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Term 3 Week 8 - 11th September, 2020

From the Principal - Yvette Baird

As we journey to the end of  the term, let us reflect on the great learning that has occurred at St Andrew’s.   We continue on our Inquiry learning journey, where children are  curious about what they are learning and encouraged to engage and critically think about what they know and what they need to know to answer the driving question.  Children are demonstrating efficient skills in communicating their learning, collaborating, using the genius of the group to expand their thinking on a variety of issues, be creative in the how and what they do to show the eanring to an audience and critically think about what they have learned and the relevance of it to the world today.  The skills that we are developing in each child from Kindergarten to Year 6 are life long and will continue to create a sense of self-regulation and enjoyment for learning. 

Fathers’ Day Stall

An enormous thank you to our school community for a very successful Fathers’ Day stall.  The children were very excited about shopping on their own to choose that special gift for their special dad, granddad or father figure.  I am sure there were many happy faces on Sunday morning when your child presented you with their gift.  The children also prayed as a class group for all our fathers, that the Holy Spirit gives them the strength, courage and abundant love to continue in this very special role as DAD. 

I wish to thank the staff who manned the stalls on the day, the front office staff and the leadership team members excelled as a great sales team. My sincere thanks to the P&F for organising the gifts. 

Miss McDonald on Leave 

Miss McDonald will be on leave starting Monday until the end of term.  We wish Ms McDonald a safe and happy holiday.

Winter Uniform Transition

As normal, there will be a winter to summer uniform transition for the last two weeks of term.  As always, the children will not be able to mix the uniforms.  They can wear full winter uniform or full summer uniform.  Letters will be sent home to parents to remind them if children attend school in mixed uniform combinations.


A big thank you to our parents for following our school policy regarding haircuts and colour.   Please remember if you choose to be more creative during the holiday period, that all haircuts must return to normal at the start of the school term.  

Disco Dancing

This year has been a year like no other.  Our students have focused on their learning everyday and have shown great dedication to showing the love of Jesus to everyone they meet.  This year has also seen a void of other extra curricular activities , excursions, educational shows and fun activities. In week ten, the teachers are holding a short Disco celebration for the students.  The teachers will always abide by COVID restrictions  when planning this event.  The disco will be no longer than 30 minutes and be held in an outside area of the school with just their grade group.  

There is no cost or show bag for this event.  It is just a time for the children to socialise and have some fun. 

Dance Fever 

As of today, we will continue our Dance Fever program for our students in term 4.  This was the only cost that remained on your school fees for 2020. The dance fever program addresses the learning outcomes in the PDHPE syllabus and is the only reason that this program will continue.   

If there are changes to the restrictions from now until the beginning of Term 4, then we will abide by any changes outlined by the Chief Medical Officer.  I will inform the community if or when changes occur.  The Dance Fever company has a COVID Safety Plan and is following all  guidelines mandated by CEDP and the Government. 

Changes to the front office in Term 4

We will be continuing to ensure all staff and community members are safe.  Next Term you will notice some changes in the front office such as a safety screen and a security door connecting the front office to the main administration building.  

Transition Program for 2021 Kindergarten Students

At the moment the school is looking into changes to this program.  Under the current guidelines this program can not be held in its current form.  The leadership team has been trialing a different approach. A letter will be sent to families once a decision has been made.   

Parent Information Night for Kindergarten families 2021

This night has been cancelled.  A different version of the meeting will be videoed and placed on our website with information for parents to view at their leisure.  A letter will be sent home with the new information and date the video will be uploaded in Term 4.


  • We ask parents to please social distance when entering our grounds or waiting at the gate at dismissal time

  • Only one member of the family is to enter the grounds to collect your children

  • Please walk directly to the classroom, collect your child and leave the school grounds

  • If you or a family member is awaiting a COVID test result, please keep your children at home until a negative result is given

  • If you child is awaiting a COVID test result, please forward a copy of the result to school on his/her return

  • If a child presents with flu-like symptoms they will be sent to the sick bay, asked to wear a mask and parents called to take them home. 

  • All cleaning of handrails, touchable surfaces and toilets will continue to be a priority until the end of the year.

  • All students will sanitise their hands as they enter the classroom, and before using equipment and instruments. 

I wish to sincerely thank our parents for your continued support and encouragement.  We have received so many letters and cards of thanks.  It takes our entire community working together to keep us as safe as we can be.  

Student Of The Week Term 3 Weeks 5 & 6

Kindergarten Students

  • Ayushi R
  • Caleb M
  • Sophia P
  • Adam D
  • Jolen K
  • Violet K
  • Ioan M
  • William F

Year 1 Students

  • Cooper R
  • Jacob I
  • Levi V

  • Ella U
  • Sean F
  • Jansen P

Year 2 Students


  • Annaleise S
  • Naiya B
  • Bella G
  • Name Withheld
  • Renae M
  • Riley S

Year 3 Students


  • Yollyn T
  • Auristo H
  • Michael U
  • Mark H
  • Sean W
  • Vishva P

Year 4 Students

  • Jack P
  • Hope C
  • Viliami T
  • Reng L
  • Riley M
  • Kai W

Year 5 Students

  • Hazel J
  • Hannah A
  • Ashton P
  • Richard T
  • Ebonie E
  • Toby N

Year 6 Students

  • Tamika L
  • Japraj K
  • Moses L
  • Connor T
  • Samantha X
  • Jonah M

Appeal for Lebanon

Lebanon Appeal Mufti Day

After the recent explosion in Lebanon, and the resulting devastation it caused, our school will be joining with the Pontifical Foundation (Aid to the Church in Need) in its EMERGENCY APPEAL for LEBANON.

On Friday, September 11th we will be having classroom liturgies during which we will offer monetary donations as we pray for the people affected by this disaster and those who are working to help restore the community.  The children are invited to wear the colours to represent Lebanon (Red, White or Green).

We thank our community for its generous response to other appeals in the past and hope that this cause will also be well supported.

Lebanon Appeal

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