Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 35 - 14/10/22

Principal's Message

Welcome back to Term 4, always a great term to end a full year of celebrations.

The children came back to school full of excitement! I must admit it was wonderful to see so many happy, smiling faces thrilled to see their friends and teachers, it was like they had not seen them in months!

As this is an extremely busy term, please make sure you are up to date with events by checking your Skoolbag messages and reading the school and P & C Newsletters.

As many of you are aware, we have had lots of building works done to the OSH club over the holidays. There have been some delays in materials and trades so the building hopefully will be complete by the end of week 2. It is going to be a great new facility for the school.

We are in the process of working with a graphic designer on a new image/signage that depicts the CPS Environmental & Sustainability Programs and Eco Shed story. We will be organising a small focus group of parents and staff to assist with this and to help keep you updated as we go.

We are continuing to celebrate with the students the CPS PBS expectations, which include focus skills each fortnight. We are continually so impressed with the positive mindset students have and how they actively take personal responsibility for our expected behaviours. To start the term off, we have a focus on wearing the correct uniform, including taking responsibility for our hair, jumpers and hats. To assist the students with this, your support is greatly appreciated - hair, if shoulder length, needs to be tied up (girls and boys) and jumpers and hats need to be looked after, adding their name to the items helps.

Moving forward, we have a number of great events and activities planned and happening. The Pre-primary, Year 1 and Year 2 students have already had a great start to their Interm Swimming program, we have the environmental officers and Mrs Samsa representing CPS at a Rotary event this coming week, as well as CPS students participating in the 2022 SciTech Challenge - good luck students! We have the first instalment of the Kindy Orientation on Thursday, followed by the P & C disco and picnic on Sunday! Wow, what a great start to the term! 

P & C Disco and Family Picnic

Don't forget to get your child's ticket for the P & C Disco before they are all gone!  Tickets can be purchased on the Qkr! App.

The afternoon is going to be a wonderful CPS family event so bring along a picnic rug and enjoy the food trucks, lawn games and entertainment.

Staff Spotlight! Mrs Johnson, Library Specialist

Did you know .....I love everything about books! There are multiple reasons for this; one being the countless characters, worlds, adventures and journeys that I can experience and share. As a child, I was the kid that secretly turned the light back on to keep reading after bedtime and late into the night, a trait that (for better or worse) has been passed onto my second son!

Did you know.....When I was younger I used to work in a pet shop that helped rehome animals for the RSPCA. It was a very fulfilling job for a young teenager, although I have to add, I am not sure that my parents appreciated all of the animals that I used to bring home to foster on a regular basis! I am also incredibly passionate about mental health and up until recently, I was a Crisis Supporter at Lifeline Australia. It is something that I hope to return to in my spare time in the future. 

Did you know.....I've lived in WA for nearly 6 years. I moved here from Victoria with my husband, Mr Johnson and my 3 children, Jack, Max and Darcy. I enjoy spending time with my family, riding our bikes together, walking our little dog Maisy, travelling to explore new places and of course, reading them bedtime stories. 

Mrs Johnson

Congratulations to our Week 10 Merit recipients from Term 3


Ben G, Abby B
ECE U2Ben W, Sebastian H, Insiyah J
Room 5Maya A, Jenny W, Oliver L
Room 6Imogen B, Declan R
Room 8Justin C, Hailey C
Room 9Josh B
Room 10Aarna H, Kaiden N
Room 11Edeline T, Conway V
Room 13Connor B
Room 16Tenzin T
Room 17Zoe d M, Edmund L

Term 3, Week 10 Merit Award Winners

From the School Psychologist - Using Praise and Rewards Effectively

Praise nurtures your child's confidence and sense of self.  To see tips for using praise, encouragement and rewards, click here.

PE News and Upcoming Events

Welcome back to Term 4.  There will be various activities before and after school to keep the kids active.  Check out Mr Marshall's update here.

The Music Review T4 Wk1

Ticket sales for the Big Music Night are now open.  Click here to see how you can purchase tickets and more information about upcoming events

Digital Corner: Coder Dojo & Scitech Challenge

We kick off our term with some great events and programs, including Coder Dojo and the Scitech Challenge. Read more

2023 Booklists

The 2023 booklists are now live.  All orders must be completed online at by Thursday 15th December 2022 using "XKFW" as your code.

Orders can still be placed past the 'return date' but it may incur a late fee.


This is a friendly reminder that Term 4 charges are due to be paid and relevant consent forms are to be completed by Friday 21st October 2022.  Thank you.

Updating Student Information

Parents, it is essential to inform the school in writing of any changes to student details.  This includes:

1.  Change of address/email address/phone numbers

2.  Any changes to your child's medical condition or medications

3.  Change of parent work arrangements

Please see the office administration for any changes to your child's information.

Tennis is back for Term 4

                                                                Before School Tennis

Coastal Tennis will be returning in Term 4 to offer Tennis Lessons on the schools courts.  More information here.

All enquiries call Nick Kirkbride (Coastal Tennis) 0419 923 495 or visit and enrol or download a form from the Schools Page.