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St Patrick's Marist College

Newsletter Number 3 - 6 March 2019

From the Principal ....

Another busy fortnight here at St Patrick’s Marist:  Visits to Primary Schools, Year 7 Information Evening, Working Bee, Open Day, Ash Wednesday and Year 7 Camp.

Thank you to the parents who attended our information Evening and our P&F AGM. A special thank you to all of the families who came along to our working bee. The work that was completed on Saturday morning made significant improvement to our grounds. We are so grateful as a community for your support. It is a great way to meet other families and contribute to the community. Our next working bee will occur mid year.

This Friday is International Women's Day with the 2019 campaign theme of #Balanceforbetter is a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world. It raises the question for each of us, how can we help make a difference?  

Violence against women unlike other crimes continues to grow in our country. Let us ensure that all that we do promotes equity and equality for all. That we continue to live, teach and educate grounded in the firm belief that violence is not an inevitable part of the human condition, that it is possible to break the cycle of violence and injustice.

Let us remember and celebrate the wonderful strong women who have taken care of us, challenged us and taught us what it means to be loving, respectful and compassionate people, our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties and other influential women in our lives.

As part of Catholic Schools Week, we welcomed over 500 families to our Open Day. I was so proud of all of the students and staff that were involved in the afternoon. Our staff and students put on some wonderful displays, there were plenty of hands on opportunities, our visitors commented on the feeling of excitement and passion of both staff and students.  Great music and drama performances, PDHPE competitions, the exciting experiments in Science, a chance to see inside the wonderful work of TAS and Creative Arts. There were opportunities to see STEM in action and solve maths problems, win prizes and so much more. Our Food Technology students created some beautiful food to share with our guests and our Hospitality students kept the Coffee and Hot Chocolate flowing.

It was wonderful to see students from every year group, demonstrating their talents, sharing their passion for their subjects and assisting our visitors with tours around the school. The feedback from everyone was how well spoken, friendly, well-mannered and knowledgeable our students all were, especially our Year 7s after only 5 weeks at the College.  I thank the teachers for their contributions, sharing their passion for their subject area, organising demonstrations and other fun activities for our visitors. I thank the P&F for feeding all of our student helpers and finally thanks to Mr Jason Scanlon and Ms Sarah Hagarty for their organisation of Open Day. A reminder we are commenced the enrolment process for 2021 and that interviews and acceptance of enrolments for Year 7 2020 close at the end of the term.

Last evening the Leadership Team attended the 2019 Beginning teachers and Principals Commissioning  Mass where four of our new staff members Mr James Palmer, Mr Alex Shaw, Mr Daniel Boulos and Mr Lee Malkoun were commissioned. We are very blessed to have such outstanding new educators join our community and I wish them every success as they begin this exciting, challenging and rewarding career.

Congratulations to all of the students who were elected to leadership positions and received their leadership badges on Ash Wednesday. We are committed as a College to improve student voice in the College and I look forward to working with this outstanding group of young men and women.

I share with you the opening paragraphs from our Marist Schools Australia Newsletter written by Dr Frank Molloy, National Director

Dear Colleagues,

Much has been written and spoken in the past week concerning the trials, verdict and subsequent appeal in the case of Cardinal Pell.  As Marists, may we continue to pray together for the victims and survivors of child sex abuse as well as their families and loved ones. Let us also pray for justice.

As we commence the Lenten Season on Ash Wednesday this week, may we turn our minds and hearts to Jesus with intensity. This Lent, as we reflect upon the hurts and sorrows for which we seek forgiveness, let us ask Jesus to bring to the fore our better selves, compassionate, generous, thoughtful, forgiving, and hopeful. In these deeply troubling times we might look to our own story and tradition for inspiration. Despite the many very real challenges and adversity facing Saint Marcellin and the people with whom he lived and worked, deep trust in God was clearly evident, most outstanding in the joy and love for one another that was prospered. Marcellin’s dying wish for the young Christians he had gathered in the name of Mary rings loudly for us today:

See how they love one another!

May Marcellin’s credo enliven us throughout the 2019 Lenten Season.

In 2018, the Australian Province of the Marist Brothers established the first Friday of Lent as a Day of Remembrance for victims and survivors of sex abuse.

