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Newsletter Term 2 Week 10

Principal's Message

Dear Delany Community,


We say farewell to Miss Rodrigues at the end of this term as she peruses her future endeavours. We thank her for her contribution to the Maths team and wish her every success. I would also like to congratulate Mrs Renee McCarren on being appointed Stage 6 Student Learning Leader while Mrs Simone Pratelli is on maternity leave. I take this opportunity to also thank the staff for all their hard work over the term. Term 2 is generally the busiest Term and the Teaching and Support staff have worked tirelessly to provide a high quality Catholic education for our young people.


We celebrated our multicultural day last Friday and as in previous years it was a huge success. A big thanks goes to our Student Leaders who had planned and coordinated the events and stalls. It is always wonderful to see happy faces proud of their cultural heritage enjoying the experience of being in one community. The spirit of Delany was alive and well with many visitors, parents and friends of the College commenting on how they felt welcomed and included in the festivities.


I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable break. May we all return refreshed with a renewed energy to learn.

God Bless 

Mr Robert Muscat


Assistant Principal

We now head towards the school holidays with two weeks of rest. Congratulations to students who have performed consistently throughout the semester, and also to our staff who have worked to promote learning and engaging classes throughout. I wish all families a safe and peaceful break.

The Delany community

If you weren’t at the College last Friday you should have been! Our annual Multicultural Day was the best yet - please have a look at the photos on the following pages of our newsletter. It was a pleasure to have about 20 students from Granville Public school as guests of our opening assembly, as well as the many, many family members and past students who visited the College during the afternoon.

There was a fantastic array of cultural clothing worn by both students and staff. Some highlights included saris, a Leprechaun, various Pacific Island and African clothes. These outfits and many more were modelled on the Multicultural Catwalk during the fashion parade. 

Throughout the afternoon we were entertained by a host of students who performed and sang, played instruments and danced. Many students had spent the past few weeks working hard on their performances - and it paid off! It was a pleasure and thrill to see the pride that each of the performers showed - even though it was matched by nervousness. 

I’d like to thank every family who contributed to the afternoon by providing food. The generosity shown by so many is the factor that makes the day such a success. My menu for the afternoon included paella, crostini, butter chicken and African jallof rice. Needless to say I was well fed during the afternoon, as was everyone else.

Finally, the day was such a success due to the hours of planning and work that was largely led by the Year 12 planning team. There were regular meetings, design and production of the posters, organisation of the performances, finding many local businesses that provided goods for the raffle, and many other behind-the-scenes jobs. Congratulations to this team - each one of you should be proud of the result.

There’s only 360 days until the next Multicultural Day!

The academic community 

Year 12 students are the only students for whom this holiday break is not ‘just’ a holiday. These students will return to face Trial HSC examinations in week 3 of term 3. The next two weeks do not have to be completely full of study, because rest is a part of effective personal care. The Trials, however, hold significant weighting towards the HSC results so I encourage all students to have a study plan in place. Further, I would like to acknowledge those staff who have offered to run extra workshops during the holidays.

Semester One reports will be mailed home this week to all families of students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

The Patrician community 

Today, Wednesday 3 July, we are hosting the annual Delany Day. This day brings together a representation of Year 10 students from each of the Patrician schools to talk about their plans for the next two years. It is part reflection day, part networking day, part formation day and part leadership day. After all, these are the students who, in just over twelve months, might be selected to be College leaders of their respective schools.

St Patrick, pray for us.

Mr Anthony Blomfield

Assistant Principal

Religious Education

The People Of The Covenant

This Term, year 7’s have been studying the people of the covenant. We’ve looked at people like Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and King David. We have been creating interviews and performances portraying our knowledge and understanding for this unit.

This is a recount on the life of Joseph. 

