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Term 2, Week 8

From the Principal

Only two weeks to go!

We hope you have noticed the work progressing on what will be a four-bay cricket practice nets and multi-purpose court for playground time. Exciting times ahead!

Don't forget to join the P&C meeting via Zoom on Monday 22 June at 7pm.

Student reports will be available in the online parent portal of Sentral from Friday evening. Please understand that this is a one off abbreviated report being provided in line with advice from the Department of Education and ACARA. Assessment and comments are based on the teachers' observations of working from school and home as well as more recent assessments carried out in class.  This abbreviated report may be expanded by a conversation with your child's teacher either this week or the next two weeks.

Students' results have been variable but all are now settled to working steadily. Teachers are addressing student needs, taking into account any slippage or acceleration. Everyone appreciates how difficult learning from home may have been for some students and should not be a cause of anxiety. Children are resilient and will make up the progress if we have confidence in them. Next term will see many familiar programs and structures evident as well as a few changed ones.

One of the positives to COVID 19 and the return to school is how well the children have reclaimed and developed their independence by leaving parents at the gate and entering the school on their own. This has had the added benefit of allowing a very quick start to the day and settled learning time. Giving older students responsibility for younger siblings or walking home independently has assisted in managing traffic flow and also provided them with a friendly relaxed end to their school day. Well done to those parents who have made this big step and established trust in their children.

Sometimes as parents we do too much for our children, albeit with good intentions. Before driving children to school each morning, most parents would have woken their children up, made their breakfast and lunch before reminding them to get dressed and brush their teeth. All this well-intentioned activity may make for an easier life at home but it encourages children to be dependent on adults for longer. While this may be necessary for young children it is vital to continue to reassess the situation and gradually let go. It helps to build your child’s independence and achieve the most important parenting outcome of all – your own redundancy. Michael Grose: The Spoonfed Generation

COVID 19 - In brief for Term 3

To return:

  • Performing Arts and Lunchtime programs
  • Programs to support high potential students (learning support has been maintained throughout the period)
  • Awards presented in class (published on Seesaw), Principal's Awards being given in the classroom (published in the newsletter)
  • Streamed Maths classes and groups
  • Homework
  • Special Religious Education / Special Education in Ethics
  • Library use and borrowing
  • After school classes


Parent/carer pickup/drop off must be maintained to ensure social distancing between adults who must not remain in the playground. Adult interaction is considered to be the highest risk factor.

  • Drop off will remain as it is at the various gates. 
  • Afternoon parent/carer entry and exit only via Frances Street from 3pm.
  • There will be no supervised pick up from Cowper St, only independent walkers via OOSH gate.
  • Please do not remain on school grounds and exit immediately on pick up.

    • Pick up:
      • Kindergarten- Netball courts (Wet weather- AMS COLA)
      • Year 1 and 2- Hall COLA
      • At the written request of a parent, K-2 students may be picked up by an older sibling for Kiss and Go or walk home. Please email or Seesaw your child's class teacher.
    • Kiss & Go
      • Commences at 3pm for all children and will go through until 3.15.
      • If you have an older or mixed age children group please come from 3:10pm or have them meet you further away.

    • Where you need to speak to a teacher, phone interviews are the strong preference for Term 3.
    • No organised sport, trials or carnivals beyond the school.
    • Please be aware that we have some returned teachers at high risk for adverse effects from COVID 19 and hence it is very important that adults maintain a physically distanced and COVID free environment.

    Under consideration by the Department of Education and Health for later in Term 3 are:

    • School Camps
    • Excursions
    • Parent attendance at  school events
    • Parent helpers in classroom as requested by teachers. Requires front office entry, signing of indemnity/COVID 19 on each occasion and adherence to strict hygiene requirements.

    Now enrolling for Kindergarten 2021

    If you have a child/neighbour/friend turning 5 years of age before 31st July 2021 they may be eligible for enrolling in 2021.

    Please check enrolment procedures on our website or email the office for information.

    Due to the current COVID 19 we anticipate creating a virtual tour and implement transition sessions in Term 4 or late Term 3 if the situation improves.

    We look forward to welcoming local enrolments and siblings to our school.

    Susan Allen

    What's on?

    P&C Meeting via Zoom

    Date and Time

    From Monday, June. 22nd, 7:00 pm to Monday, June. 22nd, 8:30 pm


    The P&C will be hosting an informal online meeting on Monday 22nd June at 7pm. 

    This meeting will include a quick update from the P&C, a Q&A session with School Principal Susan Allen and information about upcoming programs from the Instructional Leader, Annabel Hughes-Clapp.

    We will be streaming this meeting via Zoom and a link will be sent out in advance via Skoolbag and our Facebook page.

    If you have any questions you’d like covered, you are welcome to send them through in advance to

    NAIDOC Week

    Date and Time

    From Monday, June. 29th to Friday, July. 3rd

    Last day of Term 2

    Date and Time

    From Friday, July. 3rd to Friday, July. 3rd

    First day of Term 3 for students

    Date and Time

    From Tuesday, July. 21st to Tuesday, July. 21st


    Monday 20 July is a pupil free day.