Below is an excerpt from the full prayer:

A Lament

For sin that hurts children and the vulnerable            
We make reparation O Lord.
For sin that steals innocence and disbelieves truth
We make reparation O Lord.
For sin that crushes spirits and breaks hearts
We make reparation O Lord.
For sin that is overlooked and disregarded
We make reparation O Lord.
For sin that is ignored and hidden away We make reparation O Lord.
For sin that judges victims and excuses offenders
We make reparation O Lord.
For sin that is criminal
We make reparation O Lord.
For sin that harms the Body of Christ, the Church
We make reparation Lord.
Hear our supplication, O Lord
And show us your compassion.
Forgive the failures of your people
And show us your compassion.
(adapted from a prayer of the Australian Bishops’ Conference)

Next week we celebrate St Patrick's Day and launch our annual Anti Bullying Campaign. A reminder that if you have any concerns about your children’s safety, wellbeing or learning, or a concern about bullying or any other issue, please contact us immediately.  Pages 10 - 16 in the College Diary outline our expectations, information for parents and what to do if you have a complaint or concern, The College contacts on page 1 of the School Diary may be useful in directing your concern.

Mrs A. Hay

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Cyber Safety Information Evening


Parent CyberSafety Information Session

Thursday, 28 March @ 6.00pm

Towards the end of Term Four 2018, the students had the opportunity to listen to Susan McLean, not only nationally recognised, but recognised worldwide as one of the foremost authorities on Cybersafety. We have booked Susan in for a Parent Information Session on Thursday 28 March at 6.00pm. 

We certainly would encourage you to come along and listen to Susan as she will provide the skills as to how you can monitor and promote safe online behaviours at home.

Please register your attendance at the office. You are more than welcome to invite members of your family who have students who attend other schools to the evening. Please just indicate how many will be attending when you confirm your attendance.

This night will be held in the College library. registrations will close on 14 March 2019.

Class Captains: Semester 1 - 2019

At our Ash Wednesday liturgy this week, we acknowledged the students who have been elected by their peers to represent their class for Semester 1 - 2019.  The following students received their Captain badges along with their class package for Project Compassion to commence their homeroom drive for Lenten collections and help raise much needed funds for Caritas.  Congratulate them on their election and give them your support.

Project Compassion 2019

The rich symbolism contained in the signing of the cross in ashes on our foreheads this week reminds us to turn back to God who is full of tenderness and compassion.

We are ambassadors for Christ, as such our role is to be that transforming love in the lives of those sisters and brothers of ours who are among the most marginalised and vulnerable people in our world. The season of Lent reminds us why we follow the gospel teaching: to ensure the poor are fed, the thirsty are given drink and that the poor and outcast are given welcome [Isaiah 58:6-9].

Caritas is the international aid and development agency of the Catholic Church in Australia. Each Lent Caritas launches its Project Compassion appeal - a practical way of bringing to life our campaign of Christian service. Lent sharpens our awareness of prayer and the importance of doing good work and acting selflessly and with compassion.

Project Compassion this year asks us to focus on how lives change when we all give 100%.

Let us take time today to reflect on how we can live our Lent by committing 100% to prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Students Interested in the Catholic Faith

An Invitation to Catholic Students or those interested in the Catholic Faith

Dear Parents/Caregivers

I hope that 2019 has been a good start to the year for you and your family. Upon enrolment for your son or daughter, we would have discussed with you that St Patrick’s Marist College, as a Catholic school, is a part of the Church’s identity and mission. In fulfilling that mission we are committed to giving all students the opportunity to become more involved within the Church through the religious teachings, traditions and dimensions of the College.

St Patrick’s Marist College has been founded upon the traditions, practices and spirituality of the Marist Brothers and St Marcellin Champagnat as leaders within the Catholic Church. In our educational partnership with parents, St Patrick’s Marist College seeks to provide students with a holistic education that will give them the best foundations for adult life. This foundation includes the academic, sporting, cultural, personal and spiritual aspects of their lives.

As part of the Religious Education programme offered at St Patrick’s Marist College, we are now pleased to be able to invite any Catholic students or those interested in the Catholic faith who desire to begin or continue in their Catholic faith journey through the reception of the Sacraments of Initiation, which the College will facilitate on behalf of the local Parishes. These Sacraments include Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation. The Sacraments are the faith and spiritual path by which we as Catholics grow in our connection with God, in Jesus Christ and within the Catholic community.

