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Dear Parents/Caregivers,



This is a reminder that school is closed for all students all next week, (April 6th-9th.) OSHC is available for care during this time. If you need care, please contact Sally or Lissy on 8381 7577.



We continue to live and work in challenging times and I sincerely thank parents for your support and patience during this time as we plan, not just learning programs, but how we learn,  develop, use and manage online processes, (which are brand new for most staff), between home and school. I know many of you are anxious about what learning will look like particularly from home. I would like to reassure everyone that this is brand new for all of us, educators, students and families everywhere, and as a team we will work together and learn along the way. Parents are not expected to develop programs, we are doing that. Children will not be expected to be online all day. In fact we are planning that there will be other work provided that is not done on any device at all. The mix of modes and amount will vary between year levels and the ability of students to be able to work independently. My message to parents is to just do the best you can. We expect that things may start at a basic level while we are all getting used to operation in this new education style. As each week passes we will all become more proficient with it and as a school, we will be able to improve processes for students and families.

Understand too, that things may change in the 3 weeks prior to the start of Term 2, we do not know what will happen and some of our plans may change. As a school community, we will work together and address these issues as they arise, (under direction from appropriate government departments). Term 2 Weeks 1 & 2 work packages and “how to” information will be sent out at the end of next week. Please make sure you do not use the materials until the start of Term 2, as this is the learning program for both home and school learners, and there may be times when home learners will learn with the staff and other students at school.

Please return the Consent Form giving permissions for students that was sent out on Skoolbag yesterday, to utilise Department for Education approved online platforms, as soon as possible. We need returns for all students regardless of whether they are learning at home or learning at school.

So, one final message, try not to be too concerned, we are all in this together!


I would like to sincerely thank Kobe in 3N and Chloe in 7W and their Dad and Mum who together created a fabulous film clip resource for children, teaching them the importance of good hygiene throughout this pandemic. In fact the message is important at all times.  

Please click here to view the video.


Although our last few weeks of school have been significantly affected by attendance, we have continued to work hard throughout the term, even with protective distancing measures in place. Highlights aside from our routine programs included:


  • Student Leadership application process and commencement of roles
  • Genki Kids program
  • Traffic Monitor training and work
  • R-5 Swimming program
  • Student Leadership assembly
  • National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence and Harmony Day activities
  • Premier’s Reading and Be Active Challenges commenced
  • SAPSASA district swimming competitions
  • Cross country training
  • AGM including presentations by Student Leaders
  • A new Governing Council elected
  • Acquaintance meetings
  • Teachers undertaking training in learning design, assessment and moderation, Maths, Languages, Arts and PE with a focus on Formative Assessment, Feedback
  • Teachers undertaking training in writing One Plans and Interoception



According to our SunSmart policy, students who will be attending school do not need to wear hats during Term 2. I would ask however, that students still bring their hats to school for the first week or two just in case we have weather where the UV reading is above 3.



To help prevent vandalism and other crime in the school during the holidays, we seek your support to please report any suspicious behaviour you may observe in and around the school to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or direct to Police on 131 444. I thank you in advance for doing so.



Please stay healthy and safe during the holiday break with your children. We look forward to working with all students whether that be from home or at school from the start of Term 2, Monday 27th April.

Anne Rathjen


A message from the Deputy Principal

Before Term Two Begins

The last few weeks have been a challenge for us all across the country. In a normal year teachers would often spend time planning term two and coming in to school to prepare classrooms during the April holidays.  This year we are asking all our teaching and non-teaching staff to spend the two weeks of the school holidays having a break. We have asked them to take leave if necessary and not come in to school. We want our staff to come back as refreshed as possible for whatever challenges we will encounter in term two.

We would also like to ask that all our students have a holiday from school and/or school work over the following weeks. They too need to return to school directed learning refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. There is much advice to be found for activities for children during these unusual times and you may find that a little boredom may enhance their resilience.  

