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Hindmarsh Edition 22: Term 3 Week 4

What you'll find in this week's Newsletter

  • Mary Mackillop Awards
  • Living Learning Leading Survey
  • Upcoming Events
  • Wakakirri Performance
  • School Highlights
  • Celebrating National Science Week
  • Sport News
  • OSHC News
  • Parenting Ideas
    Video: Principles for savvy parenting in a digital world
    Video: Building and maintaining school belonging

Diary Dates

Monday 15th August - Friday 19th August

🧑‍🔬 National Science Week

Monday 22nd August - Friday 26th August🏫 Catholic Schools Open Week
Tuesday 23rd August🧡 Grandparents & Grandfriends Day
⛪ Sacrament Practice at 6.30pm at Sacred Heart Church
Thursday 25th August👩‍🏫 Principals Tour 
Friday 26th August🧙 Book Week Parade 
Tuesday 30th August👨 Father's Day Stall 
Wednesday 31st August✝️ Father's Day Liturgy
Thursday 29th September🏃‍♀️ Sports Day
Wednesday 2nd November🎨 Art Show
These dates are subject to change.

Term Dates

Term 3Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September
Term 4Monday 17th October - Thursday 15th December

From the Principal

Dear families,

There are so many vibrant learning activities and community building events that make up the everyday life of the St Joseph’s School community.  Last week I was very privileged to attend the Wakakirri performance at the Entertainment Centre where our Year 5 and 6 students performed in the event for the first time.  Their performance was absolutely outstanding, and I commend all of our wonderful students for their commitment, collaboration, incredible stage presence and dance moves!  As the judges commented at the conclusion of their story dance – wow, wow, wow!  Thank you in particular to our Yr 5/6 teaching team and Maria A for all of their work.

Cross Country

I commend also our cross country running team who competed in the SACPSSA Cross Country Carnival on Thursday.  In a very large field of runners, several of our students finished in the top ten which is an excellent achievement.  Thanks to our sports coordinator, Matthew Baird, for training the team and ensuring their participation in the event.

National Science Week

This week is National Science Week and our Year 1-6 learners had the opportunity to engage in a virtual world of learning using Virtual Reality headsets.  They entered ancient worlds, outer space and many worlds in between.

👇 Read more about how we celebrated Science Week in the School Highlights section below 

Mary MacKillop Awards

At our liturgy last week to celebrate the feast day of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, we reflected on the ways in which we each can be like Mary MacKillop. At St Joseph’s School, we embrace every opportunity for each child to Imagine, Discover, Create and Achieve. We looked at the life of Mary MacKillop through this lens and realised that Mary too embraced these opportunities.  She:

  • Imagined the world could be a better place if all children had the opportunity to go to school
  • Discovered that others also believed education could change the world when she met Fr Julian Tenison Woods
  • Created a way to help as many children as possible to go to school by starting the Sisters of St Joseph and training them as teachers
  • Achieved the opening of many schools where many thousands of children now have every opportunity to learn.

Every year two children from each class are recognised for demonstrating similar values to Mary MacKillop and are presented with the Mary MacKillop Award.  Recipients are chosen because they display the following qualities:

  • Care and respect for others and our environment
  • Respect and prayerful participation during Masses and times of prayer
  • Seeing a need and doing something about it without being asked
  • Putting the needs of others before their own

We congratulate the following students who were awarded the 2022 Mary MacKillop Award –

Reception CAmenLeo
Reception SNanaati FSam V
Year 1/2 GAZoe HHarry J
Year 1/2 REvie WElliott C
Year 1/2 SBFreya PAdam L
Year 3 MGrace MNahom G
Year 3/4 BAker KSavva V
Year 3/4 ABSadie MRocco I
Year 5/6 CTishaa BRoxson H
Year 5/6 TDPShagun KRoshan R

Feast of the Assumption of Mary

Today (Wednesday 17th August) as a whole school we celebrated the feast called The Assumption of Mary into heaven. This is a day that we remember when Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken into heaven, body and soul, after she died. Mary’s life and death are a wonderful example of praise and thanksgiving to God.


From Mary we learn to surrender to God's will in all things.

From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone.

From Mary we learn to love Christ her Son and the Son of God!

Gentle Mother of God, full of grace, through you may the eyes of God rest upon us.

Grandparents and Grandfriends Day

As a part of Catholic Schools Open Week, we invite Grandparents and Grandfriends to join us at school on Tuesday 23 August for a gathering, morning tea and opportunity to visit the children in the classrooms. Thank you to the Parents and Friends who will provide a lovely morning tea for all. 

👉 Please RSVP for this event by following this link

Book Week Parade

We will also celebrate Book Week next week with some fun events across the week to encourage our students to developing a love of books and reading. Families are invited to join us for our annual Book Week Parade on Friday 26 August at 9:15am. 

