Beverly Hills Girls High School



August 2021

Principal's Report

Thank you to our wonderful school community for all the positive feedback we have received about our learning from home program. I would like to personally thank our teachers who have embraced this challenge to ensure continuity of learning using technology. Many of our teachers have very young children at home but continue to strive to deliver the best possible educational outcomes for your daughters. Each day I am amazed by their resourcefulness, sheer hard work and commitment to our students.

We understand how demanding learning from home can be especially as parents offer support and provide supervision to their daughters whilst still holding down their own jobs. This is an incredibly stressful time for parents and families so please reach out to the school if your child needs any extra assistance.

It is essential for students to log into Google Classroom on time at the start of each lesson to ensure students receive explicit teaching and continuity of learning.

NESA and the NSW Department of Education are ensuring that Year 12 students are provided with updated information on a range of issues including trial HSC exams and the submission of major works.  The current advice from NESA in relation to the HSC can be accessed here.

At this stage, trial HSC exams have been cancelled and an estimate will be provided according to student rank.  It is important for Year 12 students to stay positive and take one day at a time.  NESA processes will ensure that Year 12 students are not disadvantaged by the current situation.  Our previous Year 12 cohort in 2020 faced similar circumstances and they achieved excellent results and gained entry to university and other courses.

NSW Health confirmed that the vaccination priority roll out for residents 16-39 years old, who live in one of the areas of concern, are eligible to book for a Pfizer vaccination. Refer to Priority COVID-19 vaccination booking for further information including vaccination locations and bookings. I encourage all eligible candidates to take up this opportunity.

Join the eSafety Commissioner’s expert education and training team for this free, live webinar focused on popular apps used by young people. 

Aimed at parents and carers of 8-13 year olds, it will cover case studies, research and targeted advice, so you can support the young people in your life to have safe, enjoyable online experiences. 

Register for one of these 1-hour sessions: External link

Monday 16 August - 12:30 pm 

Tuesday 31 August - 7:30 pm 

Monday 6 September - 12:30pm 

These webinars are advertised on the NSW Department of Education Facebook and Instagram pages. Schools are welcome to share these posts with their parent and carer communities.

Our P&C meeting on Wednesday 18th August 2021 had a wonderful response with 27 community members in attendance. We would like to see this improve and invite all our community members to the next P&C meeting on Wednesday 10th November 2021 at 6.00pm via zoom. Information on the link will be available on our website and Facebook page.

Please let me take this opportunity to ask you all to stay safe and we are looking forward to seeing you all again in person soon.

Maria Iemma

Deputy Principal's Report

    What a term it has been!

    And despite everything, we are so proud that teaching and learning continues at our school. The only thing that has changed is our delivery and that simply means we have become more creative in the way we reach out to all our students and the community.

    As a team, we strive to engage students and make sure their well-being needs are met across all year groups. Here is a snapshot of some of the wonderful initiatives and programs that continue to ensure your child is supported in their learning.

    Year 12

    Last term Year 12 came together as a cohort to participate in a movie night. The theme was ‘pyjama party’ and what a night it was! Students watched movies, ate junk food and danced the afternoon away! It gave them a chance to reflect on the friendships they have made throughout their time at Beverly Hills Girls High School, and they were grateful for this moment together considering how this school year has unfolded.

    Term 3 saw Year 12 buckle down and embrace Learning From Home as they meet on Teams or Zoom, or complete and upload their work to our wonderful Google Classrooms. They are reminded to check in every day with an attendance question and Ms Rahal and Ms Petkovska (Student Advisors Extraordinaire) are busy monitoring all our students to ensure that they are cared for. Many phone calls, messages and emails have gone out to let them know the school is here to help. Year 12, please do not forget to log into Google Classrooms every day and connect with your teachers. Ask them for feedback on tasks submitted as you all stare down the pathway towards the HSC. Now is the right time to prepare, give 100% and write as many practice papers as possible for the HSC exam which will start on October 19, 2021.

    Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the Year 12 Graduation until 25 November and are all working hard to make sure that it will be a  memorable day for Year 12 students and their families.  We look forward to hopefully coming together to celebrate the ending of one chapter and the beginning of a new one- life beyond HSC.

    Year 8

    Last term, Year 8 were busy with Digital footprint, learning about how to keep cyber safe and to be aware of language and images they use online, because what is posted today can come back and haunt you tomorrow! Students gained a lot of valuable information in this session and were able to discuss areas on interest with their fellow peers and participating teachers.