    Sentral Parent Portal

    Semester 1 reports will be published in a few weeks on your child’s Sentral Parent Portal available here or via our school website homepage . If you have forgotten your password, please use the link under the ‘Sign in’ button.

    If you are new to Randwick, you will have received or will receive a letter containing a code for your registration to the Sentral Parent Portal. Please use your allocated access key provided in the letter to register for access.

    If you do not have your letter, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office for assistance.

    Representing our School

    Over the last few weeks, we have designed and created new Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) signs for the school. We couldn't have done it without the help of our wonderful parent volunteer, Gemma (mother of Lucas in 4J). A huge amount of effort and time has gone into these signs from her and we are extremely grateful for her work. Thank you Gemma!

    Here is a little preview of what you will see around the school in the future. The bees and beehive were also drawn by some talented students in 6AT.

    Home Learning Survey- Term 2

    Thank you to all of the parents and carers who provided feedback to us on Term 2 Home Learning. Below is a summary of the results:

    • 192 people participated in the survey
    • Over 80% of participants found the instructional videos useful, easy to follow and just the right length
    • 75% said the activities were at their child's level, 78% reported that their child was able to successfully complete the activities, however only 28% could do it independently
    • 68% reported that the learning intentions for activities were clear
    • Over 30% of parents/carers knew that their child had achieved the learning intention as they explained or demonstrated their knowledge and understanding to them
    • 57% of respondents found the feedback from teachers 'Good' to 'Very detailed and highly effective'


     Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work. We really appreciate it.

     It is a difficult time. School and family are trying our best. Kids safety is our first priority. Home schooling is less efficient but we have no issue with it for the time being.

    The home learning has come a long way from last semester and I feel that my child is learning a lot and understands what is required. 

    Term 2 home learning weekly schedule is great. It feels Like the teachers have spent a lot of time planning the tasks and lessons. Thank you!!

    RPS has done a wonderful job under very trying circumstances, thank you. We would welcome a full return back to school, so that teachers can resume group teaching of new concepts, rather than just supervision of online learning.

    Home learning programmes this term have vastly improved over last term - the instructional videos , detailed lesson content and step by step instructions, streamlined curriculum, feedback and attempts to engage with the class. Return to senior school maths/english classes has also helped immensely by providing appropriate level work and engagement.

    The work and schedule sent home has been fantastic; as has been the support. The only difficulty has been different communications channels and switching between them and remembering which one to access.

    Overall the school communication has been great. The 2 Seesaw apps have not been user friendly to follow. Teacher videos are great. I would find a video each day would be helpful to see what’s on for the day. Whether my child is attending or not, just helps keep on top of what’s happening and to keep on top.

    My son really loved zoom with classmates.

    Sports Update

    Urgent Update: PSSA

    A 'phased social distancing strategy' was implemented from Monday 16 March 2020 following advice from the NSW Department of Education.

    The Department now advises that due to the COVID-19 outbreak and ‘social distancing strategy’, all programs for term 3 are now cancelled.

    The health and wellbeing of everyone involved is paramount and at the heart of this decision. We recognise the pressures that schools are currently experiencing and supporting staff and students is our highest priority.

    Please be aware that Randwick Public School teachers have implemented their own Sports and PE program which will continue throughout Term 3. We hope that the summer season of PSSA sport is able to resume in Term 4.

    The Sydney East SSA advises that the following trials/championships will not proceed:

    ·         Primary Athletics

    ·         NSWPSSA Cross Country

    ·         NSWPSSA Netball

    ·         NSWPSSA Boys Touch

    ·         NSWPSSA Rugby Union

    ·         NSWPSSA Girls Rugby 7’s

    ·         NSWPSSA Golf

    ·         NSWPSSA Boys Softball

    ·         NSWPSSA Girls Touch

    ·         NSWPSSA Girls Softball

    ·         Secondary Trampoline trials

    ·         Secondary Athletics

    ·         NSW All-Schools Cross Country

    ·         NSWCHS Gymnastics

    ·         NSWCHS Athletics

    ·         NSWCHS Boys Tennis

    ·         NSWCHS Trampoline

    ·         NSWCHS Girls Tennis

    All term 3 2020 Zone/District, Sydney East, NSWPSSA and NSWCHSSA activities will now be cancelled and will not be rescheduled during 2020.

    The following term 3 trials will not proceed at this point, but the situation will be regularly reviewed and updates provided related to activities in term 4.

    ·         Primary Girls Cricket trials

    ·         Primary Boys Cricket trials

    ·         Secondary Water Polo trials

    ·         Secondary Boys Cricket trials

    The following sports event has been cancelled for term 4, 2020.

    ·         NSWPSSA Athletics

    All NSWPSSA and NSWCHSSA knockouts/statewide competitions have also been cancelled for 2020.

    We thank you for your understanding during this time.


    Sports Coordination Officer - Executive Officer
    Sydney East Schools Sports Association
    School Operations and Performance

    What parents need to know about Instagram

    Please provide your feedback by clicking on the link.

    Thank you!


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