Term 1 Newsletter 2022

Cecil Andrews College

Moort Nganahkup (‘family’ in Noongar and Kaiwalgal languages) represents the diversity of families and distinct cultural identities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Cecil Andrews College. 

Principal's Address

As I depart from Cecil Andrews College with sadness, I look back at all the wonderful achievements of this unique school community and am rewarded by all that has been achieved and is yet to be accomplished! I thank you for believing in a big vision when the school looked like the opposite to the public but had the potential through leadership and guidance, to achieve extraordinary outcomes for our students who deserve the best that education has to offer. The united passion, hard work and perseverance of the engaged activated community, has dramatically changed students’ self- esteem and perception enabling them to punch above their weight consistently. That’s the Cecil Andrews Way!! The cornerstone for me has always been positive respectful relationships and I would like that to remain a legacy for our students into the future where they will be well prepared to live a fulfilling life with their quality education a passport to their futures in an ever-changing world.

On reflection some of the exemplary changes we have created are:

· IPS to work autonomously with our school community as architects of improvement determining our own affairs and greatly improving results

· Becoming the Southern P-TECH and the acquisition of a multi- million dollar purpose built STEM Centre with cutting edge technology with many global but local partnerships

· New programs including P-TECH pathways and innovative initiatives like Class of Your Own Design Engineer Construct

· Staff capacity leadership, teaching and non-teaching, TFA at the highest possible standard leading to significant improvements in students results

· Cultural transformation and the initiative of one of the best PBS models giving students reward, incentive and excitement with a Student Services Team second to none delivering first class pastoral care

· Clontarf and Stars academies

· The growth and success of the Follow The Dream program

· The P&C setting up the Community Linking Centre with new projects like Biophilic Schools

· Governor’s STEM Awards

· The transformation of the grounds and gardens to reflect the pride in the school that continues to ascend, adding to the positive tone of a fantastic culture

· Basketball courts and TV Studio. Now the Library working with HP to become a showcase innovation centre

· Arts programs including an Air Grant and RAC Artist in residence programs

· Whole school sports events and winning competitions in specialist football. The aquatic carnival evolved from the beach events in the early days

· Student leadership, ambassadors at conferences, student voice and Student Councillors leading the school and their representation on the College Board

I even remember at the start of the journey the sign at the end of the driveway wasn’t a 21st C looking sign welcoming all into the future, but a sign where you manually put the letters in by hand to communicate messages, which was also similar to an out-of-date website and other forms of out moded communication.

I know that together you will all Continue to fly the flag “achieving excellence together”

In the words of Richard Branson-

“Be Bold

- Calculate the risks and take them

- Believe in yourself

- Chase your dreams but live in the real world

- Work together

Please see link below to view Mrs Jinman's farwell video.


Term 2 commences on Wednesday 27th April 2022.  Uniform shop is also open Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 8.00 - 11.00 a.m.

Complaints Process

Complaints Process

If you need to lodge a complaint at the College, please contact us on 9234 3400.

If the complaint is regarding a subject, your first point of call is your child’s teacher. 

If you need to escalate your complaint, you can then contact the Head of Learning Area, details are below:


Head of Learning Areas

Art – Trevor Ghouse

English – Kerrie Mansell

Design & Technologies – Jason Evans

HASS – James Charlesworth 

Home Economics – Jason Evans

Maths – Natasha Coen

Physical Education & Health – Nathan Squires

Science – Amanda Lean

Vocational Education & Training – Steven Dimech

Follow The Dream – Kiara Morrison 

For other general queries regarding attendance or behaviour, please contact Student Services, details are below:


Student Services

Year 7 Coordinator – Chidi 

Year 8 Coordinator – Gemma Gorton

Year 9 & 10 Coordinator – Thomas Bowey

Year 11 & 12 Coordinators –  Kasie Franklin & Jessica Murray

Behaviour and Engagement Coordinator  – Dana Whiteley

Student Services Manager  – Brian Kazakoff

If your complaint has not been resolved, please contact a member of our Executive Team, details are below:

Executive Team

Deputy Principal Lower School (Years 7-8) – Amy Palmieri

Deputy Principal Middle School (Year 9-10) - Mel Kettle

Deputy Principal Senior School (Years 11-12) – Nathan Morton

Principal – Stella Jinman

New Year - New Staff to welcome!