Our learning programs will commence on Monday of Term 2. Further information will be sent out on Skoolbag and posted to families next week.

So we hope that everyone has as good a break as possible and stays safe.

 Soccer News

 Our soccer co-ordinator has received an email from the President of the Noarlunga Junior District Soccer Association to advise that the 2020 season has been cancelled.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and compassion. Thank you to all those who have offered messages of thanks and support to us at school, we really appreciate it. Thank you to staff who have needed to show greater flexibility, adaptability and perseverance than ever before. Thank you to those who are keeping their children at home to help us all. Thank you to those in our community who are helping through keeping our country going. As the principal has already stated " we are all in this together".

Kind Regards,

Andrea Hayden

Deputy Principal

Finance Information from the Business Manager

We are very aware and understanding of the situation in regards to the additional financial strains on family budgets during the current COVID19 Pandemic.   

Please do not hesitate to contact the Business Manager  via email dl.1053.finance@schools.sa.edu.au  to enable the appropriate steps to be put in place to ease the burden.

Jenny McFadyen

Business Manager

News from our Wellbeing Leader

This week I want to give a big “shout-out” to all our staff at Hallett Cove East Primary School.  As we all know we are in the midst of experiencing life as we have never experienced before.  We are all feeling a variety of emotions and definitely some more intense and prolonged than what we have felt before.  It is a time in which we are being asked not to be selfish.  To think about not only ourselves but to think about the impact of our decisions and actions have on others.

I work with colleagues who are impacted heavily by what is occurring but they continue to carry on with their role.  Every day they ensure our students feel safe and cared for.  They have gone the extra mile knowing that students are experiencing loss with the absence of friends, worry, fear, confusion and anxiety.  They continue on with the job even though they too are anxious, worried, scared and yes, unable to get toilet paper after hours!!!

So thank you to all our staff (our teachers, SSO’s, leaders, pastoral care worker, canteen manager, cleaners, groundsman) for making it just a little better for our children and young people. 

Thank you too, to our parents and community for keeping our young people safe at home.  We know that you also have a tough job with holidays coming up and the insurmountable support that you will give for your child’s learning in term 2

Please remember that, like the seasons, everything changes and this will not last.  Continue to find the positives in these life-changing events. 

Keep safe and well,

Evie Donoghue

HCEPS Wellbeing Coordinator (evie.donoghue503@schools.sa.edu.au)

An update from the IT Coordinator

Hello to all parents,


As the COVID-19 situation changes we are all now moving towards a different way of schooling for an unknown amount of time.


Too often we want to look at the negative side of changes like this. We see the things that are wrong or could cause problems and focus on these.


While these are valid concerns, I think we should also look at the silver linings of the situation we are in.

·        Our students will be learning how to use a range of online learning tools that will allow them to navigate an ever-changing world.

·        They will be able to learn how to manage their time with guidance.

·        They will have a chance to research topics in a more in depth way and for longer than may have been possible in a traditional classroom.

·        Teachers themselves are having to go through in-depth upskilling programs that can only benefit your children in the years ahead.


We are in an unknown situation and sometimes that can be scary but I just wanted to talk about the possible benefits that can come from this so that not all seems lost.


Jonathon Warren-White

A snapshot of some of the SSO Team supporting students

Students enjoying working together outside...

House 8 Creative Play

News from the Resource Centre / Library


Due to the current situation, COVID19,  delivery has been delayed.  The orders are on their way!!   We will be in touch , via SKOOLBAG, as soon as they arrive to arrange a 'contactfree' collection.

Please be understanding.    

Irene    (Resource Centre and Book Club Coordinator)

A message from Joey - Pastoral Care Worker

4 Tips to Help Kids Wait

The following is an excerpt from a blog by Betsy Blackard a PhD student in Positive Developmental Psychology. The full article can be accessed on the web: https://www.languageoflistening.com/4-tips-to-help-kids-wait/


Many parents are getting a crash course in the unique challenges and rewards of working from home with children. It’s hard for everybody—your kids need your attention, and spending time with your children is important to you, too. So, when you both want to spend time together, but other things need to get done, what can you do?