    This term, Google Classrooms has been the main point of focus for learning and the Student Advisors Ms Avgenakis and Ms Tzavellas, have been busy monitoring all the students under their care. They have been making many phone calls home to congratulate students for good effort and dedication to learning. The weekly wellbeing challenges have been fun to read with many of you earning house points and merits for your submissions. There are still many challenges to go, so don’t give up. If challenges are not your thing…then be ready for Kahoot and show your skill at answering questions - and answering them fast.

    Year 10

    Last term, Year 10 were exposed to subject taster week organised by Ms Pangis. Here, Year 10 were able to participate in Year 11 curriculum lessons where they were able to ‘taste’ the content in preparation for their subject selection choices for patterns of study in 2022 as they embark into senior study. They were also able to complete All My Own Work, a compulsory program that NESA requires all senior students to undertake in preparation for life as a stage 6 student. Subject Selection will still run later on this term or early next term. Our teachers are busy organising this event. We will send out correspondence through all platforms (Website, Facebook, Google Classroom and Email) to inform our community of the date, so keep an eye out for that.

    This term, Year 10 continued to work on Google Classrooms with compulsory subjects and their different electives. Electives have been varied and modified for either online or individual work. Students choose two a week and may complete more if they wish. Teachers are sending out letters of congratulations or phone calls home when they feel students have been working hard and doing their best work.

    Year 10 have also entered the baking challenge with the Olympics theme and a zoom/trivia Kahoot was very popular with the cohort. Thanks to Ms Banbas and Ms Papas for organising such an enjoyable collective task!

    Quality Learning Awards Assembly

    Many students were recognised for their hard work, perseverance, attendance and uniform in the Semester One Quality Learning Awards, that were hosted on the last week of Term 2. These awards and recognition have motivated students to continue to do their best so that they can be included in Semester Two Quality Learning Awards Assembly.

    Merit Awards

      Last term the Merit Award Committee met to discuss the data collected from google forms where the school community (staff and students) were given a voice in terms of continuing with electronic merit awards or revamping the paper version. Feedback from the survey indicated that 60% of the school community wanted to see a return of the paper version. With this information the merit team, consisting of Ms Adrias, Ms Tzevallas, Ms Angelopoulos, Mr Yiu, Ms Killham and Ms Reid, were busy designing a new merit award incorporating the elements of the Quality Learning Framework. These merits will be launched this term and will celebrate student achievement in the following three domains:

        • Thinks Deeply
        • Engages with Learning
        • Makes Connections


        If your family are struggling with technology, please call the school as you may qualify for a laptop and or dongle/orbie.

        Please contact the school if there are any concerns about your daughter. We are still very much in operation even if we are all remote! Students and families can still access the School Psychologist, School Counsellor, Student Support Officer, the Head Teacher Wellbeing and Student Advisors for any wellbeing support. You are never alone!

        Please look after yourselves and do take time out to breath and relax, take a walk, adhering to the restricted kilometres to enjoy the outdoors; above all, keep safe!

        Raquel Spratt

        Deputy Principal's Report

        Our beautiful school looking clean and tidy, ready for us all to return.

        I think back to the last week of term 2, reports were issued, the school  celebrated the success of our students with the presentation of Class and Quality Learning Awards  and all were looking forward to a well earn t holiday. However, that was not meant to be and as we all know we very swiftly needed to come to terms with being in a Lockdown. Many staff dedicated a significant amount of their holiday to develop a plan for what the first weeks of Term 3 would look like considering the students were going to be “Learning from Home”. To create the best solution we reflected on our previous experience with online learning as well as the thoughts of others. I found the following report thought provoking and inspirational. I thought I would share extracts from this report with you:

        Thinking about Pedagogy in an Unfolding Pandemic - An Independent Report on Approaches to Distance Learning During COVID19 School Closures- Independent Report written to inform the work of Education International and UNESCO

        Distance learning doesn’t have to mirror learning as it normally does in school. In fact, trying to replicate the pace and type of work that would be done at school is unrealistic. A school approach must be taken to decide on the daily structure, timetable or to-do list that the staff wants for its students. This will evolve as teachers see what works and doesn’t for students and parents, especially the pace at which they get work done. Importantly, less is more when it comes to the scope of work teachers are setting in distance learning environments, especially in times of uncertainty and instability. For teacher workloads, student capacity and parent wellbeing, teachers need to pare back what they set and expect to the essentials. This is not a time for busy work or encouraging long days at a computer or a desk.