👇 Read more about the celebrations in the 'Upcoming Events' section below

Living Learning Leading Survey

Thank you to all parents and caregivers who have taken the time to provide feedback on the performance of St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh via the Living Learning Leading Survey.  If you haven’t yet done so, I ask that you find three to five minutes to complete this as your response will provide valuable information to help us reflect on our school and plan forward to make St Joseph’s School the best it can be.

👉 Follow this link and, when prompted, enter the code SJWLLLP. The survey closes on Friday 26 August.

Leadership Contact Details

Marianne Farrugia
Assistant to the Principal
Rita Garreffa
Leadership Support
Diana Comitogianni

Upcoming Events

🧡 Grandparents and Grandfriends Day

📅 Tuesday 23rd August
📍 Gathering in the Sacred Heart Hall
🕘 9.15 am to 10.45 am

Including an:
👤 Opportunity to visit classrooms
☕ Morning Tea for our special guests

🗳 Please RSVP for catering purposes
👇 Follow this link to RSVP you and your families attendance.

🧡 Morning Tea on Grandparents & Grandfriends Day

On Grandparents & Grandfriends Day (Tuesday 23rd August) we will be hosting a morning tea for our very important guests. We're asking families to help contribute to our first shared morning tea since COVID began by bringing a small plate of food ready to be served.

ℹ️ Here’s everything you need to know about what to bring for our Morning Tea:

🥪 What to bring?
Families can choose to bring 🍓 a fruit plate or 🧀 savoury plate.We ask that families do not bring a sweets plate because the P&F will be providing 🥯 homemade scones on the day

🤔 Who is the food for?
The morning tea is for our special guests. After our gathering, the students will return to class and the grandparents/friends will be invited to stay for our morning tea. Students to bring recess as usual.

🧒 Who can bring a plate of food?
The eldest child of each family from Preschool to Year 6.

📦 How to transport your food?
To avoid losing Tupperware containers, we encourage families to use ♻️ 🍽 environmentally friendly disposable plates.

📍 Where to drop off your plates of food?
Plates can be dropped off into the Hall and placed on prepared tables upon arrival.

❗Things to remember

  • We will not be preparing/cutting/heating any food on the day
  • Food needs to be ready to serve
  • No nut products
  • No heating required for savoury foods

🧙‍♀️ Book Week Parade

📅 Friday 26th August
📍 Parade on the School Oval (weather permitting)
🕘 9.15 am

Looking forward to seeing you and your family there!

Book Week Celebrations start on Monday!

In Week 5 ST JOSEPH’S SCHOOL will be celebrating BOOK WEEK.

This year’s theme is DREAMING with EYES OPEN…

Day 1: Short-listed Book Activity
Our week will start with classes spending time with their BUDDY CLASS and responding to one of the SHORT-LISTED books and completing an activity together on Monday.

Day 3: Reading with our buddies
On Wednesday we will spend some time READING and SHARING books with our BUDDY CLASS.  We have many budding authors/illustrators who are looking forward to sharing their own books.

Day 5: Dress up as your favourite book character
On Friday we will conclude BOOKWEEK with a BOOK PARADE.

When:  9:15 am on the OVAL/GRASSED AREA* (weather permitting).  Come and join us and share in the excitement of “dressing up” and sharing in the “dream” of entering another “world”.


Parents are invited to join in the fun and come in character as well!

*Parade will transfer to the Sacred Heart Hall if weather is unsuitable.

School Highlights

Oh, what a night!!

For the first time in St Joseph’s School History, the Year 5/6 students participated in and excelled in the ‘National Story-Dance Festival, ‘Wakakirri.’

The Aboriginal word ‘Wakakirri’ means ‘to dance’. It was chosen to give the festival a uniquely Australian feel. Created in 1992, ‘Wakakirri’ is Australia’s largest national ‘Performing Arts’ event for schools.

Following months, weeks, days, & hours of planning, preparing, designing and rehearsing, it all came down to one evening, on Wednesday, the 10th August at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

The Year 5/6 students absolutely did our school proud, to say the least. Not only did they perform with extreme energy, commitment and confidence under lights, they also worked brilliantly as a team, eventually being recognised, from one of numerous awards, as best ‘teamwork’ award for the night.  

📸 Wakakirri Photo Gallery 📸

What did the students think of the experience?

