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St Patrick's Marist College

Newsletter Number 11 - 31 July 2019

From the Principal ....

Welcome back to Term 3

I hope that both our students and staff had the opportunity to relax, refresh and renew ready for another term.

During Week 1 we held our Semester One Awards, it was great to see so many family and friends here to support our students and celebrate their hard work, success and growth. I would like to thank Mr Scanlon for his leadership and organisation of the ceremony. There is so much work and planning by staff that goes into making this event so successful. We thank Ms Andrews for her work and preparations with the wonderful musical performances, we have such talented students. Thanks to Mrs Lyons and the Tech Team for their work in ensuring sound and visual with the various year presentations. To our Leaders of Learning: Mr Hornby; Mrs Padden; Mr Quigley; Mr Berner; Mr Bonora and Mr Belcher and to Mrs Pavlovich, Mrs O’Neill, Madam Dunston and  Ms Graham for their help with the presentations of the Year groups and Sports Awards. A big thank you to Mrs Le Mottee who prepared and collated all the awards.

My message to our young people.  At St Patrick’s Marist College we aim high, strongly driven by our core values, where the dignity and love of work in pursuit of excellence reflects our enduring belief in hard work and that every learner deserves a year's growth for a year's input of teaching and more importantly every student is capable of extraordinary things.  “STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE”  in whatever you pursue. We each need to find something that inspires and motivates us, that drives us, that helps us to find success in some way. As Learners and people, you have unique gifts. Everyone is deserving of something better and bigger. I encourage you to find what or who  inspires you to think big and to think bold.We only get better on purpose and with purpose.  

Last Thursday, we held our annual Creative and Performing Arts Year 12 Exhibition, I know those in attendance will support me in saying that it was a wonderful evening, with a lot of positive energy and excitement from the students and visitors. The teachers have spent many many hours before and after school, in their planning periods and holidays working with students. There are some very high quality major projects across all areas.

Congratulations to all of the Year 12 Teachers (Ms Andrews, Ms Robinson, Ms Lyons and Ms Greenlees) you should be immensely proud of your students and what you have achieved and to Ms Donnelly  and Ms Andrews for your leadership and support. We also thank Ms Tripodi and the Hospitality students for their assistance.

This week we had some very sad and upsetting news. One of our wonderful Year 9 students Chloe Abou-Hamad (Year 9) has been diagnosed with a serious illness. What struck me was the family spirit, love and support that has been evident over the last couple of days as our community has become aware. It has been wonderful to see the generosity of people who have contributed to Chloe’s Gofundme page. We as a community will look at ongoing ways to support Chloe and her family. At times like this both young people and adults can need some additional support. We are here if needed and our school counsellors Helen Holubinskyj and Kathyrn Rogers  are available. Our prayers and thoughts are with Chloe, her mum Julianna, her family and friends during this very challenging and confusing time.

I will be on leave from the 7th August until the 20th September.  Mr Jason Scanlon will be Acting Principal and Ms Katherine Maish will be acting Assistant Principal Innovation, Teaching and Learning.

Mrs Angela Hay


Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning


Next week, Year 12 students will undertake their Trial Examinations. Students are reminded to ensure that they are on time for their set exams; to wear full College winter uniform for every exam and to bring the required equipment to their exams. This is an important time for demonstrating the learning that has taken place through the Stage 6 courses.

This year is the first time that students have not experienced a Mid-Course Examination period, so it is vital that students are able to use this experience to monitor their use of time management by rehearsing at home. In cases of misadventure, please contact the College – Mr Simon Belcher – the Year 12 Pastoral Leader of Learning to inform of your child’s absence. A reminder that in cases of illness to also obtain a doctor’s certificate on the day of the illness and return it to Miss Hagarty the next day.


As the new semester begins, it is an opportunity for each student to refocus, get organised

and engaged in the learning ahead. In supporting learning at home, it is most important that students are revising learning from each subject, completing set homework and preparing for upcoming assessments. This means that time is set for private study away from distractions of devices and social media. I do encourage all parents to support your child by creating boundaries which support this focus on learning and study at home. It is these boundaries and routines that create positive learning habits and set students up for senior school studies.