        As this pandemic evolves, teachers will need to be flexible. A stop in schooling for two weeks is vastly different than no school for many months. During this pandemic, as well as being reflective practitioners and reinventing best practices, what will be important is having consistent messaging that adapts to the circumstances as they unfold. This will help our students, parents, teachers, staff and communities maintain hope, while at the same time staying dedicated to physical distancing and maintaining resilience and social connection in the face of uncertainty.

        Quick tips for reaching a unified approach:

        • Do your best with what you know and can do. This isn’t like ‘normal’ school and it isn’t going to mirror ‘teaching as usual’. Students will struggle with technology and motivation, as teachers might
        • Collaborate. This needs to be a unified approach from how you will ‘do school’ in this new environment. Classrooms will differ, but the procedures and principles should be shared.
        • Keep it simple. Less is more. Start with the learning intentions and find efficiencies. Not every lesson needs to be video, live, technology-based or amazing. Allow for space in the day for students and teachers to move and to be.
        • Trust your professional judgement.
        • Seek feedback: What is working for staff, what is working for students, what is working for parents. It’s important to get feedback from all key stakeholders, listen and pivot when needed to keep the engagement high, take care of the whole child and make it workable for all parties involved.
        • Be kind to yourself and others. This is distance learning during a global pandemic. It is continuing students’ education while in the midst of a major health, societal and economic crisis. There will be a multiplicity of very real challenges for students, teachers and parents during this time. Everyone should give themselves permission to accept what they feel capable of during this time.

        Learning from Home – The Beverly Hills Girls High School Model.

        When we returned to school for term 3, we were ready to do things differently. We planned and created a model which we hoped would address the very needs and concerns that are given above. Our model for Years 7 – 10 is :

        • Work is provided to all students via Google Classroom. Each year group has a separate Google Classroom where each day teachers  upload the work that is required to be completed. We are not working in class groups but as a whole year group.
        • Each day when the student signs into their Google Classroom, they complete the attendance question which allows us to monitor student’s engagement with on-line learning. Students don’t follow their school timetable but try to complete the work whenever possible during the course of the day.
        • The Google Classroom is monitored by a team of teachers who make contact with the students throughout the week. This help us to support each of our students, their learning and wellbeing.

        As outlined in the report given above, one of the most important things to do in times such as these is to stop, reflect and pivot. Based on feedback from teachers, students and parents as well as data on student engagement we can see that learning fatigue is setting in. Teachers are reporting reduced levels of engagement across all year groups. This was time for us to change direction. Based on this we are introducing minor changes to our model which will hopefully see higher levels of student teacher interaction as well as heightened level of engagement. To achieve this we are introducing daily zoom lessons that each student can participate in. Lessons from different subjects will be delivered each day to the year group via a zoom meeting. Students will have the opportunity to see and hear their teachers and interact with them live-time. Also we are introducing a Digital Learning Portfolio which each student will be required to set up in their Google Drive. This portfolio will be the space where students will place their completed work ready for teachers to assess when we return to face to face teaching. We are hoping that these adjustments to our model will help more of our students to stay engaged with their learning during this difficult time.

        Year 7-  Learning From Home Model






          Zoom Meeting

        • Time: 9.00- 10.00am
        • Topic: Welcome to the week. What’s happening in Week 7?

          Zoom Meeting

        • Time: 9.00- 10.00 am
        • Topic: Science explained!!

          Zoom Meeting

        • Time: 9.00- 10.00am
        • Topic: Writing for enjoyment – an author’s perspective

          Zoom Meeting

        • Time: 9.00- 10.00 am
        • Topic:  Checking in with Languages
        • &
        • What is a comfort doll?  - TAS design brief explained

          Zoom Meeting

        • Time: 9.00- 9.30 am
        • Topic: Maths roundup. Revising Geometry and Measurement

