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Week 6 Term 4 Friday 15th November

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St Timothy's........the road to Emmaus!

Vermont Children's Centre

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Remembrance Day

We Remember

On 11 November 1918, the guns of the Western Front fell silent after four years of continuous warfare. With their armies retreating and close to collapse, German leaders signed an Armistice, bringing to an end the First World War. From the summer of 1918, the five divisions of the Australian Corps had been at the forefront of the allied advance to victory. Beginning with their stunning success at the battle of Hamel in July, they helped to turn the tide of the war at Amiens in August, followed by the capture of Mont St Quentin and Pèronne, and the breaching of German defences at the Hindenburg Line in September. By early October the exhausted Australians were withdrawn from battle. They had achieved a fighting reputation out of proportion to their numbers, but victory had come at a heavy cost. They suffered almost 48,000 casualties during 1918, including more than 12,000 dead.

In the four years of the war more than 330,000 Australians had served overseas, and more than 60,000 of them had died. The social effects of these losses cast a long shadow over the postwar decades.

Each year on this day Australians observe one minute’s silence at 11am, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

(exert from Australian War Memorial

At St Timothy's we stop and take the time to recognise the sacrifices made by participating in a service and completing a range of learning activities to help children better understand the significance of the day.

Celebrating our Walk to School Breakfast

An AMAZING morning on Thursday as staff cooked up a wonderful breakfast of Pancakes, Waffles served with mixed berries and ice-cream to celebrate the end of our Walk to School program. There were a lot of happy faces and contented stomachs. A HUGE thank you to staff for all their hard work to provide this VERY SPECIAL  breakfast for the children.

Disco P-3

A HUGE thank you to the Parents & Friends  for organising a FABULOUS Disco  for the children. It was a wonderful opportunity for children to spend time with their friends. 

Disco Yr 4-6

Parent & Staff Social

Another FUN night organised by the Parents & Friends & Sports Committee. Thanks for  your generosity of time to organise this event. Thank you to everyone who supported  our fundraiser and social event.

Tennis Clinics

Thanks to Sporting Schools program the children from P-6 will have 3 weeks of tennis instructions on Wednesday 20th October , 27th October and 4th November. We look forward to this fabulous opportunity for our children. They will need to wear sports uniform on these Wednesdays. WE ARE TENNIS ( who are providing the tennis lessons) also have a special tennis weekend coming up. See attached flyer in community news.  


P-6 InterSchool Athletics

Next year we are looking at adding another opportunity for our children to join with other smaller catholic schools to conduct a combined athletics carnival.


It is hoped that 4 schools would compete against each other.

The date is Tuesday March 3rd.

It would take place during the school day at a venue to be confirmed. Parents are invited to attend. Further details to follow.

Evacuation Drills

You may have heard that the children have practiced our Safety Drills over the past two weeks and will complete another one next week, These are to meet the compliance regulations. They are scheduled each term and there are a range of different drills that the children practice. 

Welcome Thet

OHSC Coordinator

We warmly welcome Thet to St Timothy's to coordinate our Out of School Camp Australia Program. We look forward to getting to know you.

Welcome Alex and Isabella

We warmly welcome Alex ( Grade 5) and Isabella ( Year 3) to St Timothy's. We hope you have a wonderful time at St Timothy's School.

Students of the Week



Year P/1/2Sunny, Erin
Year 2/3William, Sienna, Isabella
Year 4/5Anne, Hannah
Year 5/6Nada, Juliet

2019 Celebration School Year Celebration

2019 School Year Celebration

Monday 16th December

Whole School

Celebrate 2019

Prep Graduation

Farewell Year 6 Students & Families 

       Christmas Get Together


Grade 6 Graduation


Tuesday 17th December

Year 6 Graduation Mass  6pm

Year 6 School & Family Dinner 7 pm

Hello everyone, it's nearing the end of the school year already!

Our grade 6 children will be transitioning into high school in the coming weeks.  It's a St Timothy's tradition that we hold a parent organised graduation dinner for the grade 6 children and parents which is held after the graduation mass (all school families are most welcome to attend the mass).   This year's Mass (6pm) and Dinner (7pm) at St Timothy's will be held on Tuesday December 17th.  This is a very special occasion for the children as they are surrounded by their families, friends and teachers as they celebrate and reflect on their primary school years and look forward to their new adventures in Secondary School.

 We would love to extend a warm invitation for the offer of assistance to all the families across the year levels.If you would like to assist we would love and appreciate in the coming weeks if you could please either donate a bottle of soft drink/juice or a bag of sweets.  All donations can be put in a marked box "graduation" in the Parents room.We will be sending out further details/requests in the coming weeks for offers for the salad/dessert or to help on the night.With love and gratitude,

 Grade 6 families.

Child Safety

Please Drive Slowly in Car Park

Cake Raffle

Week 7 Thursday 21st NovemberOHSC
Week 8 Thursday 28th NovemberGreen Team & Red Team
Week 9 Thursday 5th DecemberGold Team & Blue Team

Out Of Hours School Care

Parents & Friends


S Timothy Parish Newsletter

St Timothy's Parish Newsletter

 Saturday 16th November & Sunday  17th November

St Timothy's School Calendar

Term 3 dates


Monday 7th October School Returns

Monday 7th to Friday to 18 October  10 day Swimming program

Thursday 31st October - Celebrate the Learning Open Evening 5 -7:30pm

Monday 4th November School Closure Day

Tuesday 5th November Cup Day Holiday

Friday 8th November  School Disco

Saturday 9th November  Parent Social Night

Wednesday 21st, 28th November  4th December Tennis Clinics

Monday 16th December Whole School Christmas End of Year Celebration

Tuesday 17th December Year 6 Graduation

Wednesday 18th December Last day of school (children)