In particular, Year 10 students will conclude this Semester at the same time as all other year levels. This means that summative assessment will be concluded, however, the important learning in preparation for the Year 11 courses will still continue to the end of Semester 2. It is essential as we conclude our subject selection process, that Year 10 students use the remaining time to build strong learning habits and routines to ensure they are prepared for Preliminary studies in Year 11.  If any students require further support in forming these routines and habits please do not hesitate to see me or Miss Hagarty.


Congratulations to the many students awarded with academic awards last week. It was a very proud moment for us as educators to witness the success of our students through their dedication, efforts and hard work. Celebrating learning success is a key aspect of who we are as a learning community and it also challenges us to try harder and develop the commitment and work ethic to experience success in learning this Semester.


Initiated by NESA, Year 10 will need to undertake a minimum standards test in Reading,

Writing and Numeracy. The test will be held on 10 -11 September and can only be undertaken online on a laptop. Students without an iPad will be provided a College laptop to complete the test.

The Minimum Standards online tests are based on the Australian Core Skills Framework

(ACSF); results reported as a level of achievement from 1-4. The test achievement level descriptions describe the skills needed for each of the four levels. Level 3 skills indicate a nationally agreed level of functional literacy and numeracy.

Minimum Standard Reading Test

  • 45 multiple choice questions 
  • Adaptive — meaning it tailors to a student’s ability. Questions become harder or easier depending on whether a student is answering questions correctly or incorrectly.
  • Marked electronically according to the achievement level descriptions

Minimum Standard Numeracy Test

  • 45 multiple choice questions 
  • Adaptive — meaning it tailors to student’s ability. Questions become harder or easier depending on whether a student is answering questions correctly or incorrectly.
  • Marked electronically according to the achievement level descriptions

Minimum Standard Writing Test

  • One question based on a visual or text prompt with up to a 500 word-response
  • Marked by trained markers according to the achievement level descriptions and the following, equally weighted, criteria: relevance of writing to the topic; structure and sequence of ideas and control of language

Students who do not meet the standard will be provided another opportunity in Term 4

Mr Jason Scanlon

Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Walkathon 2019

On Friday 23rd August, the College will be holding our annual Walkathon and all our plans are proceeding well.  This is our main fundraising event for the College. It not only assists the College to improve the conditions and resources available for your sons and daughters but it also provides a wonderful experience of school spirit and teamwork to achieve a goal.

The theme for the event is “Dynamic Duos and Dream Teams”

A significant portion of our money raised will go to our ongoing support of the Marist school in Trichy, India. In our five years of support for this developing project, the school has grown to a size of over 300 students. As the community has continued to develop and grow around the school, the requirements continue to grow. In the next couple of years, the school is looking at developing into a high school to continue the educational opportunities for the students there. To give some scope of how far the money we raise goes, if we raise approximately $23000, this will pay the salary for the 18 members of staff who currently work at the College. The average wage for a teacher is $100 a month. 

The school fees for each child attending the primary school is close to $150 for the year. For some families, this is difficult to pay the full fee so exceptions are made. The main aim is that every student in the area has an opportunity to attend. The money we raise this year will help make up the shortfall for these families which will allow their children to attend. Our particular focus this year is to help with the shortfall of these funds which will allow these students to continually attend throughout the year.

Each child has been provided with details on how to fund raise via the MYCAUSE site. We have used this site for the past two years. Please see the details attached as to how your child can fund raise and also how we can continue to contribute to our sister community in India.  We are also seeking sponsorship from local businesses and you will find a letter detailing our sponsorship packages included in this newsletter. 

Mr M. Paton

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Walkathon 2019

How to donate?

  1. Going to the following website
  2. Search for the student you would like to donate and support.
  3. Deposit an amount directly to their online account. Mycause will automatically send a receipt for the donation.
  4. ALTERNATIVELY - You can provide a CASH donation to the student you are sponsoring. The student will collect and record the amount on their card and deposit this cash amount to school.

All details can be obtained via the school’s website.

2019 Leader Profiles


April began her journey at St Patrick’s Marist College in Year 7, 2014.  She came from Dundas Public School in which she was School Captain.