          Assigned Tasks

        • English Task
        • Maths Task
        • PE Task
        • CAPA Task

          Assigned Tasks

        • HSIE Task
        • TAS Task
        • Science Task
        • LOTE Task

          Assigned Tasks

        • English Task
        • Maths Task
        • PE Task
        • CAPA Task

          Assigned Tasks

        • HSIE Task
        • TAS Task
        • Science Task
        • LOTE Task

          Assigned Tasks

        • English Task
        • Maths Task
        • PE Task
        • Science Task

          Wellbeing Activity

          Wellbeing Activity

          Wellbeing Activity

          Wellbeing Activity

          Wellbeing Activity


        Looking towards our Targets- Improving our Numeracy

        We continue to focus our efforts on supporting the development of numeracy skills across all year groups. The school has been purchasing additional resources to engage our learners and the team spent 2 days last week continuing their Quicksmart training.  While in lockdown it is proving more challenging, we are striving to keep our successful Numeracy Improvement Program (NIP) and the Quicksmart Program running online. Feedback from our students show we are making inroads into improving the numeracy skills of a large number of our stage 4 students. The program, led by Mr Sharma, with the team of Ms Chen, Ms Cheng, Ms Coledan and Mr Yiu  sees  regular numeracy sessions with our targeted students in years 7 and 8 run through a separate Google Classroom. Quicksmart program is continuing in a modified form until we return to face to face teaching. They have even managed to come up with a digital version of the popular snakes and ladders game that all our students greatly enjoy.

        Looking towards our Targets- Improving our Literacy

        Just like numeracy, we continue to focus on improving the literacy levels of all students and in particular, in the areas of reading and comprehension. The Literacy team, led by HT Ms Antoniadis , is currently running literacy sessions with targeted students in Year 9. Prior to lockdown, the team was working closely with a literacy specialist – Mr J.Walters who is supporting the development of our school’s Reading Matters Program. During the lockdown, the team of Ms Zissis  (Literacy Team Coordinator), Ms Liakopoulos, Ms Coledan and Ms Re have set up a separate Google Classroom where they offer additional support and modifications of work for the targeted students. The amazing work of this talented team of teachers is making an impact on improving the engagement of our students during Learning from Home.

        Christine Williams

        You are in our Hearts, Stay Safe and Stay Positive

        Be Somebody who Engages with Learning From Home

        At Beverly Hills Girls High School, we implement the Quality Learning Framework, a tool designed to help our students Be Somebody who thinks deeply, engages with learning and makes connections. During this period of learning from home, we have modified the ‘Engages with Learning’ Dimension to ‘Engages with Learning From Home’.  We have included it in this newsletter as a means of providing parents/carers and family members with tips to support student engagement.

        Self-Regulation is all about equipping our students with the ability to take responsibility for their own learning. However, as parents/carers you can help your daughter develop this skill by encouraging her to:

        • follow her ordinary school routine
        • organise her workspace, ensuring all necessary stationery and equipment is within reach
        • actively participate in learning by asking questions, attempting all tasks, contributing to Google Classroom streams, participating with online lessons
        • focus on one task at a time and celebrate task completion
        • avoid distractions
        • only have tabs relevant to learning open on her browser at any one time
        • keep her phone and other distractions away from her learning space
        • take breaks: quick walks outside, away from screens are great way of helping students stay motivated and refocus on the learning at hand

        Collaboration is an in-demand skill in workplaces and integral to student development. Parents and carers can help with the development of collaborative skills by encouraging their child to consider the perspectives of others, be supportive of others and be respectful of others. When we do this, we help students to recognise that learning can be enhanced by their family, peers, teachers and others.

        Response to Learning Challenges is all about encouraging each student to do their very best, irrespective of what that may look like. Sometimes, students can be reluctant to take positive risks with their learning as they fear failure. However, mistakes are a natural part of the learning process and it is important to help our students develop resilience when it comes to learning challenges.

        Two tips to help your child be more willing to take on learning challenges are:

        • using the word ‘yet’. If your daughter makes statements such as ‘I can’t do this!’, try to add a ‘yet’ to the end of that sentence. This helps promote a growth mindset and can help reiterate to students that learning is a process
        • encourage and celebrate effort, not just results

        Substantive Communication is a key component to enhancing learning. Having a conversation with your child about their learning is one way of helping them to reflect on their progress. Research shows that when we have these conversations, posing open minded questions asking about the content students have learned, rather than their results, helps students to think more deeply about the concepts studied. Additionally, having to explain one’s learning to somebody else is one method for enhancing understanding.