Joseph was a young boy who did not know what God had installed for his future; he lived with his mother, stepmother, his father, sister, and ten older brothers. He was a natural born leader ready for anything that the world threw at him. He was the kind of child that always had high hopes and big dreams (literally). Many people fail to notice that the story of Joseph is about redemption. Joseph went through trouble but through all that God was by his side and in the end God helps him out of all his troubles. (Genesis 50:20: “What you meant for evil God meant for good.”) God also uses Joseph to fulfill his promise to multiply Abraham’s seed. Once Joseph settles his family in Goshen, the family of Abraham is “fruitful and multiplies exceedingly” (Genesis 47:27). 

Under Joseph’s leadership, Abraham’s seed flourishes. God promised Abraham a dynasty, (a royal seed). Joseph is the first of that “seed”, a new Adam meditating God’s blessings to the nations, a beloved son and a servant king. The story isn’t just about how Joseph fulfills the Abrahamic promise, but about how God keeps his covenant and fulfills his promises through a rejected but “royal seed”. The covenant is secure in the hands of the God who can majorly orchestrate the actions of evil men for his good purposes (Genesis 50:20). 

Through Joseph, God is reversing the curse and fulfilling his promises to Abraham. (Genesis 37-50) is not just about God’s providence; it’s also about his promises. God uses Joseph to turn back the effects of the curse and accomplish his promises to Abraham. He stacks the odds against himself and then demonstrates his power by using an imprisoned slave, exiled by his own family. Perhaps Moses spends so much time on Joseph to show us how God can pull off the impossible even through a seemingly insignificant Jew, rejected by his own brothers. Perhaps Moses spends so much time on Joseph so his people would anticipate a coming Joseph who would finally and completely reverse the curse and fulfill the promises. Joseph’s story is the story of the whole Bible. It’s the story of glory through suffering, exaltation through indignity. It’s the story of the “cross and the crown”.

I hope that this teaches you something about Joseph.

 Keziah Opoku - Gyan

Year 7 student

The most interesting figure that we looked at and had an effect on the students in my class was  King David. Here are some of the things we learnt about King David:

How David was appointed King

It was a sunny day and David a shepherd boy, was tending, to his father's flock . He was called upon and went  to see what his father needed. At that point, David was anointed King of Israel by Samuel, a prophet at that time.

David fought Goliath

It was years later in his life that King David proved his worth by defeating the immensely tall and strong giant named Goliath. His weapon was a single smooth stone shot from his handmade slingshot.

King Saul and David

King Saul becomes jealous that David is more popular than him so he sends a death warrant. The person that kills David shall be rewarded with fame and fortune. This forces King David to hide in a cave for seven and a half years.

As King Saul tries to hunt down King David, God protects David by supplying him with food, shelter and water. This formed an unbreakable bond between King David and God and leads to the downfall of King Saul in battle which ultimately made David King of Israel. 

Unfortunately. King David committed a big sin and is not forbidden to build the temple of Jerusalem to house the Ten Commandments brought down from the mountain by Moses.

Throughout this term Year 7 have been engaged in this topic and have learnt about many people in the convent from the Bible.

Tristan Singhdeo

Year 7 student

Vinnies Van

On the evening of Tuesday 25 June, Paul Trad, Vincent Tuala, Nicholas Faddoul and Dylan Boatswain all took part in volunteering for Vinnies Van along with Miss Katrib, Miss Whitfield and Mrs Findlay. The experience was very humbling as our team were able to engage in conversation and provide sustenance to those in need. There were many laughs shared and karaoke sessions had on the way to and from our designated sites in Mount Druitt and Parramatta. Thank you to our students and staff for giving your time to help the less fortunate.

Mrs Misty Findlay

Vinnes Van Co-ordinator

Pedagogical Leader

In last fortnight's newsletter, I wrote about the professional learning that occurs each Tuesday afternoon for the Delany College teaching staff. I also provided various inquiries that each professional learning team was pursuing. 

As you can see from these pictures, each team presented their extensive findings through the presentation of a gallery walk. As colleagues moved through each presentation they were asked to identify suggestions that included:

  • research and teaching/learning strategies they liked

  • Areas of wonder that they were not sure of,  and 

  • Any suggestions or next steps that may be implemented through what if statements.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Delany teachers for their ongoing professional reflection so as to refine school-wide pedagogical practice as a part of improving student outcomes.

