News

New menu some changes to the prices. 

A PDF copy has been sent through the Skoolbag app.

Twilight Raffle

The school will be once again running our end of year Twilight Raffle.  Things will be run slightly different this year due to COVID restrictions. Students and families are asked to donate items for our Christmas Hampers.  The more items received the more chance of winning.

To purchase raffles tickets, please send in an envelope and money with name and phone number, and raffle tickets will then be sent home.  Raffle tickets are selling for $1.00 each.

Raffle will be drawn Week 10.  Winning entries will then be notified.

Good Luck!!!

Annual Christmas Toy Drive

Once again Mount Ousley Public School will be supporting Ryan Park's annual Christmas toy drive.

Donations can be left under the tree in the office foyer. All donations must be unwrapped.

Donations once again will support victims of domestic violence.

Thank you to our students and their families for your generous support.


Guinea Pigs for the Holidays

Asking families interested in babysitting the school's guinea pigs over the Christmas holidays.  Please contact the school office to notify your interest and your details will be forwarded on to Miss Penny.  Our pet friends like holidays also.

OSHC Parent Survey


We want to offer families more flexibility with their work commitments and child care arrangements and to create more opportunities across the whole community. Having Out of School Hours Care available at local schools is a great way to achieve this.

As part of the NSW Government’s $120 million Before and After School Care (BASC) commitment, parents at all NSW schools were recently invited to complete a Have Your Say survey. The survey asked parents to tell us how they are using Out of School Hours Care, how much it costs them, whether they plan to keep using it, and what difficulties they experience in accessing it. The survey results have helped us to better understand the needs of families and what’s important to them.

We are now asking all parents to complete a quick follow-up survey by Friday 27 November 2020. You can access the survey at This information will help us to target the rollout of more before Out of School Hours Care services in the right areas

If your child does not require Out of School Hours care, we ask that you please still complete the first section of this survey as it gives us important information about the level of demand at your school.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your school on 42854211 or the BASC Program team by phone on 1300 244 145 or email at:

OSHC at Mount Ousley Public School

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