        Be Somebody

        Student Wellbeing

        The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the way we connect and learn. To help keep us safe, it is likely that our lives will be different for a while. All of the staff at BHGHS have been reaching out to connect with each of our students through learning from home.

        The Wellbeing Team has also been working hard to create weekly tasks to support student wellbeing.

        “Go For Gold” Wellbeing Challenge

        During the Olympics we witnessed so many examples of athletes who had experienced setbacks and risen to challenges to achieve their dream to compete at the Games. We asked our students to create something they could share with their families and reflect on what going for gold meant to them.

        “Step To It” Wellbeing Challenge

        To encourage our students to get active they were challenged achieve 5000 steps (or 30 minutes) walking each day and to notice their mood before and afterwards.  

        “Sleep Recharges You”

        Wellbeing Challenge

        Recognising that routines have been impacted by the lockdown, this activity focuses on the importance of sleep. Following a quiz, the activity provides tips and hints on improving sleep and asks students to complete a mood tracker. We look forward to better rested students who face their learning with optimism!

        Future challenges include “Silver Linings”, requiring students to look for the positives in lockdown and present their ideas creatively. A silver lining for the BHGHS staff has been to look through the quality and heartfelt entries from our students to the previous challenges!

        We will also be exploring kindness and gratitude in “Giving Hope”, a collaboration with the SRC student leaders. Expressing gratitude and showing kindness benefits both the giver and the recipient. We are so grateful to our students when they respond to a positive phone call home with such kind words as Sarah G. in Year 8 expressed in an email:

        “My dad shared your words of appreciation to me and I just want to say thank you so much!! It makes me really happy that my teachers and yourself have taken notice of my hard work. Online school hasn't been easy so it makes me full of pride to receive the comments you've said about me. To know that my teachers have praised me in my work ethics makes me even more motivated.”

        Resources for parents

        The Wellbeing Team would like to acknowledge the partnership with parents and carers supporting learning from home. We recognise that this presents challenges and thank you for your hard work to keep students online and on task.

        There are a range of online resources to support you including:

        Supporting your teen during coronavirus - ReachOut Parents

        Parents | No problem is too big or too small | Kids Helpline 

        Covid 19 Parenting (Parenting tips and resources in over 100 languages) 

        If you have any questions or concerns, there is a team ready to respond. Call or email the school and our dedicated SASS staff will forward this to the appropriate staff members.

        “To be a good parent, you need to take care of yourself so that you can have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family.” Michelle Obama

        Ms S. Stock

        Head Teacher – Wellbeing & Learning Support

        “Go For Gold” Wellbeing Challenge

        “Step To It” Wellbeing Challenge

        “Sleep Recharges You” Wellbeing Challenge

        Teaching and Learning

        Firstly, I wish to extend my sincere wishes to all members of our school community and hope that you are safe and well.

        I also wish to reaffirm that the learning and wellbeing of our students is paramount for all our staff. 

        As the Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, I am so very proud of the efforts and commitment of all our teaching and non- teaching staff to ensure normalcy and the delivery of learning. Our community (parents, staff and students) has, and continues to come together to ensure each student of BHGHS is valued, feels safe, cared for and knows that their learning will continue in spite of this lockdown.

        Our teachers are using digital learning platforms such as the Google Classroom Suite, Microsoft Teams and Zoom for teacher planning, resourcing, professional learning and delivery of content, resources and information to students in an online setting.

        We have provided our students who requested hard copies, with the resources they require to continue their learning from home and will continue to do so.

        Our SASS staff have been instrumental in their support of the teaching staff and our students.

        Our EALD and Learning & Support Teachers continue to support students with their individual learning needs by working closely with these students and ensuring work is differentiated, challenging and accessible.

        Our Reading Matters and Numeracy Matters Programs, aimed at supporting the Literacy/Reading and Numeracy needs of our students, are still running within small group settings, to ensure maximum productivity.

        Our Student Representative Councillors (SRC) continue to be the voice and advocates for the student body and are currently working towards implementing initiatives that will promote a sense of belonging and togetherness.

        The SRC Elections will go ahead this Term via online platforms. Nominations will be open to students across Year 7 to Year 11, during Week 7 and close Friday the 27 August.  Elections are scheduled for Week 9.