In inviting and supporting our students to complete or even begin this process of Initiation into the Catholic Church, we will be preparing the students here at the College in partnership with the local parishes and their priests.  Preparation lesson dates and times will organised in term two.

If, after discussing this invitation with your child, you are interested in being part of this Sacramental Program please complete the form attached and return it with your son/daughter to me by the end of this term.  If you would like to discuss further this invitation please do not hesitate to contact me at the College.

Mr M. Paton

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Sacramental Programme Letter


Sacramental Programme Form


Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Wellbeing


The Australian Parents Council https:/ / , is a useful resource for parents containing many different resources including webinars that parents can enrol into. One useful resource is around Digital Literacy for your children. Digital literacy is a term that means your children understand and have the skills to access, be safe, question, critically analyse, evaluate and create. Children interact with the digital world every day and with the Australian Curriculum general capabilities and digital technologies curriculum, your children will be learning to be effective and safe users of ICT and confident creators of digital solutions. To learn more, you can access a video created by ACARA on ICT and Digital Technologies curriculum on the site.

The following tips for helping your children are provided by the site;

  • Encourage your child to question and explore new ways of creating things with technology.
  • Encourage your child to show you what they have learned and created.
  • Explore different products and technologies together.
  • Model good online use and discuss tech family rules.
  • Talk about online safety and how to keep safe online.



Semester One draws to a close for the Yr 12 cohort at the end of this term. It is most important that as parents we review your child’s approach and engagement in their learning. At the end of this term Year 12 students will have an opportunity to conference with their teachers and you their parents in our Student Lead Conferences. This opportunities seeks to engage each student in identifying their goals and aims based upon their application to their learning this semester.

The Year 12 Student Lead Conferences will be held on the 9th April from 4 and 7pm in the Library. Students are to accompany their parent(s) for these interviews wearing their full winter uniform. We encourage parents to review your child’s report and support their reflections which will be the starting point of the student lead conference with their teachers.


The Student Diary is the primary source of communication between teachers and parents. It is most important that parents take the time to check their child’s diary ensuring that homework that is set is completed and any communication from teachers is responded to. Teachers will communicate concerns or highlight important reminders via the diary to parents to ensure that the essential partnership between teachers and parents is maintained. Can I also ask that parents please sign the front page of the diary acknowledging the College policies and procedures within it. 

Mr J. Scanlon

Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning

Business Manager


A massive THANK YOU to all the parents/carers/older siblings and some students and staff who came to help out during the working bee.  Everyone worked like Trojans and your hard work is greatly appreciated by everyone (staff and students).

We managed to completely transform the front of the school around Gate C, along that pathway, in front of the junior breezeway, in front of the art rooms, along the edge of the courtyard, at the side of the TAS rooms and some of the front and side of La Valla.

Despite the hard work put in, everyone enjoyed meeting each other and new friendships were made. The sausage sizzle at the end was greatly appreciated by all (and was another opportunity to socialise).  Despite the exhaustion, requests for more working bees were suggested by some and again raised at the P&F meeting last week. This will be considered and I will let you know.


Repair work on the surface of the basketball courts is being organised by CEDP. This will require major re-construction.


The gates of the bus bay automatically close every day at 5.00pm during school term. Whilst we lock them open for special events especially for easy access to La Valla, we do not keep them open for all events e.g. P&F meetings, senior study night, etc. Please do not park in the bus bay unless we have specifically mentioned that parking is available, otherwise you may find yourself locked in. Limited staff members have keys to these gates. There is a sign with the phone number of TriCorp Security for you to call, however, they may not be prompt to get to you and they will charge for the call-out.


Our uniform shop is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays (before school and during recess and lunch breaks). We sell schoolbags, sports bags, hats, junior & senior ties and representative sports uniforms. We also sell good-quality second-hand uniforms (although our quantities of the new uniform are low).

Ms V. Fraser

P&F Cocktail Evening

Dear Year 7 Parents and New Parents to the College

We hope that your child has settled in well to life at the College.

We would like to invite you to the Parents Welcome Cocktail Night.  This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the 2019 cohort and also meet parents in your child’s homeroom.

