Weekly Awards

Congratulations to the following students -

“Striving for Excellence” Award – (for a student who has exhibited academic improvements and / or has been applying themselves to the very best of their ability)

Ethan P - Prep A - For your valued contributions during our science and geography discussions. You were able to explain many ways that the indigenous peoples cared for living things and the land.
Evie F - Year 1 - For your hard work and dedication towards all learning areas. Thank you for being on task and setting a great example for your peers. Well done Evie!
Hayden C - Year 3 - For the enthusiasm you've put towards your writing this week. It has been fantasitic to hear about the strategies you use improve your writing. Well done!
Charli C - Year 6 - For the positive attitude you have displayed towards your learning this week. Keep up the fantastic work Charli!
Kaelan A - Year 5 - For transitioning so well to being back at school. Your commitment to focusing on completing all set tasks at school is to be commended.
Oliver V - Year 3 For the dedication you have shown this week towards your learning. It has been pleasing to see you attempt tasks independently and to continue to challenge yourself. Well done and keep it up.

“MacKillop Award” – (for a student who exhibited Gospel values in their words and actions)

Cash C - Year 4 - For demonstrating the Spirit of Jesus by always helping others willingly. Thank you for making our classroom such a welcoming and friendly place.

“To Love is to Serve” Award – (for a student who has consistently displayed leadership qualities)

Mikayla B -Year 2 - For approaching all learning tasks with determination and a positive attitude. You have been an outstanding role model for your peers. Well done!
Makenda S - Prep B - For your amazing efforts at working towards developing resilience. You’ve had a great week!