        Attendance and online engagement with learning are of utmost importance. All teachers are committed to ensuring students are ‘attending’ their ‘virtual’ classrooms and our expectations are the same as if we were onsite – students engage to the best of their ability.

        Our school community is dedicated to each one of our students. Each of us…parents, Senior Executive, Teaching staff, Administrative staff and Cleaning staff continue to work collaboratively to ensure the growth and wellbeing of our students.

        I would like to extend my gratitude to all in our school community. I am blessed to work with an amazing group of teaching and non-teaching staff, grateful for the parents and guardians and their support and absolutely thankful for, and inspired by, the wonderful students of BHGHS who prove to me each day and every day, that Women Can Do Anything.

        Helen Antoniadis

        Head Teacher Teaching and Learning


        Student Representative Council Update

        The BHGHS Student Representative Council (SRC) are still meeting and have come up with a range of initiatives we are working on to share hope during this challenging time.

        The following is a rundown of two of the initiatives we are currently working on:

        Spreading Hope

        SRC members are volunteering to write short letters which will be sent to senior citizens at local aged care homes beginning with St George Aged Care at Bexley. This initiative aims to promote a sense of community and extend our support to our senior citizens who are doing it particularly tough at this time. We want to let them know they are valued by us and are in our thoughts. We also recognise that helping someone else is one way we can improve our own wellbeing and so we are also extending this opportunity to the entire student body. If you would like to take part in this initiative, please email your letters to Ms Antoniadis or Ms Byrnes.

        Together whilst Apart

        The ‘Bevo Bundlers’ have continued to meet via zoom whilst learning from home and are ‘knitting up a storm’. They are currently working on a range of projects including knitting blankets for premature babies and knitting blankets for children and young people in need.

        We would like to extend an opportunity to all in the Beverly Hills Girls High Community, including students, staff, parents/carers, family and friends and even friends of friends to please get involved.

        If you would like to take part, please knit using one of the following options:

          Premature Baby Blankets   Larger Blankets
        • 8ply wool (pastel colours/not yellow)
        • 4mm knitting needles
        • 30 stitches wide by 30 stitches long
        • 8 ply wool (any colour)
        • 7mm knitting needles
        • 40 stitches wide by 40 stitches long

        Once face-to-face schooling resumes, the squares will be collecting by the SRC and sewn together by the fantastic Mrs Whitby, who never hesitates to support our ‘Bevo Bundlers’ and other school initiatives.  

        We would also like to extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to our very own Mrs Gray for personally knitting a mass of squares herself, as well as promoting this initiative amongst her family and friends who have generously knitted a multitude of squares.

        We acknowledge that this is a very different and challenging way of life at the moment.  However, being apart doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. We are hoping that these blankets will not only give warmth to those in need, but also serve as a reminder that even when we are apart, we can work together to make our world a better place.

        Ms Antoniadis and Ms Byrnes



        Year 7

        Year 7 have been highly engaged with online learning in PDHPE. They have been completing fitness and dance classes, fitness testing and challenges and developing their knowledge on relationships, health and well-being. 

        Here are some links to 2 of the challenges year 7 have been completing and maybe you can give it a go too!

         Toilet Paper Challenge

         Shoe Balance Challenge

         Year 8

        Year 8 have been engaged in the Healthy Lifestyle unit where they have explored the components of health and factors that contribute to a balanced lifestyle. With the Tokyo Olympics games starting at the end of July, students were able to learn about values that transcend beyond sports such as hard work, dedication, believing in oneself and handling failure.

        While our practical lessons are a little different to what we are used to, we have found new ways to keep fit. Online fitness and dance classes, physical challenges and weekly scheduled walks have been keeping year 8 active.  ​

        Year 9

        Year 9 students for PDHPE have been focusing on Cyberbullying this term. This topic has been very relevant as students are using their online devices now more than ever during this lockdown. They have been learning how to be safe online and are developing their digital citizenship skills. They have also been exploring the link between cyberbullying and mental health concerns. This is a very mature topic and they have been outstanding in their engagement in the lessons.   

        For fitness year 9 have been encouraged to stay active and get lots of sunshine. Lots of students have been going on walks, playing soccer with their siblings or doing YouTube workouts.  They also participated in some fitness challenges, which Kayla-Maree Grigoriou and Veronica Wu won and will be awarded prizes when school returns.