This year’s Cocktail Night will be held on Friday 15 March at 7pm in the La Valla Centre.

Please RSVP via the following link

For catering purposes RSVPs must be in by Next Monday 11 March.

Please note that this is a parents only event.

In order to encourage and foster community the P&F will be putting together parent contact sheets for every Homeroom.  By filling out the information via trybooking you give us permission to put your details (which include your Name, email address and mobile number) on this contact sheet.  This sheet will be emailed out to your homeroom group when finalised.  This is a great opportunity to connect with your parent cohort. Please note that joining the contact list is optional.  If you do not wish to join, simply click next to finalise your booking for the cocktail party.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you all!

St Patricks Marist P&F



Year 12

Thank you to all the Year 12 students who were helping throughout Open Day on Monday afternoon. There were students involved in tours of the school, performances, leading demonstrations or just assisting those checking out the facilities. It was great to see a large number of Year 12 students giving up their time to benefit our school community. 

Mr S. Belcher

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 12

Year 11

Year 11 - Blue Datto Road Safety Program

As part of our Wellbeing Framework all of Year 11 participated in a Road Safety Awareness Program hosted by Blue Datto. Blue Datto was set up after a student from Bede Polding College was tragically killed when his Blue Datsun was struck by another vehicle in the Hawkesbury region a few years ago. Through various workshops and plenary sessions, students gained a greater understanding of the many risky behaviours and choices that can result in young drivers being hurt on our roads. Too often through exposure to video games, students become de-sensitised to danger and risk and this program helped to remind students of the tragic consequences of dangerous driving.  Mrs Padden was a member of the Bede Polding College community at the time of this boy's death and she gave a deeply personal and emotional account of how this event affected the Hawkesbury community. Students were also given the opportunity to put together a road safety plan that was presented to Mr Paton from the College Leadership Team. One of the notable comments was that the organisers commended our College's existing safe driving policy which already includes a number of safety measures. The students were also commended for their participation during the day. Thank you also to the teachers that assisted with supervision on the day. For more information on Blue Datto, you can go to

Mr David Bonora

Year 11 Pastoral Leader of Learning 

Lifted Leaders Conference

On Friday the 22nd of February myself along with 11 of the other Year 12 leaders attended the Parramatta Diocese‘s ‘Lifted Leaders’ conference in Penrith. It was an amazing day spent with a number of students from around 20 different schools across the Diocese. The day began with us pairing off and stepping out of our comfort zones to sit on tables that were occupied by different schools. After a short introduction to our table groups, we had an extremely inspirational speech and performance by Father Rob Galea, who shared a story of his struggle with addiction, violence and depression as an early adolescent. As father is also a singer-songwriter with 7 albums, song and dance was also an added aspect to his talk. His story was so enlightening as his message throughout was Hope. Hope in God and hope that His unconditional love can guide us and help us achieve anything that we desire to in our lives, just like hope changed his life forever.  We also had a chance to discuss with our tables the initiatives that we had all undertaken within both our school and outside community. It was great not only to share with others the great things that we have and want to accomplish as leaders, but it was so eye opening and interesting to hear what other schools had to say. Not only did what they say inspire us, igniting a number of new ideas for our own leadership initiatives, but it was also so beautiful to know the surreal and immense impact we as Catholic schools apart of the Parramatta Diocese have had on those in our community. So many schools spoke about not only their school spirit and support, but their work around social justice that aims to really make a difference in our world today. 

Overall it was a really special day that all twelve of us thoroughly enjoyed. 

A special thanks also to our teachers Mr Moussa and Madame Dunston who organised our attendance and accompanied us on the day. They have been so amazing in guiding us and always working so hard behind the scenes to help drive our initiatives and ensure we are always learning and growing in our leadership this year. It was a day well spent, that we won’t forget! 