1. Set aside talk time

Respect each other’s time: figure out when you CAN talk. Many children are perfectly capable of waiting, so knowing when they CAN approach you will help them bring out their inner STRENGTH of patience and be more respectful of time boundaries. For example, you could let them know that you’ll be available during a lunch break, and then again at the end of your work day. Or maybe you can take a quick break to talk every two hours. What’s important here is making sure that whatever you decide is within your boundaries—what you need to be effective at work and to stick to this agreement.


2. Schedule play time

Pick a time every day, even just 30 minutes, when each child gets your undivided attention. It might seem counter-intuitive because you are home with them all day! However, this is where the distinction between quality and quantity really comes into play.

Make this a special time with no phone and no distractions. Spending this kind of high-quality time together makes your connection stronger and helps them feel seen and validated, which will eventually reduce their need for your attention the rest of the day.


3. Have your kids make a list of fun CAN DOs

Children’s brains are growing like crazy, so they are naturally driven to find something (anything) to facilitate that growth. Bored children with no easily available challenges are liable to pick a fight with a sibling or distract a busy parent in their search for something to facilitate their growth. When children have fun and challenging tasks before them, or a small number of activities to choose from, they can find a way to engage themselves because they are naturally curious and creative. To make sure the challenges are engaging, you can put them in the lead by asking them to help you create a list of games, activities, and helpful tasks they would enjoy.


4. Help them discover their patience

One more thing you can do is what we call Success Training. This is when you pick out a STRENGTH you’d like your child to become aware of, create opportunities for them to display the STRENGTH, and then name it when it shows up! You should start as small as is necessary—for example, if you know your child can successfully wait 10 minutes without interrupting your work, start there. When they ask for your attention, tell them you can give them your full attention when they come back in 10 minutes, and then celebrate like crazy when they succeed! Success proves to your child that they are capable of waiting.



PASTORAL CARE WORKER at HCEPS on Wednesdays and Fridays



Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer our canteen services until further notice.

Secondhand Uniform Shop

Unfortunately due to COVID 19 the second hand uniform shop is closed until further notice.

Community News and Events

 The City of Marion has produced a brochure for your reference which explains the various parking restriction signs and their meaning in layman’s terms.  Please click this link to KEEP KIDS SAFE 

Kind regards

 Community Safety City of Marion

E communitysafety@marion.sa.gov.au | www.marion.sa.gov.au

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Hallett Cove East Primary School


Hallett Cove East Primary School:

  • Learning for tomorrow’s world
  • Working together
  • Valuing each other and our future

Our Mission is to ensure that our students are able to successfully interact and achieve within andbeyond their own community, now and in the future.

This may be evidenced by:

A Strong Sense of Identity
  • Students will be resilient and reflective, confident in their own opinions and provide leadership.
Creative Thinking
  • Students will be creative and critical thinkers who draw upon a range of strategies to deal with new situations or information.
Success in Interactions
  • Students will value diversity and successfully interact with others within and beyond their community in a collaborative manner.
Preparedness for the Future
  • Students will demonstrate initiative, enterprise and adaptability and will be able to successfully manage change within their own lives and as part of a global community.
Skill in Communication
  • Students will be able to successfully communicate in a range of settings within and beyond their own community.
Success in Learning
  • Students will develop and apply knowledge, competencies and skills, which enable them to be successful now and in the future.
Self-Directed Learners
  • Students will be able to initiate and implement their own learning plans. Based on constructivist theory, students will be supported in self-assessment procedures in order to reflect on and guide future learning.

The school Values identified by the school community are reflected in the everyday language atschool by staff, parents, students and community members. The Values are

  • Excellence
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Our ongoing commitment to our Values is reflected in our Student and Staff Wellbeing programs including the Year 7 Student Leaders program, Buddy and assembly programs.

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