Student Services

Keeping Our School Community Safe

It is a priority at Cecil Andrews College that every member of our community feels safe and empowered to engage in a positive, stable learning environment. To ensure that we keep our school community safe we have aligned the school’s policies and expectations with the Department of Education policies and expectations. As such, abuse, harassment and intimidation of staff and students will not be tolerated. The Department of Education has developed a plan to support staff and students to create a safe learning environment that explained in the Minister’s Statement on School Violence – ‘Let’s Take a Stand Together’. This document can be found on the Department of Education website. The actions in the plan include students to be suspended who attack other students or start fights, Principals to automatically move to exclude students who physically attack school staff and ‘good standing’ requirements to be added to school behaviour policies.

Currently Cecil Andrews College is reviewing the behaviour policies of the school to align it with the Department of Education’s plan. Furthermore, a good standing policy is being created and will be available for review when the draft is finalised. Our current Bullying Policy and Positive Behaviour Support policies can be found on the Skoolbag App, Facebook and School website. Can you please take the time to discuss these policies and the new Department of Education plan with your child to ensure all members of our community have an understanding of behaviour expectations at Cecil Andrews College. Together we can ensure that our school community members feel safe and empowered to engage in a positive, safe learning environment.

Student Services Attendance contact details

Please contact Student Services direct for Attendance and Student needs.

Contact Details

Phone: 9234 3401

SMS: 0408 099 112



The uniform shop will be open on the first day back in Term 2 Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 8.00 am until 11.00 am.

After this date it will only be open every Monday morning.

Parents can order online at tudorschooluniforms.com.au

The uniform of a Cecil Andrews College student is a symbol of membership of the School community.  It promotes a sense of pride and identification with the School. It assists students to develop a sense of unity and belonging.  Wearing a uniform encourages a sense of pride in appearance. This Uniform and Dress Code applies at all times when students are required to wear their school uniform before, during and after school - no exceptions. NO Denim NO Hoodies NO Leggings 

All students, parents and teachers have a role to play in uniform management.

·         STUDENTS—must be fully aware of the Uniform Code, Uniform Difficulties Procedure and sanctions which apply for a uniform digression.

·         PARENTS—must be fully aware of the Uniform Code, check students at home and respond to School communications.

·         STAFF—all School staff share co-responsibility to manage the Uniform and Dress Code.

 Thank you to all members of the school community who are assisting the school in upholding the dress code. 

Cecil Andrews College Mathematicians

Year 7 have their very own Mathematicians. Cecil Andrews College proudly presents;

Most Improved;

Aaron Natividad

Lachy Clynk

Kiara Dickinson

Zavia Dyson

Behzad Salihi

Top Score;

 Gabby Deliva

Haylee Green

Jenny Knowler

Zavia Dyson

Anthony Maristela

Top 3 Most Imprvoed;

Kiara Dinson

Sharni Glover

Yeng Suba

Well done all, what an amazing effort by you all!

Collaboration of Cecil Andrews College Artists

All school years contributed to this beautiful piece of painted Poppies on the Arts entrance door!  Well done everyone!


Year 7.5 English class have been researching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and using their research to create persuasive speeches in class. They used the interactive display board to scan the QR codes and gain knowledge about each critical goal. Every Wednesday Craig Power, Engineer and long-time supporter of the college, came in to work with the students. We all produced ideas about how the school and individuals could live more sustainably. Craig brought in some interesting objects like a bee suit while we discussed the importance of pollinators. Deakhan Pearsall was lucky enough to try the suit on in class and have a go using the smoker!


Next term the class will be discussing their ideas further and deciding on one that the class will work towards actioning on campus.

HASS Departments ANZAC Day Poppies

Outdoor Education

The Year 10 Outdoor Education class traveled to Kalamunda Camel Farm this term to mountain bike along the three different trails. They practiced the skills learnt throughout the term to complete steep downhill sections and tested out the pump track. They came away with a few battle scars, but always got back up, supported each other and tried again. They also had the opportunity to snorkel at Omeo Shipwreck with perfect conditions allowing for great visibility of the wreck and low winds for stand up paddle boarding.

Performing Arts

After an impressive audition process, and some very tough decisions, we would like to congratulate the following people. All students should be so proud of their efforts and we’re excited to get into rehearsals starting Wednesday 27th April 2022.