Ashley Doueihi

Year 11 MacKillop

Key Learning



On Thursday the 28th of February, both Year 11 Standard and Advanced English classes had the privilege of attending a presentation given by multi-award winning Australian author, Claire Zorn. Claire shared some helpful insights that I’m sure will assist us all in our writing for our current common module, Reading to Write. She discussed the writing process behind her novels The Sky So Heavy and The Protected which have both been shortlisted for multiple awards. Many of us have read The Sky So Heavy for English in previous years, so it was exciting to meet the author behind such a powerful story. Claire enthusiastically shared with us the writing tips that worked for her which included listening to music to overcome writer’s block and forcing yourself to write even the most rubbish things just to get your ideas onto the page. A more unexpected tip she gave was to write a story without a set ending in mind as she surprisingly doesn’t typically have an ending for her stories until the third or fourth draft! Claire fully engaged with us students and gave insightful answers to the many questions we asked her at the end of her presentation. Students were even allowed to get their own copies of her books signed and got the chance to personally meet one of their favourite authors (the English teachers were also very excited!). Overall, the experience was immensely beneficial for us Year 11 students and we are all incredibly grateful for Claire’s visit. Claire was very enthusiastic about her love for writing and no doubt inspired us Year 11 students to be more confident and free in our own writing.

Tamsyn Brown

Year 11 MacKillop

Claire Zorn’s visions weren’t only captivating, but they were also motivating. She inspires me to become a more observant learner. I wish to learn the ways of looking on the inside and trying to compose stories drawing on my inner creativity and imagination. I now feel more confident writing intuitively, with voice, power and purpose. I also learned to surround myself with a small, honest circle of people who will help review my work in times when I struggle. In turn, I trust that my friends will ask for my help when they struggle. Together, we will strive.

Warren Rogers

Year 11 MacKillop

Year 10 History


On the 1st of March, students that are a part of the Year 10 History course attended a dramatic presentation, performed by Brett Hunt. It was an eye-opening hour that showed us about the experiences of a soldier during the Vietnam War, from a personal perspective. Hunt used his father, Francis “Frankie” Hunt, and his platoon, as the main inspiration for the performance. Through music and storytelling, he taught us some of the events of the Vietnam War in a new and refreshing way. It was inspirational to see how the soldiers overcame such adversity and yet still defend our country until their last breath. The incursion evoked many emotions, including grief, surprise, fear and sympathy. We were all shocked at the raw emotion displayed during this artistic interpretation of the war and its lasting effects.

                                                     Brianna Webster, Gemma Smythe and Michael Blazevic



Earth and Environmental Science - Year 12

On Friday, 22 February, the Year 12 Earth and Environmental Science (EES) class went on an excursion to the Australian Museum.  Not only did our class get the privilege to wander through the museum to see exhibits filled with many fossils of birds, classic Australian animals, aquatic animals, dinosaurs and more, we also got the chance to go behind the scenes into a small classroom.  Here, we were given interesting tasks and got up close and personal to some fossils dating many millions of years old!

This was an exciting and educational experience, as we are currently learning about the past geological history of the Australian Continent.  We saw fossils belonging to extinct megafauna, like the Diprotodon, a close ancestor to the wombat over 2 meters tall!  

This excursion was an extremely valuable and interesting experience to tie in with our HSC syllabus, and not one of us will soon forget.

Lara Cakmakci

Extra Curricular

Premier's Reading Challenge

Can you read 20 books in 6 months? The Challenge is on! Choose 15 books from the PRC 7-9 Booklist plus 5 more (free choice - they don't have to be on the list) from 4 March to 30 August to complete the Challenge. You can even count books you've read from 1 September 2018 to help you reach your goal. The Challenge is open to all students in Years 7, 8, and 9. Winners who register and complete the Challenge receive a PRC Certificate. For more information about the Challenge, and to view the list of books you can read, visit the PRC Website. We have a lot of books and ebooks available for you to borrow - look out for the PRC display in the library, or speak to Ms Tam or Ms Thompson for a list of books available. 

Congratulations to the following students who successfully completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge in 2018:

  • Takoda Cheng, Sebeen Chung, Jon El Khoury Hanna, Eva Galati, Alyssa Jahja, Ariel Joe, Ben Mason, Amy Jahja, Anthony Saba, Bianca Garth, Alexander Johnson.
  • Jon El Khoury Hanna, Alyssa Jahja, and Amy Jahja were awarded the Platinum Award for participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge for seven consecutive years.
  • Bianca Garth and Alexander Johnson were awarded the PRC Medal for participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge for every year from Year 3 to Year 9 (inclusive).

