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Newsletter Term 3 Week 6

Principal's Message

Dear Delany Community,

Your child’s attendance at school is not merely a legal requirement but a measure of success. Being at school ensures that your child is engaging with appropriate knowledge and skills to develop the necessary capabilities such as critical thinning and collaboration. Furthermore, regular attendance will establish good habit in community to venture as well as enhancing a child’s socialisation skills. For many students in their adolescence, knowing they must live by a set routine is a good precursor to when they enter adulthood.


In the previous semester we have data showing that some students are not attending on a regular basis. We do understand that children do fall ill from time to time, but we encourage all parents to prompt your children to push through any non-serious health issues and/or non-committal behaviours. In order for our young people to establish good habits we, the school and family unit, need to address any lack lustre attitudes towards schooling. Measures such as rewards and/or consequences will assist young people to self-regulate their actions. I also ask families not to plan trips overseas during term times as this will disrupt the learning process at school.


On another matter, I encourage families to be vigilant when it comes to social media. We will investigate the matter of social media during school time, but we will not take responsibility for students’ actions outside of school hours. If necessary, families have the right to take matters to the police if any laws have been breached.

 God Bless

 Mr Robert Muscat


Assistant Principal

I will depart from my usual update to present some information regarding student attendance at school.


I will begin by clarifying the school’s position on attendance at school. Everyone is, at some time, sick, and at these times it is important to have a break and allow your body and mind to recover. As we begin a discussion of attendance and absence we acknowledge that sickness is a part of life and I exclude this type of absence in the paragraphs below. There are also families that have the opportunity to travel overseas during the term, although the school must be informed of these arrangements and parents seek permission. 

The area of greatest concern is consistent absence from school which, ultimately, has a direct and detrimental impact on a student’s learning.

Absence adds up

Absence from school can be compared to a disease. A day or two here and there is not seen to be a significant gap, yet these days continue to accumulate. Here are some alarming statistics:

  • there are 30 students who have missed between 20 - 30% of school days this year.  If we assume this is a pattern that is consistent across years, these students will miss approximately one full semester across (for example) Years 9 & 10, or one term every year. Future success at school is greatly restricted for these students.

  • there are 22 students who, unless their attendance improves, will miss between 30 & 40 days for the year, which is equal to 6 -  8 weeks of missed classes (and approaching one full term)

  • there are 64 students who have missed 85 - 90% of days so far this year which is a pattern that can begin a slide to more alarming absence.

In comparison, there are 115 students who have missed 5 days or less this year. 

Standing firm on attendance 

With an appreciation of its importance I am asking that you stand firm on regular attendance from your home perspective. Here’s what we see in our attendance records:

  • first and last days of each term - there are far too many students who do not attend on these days. There should be no confusion regarding term dates since they are communicated in the student diary, in our newsletters and on our website. 

  • excursion days - I have written before that all excursions play an important role in your child’s learning. Many excursions are a compulsory component of coursework - for example the Year 9 & 10 History/Geography excursion on this coming Monday. Students will learn and apply important skills on this day which NESA identifies as critical and mandatory.

  • assessment days - it is a concern that a number of students do not attend on days of assessment. We acknowledge that these days have added anxiety, but missing this day only delays the task which, ultimately, must be submitted.

Life after school 

Skipping school unnecessarily is a bad habit, and habits are difficult to break.

When I speak with students about their attendance, they reply “I wouldn’t take a day off if I was working”. This is easy to say, and I hope it is true, because employees don’t keep their job (and they certainly don’t get paid) if they miss one day out of every ten (which is a 90% attendance rate).

We talk about the 3 Ps at Delany - pride, passion and persistence.

  • Be PROUD about attending school, about having a high rate of attendance, and about giving your best effort 

  • Be PASSIONATE about your education - giving underprivileged Irish children the gift of education is one reason why Daniel Delany established the Patrician Brothers

  • Be PERSISTENT to attend every possible day even when you “don’t feel like it”, when it’s too hot/cold/wet, when there are assessment tasks due or school excursions.

St Patrick, pray for us.