Physical Education


On Thursday 24th February the College held its annual Aquatics Carnival at Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre. The carnival was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended and made for a great day to build positive relationships with their fellow peers and teachers.

Participation in all events was encouraged and it was great to see the vast majority of students getting involved with the various events. The swimming races allowed those with a competitive spirit to take on their peers. The races were of a high quality with many nail-biting finishes. Other events included Clan Showdown, Novelty Relays, Underwater Flags and by far the most popular the new Inflatable Obstacle Course. All participants in the event earned their clan points as well as points towards their champion boy or girl prospects.

Congratulations to Ms Brook for winning the staff 50m freestyle race for the second year in a row.

As always events like this cannot be run without assistance from the staff and students. A special thanks to all event coordinators and other staff who arrived early to help set up the event as well as ensuring the day ran smoothly, your assistance was greatly appreciated.

We look forward to doing it all again next year!

As always it was a well fought out battle between the 3 clans for the bragging rights. It was an extremely close finish with the winners for 2022 being… BRADMAN!!! Congratulations on being the winning clan 6 of the last 7 years at the Aquatics Carnival.

Clan Points

1st – Bradman (1914 Points)

2nd – Freeman (1719 Points)

3rd – Starre (1430 Points)

Congratulations also go to the following people for their fantastic results.

Champion Students

Year 7 Boys – Noah Millar

Year 7 Girls – Sahara Price

Year 8 Boys – Nate Maccarone

Year 8 Girls – Jess O'Reilly

Year 9 Boys – Damon Cockell

Year 9 Girls – Makayla Coultas

Year 10 Boys – Jackson Smith

Year 10 Girls – Jemma Little

Year 10 Girls – Aliesha Yappo

Year 11 Boys – Zachary Warner

Year 11 Girls – Hayley Dorrington-Davies

Year 12 Boys – Dru Draper

Year 12 Girls – Teija Morrison

Runner Up Students

Year 7 Boys – Coby Douglas

Year 7 Girls – Amelia Boyce

Year 8 Boys – Patrick Havea

Year 8 Girls – Tanya Mead

Year 9 Boys – Reece Posthuma

Year 9 Girls – Saraia Radcliffe

Year 10 Boys – Joshua Gibbons

Year 10 Girls – Mowana McKenzie

Year 11 Boys – Aiden Warner

Year 11 Girls – Kiahna Pomponio

Year 12 Boys – Rhiley Smith

Year 12 Girls – Shevon McCormack

STARR Award Winner – Awarded by each Year Coordinator to a student who best exhibits the school wide expectations of STARR (Safe, Trustworthy, Achieving, Resilience and Respect)

Year 7 – Zayne Kete-Halatau

Year 8 – Maykita Buckley

Year 9 – Saraia Radcliffe

Year 10 – Scarlett Ripepi-Fernandes

Year 11 – Hailie Gray

Year 12 – Tiffany Buckley

Cecil Andrews Clontarf Academy Alumni Update

Term 1 has been an extremely difficult term for the Clontarf Academy with camps and some excursions being postponed. The program was hindered during COVID but was still able to assist boys in certain ways by dropping food and work packages of to students who unfortunately had to isolate. We have continued to work, develop, and build the capacity of all boys this term which has seen some positive outcomes for our fellas.

The program exists to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and by doing so equips them to participate more meaningful in society. This term we did many activities which incorporated our 6 pillars, Leadership, Well-being, Sport, Employment, Partners, and Leadership.


Some of the highlights of our Term 1 Academy program are listed below:

  • ·         Academy morning trainings Tues/Thurs saw an average of 30 boys attend each session throughout the term.
  • ·         Year 12 Leadership days
  • ·         Most improved excursions for those students who have considerably improved over term

  • ·         After school activities against other Clontarf academies

  • ·         6 Boys gained part time employment

  • ·         Hosting two staff morning teas in the Academy Room

  • ·         Big W Worksite Visits

  • ·         Reward activities to Bounce, Coogee beach and Trigg Beach

  •           Football and Basketball games against other Clontarf Academies

  •           Developed work and food packages for students isolating

  • Lane, Joseph, Bryan and I look forward to continuing to work with the College staff, parents/guardians, and the broader school community to help improve the educational outcomes of the boys and provide them with a range of development, training, employment, sporting and broader life opportunities. We are looking forward to working really hard in term 2.


