Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

7th November, 2019



Term 4 marks a very exciting time for many of our students, the mix of anxiety and excitement builds as educational journeys lead learners along new pathways.

Many students have started visiting their secondary schools and we are looking forward to welcoming our 60 new 2020 reception students and their families to our school. As indicated in the transition dates, new receptions visit over 3 weeks into our mainstream classes, with tomorrow being their first visit. We also have students starting regular transition visits into our Junior and Primary Special Classes. Other transferring students have negotiated visits.

We hope that if you see these families you extend a warm Dernancourt welcome.


Colour Fun-Run

A BIG thank-you to our students and their families for their fundraising efforts with the 2019 Colour Run — the day was a real success with the colour and fun being our main focus. We are very excited with our early tallies, which show that we have raised $8214.55 to date, from this event!  Well done to J5 for creating the highest number of on line profiles by the end of term 3 - they were able to colour teachers at the end of the event!  Congratulations too to P14 for their overwhelming effort - raising $2632.64 the highest class amount. A great team effort.

Highest individual tallies will be awarded at an upcoming assembly. Students prize orders need to be completed by families online by 8th of November and will be delivered and presented in class later this year. The closing date for online donations is the 8th of November and all money is due to the front office by the 12th of November.  

All money raised through our fundraising effort will go towards updating and improving our digital technology. We are hoping to continue to upgrade our classroom technology to match our new internet capabilities.

Our school became the 287th site in the state to be connected to new high-speed internet connectivity solution, a whopping 200Mbps/200Mbps uncontended, business grade connection

This new high-speed, fibre optic internet connection should be significantly faster than our previous one and teachers and students should experience a real improvement.




Congratulations to the following students who received an assembly award last Thursday.

J2 - Lucy, J3 - Archer, J4 -Georgia, J5 - Samy, J6 - Amelia, J7 - Elise

P2 - Amelia, P3 - Saanavi, P4 -Layla, P5 - Jaxen, P8 - Grace, P10 - Ceridwen, P12 - Akshat, P14 - Tamas & Harrison

Well done! 

Our next assembly in week 6 will be run by P4 and P14 will be presenting an item. The Premiers' Reading Challenge medals will be awarded at  assembly. The doors will open at 2:00pm and assembly will be commencing promptly at 2:10pm.

Assembly Award Winners

ICAS Winners

Eco Warriors

Oliphant Science Awards


On Monday, 4th of November, students in years 6 and 7 attended the aquatics excursion at Westlakes.  Students and staff set off early on the day.  The weather looked a little dismal in the morning, but thankfully by the time we arrived to our destination the sun was emerging from behind the clouds and by mid afternoon the sun was shining and the skies were blue. It was a fun day for the students as they were divided into groups and taught skills in safety, on and around the water. The activities that they participated in were surfing, canoeing, sailing and kayaking.

Congratulations to all upper primary students for demonstrating great participation and for showing the school's values to the highest standard on the day.


On Friday the 1st of November, students participated in The Colour Run.  The students enjoyed the day, which was full of fun activities. An exciting track was set up for the students to run, collecting colour along the way.  Thank you and well done to everyone for an awesome fundraising result.

Colour Run



Due to the large number of reception students starting in 2020 the Uniform Shop times will be slightly different on Fridays.

For the existing school community we will be open from 8:15-9:30 for 'walk-in' purchases on 8, 15 & 22 November.  

On Friday 29/11 and 6/12 the uniform shop will be open 8:15-9:00am.

The Uniform Shop will be open on Monday afternoons as usual 2:45-3:45pm.   

Remember that online purchasing is also available with Afterpay option.

NECAP Christmas Appeal

Please support our Christmas Appeal

Once again we are supporting the NECAP Christmas Appeal.  NECAP provide Christmas hampers for people in need in our local area.

You will find donation baskets in the foyers of the early years building and the main building.  You can donate non-perishable food or toys (please bring toys to the front office).

Pastoral Care Corner

A Word From Jane

Social media and web computer games can be a lot of fun and help us to connect with lots of people around the world, but it can also be a place where people are harassed, cat-fished, bullied and even groomed.  (Catfishing happens when people pretend to be someone else online).  As parents and carers, we need to know what our children are doing online and that involves educating ourselves about the apps and games they are using.  Safety starts with the discussions we have at home with our children about how to be safe and then what to do when something goes wrong.  The Carly Ryan Foundation have published some really helpful fact sheets to help us help our children be safe online, and I have included a couple below.




The crossing monitors are:  

WEEK 4 - Rebeka, Jasmine, Nitya (P10)  [Emergency - Willow (P10)]

WEEK 5 - Ceridwen, Maddie, Larissa (P10) [Emergency - Keira (P10)]

WEEK 6 - Clever, Sienna, Kym (P12) [Emergency - Harper (P12)]

WEEK 7 - Tyler (P12), Dylan (P10), Floyd (P8) [Emergency - Ramsay (P14)]

WEEK 8 - Liam, Keira, Willow (P10) [Emergency -  Jack M (P12)]

WEEK 9 - Dion, Bradley, Reikaya (P10) [Emergency - Eliza (P10)]

School of Languages

The School of Languages is a government school that specialises in languages education. Since its establishment in 1986, this unique South Australian school has supported thousands of students to pursue their interest in languages learning and to experience the joy of embracing another culture.

The school was initially founded as a secondary school of students from all three sectors.  In 2000 the school introduced classes for students from Reception to Year 7. Over the years, these classes have grown in popularity and demand.

The School of Languages aims to enhance access, choice and continuity in language learning for South Australian learners, through the provision of quality programs in a broad range of languages R-12 that complement and supplement languages programs offered in mainstream schools and ethnic schools.

Included below are the 2020 Timetable, Teaching Centres & Subject Charges.