Mr Anthony Blomfield

Assistant Principal

From The Pedagogical Leader

Book week 2019

Each year, schools and libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators. Teachers and librarians create displays, develop activities, offer competitions and tell stories to highlight the importance of reading.

On of the activities organsied to celebrate Book Week at Delany College was an incursion for our Reading Enrichment students, featuring local author Sarah Ayoub.

Sarah encouraged our students to see the value in writing about their own personal experiences. She spoke about the writing process with a particular emphasis on the importance of editing. Additionally, Sarah echoed the writer’s mantra of “ Show don’t tell”, by reading many highly descriptive examples from a variety of young adult fiction texts. If any student is interested in reading Sarah’s novels, they are available in our school library. 

Without a doubt, the importance of reading can never be underestimated. Among the wonderful reasons for reading that teachers at Delany College impress upon students is that reading: 

  • improves vocabulary

  • develops comprehension skills

  • aids critical thinking and memory

  • builds confidence

  • expands knowledge and creativity

  • provides joy and pleasure

    For those who are interested in learning more about the amazing Sarah Ayoub, I have included an extract from her professional biography or you can click on the link

    Sarah Ayoub is a  freelance journalist and author based in Sydney, Australia.

    Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Marie-Claire, ELLE, Sunday Life, Girlfriend, Cosmopolitan, House & Garden, Sunday Style, Yen, CLEO and more, and she has spoken at numerous industry events including the Sydney Writer’s Festival, Emerging Writer’s Festival, Children’s and Young Adult’s Writer’s Festival, Children’s Book Council of Australia Conference and more.

    Her novels Hate is Such a Strong Word and The Yearbook Committee are contemporary stories of identity, belonging and discovery. She regularly speaks at schools and writer’s festivals about identity and self-worth in YA fiction, and is passionate about empowering young people to see the value in their own personal stories.

    Sarah has a Master of Media Practice from Sydney University and teaches Journalism at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, where she is currently a PhD candidate exploring the representations of migrant girls in Australian YA literature.

School Fees

Term 3 Fees were due and payable by 28 August 2019

A reminder to those Parents/Caregivers who have not paid Term 3 fees and may require an extension of time, or wish to discuss their fees further, please contact Sheryl Temu Ph 8633 8107 to make arrangements and therefore prevent receiving further reminder letters in the mail.

Thank you to those Parents/Caregivers who have paid or who have made arrangements with us to pay off their Term 3 school fees.


Mrs Sheryl Temu

Senior Finance Officer


Vinnies Van

The last Vinnies Van shift for Year 12 2019 was on Tuesday 27 of August. Students Maryanne, Nicholas, Paul, Jonathan and Leo accompanied Miss Ortiz and Miss Katrib to both sites. The night was full of conversation and laughter for all those involved, an extremely enjoyable last shift.

Miss Kelsey Ortiz

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and other teaching staff, for taking time out of your busy schedules to participate in the St Vincent De Paul Society and giving year 12 this opportunity to take part in serving the wider community, and allowing us to understand how lucky and blessed we are with what we have. I don't have much to give, except my gratitude and appreciation, and safe travels in the final year 12 Vinnies Van shift also hoping everybody enjoys themselves. 

Sioeli Haunga

Year 12 Student

From The Library

We’ve just had a wonderful Book Week! Before proceeding with details of that however, the prize winners of the Scavenger Hunt of the previous week should be acknowledged. Three prizes of Dymocks Gift Cards, each to the value of $20, were won by Rhys Ramos,Theodora Moungatonga and Makalita Liutai. 

During Book Week itself we had Read Alouds at lunch times where some of our teachers read a portion of a story or an entire poem to students in the Library. Among other things, reading aloud to students helps to widen their vocabulary and exposes them to authors they may not know. While attendance numbers weren’t high for these, those who did come enjoyed what was read. We heard ‘The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe; a selection from ‘Run Baby Run’ by Nicky Cruz; and the poem, ‘The Clockaholic’ by Veronica Weal.

Blind Date with a Book and the Sweets Stall unfortunately had to be postponed but we’re looking forward to it as soon as a new date is organised.