Finally, I would like to wish all members of the Delany community a safe and restful holiday.

Ms Sharon MaManus

Pedagogical Leader


School Fees

Term 2 Fees were due and Payable by 5 June 2019

A reminder to those Parents/Caregivers who have not paid Term 2 fees and may require an extension of time, or wish to discuss their fees further, please contact our Finance Office by calling Sheryl Temu on 8633 8107. This will prevent receiving further reminder letters in the mail.

Thank you to those Parents/Caregivers who have paid or who have made arrangements with us to pay off their Term 2 school fees


Bishop Manning Scholarship Fund Applications for 2020

We have received confirmation that 2 students have been granted a Bishop Manning scholarship starting Year 7 in 2020 right through Year 12. If you have received an application please ensure you return it as soon as possible with all the supporting documentation. Our Finance Office will work with you to prepare your application so please contact us if you have any questions. Sheryl Temu Ph 8633 8107 


Mrs Sheryl Temu

Senior Finance Officer


Maths Olympiad

The second round for Maths Olympiad was held on Wednesday 19 June for students in Year 7 and 8. Despite the challenging nature of the tasks, these students rose to the occasion, attempting each question with growing confidence.

The next round is Wednesday 31 July!

Miss Kelsey Ortiz

Mathematics Leader

Scopa With Signorina

This Term, our Italian students in Stage 4 and 5 have been learning about typical Italian pastimes, making comparisons between the interests of Italian and Australian youth. We found little difference in our love for card games, with students learning how to play Scopa and Sbarracocce. They learnt the value of certain cards, how to play strategically and how to win humbly (sometimes). I was so pleased with how involved and enthusiastic students were. They played like true Italians.

Miss Falcone


Hospitality Excursion

The Inspired Series - Luke Mangan 

On the chilly morning of the 25th of June, the Year 11 and 12 Hospitality classes had the opportunity to travel to Bankstown Sports Club to participate in the Inspired Series by Luke Mangan. Upon arrival we had the privilege to sit and listen to three successful and skilled people, including Luke about their experiences in the Hospitality Industry. We were also cordially welcomed and informed by various stalls that were set up to help inform us with the opportunities of careers relating to Hospitality Industry. Afterwards, we undertook a tour throughout the sports club, and the sights were beyond imagination. We walked throughout various stunning restaurants that held themes from Vintage Asia and Greenfield Train Station. This also included distinct environments set up including Italy, Chinatown, and even the use of advanced screens. The sports centre did not only contain restaurants but also held accommodation, a gym, movie theatre and various bars. This excursion really put a new perspective on the Hospitality Industry and gave that perception of the industry pushing forward with new ideas and concepts.

Vincent Tuala

Year 12 student


On 20 of June,  students of Year 10 were taken to Riverside Theatre to watch a randition of William Shakespeare's play Macbeth. Students were transported back to Elizabethan England as they listened to Shakespearean language and watched the results of greed and guilt unfold in Macbeth's eventual demise.

 The students were thrilled with this opportunity as the actors brought to life the text they will study in depth next term and watching the play has given them the insight of stage positioning and dramatic effects to create meaning.


Assistant Communication Leader 

Mrs Greenberry 


Visual Arts

On Friday 14 June, Stage 5 Photography and Senior Visual Arts students attended the “Vivid Sydney – Light, Music and Ideas Festival”. Students braved the cold to explore this unique experience hosted annually in the city. We were all impressed by the diversity and creativity of the light installations and particularly enjoyed the interactive exhibits.


Ms Megan Cook

Curriculum Leader


Football Net

Year 8 students Owen Faddoul, Nathan Bechara, Eyli Yaacoub and Jeremiah Taliauli have created a game called Football Net  as a component of their Assessment task for 'Let's Get Active'. The game is similar to volleyball but the players had to kick the football over the net. There were a number of rules attached to the game such as  if you didn't get it over the net or dropped the ball, you were automatically out of the game. The team with the most players on the court at the end of the game won. It was by all accounts a fun game! Well done to the boys for their creativity!