        Year 9 should be commended for their commitment to online learning. They have been completing a variety of Wellbeing Tasks including Olympic Inspired Baking, a Step to it Challenge and a sleep journal. We had a fun year zoom meeting with some positive messages from the teaching staff and Trisha Reyes, Hana Stanbouli and Aayah Mansour winning the Kahoot that Mr Kouts kindly put together.

        Stay active, positive and keep up the great work year 9.

        Year 10

        Year 10 start their week by completing a fitness activity every Monday. Students have been creating their own workouts, doing online YouTube workouts, or walking for the weekly wellbeing task. This has been a great way to get the students moving and spend some time outside. The engagement with these tasks has be outstanding and we congratulate them on their efforts.

        The Year 10 topic for PDHPE this term is ‘Respectful Relationships’. This topic is all about developing and maintaining equal and respectful relationships and the skills necessary to ensure they create positive relationships. It allows the students to reflect on their personal skills and abilities and identify ways to strengthen their resiliency within relationships.

        We are looking forward to holding some Zoom lessons in the coming weeks, where we can provide greater clarity and explore some of our concepts in a little more depth and just get to connect with you all. Stay safe and look after each other.

        We will see you all very soon. Until then make sure you stay active and eat healthy!

        10 exercises you can do with no equipment - Exercise Right


        Adeena F (Year 8) 

        Students from left to right: Maheya H, Anoushka T, Alesha K, Adeena F

        The Year 8 Beverly Hills Girls High School Debating Team was victorious against Punchbowl Boys High School. This was our first debate as a team and prepared for the debate by attending lunch time sessions where we engaged in mock debates with our teacher. We worked collaboratively and used our analytical thinking skills which led us to success! We have high hopes for our next round and will work to the best of our ability for another successful win.

        Agape Avgenakis

        English Teacher

        Careers Corner

        U@Uni Academy – UTS

        U @ Uni Academy update: These students continue to participate and take advantage of this amazing opportunity which has opened so many doors for them.

        Beverly Hills Girls High School will continue to offer our students these opportunities in the coming years, helping them secure a great start after high school.

        Year 10 Subject Selection

        This year we will be running subject selection online. An in-depth platform will be launched, with students having the ability to access all the available information to allow for informed decision-making. Look out for the details on the BHGHS website & Year 10 Careers Google Classroom (code: rawixw3), which will be available at the end of Week 7.

        When thinking about selecting subjects for senior studies, important things for students to consider are:

        • Do I have an interest in this subject?
        • Am I good at this subject?

        Usually, these two things go hand in hand and considering students will be devoting 2 years of study and working to achieve the best possible result, strong consideration of ‘interest’ and ‘ability’ is encouraged. Students also need to consider any subjects, which may be a requirement as part of their future study plans at University.

        All this information will be available for students to explore to make informed decisions about their future.

        A rigorous process of student interviews is undertaken during this time and questions should be addressed to encouraging informed decisions.

        Year 12

        2021 has been an interesting and challenging year, especially for our Year 12 students. To assist students with their successful transition from school, they have access to a plethora of information on the Careers Google Classroom (code: fyt5cxl), including important dates.

        In addition to this, we have the Careers site on our school website along with a new additional resource ‘The Checklist’ . Students are encouraged to use all the resources available to them, including contacting the school Careers Adviser, Mrs Pangis for further personalised information.

        Susan Pangis

        Careers Advisor

        TAS "Bakers Corner"

        'There's more to baking scones that meets the eye'.

        We in the Technological and Applied Studies faculty thrive on both the creative and practical challenges associated with teaching cutting-edge subjects. During the lockdown and with our students participating in on-line learning we wanted to continue to challenge our students creative and practical skill set and encourage them to recall practical skills that they have learnt in past and challenge themselves to showcase that skills set to their family . The  "Produce your own version of scones" activity involved research and practical skills and was developed to keep our students engaged in a more practical hands on sense.

        Learning to cook is an essential life skill, it empowers children to be more independent and creative. It encourages smarter food choices and healthier eating. Cooking introduces children to foods that are healthy and encourages children to be creative in using ingredients that they would not normally use. Cooking is a combination of English, understanding and reading recipes, Mathematics, measuring and weighing ingredients and Science, understanding the direct roles combining certain ingredients play in the final product.

        Please see the activity uploaded to the Google Classroom and some photos of the final product, lovingly produced by the students of Beverly Hills Girls High School. We are extremely proud of these girls and are we are always encouraged by their engagement and practical skill set.