April has been involved in a number of sport and extra-curricular activities throughout her time at the College.  She has been involved with College Open Day, elected Homeroom Class Captain and Year 11 helper at Year 7 Camp.  April has been involved in a number of sports including Netball, Oztag, Basketball, Touch Football, Athletics as well as Tennis. She was also crowned a two time champion in Oztag, one time champion in Basketball and a one time champion in Touch Football.

Along with her sporting ability April excels academically. These achievements prove April’s hard working and positive attitude and that she is always keen to participate and give her very best.

When asked of her vision for the School, April stated “My vision is a school where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable, where everyone embraces their differences and can come together in kindness and school spirit, to make our College to be the best place they can be".  April

Even with her constant success on the sporting field as well as academically, April is quite humble and is an excellent friend and person.  April has an outstanding work ethic and will make a fantastic College Prefect for 2019.

Written by:  Jye Durkin

Formation Group

 Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus

Some people choose to live life marginally, while others set different goals for themselves and they thrive to reach and leave a trace for others to learn from.

Carl Lutz, who was a diplomat for Switzerland in Palestine and Dr Randall who was in a concentration camp during World War 2, had opportunities to live securely not risking their lives.  Lutz could have avoided issuing protective documents to people dragged to concentration camps, and Dr Randall had the opportunity to run off the camp but took his time to think about it.  Lutz decided to issue protective documents to save 62000 people, and Dr Randall stayed and helped the sick people whose illnesses he was treating. They both followed Jesus' footsteps and were ready to sacrifice their lives to save others.

The similarity between these two great people and Jesus is in Matthew 26:39,

Matthew wrote:  Going a little farther, He fell with His face to the ground and prayed, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup be taken from Me. Yet, not as I will, but as You will.”

Here Jesus saw the suffering and the pain He was going to endure and asked His Father for help but preferred to sacrifice Himself for others.

Jesus gave up His earthly life for us to live. He was not attached to anything and this is why He said In Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you.”

Lutz and Randall preferred saving others over their gains in this life. They gave up the comfort and their own safety and risked all for others’ sake."

Mr T. Maroun


Changes to School Bus Routes

Dear Parents / Carers,

We have been notified by State Transit that there will be some changes to both regular Public Bus Services and School Bus Services from next term.  Whilst this does not affect our College directly, there may be some disruption or changes to siblings, family members or friends. 

Please see attached the attached document with information regarding these changes which will come into effect on the 28th July 2019.

If you have any queries, please contact Steve Bakous (02 9941 6825) or Tony Moujalli from the Willoughby Depot, State Transit on 02 9941 9200 or 0400 782 555 ( 

Altered School Routes Information


School Fees


The statements for the third instalment have been mailed to all families and are due on Wednesday 28th August.  If you are currently on a payment plan, please continue to make your instalments as per the arrangement.

Please contact me urgently if you have not received your statement.

If any family is experiencing financial difficulty or would like to organise an alternate payment plan you can contact me confidentially on – 8841 7955 Monday to Thursday or email


Please note that under the School Fee Policy as set out by the Catholic Education Office Parramatta: " A Term’s notice (10 weeks) in writing must be given to the Principal before the removal of a student or a full Term’s Fees will be payable".  Parents are also required to complete a clearance form. 

Further details on this policy can be found on

Ms R. Wadih

School Fee Administrator

HSC Supervisors Needed

St Patrick’s Marist College require Examination Supervisors for the upcoming HSC Exams which will be held from 17 October to 11 November.  Supervisors are employed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) but report to the Principal.  The Presiding Officer is responsible for organising the supervisor roster, training and management of the supervisors. 


  • Cannot have a child or near relative (including siblings, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or first cousins) sitting the HSC at the same exam centre
  • Work in a school in a paid capacity, volunteer at the school or tutor students sitting the exams at the same exam centre.
  • Must have a current Working with Children Check Clearance (WWCC)
  • Must be able to work as a part of a team
  • Have attention  to detail
  • Ability to carry out duties confidentially and discreetly
  • Physical ability to stand for long periods of time.

