Term 1 2022 | Week 6

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News from the Principal

Welcome to our week 6 newsletter. Please remain highly vigilant with COVD-19. We are doing everything we possibly can to make our school as safe as it can be. This includes staff wearing masks, not having staff meetings in groups—choosing to use Teams to meet regularly, regularly washing and using sanitiser on our hands, encouraging students to wear masks, and limiting the number of adults on site. I thank you for remaining outside the gate at pick up and drop off times. Together we can limit the number of active cases. Other strategies are being adopted by the Department and are forever changing and moving with the knowledge we are gaining with COVID-19. I will keep you updated with the latest information as soon as I receive it.

Read, Write, Inc has been going now for a few weeks with students actively participating in these highly structured lessons. It is wonderful to see students engaging in this program and amazing to see their growth and progress along the way. Keep up the great work.

Our Site Improvement Plan is complete and will guide our work in Literacy and Numeracy for the next 3 years. We have set our targets for student learning and developed a working plan to support student growth and progress. Regular checks will be made by staff as we navigate through the school year to ensure we are seeing positive movement in these areas.

We unfortunately will be losing Lisette from the front office as she moves to another job role outside of the Education Department. I honestly cannot speak highly enough about the work Lisette has produced during her 11.5 years with us. We will all miss her but wish her nothing but happiness and success.

Bryan Rotherham,



Student Wellbeing Leader News

Thank you so much for continuously supporting our school, especially through fundraising. This term, we are hosting a Slime Spectacular School Fun Run.

The big day is coming! We are so excited to host our Slime Spectacular School Fun Run on 1st April 2022 from 2:00 to 2:30pm. Parents are not invited to attend, it is a student only event. On the day, make sure your child brings a WHITE shirt for the Fun Run! They will be covered in vibrant, non-toxic slime from head to toe! They will also need a water bottle and their hat. School will finish at 2:30 that day as this will also be sports day, please pack a towel in your car for pickup so as to not get your car seats dirty.

How do prizes work? Complete the back page of your sponsorship booklet when you return your cash donations by Monday 28th March. Students can choose a prize based on the total amount of dollars raised, or mix and match smaller prizes. All students who raise money will also receive a free rainbow sweatband!

Thanks in advance for your support, and happy fundraising!

Becc O’Neil 

Wellbeing Leader

Key Teacher News

WOW, 2022 has started with a bang, can you believe we are already in week 6? This year I have taken on the role of Mathematics Key Teacher, which is an extension of my previous position. We have been working hard on the Site Improvement Plan (SIP) and I am happy to report, Mathematics, is one of the SIP focus areas at Long Street in 2022. We will gradually work our way through the Big Ideas in Number as a site over the next few years. This year will focus on Trusting the Count and Place Value.  

We have started a gradual roll out of the Rules for Base 10, a hands-on program packed with quality resources. The SSO staff and myself have been working very hard on creating these to ensure all classes have sets. A massive thank you to all the SSO staff for all their hard work. The 2020-2021 test run, by the intervention teachers and my class found this program exceptional. We have seen hesitant students become fully engaged learners who love Mathematics. It has quickly made math a favourite subject of many. So far, we are hearing great reports on how the students are enjoying the hands-on approach to learning in 2022. 

Watch this space!  

Nikki Bulaya (Miss B) 

Diary Dates


Monday 14th

Adelaide Cup Public Holiday

Friday 1stSports Day - 2.30 Finish
Friday 1stSlime Spectacular
Thursday 14thLast Day of Term
Friday 15thGood Friday

What's Happening in ........

Room 10?

What a start to the year we have had in Room 10 this year. The students have been very busy engaging with Phonics Books program for our spelling and reading lessons.

Our first phonics focus has seen us looking at some familiar sounds and understanding when and where these are used in words.

The phonics books program also provides us with many opportunities to read and reread exciting and interesting adventure stories, this is building our fluency and confidence in reading.

Finally there are many opportunities to engage in activities with our peers, including the reading lily pad game pictured here.

In mathematics we have been learning some maths games using dice and dominoes. These games can be used to practice our skills at counting on, friends of 10 and working with a variety of operations (including addition, subtraction and multiplication).  The students are very good at working on these games independently and have shown great growth and adaptability in their mathematical thinking so far this year. We look forward to seeing how this develops over the coming terms.

 Nicole Utting

Around our School

Room 12 Water Filtering Science Project

Room 10 Number Line

Sports Day

This year we will be holding our Sports Day as a lead into the Slime Spectacular fund raiser, making Friday 1St April a massive day at Long Street Primary. Due to current restrictions, no food will be sold on the day as per previous years and it will run as a student only event. House captains will be chosen in the next week and practice sessions will be held during PE lessons.

In recent weeks, Rooms 1 and 2 have been Involved in the Mascot Challenge, an initiative by Cricket Australia that assists foundation students to develop the skills associated with cricket. The students had fun during these lessons and were rewarded at its conclusion with a certificate and their very own Adelaide Strikers ball. 

Community Informaton

School Fees

Thank you to those who have already paid their School Fees, set up a payment plan or submitted a School Card Form.  Payment in full is due by 19th March 2022.

Applying for School Card online is the quickest and easiest way and our preferred method. Click the link below to apply: sa.gov.au/education/schoolcard.

If you would like to set up a payment plan, please contact Raylene in the front office as soon as possible. 

Slime Spectacular