        Produce Your Own Version of Scones


        In this activity you will research, prepare and cook a scone recipe that has been modified to make it your own (hint: pizza scrolls)


        Cookbooks, cooking websites, ingredients for scones and any other ingredients you want to use and importantly any resources that you have at home.


        • Find a basic scone recipe that uses Australian standard measurements
        • Practice the recipe
        • Modify the recipe, to develop a variation of the Scone
        • Write up a recipe card, including ingredients and method
        • Make the variation at home
        • Upload pictures of the recipe and finished product
        • Eat it and enjoy


        Scones are small, round, bread-like baked product usually split in half and served with butter, jam and cream as part of traditional morning or afternoon tea. A wide variety of sweet and savoury scones are made, including the popular flavours of cheese and sultana.  Scones are known as biscuits in the USA.


        Scones are believed to have originated in Scotland. Originally they were made from oats, shaped into a large round called a ‘bannock’, scored into four to six triangles known as scones, and cooked on a griddle either over an open fire or on top of the stove.

        The origin of the name ‘scone’ is unclear, with sources suggesting it may link to the Stone (Scone) of Destiny where Kings of Scotland were crowned. Others believe the name is derived from the Dutch word“schoonbrood” (“schoon” meaning clean and “brood” meaning bread),or from the German word “schonbrot” meaning ‘fine or beautiful bread’

        With the invention of baking powder scones became the well leavened oven-baked product that they are today, quite different to the older griddle-cooked scones. Today, griddle scones are still listed as a variety of scone, only they are fried rather than baked.

        Ingredient Functions:

        • Flour a quality flour  should be used. A combination of bread and cake flours are used by professional bakers
        • Home bakers can choose biscuit or cake flour. A self-raising flour, which already includes baking powder and salt, is perfectly acceptable as long as these ingredients are not doubled up in the recipe.
        • The amount of protein in the flour affects how flaky the scone will be. The higher the protein content the tougher the scone may be. A larger volume and darker crust results if made from soft wheat flour or biscuit flour.
        • Butter Shortening or lard, traditional biscuit fats, and cold liquid ingredients will influence the flakiness, as well as inhibit gluten formation and will be more likely to produce a finely textured scone. The cold liquids keep the fat from melting. Butter gives a richer flavour
        • The milk or liquid used can be varied depending on the end texture required. For example, replacing half milk with cream produces a heavier scone texture, while using buttermilk makes a lighter, more bread-like scone.
        • Buttermilk has a nice thick creamy texture with a rich tangy buttery taste that makes baked goods tender, as well as lactic acid from buttermilk increasing the amount of carbon dioxide gas produced resulting in superior texture and volume
        • Baking powder Can be added separately or self-raising flour may be used.
        •  Sugar may be added for sweetness depending on the type of scone. Obviously for savoury scones it is usually omitted.

        Mary Karas

        Head Teacher TAS



        Year 7 "Wonder Women Learning from Home"

        We are so proud of the way Year 7 have adapted to learning from home. Students are taking responsibility for their learning and engaging positively with the Google Classroom, their peers and their teachers. So far this term, students have tackled algebra in Math, Newspaper Articles in English and the Solar System in Science, learnt about different cultures in Languages, an array of instruments in Music, been challenged by fitness tasks and an Olympic Unit in PD/H/PE, researched Comfort Dolls and textiles skills in Technology, gained valuable geographical skills in Geography and participated in a range of awesome creative endeavours in Visual Arts (some examples of which are pictured).

        There is a team of teachers working behind the scenes on the Google Classroom to support student learning. We encourage you to reach out and ask questions or seek additional support should you require help during this period. We have been so excited to see how supportive you are of one another on the Google Classroom Stream and through your positive comments to one another. Please remember to keep being kind to one another and kind to yourselves. Take time each day to fit in some exercise and try to think about one thing you are grateful for each day. Maintaining positivity during this time is really important and can help you stay motivated and effectively engage in learning.

        Finally, we want to remind you how much we miss you, how grateful we are to be in the position we are to be able to still be connected and how very much we are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at school again. Stay safe, Stay well and Be Kind.

        Candice Byrnes and Peter Lofitis

        Year 7 Advisors

        Year 7 "Wonder Women Learning from Home"

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