Send applications to Sarah Hagarty, St Patrick’s Marist College , 171 Kirby Street Dundas  NSW  2117, email or for further information contact Rolla Wadih on 8841 7900 by 16th August.


Year 7

Welcome back to Year 7 in their second semester of high school. A reminder for Year 7 students to begin thinking about their costume ideas for the Walkathon in Week 5!  The theme is ‘Dynamic Duos and Dream Teams’. The Walkathon is always a fantastic day filled with smiles and community spirit, let’s ensure Year 7 add to this even further.  Also continue seeking sponsors for the upcoming Walkathon, let’s make a difference to our sister school students live, in India.

Mr J. Hornby

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 7

Key Learning

Year 12 Creative Arts Showcase

On Thursday the 25th of July saw our Year 12 Creative Arts students from Visual Arts, Drama and Music exhibit and perform their HSC body of works. All 3 subject areas utilised different spaces within the La Valla centre to simultaneously showcase their students skills. What a fantastic night of energy and interaction with a range of creative excellence and mastery on display!

Visual Arts

27 Visual Arts students presented for their formal and deliberate audience a body of work in their individually selected expressive form. Demonstrating technical accomplishment that reinforces and supports a sustained conceptual meaning is the aim for HSC Visual Arts students. These students determined their own roles as artists through individual choices and actions about form, subject matter, treatment of subject matter, style, scale and many other structural qualities. Over time they have developed ideas that communicate, elaborate and register on a number of layers via the employment of an innovative and specific visual language. Considering the role of the audience and the world around them, students have assessed, directed and redirected intentions in order to refine and resolve their artmaking practice. 

Conceptually students investigated notions of childhood, connections between nature and people as they age, perspectives and how individuals form their own through differing viewing angles, animal cruelty and how their sacrifice is for our benefit, dementia, the juxtaposition of a hospitals physical structure and its unpredictable events contained within this rigid space, coral bleaching, 9/11 and the sacred place of the little church that stood, Australian politics and the disposable nature of our leaders and the ambiguity of feelings whilst underwater are just to name of few. 

Students have experimented with and explored materials, techniques and processes to best communicate such ideas. Abstract painting, ceramic series, large scale photography, hyper-realistic drawing, underwater photography, found object mixed media, wire and wooden sculptural forms, felting and stylised painting are some ways in which students have decided to represent their intentions.

Natalia Ross is the winner of the Peoples Choice Award - congratulations Natalia. There was a great interest in voting on the night, with many different works highly engaging their audience and attracting involvement and intrigue.

Congratulations to these students for working so hard in preparing for and installing their exhibition. I am looking forward to seeing how these body of works evolve further before the NESA due date. 


Each of the Year 12 Music students showcased two of their Elective Performance pieces on the night. These pieces demonstrated a range of stylistic techniques from differing periods and genres of music. These performances provided ambient sounds that emanated throughout the La Valla Hall whilst the crowd was viewing the artworks on display. Thank you to the students for providing an energetic and enjoyable atmosphere for this evening. 


In the Drama room, the Year 12 Drama students presented their Group Devised Performances and presented a range of Individual Projects in Performance and Design. Students have worked collaboratively to devise original pieces of theatre and directorial concepts.


Some Year 11 Hospitality students provided catering on the night, serving cheese platters, cakes and biscuits to our Showcase visitors. Thank you to Katherine Tripodi, Daniel Moussa, Deslie Kasmer, Catherine Thomson and Sue Neilson for your work in managing the Hospitality students and setting up the catering for this event. 

Thank you to all the staff, students, families and visitors who were our audience viewing, watching, talking about, encouraging and participating in our showcase night. We appreciate your role and your interest in showcasing our creative students talents. Thank you to the Visual Arts department- Rachel Duff, Caitlin Robinson, Dorota Mojsiejuk- for mentoring these creative minds and offering opportunities and experiences in which they can expand creative understandings and applications. Thank you to the Performing Arts department - Trudy Andrews, Renee Lyons, Christina Greenlees, Wendy Curry - your collaboration in showcasing was truly a positive and beneficial experience.

Mrs S. Donnelly

Leader of Learning - Visual Arts

Extra Curricular

Community News