The highlight of the week was our Costume Day! It was great to see so many students dressing as the characters of books - and many staff members as well! Photos are truly the best way for the day to be described. We had three prizes to award for costumes. First prize went to Porsha Pepic as the Queen of Hearts; second to Rhys Ramos as Luna; and third to Toaila Liutai, Izabel Anae & Tiana Wong as the Three Little Pigs.

Thanks go to all who were involved. We’re looking forward to another one next year!

Mrs Lynette Perrett

Library Manager

Sydney Jewish Museum

On 21 August, Year 7 had the privilege of visiting the Sydney Jewish Museum located in Darlinghurst. In English, we have been reading a novel called Hana's Suitcase which is about a girl who passed away in a camp during the Holocaust. It was an amazing day where we got to learn more about the text, World War II and even met a survivor named Ana Deleon. I have gained so much knowledge from the day and am very happy that I went. I would also like to thank Miss Falcone, Ms Bartley, Mrs Moussa and Mr Muscat for making this day possible. Mia Younan

My favourite part of the day was meeting survivor, Ana Deleon. She was so sweet and so brave. I was so proud of her being able to explain what happened to her and the conditions within which she lived. Overall, the trip to the Sydney Jewish Museum in the city was successful and an awesome place to learn. Porsha Pepic

We are extremely grateful for this once in a lifetime experience at the museum and being able to meet a Holocaust survivor. Marc Bao-Idang

Miss Stefani Falcone


Maths Olympiad

The fourth round for Maths Olympiad was held on Wednesday 21 August for students in Year 7 and 8. These students have displayed commitment and a desire to solve challenging problems.

The final round is Wednesday 11 September!

Miss Kelsey Ortiz

Mathematics Leader

YEAR 11 Visual Design - Wearable Art and Accessories

Masoud Rashvand

 Tie Dyed Royal costume in Blue Brocade with Fur Collar and Gold Mask

Umaru Bah

Tie Dyed African ensemble in Red with Leather Neckpiece

Ashleigh Baledrokadroka

 Save the Bees Lace and Yellow Flowers Costume

Georgio ElBety

Autumnal Green and Yellow Skeleton Leaf Shirt with Mask 

Christine Katrib

 Green Floral Cocktail Dress with Hat and matching accessories


Jedi Dodge Ball Students in Year 7 PDHPE played a target game called 'Jedi Dodge Ball'. It is a variation on the original game, if a player gets tagged with the ball below the waist they are out of the game. The rules of Jedi dodge ball are as follows: There are two teams and they both have a Jedi. The Jedi is the person that can revive the players that are tagged out off the game. However, when the Jedi is tagged they can no longer revive players. Although it is difficult for that side to win,  the team that eventually gets all of the other team's players out wins the game.


Natalie Roberts


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournament

Throughout Week 4 this term 16 students participated in a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate video game tournament. It was an intense competition where competitors needed to show some teamwork, skill and determination in order to be called the champion of Delany. After an interesting few rounds of tag-team battles and 1 on 1 competition which even saw some families divided in the spirit of competition, we had our final four: Rhys Ramos, James Abed, Jimmar Penoso and Gabi Dandash. In a tense battle which went down to the wire, Gabi Dandash emerged as the champion of the tournament earning himself a first place trophy and a $50 K-Mart gift voucher. 


Thank you to Robert Milthorpe, Aljim Penoso, Gabi Dandash and Brandon Zaiter for their dedication to organise and run the tournament. Also, a special thank you must go to Ms. Carina Aguiman for her tremendous support to organise the prizes and trophies for our final four participants.

Mr Alexander Peronace

Student Learning Leader

Important Dates

Father's Day Breakfast, Liturgy and Afternoon TeaFriday 30 August
PDSSSC Athletics CarnivalFriday 30 August
Boys Basketball Gala Day (Years 7 & 8)

Monday 2 September

Years 9 &10 Geography Excursion DayMonday 2 September
Delany Debating Shields (Primary Schools Competition) at 1:30pmWednesday 4 September
Year 7 Team Building ExcursionThursday 5 September

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