Warren Johnson



Warren Johnson



For the past few weeks the Delany Girls Junior and Intermediate Netball teams have been training for their upcoming Gala Day in term 3.

Students have been getting special coaching from Nick Kelly, GA for the Mens NSW Netball team. 

 The girls were given the opportunity to train in their brand new Delany team uniforms which they were all really excited about. The girls have progressed so much since last year and we are looking forward to the challenge of the Gala Day. 


Intermediate Netball coach 

Mrs Greenberry 


Multicultural Day

Delany College Multicultural Day 2019

Every year Delany College holds its Multicultural Day to celebrate the cultural diversity in the College. This day encourages students, teachers and the wider community to celebrate their culture with food, rides, and performances. In light of international injustices and current affairs, we are all called to remember the importance of tolerating and embracing our cultural differences to form an accepting and vibrant community and nation. We also acknowledge the nation on which we are united and gather, a nation whose traditional custodians are the Darug people, and we give respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of the past, present and emerging. 

Most importantly, the day not only encourages us to recognise the cultural differences within Australia but rejoice in our ability to live in a country free from religious and cultural persecution with safety at the forefront. Therefore, the notion of Multiculturalism within Australia is today reflected by the multicultural composition of its people, its immigration policies, its prohibition on discrimination, equality before the law of all persons, as well as various cultural policies which promote diversity and unity.Thank you so much for attending our Multicultural Day 2019. We are proud to have brought together such an amazing group of stall leaders, event organisers, performers, guests and community members.

Thank you again for being part of such a wonderful experience. We look forward to working with you all for future events.

Mary Ghribian 

College Captain

Delany’s Multicultural community shines!

(There was traditional dancing, singing and a smorgasbord of food at Delany’s Multicultural Day)


Delany College Granville went all out when it celebrated its Multicultural Festival. There was singing, dancing, jumping castles, a smorgasbord of traditional food and a multicultural fashion parade. 


The Multicultural Festival has become a highlight event on the Delany College calender with a lot of work put in by students and the school community to make sure the afternoon event goes without a hitch.


Delany Assistant Principal Anthony Blomfield said Multicultural Day is the school’s major fundraising event for the Patrician Delany Foundation. “Students have really been the driving force behind this event, coming up with ideas on the entertainment, fashion parade and coordinating the fundraising activities,’’ Mr Blomfield said.


Multicultural Day was launched in 2016 with the purpose of giving students the opportunity to have a ``taste of the world’’. It has grown from these humble beginnings to an annual whole school and community event.


(Delany senior English Teacher Misty Findlay, with colleagues Sharon McManus and Cheryl Sahyoun, dressed up in their traditional outfits to help celebrate the special day)


The Day has gained such momentum that this year featured a Multicultural Fashion Parade with every culture represented in a flurry of colour and design! It also featured the largest number of visitors to the school, along with food stalls galore and activities which kept visitors fed and entertained.


“The Year 12 leaders played a big part of the day’s success. They worked behind the scenes to plan and prepare many of the activities, and continued on the day to coordinate and run stalls, serve food, perform and clean up at the end of the day,’’ Mr Blomfield said.


Year 11 students Izabel Anae, Tiana Moungatonga, Touila Liutai said that Multicultural Day is a great way to celebrate the diversity of cultures at their school. “It gives us all a chance to show off the best parts of our culture and celebrate it with our friends and family,’’ they said.


“Multicultural Day represents our community in all its richness, diversity, energy and generosity! Thank you to everyone for your support,” Mr Blomfield said.


(There was something for everyone at Delany’s Multicultural Day with family and friends having a ball on the jumping castles)

Important Dates

End of Term 2 

Friday 5 July
Term 3 CommencesMonday 22 July
Netball Gala Day

Wednesday 24 July 

HSC CSSA Trial examinations commenceMonday 5 August
Delany Debating Shield (Primary schools competition)Wednesday 7 August at 1:30pm.
Year 10 Reflection DayFriday 9 August

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