Clapham Primary School

2021 Newsletter

Term 3, Week 1

Welcome to Term 3

Dear Clapham Community, I hope that you are all going ok in lockdown.  This most certainly wasn't the start to the term that we expected.  I would like to reassure you that our staff are working diligently and collaborating to provide quality Home Learning for all students. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our staff for their positivity and  professionalism and genuine care for students. Thank you to our school community and families for your support and assistance with following the current restrictions and guidelines.  We hope that the current situation is resolved quickly. Once we know further updates we will advise on school events coming up in the next few weeks.  I am immensely proud of our school community (staff, parents and students). It is in difficult times when true character and culture is observed and our Clapham Community most certainly has a very big heart! Thank you!

I hope that the information that you have received this week from the Skoolbag alerts (push notifications and emails) has kept you informed. Please also see media release attached with information about the new  Parent ICT Helpline launched (picture below). We will continue to communicate via this channel if and when things change.  If you have not subscribed to Skoolbag we encourage you to do this.  Here is the link with instructions on how to subscribe

How fortunate we were last term to be able to host our fabulously successful 60s Quiz Night.  A HUGE congratulations and thank you must go to the Quiz Night Committee (Jess Y, Trish C, Alli N, Leah M, Karina F, Karen A, Catherine M, Mel M, and Jasmine B) and to Cassie Kopias for their dedication, collaboration, and organisation to make this event such a success.  We cannot thank you enough!  Many laughs, amazing prizes and a lot of fun was had by all.  We raised over $6,000, WOW!!!  Our students were also very fortunate to be able to attend the school camps last term!

We very much enjoyed seeing our students return on Monday and hearing about their holidays. Students were excited and ready for their Term 3 learning.  On Monday I visited all classrooms and it was lovely to see teachers and students starting their learning immediately.  Many students shared how they were very happy to be back at school!  

We were hoping that the Disability Access Pathway works was to commence this term. However, the project is being retendered as only one contractor submitted a tender in time before the closing deadline.  Our Facilities Manager (DPTI) coordinates this process with Department personnel.  We are very grateful to the Department for Education for funding this works!

Kindest Regards

Jodie Kingham, Principal

Parent ICT Helpline

Welcome Alysse and farewell to Samantha

We warmly welcome Alysse to Clapham Primary. Alysse will be working in the Front Office and backfilling Samantha (whilst Samantha is on maternity leave).  During the holidays Samantha and Alysse worked together in preparation for hand over.  Samantha's last day was today and she is now on maternity leave.   We wish Samantha all the very best with her new family members coming soon!

Welcome to Alysse!

Hi Everyone, My name is Alysse and I’m 21! I’ve been working as an SSO for almost 2 years but have recently begun admin SSO work. I have loved new, exciting and constant work as it challenges me to be better at what I do. I love kids so much that after a full day at work I nanny for a beautiful 11 month old boy! I’m so happy to be at Clapham and I’m sure I’ll see you soon! Thanks! 

FABULOUS QUIZ NIGHT - thank you!!!

Clapham Primary School would like to thank our school community for your fabulous support of the 60s Quiz Night.  A huge thank you to the Kenilworth Football Club for providing such a great venue for our 60s Quiz Night. Also, a big shout out to Raine and Horne Unley for their amazing support with our live auction. Thanks to the Tank Family, Travis Woodward of the Dunes Blue at Robe, Emily Lang, SACA, The Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Football clubs for their generous donations to make our auction possible.

A big congratulations to the team Red Poppy Pilates who were the winners!

Quiz Night


Do you have a child who is due to begin Reception in January 2022 but you haven’t filled out and submitted an enrolment form yet?  We are now planning for 2022 so it’s really important that we have your child’s enrolment form as soon as possible. If you would like an enrolment pack please callAlyyse at the Front Office, 8276 5633 or email Alysse at . If you know of other families intending to enrol at Clapham Primary School please pass on this information.  We are getting many enrolments for Reception for next year and wish to share that we do not have a ‘cap/ cut-off’ for Reception enrolments for 2022! 

Facilities Upgrades - Sound system for Hall/Gym and Primary Playground edging

Thank you Harrie (Groundsperson) for repairing the edging around the Primary Playground during the holidays!

The recent upgrade of the Hall sound system has been highly valued by staff and students.  The functionality and ease of use is incredible.  See images below.

Sound System Hall

Additions to Library Upgrade - iPads and Info about AccessIT

We have now installed iPads in the library to assist with using the library system - AccessIT.  This is a great addition to the new library!  Parents and students can access this system from home.  A link is on the website, click on the Learning tab at the top and choose Library Search.  Here is the link for your quick reference.!dashboard 

Information about AccessIT

Please see attached document.

Archer A

Well done to Archer A who recently represented Clapham  in the Southern Heights AFL SAPSASA team. Archer had a great few days playing his favourite game. Southern Heights recorded 5 wins during the week, making it an all round success!  We are so proud of you Archer.                

Under 9s Soccer

Our Under 9s soccer team are a fabulous teammates that have improved immensely so far this season. We are really fortunate to have Kasem Harding, an ex Clapham PS student and Sturt Soccer Club player, coach in his free time. The kids really love how kind and knowledgeable he is. He graciously agreed to play 'Kick the Coach' at practice for the kids to improve their precision kicking skills and for fun. I started off as the coach and now assist when Kasem can't make it or is too busy refereeing our team or the Under 10s. We are also blessed with every other parent helping where they can. That's what makes our 'little' school great, it is the sense of community.

Our kids started off slowly this year to improving considerably every single game. We now have amazing defenders and we are kicking goals. Our Clapham team does us proud by displaying sportsmanship, always smiling and trying their best. It's fantastic to have Isohbel to represent the girls. She has practiced so hard at home with her goalie skills and listens to all of coach Kasem tips. 

Just for a bit of fun, some of the team has answered some Q & A s. Kasem had a read over and commented, "It is enjoyable to coach and it is awesome to see the team having fun and improving every week."

Mel Munn

What a beautiful setting we have for our soccer practice!

Reflections about Soccer from our amazing team members

Change of Details form

Please see attached, also available for collection from the front office

Term 3 Planner

Please see Term 3 Planner for your reference.

Important Dates

Monday 2nd AugustPupil Free Day
Monday 2nd AugustGoverning Council 7pm - further info to come (dependent on COVID restrictions)
Thursday 5th AugustClapham Cafe - 8:45-10am. Please book in via School Interviews - further info to come (dependent on COVID restrictions)