Year 7 Stars Induction

As part of their transition into high school the Year 7’s were involved in a Stars Induction on Friday February 25th. This was a chance for all the Year 7 Stars girls to get together with both staff and be involved in a number of activities, including minute to win it games, art, lunch, jewellery making and self-care routines. The girls were all actively involved and had a great time, while demonstrating our 4 Stars values: Respect, Honesty, Commitment and Pride.

Year 12 Transition Presentation

On Wednesday February 16th, we had Kaisha Jetta come out to run a presentation for our Year 12 girls. Kaisha is one of the Transition Officers at Stars Foundation who work closely with the girls to help them into work or tertiary education once graduating, meeting with them regularly throughout the school year to make sure they are on track. The girls received their Stars portfolios to collate all their documents needed for resumes and job interviews and a Stars polo for their participation in the Stars programs.

Stars vs Clontarf

Twice a term Stars and Clontarf get together to participate in a sport of choice and have afternoon tea. This is a time where all Indigenous students get together with staff and enjoy time together outside of school hours. This term we played volleyball and basketball and the students all participated with a lot of enthusiasm and sportsmanship. This is a great opportunity for students to connect with each other and staff in a fun and relaxed environment.

Stars Team - Tara Morrison and Aisha Collymore

Reminders for Term 2

School "Catch up Photo Day' photographs will be on Monday 9th May 2022.

Term 2 commences on Wednesday 27th April 2022.  Uniform shop is also open Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 8.00 - 11.00 a.m.

We are currently taking Year 7 2023 enrolments!


Girl Guides

Come to School Every Day!

Why….…because school enables children to build on their knowledge and skills each day, each week and each year.

Why……because children can miss out on the basic skills and may experience difficulties later with their learning.

Why……because school helps children build confidence in areas such as communication, teamwork, organization and social skills.

Why……because going to school is a legal requirement and there are fines associated with this.

The law states all children from Pre Primary to Year 12 must attend school (or have an alternative educational or workplace arrangement).

Under the law, you are responsible for making sure your child goes to school on ALL school days.  You must not keep your child away from school for minor reasons.

Don’t be soft on school attendance… because we want all children to be their best.

 What the law says:

Under Western Australian law (School Education Act 1999), parents must send their children to school unless:

·         They are too unwell.

·         They have an infectious disease.

·         The principal is provided with a genuine and acceptable reason.

You must let the school know within three days why your child is not attending.

Under the law, schools must:

·         Monitor attendance of students.

·         Follow up with parents and caregivers on student absences.

What happens when your child misses school without a valid reason?

·         Your school will ask you for an explanation.

·         Your school will meet with you to discuss ongoing issues and plan a response.

·         A School Attendance Panel will be set up to review the steps taken and provide advice.

·         In some cases, you might be fined.

Support and help for families

If your child is reluctant or refuses to go to school, or is missing school without you knowing, there is support and help available.  Contact your school or South Metropolitan Education Regional Office for information/assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What should I do if my child is unwell?

A:  Inform the school and provide a medical certificate if requested.

Q:  What should I do if my child refuses to go to school?

A:  Contact your school as soon as possible and the school will arrange advice/support.

Q:  What should I do if we are going on holiday during school time?

A:  Holidays during school time are detrimental to your child’s learning.  The Principal of your school will not consider this an approved absence.  Arrange your holidays during vacation periods.

Q:  Can I take my child out of school for social occasions?

A:  No.  This is not considered reasonable. You should arrange social occasions such as personal shopping trips and birthday celebrations out of school hours.

Q:  Will my child be marked absent from school if he/she is doing a VET, Registered Training Organization program?

A: No as long as this is part of the school program.  Attendance at these programs is also monitored.

Further Information & Support:

Talk with our Student Services Team about your child’s attendance or any support you may need.

Contact number: 9234 3401

Absentee SMS: 0408 099 112

Skoolbag APP



The Department of Education’s South Metropolitan Education Regional Office in Beaconsfield also has trained staff that will be able to provide relevant information and support.

Contact number: 9336 9563

A reminder that Cecil Andrews College has a zero tolerance policy to bullying, violence, and drugs.