Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Newsletter

Term 2- Issue 2. 9 June 2020

Dates to remember:

  • Monday 8th June

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

  • Wednesday 10th June- Friday 12th June

Book Fair

  • Sunday 14th June

First Holy Communion

  • Thursday 18th & Friday 19th June

Whole School and ELC photos

  • Friday 26th June

Last Day of Term 2

  • Monday 20th July

Staff Professional Development Day

  • Tuesday 21st July

Students resume

  • Friday 24th July

Darwin show day- public holiday

Please note- The Sports carnival that was scheduled in for 12th June with a TBC will not be going ahead in Term 2.

Message from the Principal - Mr Denis Graham

Dear Parents, Families and Friends of MTCPS

Last Friday,  we had our first 'post-covid' whole school prayer and assembly on the beautifully cool basketball court. It was great to have all our students together in one space after such a long time. However it is sad that our families still can’t be there to share in all the great things that are happening. Let’s hope that this opportunity is coming soon.

On June 20 and 21 our parish church is celebrating the sacrament of First Communion. Tommy Gleeson, Jett Purgpewwong, Cooper Van Den Boom and Moses Pena from Mother Teresa CS will be joining this whole of parish celebration. This week they also completed their first reconciliation. We wish them well and hope they enjoy this very special  day.   


Traffic and pedestrian traffic after school has become an issue of late. We are most concerned about the safety of our children who are running to meet parents in parked cars that aren’t using our ‘Kiss and Go’ option. For safety and our duty of care we feel obliged to prevent children from taking off across our unsupervised  internal crossings. It is dangerous. As you know, we provide two duty supervisors, one on the outside crossing on Zuccoli Parade and the other at our designated ‘Kiss and Go’.

Please also contact the office if you have concerns about us trying to prevent children, who are unsupervised by parents, from running across these crossings? In addition, we are asking that all Zuccoli Parade riders and pedestrians to use the footpath in front of the ELC and not the crossing.

Hope you all had a relaxing long weekend and were able to enjoy this beautiful weather.


RE News

Sunday 7th June was Trinity Sunday. When we make the Sign of the Cross, we affirm our belief in the Holy Trinity- The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity helps us understand God’s love for us. Last weekends’s Gospel talks about why and how God acts. We come to know who God is, by what God does for us. God was the word who was made flesh when he sent his only son Jesus to save the world. God did that because he loves the world. Jesus then sent the Holy Spirit to live within and amongst us, and to help us believe in God’s love for us.


On Friday we had a very special visit from 2 gnomes from the enchanted forest to promote our up coming book fair being held this week. (Wednesday 10th - Friday 12th June).

Students  will have the opportunity to go to the library and look through the selection of books. They can then place books that they like onto  their wish list.

 On the back of the wish list is the instructions for payment by the parent.  Parents will receive a receipt number and then the child can bring that back in and pick up their book to take home.

Please continue to promote reading at home and encourage your children to purchase a book as profits raised go towards additional resources for our I Learn Centre.

Jumpers !!

I’m sure everyone has noticed the cold snap we are having at the moment.  Unfortunately we have run out of our stock of school jumpers, except for size 12 & 14, and will be unable to purchase more for this year.


However, we understand that the students will need jumpers for this cooler weather. 

 Best & Less online do have the jumpers available to order. Please see below link:

 Alternatively if you are unable to order from here, we would prefer if they could have a jumper as close to the Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School royal blue as possible.

 If your child does need to wear a different colour until you are able to purchase a correct colour, could you please advise the admin office, so that we can make sure the teachers are aware of your child being out of uniform. Jumpers MUST NOT have any logos or hoodies.


Our P&F committee met on Monday night. 

Please find a copy of the meeting minutes attached.


Vacation Care- June/July Holidays

Please find attached vacation care booking form.

PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM BY 3:00pm, Friday Week 9, 19th of June, 2020 TO CONFIRM YOUR CHILD’S PLACE.

 Forms received after the submission date will incur an additional fee of $50 per child.

**Please note: the final program will be confirmed once we have final attendance numbers. Please make sure you check the board during Vacation Care for any important notices or changes to the program.


School Board Profile

Lost Property

Our lost property bin is overflowing at the moment with jackets, hats, lunch boxes and drink bottles with no names.

Please ensure ALL your child's belongings are labelled.

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