“The stage is really big and it was new experience for me.” Roshan

“It was a good experience for me because we all worked together as a team and we got awarded, ’best teamwork. All the practising was worth it. “Shagun

“It was a great experience because it was my first time performing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.” Tilly

“It was fun, amazing and great to dance and see other schools perform.” Anna

“It was awesome dancing on the stage and to watch other schools.” Mistir

“It was such an amazing experience to perform at the Entertainment Centre & it was really exciting.” Shayla

“It was amazing to work with the whole unit to make props and learn to dance.” Tishaa

“It was a great way to show our skills and watch other schools’ performances. “ Kavin

“I really enjoyed the experience and it was really nerve-racking going on the stage. “ Sophie

“It was very awesome performing in front of a lot of people at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and it was very fun.” Nicholas


We look forward to the next ‘Wakakirri’ performance sometime in the future! 😊

🇮🇹 Italian Puppet Show Incursion

On Monday of Week 3 we were fortuante enough to have the Carrousel Theatre visit us from Melbourne, Victoria! Carrousel Theatre are a bi-lingual puppetry theatre company who originated in Paris and now tour Australia.

They perform original fairy tales with specially crafted shows for students who are learning another language. As we are learning about traditional fables and fairy tales in Italian this term, Signorina Taormina invited the Carrousel Theatre company to come and visit St. Joseph's and share some stories! We enjoyed the story of 'La Cenerentola' (Cinderella) which all the traditional characters of the much loved original story.

Students from R-6 were all given the opportunity to enjoy and understand the Italian language through an interactive, creative and fun performance.  

Virtual Reality Goggles

To acknowledge National Science Week, we had the opportunity to experience 

a virtual reality adventure through Ignite Vr. The world of Virtual Reality (VR) opens endless possibilities and can transport you anywhere you can imagine.

The students were provided with a level of interaction and immersion like no other. Exploring ancient worlds, flying high above New York City, traveling through Mars, swimming under the sea and much, much more! Science and technology sure are changing at a rapid pace!! The students had a wonderful time exploring what the world has to offer. 

Chemistry Experiments in 3/4B

Year 3/4 Bampton have been learning in Science about solids, liquids and gases. We have been conducting experiments and talking about cause and effect in the different scenarios. In addition to this, we have also been learning about writing scientific explanation texts. 

Some of our experiments so far:

  • How does heat effect popcorn kernels?
  • Which happens when custard is touched in different ways?
  • How do different temperatures of water effect food colouring when added?

Nature Detectives in Preschool

Glass…more than meets the eye. Can you explore with a magnifying glass?

The Preschool children have been invited to be nature detectives using magnifying glasses to observe things in more detail. They have collected leaves, gumnuts, rocks, and flowers to place inside the magnifying jars and have drawn their observations.

This activity introduces children to the wonderful world of lenses. When they were first invented, magnifying glasses allowed people to see details that had been invisible before. Today scientists still use magnifying glasses to identify animals, plants and rocks.

Learning intention:

We are learning to use magnifying glasses to see the features of living things and the environment.

 Success criteria:

 I can draw my observations.

In the early years, children are confident and involved learners when they use hands on learning during science experiences and develop curiosity and creativity when engaged in science learning.

SACPSSA Cross Country Carnival

This year 16 students in years 3-6 competed in the SACPSSA Cross Country Carnival - Phoenix C, Lotye P, Italica F, Clara T, Peter K, Sahib S, Savva V, Jake V, Archie W, Jada A, Livingstone O, Harleen S, Mistir A, Chace W, Nathan A, Adele A and Sebastian M.

They trained once a week between 8.15am - 8.30am for 6 weeks to prepare themselves for the 2km run at Park 15.

Although it was beautiful day the track was quite wet and slippery on the day. This made the start of races very interesting with lots of students slipping over.

All students who participated enjoyed the experience and gained an insight into endurance training and competition.

Several of our students finished in the top 10 and even more in the top 20 of their age group. It was an impressive feat for all students as their dedication to train and compete is a great showing of discipline no matter where they finished in the race.

The school is very proud of all students who participated.

Vacation Care Highlights

After experiencing a fantastic vacation care, we are now almost ready to send out the October  program. You will receive it at the end of week 6.

OSHC Staff News

We have said good bye to two of our educators, Magy, who has moved to Emmaus ELC and Michael who has left to taking on a teaching position at Nazareth. We thank both Magy and Michael for their years of dedication and service. They will be missed!

OSHC Advisory Committee

OSHC is looking for parents who would like to join our Advisory Committee. We meet once a term to discuss any topics of interest or concern. At the moment, we are meeting on a Tuesday at 5:00 pm. Please let Maria C know if you would like to be a part of this amazing committee.

Reminder to Families

Our numbers are steadily increasing, so if you need our service, we still have available places for your children. OSHC is a fun place to be, with many activities and sports that children can participate in.

Parenting Ideas

Principles for savvy parenting in a digital world

Screen-based media use is a hot topic when it comes to modern parenting. Helping your children develop digital literacy, safety and wellbeing skills requires a balance between clear guidelines, curiosity...

📺 Watch the video 'Principles for savvy parenting in a digital world' by clicking here

Building and maintaining school belonging

Though there have been a few positive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the loss of traditional school routines has not been one of them. Studies have shown that a positive...

📺 Watch the video 'Building and maintaining school belonging' by clicking here

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