If you would like to participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year, please see Ms Thompson or Ms Tam in the library.

Ms S. Thompson

Student Interest Groups


If you have ever played a board game, you have probably heard of the game called chess. A game that involves strategy and problem solving. You might think it’s boring, but hear me out, currently there are over 20 members in the chess club! These players are from Years 7-11 and all come for different reasons. Some play for fun, some join to learn strategy and some want to play seriously and practise for the MCS Competition against other schools in Term 2.

Whatever your reason you are more than welcome to join and from next week there is an internal chess competition.

The first four weeks are round robin games where you will play eight other members, randomly generated, which will split the club into two pools. These pools will then have the final two weeks to play their finals which again will be randomly generated. Trophies for 1st and 2nd place for each pool. 

Chess club is held during Friday week 1 and Tuesday week 2 breaks 1 and 2 in the library room A108.

Alexander Chan
Year 11 MacKillop

NSW Youth Week 2019 Design Competition

Youth Week is fast approaching. This year, the NSW Youth Week theme is: Coming together to Connect, Share, Speak out, and Celebrate. The theme was decided by the NSW Youth Advisory Council 2018. Youth Week will run from 10-18 April 2019.

To celebrate NSW Youth Week this year, the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) is inviting young people between 12 and 24 years of age to enter the NSW Youth Week Design Competition.

The winner will be presented with an award and will receive shoe slides with their design printed on them for themself, their family and friends at the NSW Youth Week Forum at NSW Parliament House on Monday 8 April 2019.

Designs can include drawings, paintings, photographs and digital illustrations. It’s not about being a good artist, it’s about young people showing us what inspires them.

Entries close Sunday 17 March 2019.

Click on the link to find out more and submit your application.

NSWCCC Triathlon 2019

On Thursday 28 February, three Year 8 students represented our College at the NSWCCC Triathlon Individual at Penrith International Regatta Centre.  The individual junior distances consisted of a 400m swim, 10km bike ride and a 3km run. Well done to Liam Hardman who completed the course in 47 minutes and 13 seconds placing 117 out of 261 students, Cooper Smith finished in 50 minutes and 18 seconds placing 166 out of 261 students and Holly Stone finishing in 58 minutes.

On Friday 1 March, 21 students in seven teams represented our College at the NSWCCC Triathlon Teams event also at Penrith International Regatta Centre.  Twenty one enthusiastic triathletes swam, rode and ran in a very competitive atmosphere that displayed professionalism and sportsmanship. The juniors relay distance was a 400m swim, 10 km ride and a 3 km run and the intermediate and senior distances was a 400m swim, 15km ride and a 3 km run. Out of 251 junior teams, Takoda Cheng, Cooper Smith and Liam Hardman finished in 45 minutes and 50 seconds and Joshua Gillett, Charlie Capratsis and Levi Cogger completed the course in 46 minutes and 4 seconds. There were 254 intermediate teams competing, Imani Cogger, Alicia Grundy and Caitlin Rodriguez finished in one hour and 5 minutes and Charlotte McCaughan, Beth Langford and Alisa Dybal finished also 1 hour and 5 minutes. The seniors had 164 teams racing, our female team Alana Lynch, Rebecca Grundy and Tatiana Seruvatu finished in 56 minutes and 21 minutes. The senior males Ronan Lipping, Alex Cutler and Brendan Mitchell raced in 53 minutes and 4 seconds and Maxwell Wahbe, Liam Coble and William Squire finished in 56 minutes and 46 seconds.

Congratulations to all students who raced over the two days.

Mrs Papoulias

CCC Triathlon Coach

Community News

Bandaged Bear Appeal


Now in its 30th year, the Bandaged Bear Appeal helps The Children's Hospital at Westmead to continue providing the very best care to sick children and their families.

Running throughout the month of March, the Bandaged Bear Appeal raises essential funds to purchase the most advanced medical equipment, fund vital research into the causes and cures for childhood illness and maintain the total healing environment that is vital to the wellbeing of children and families.


2 April 2019 

Maronite College of the Holy Family, HARRIS PARK

To celebrate World Environment Day, the City of Parramatta is hosting a Speaking 4 the Planet competition. And the Council would love you to participate!

The event will be held on Tuesday 2 April 2019 at the Maronite College of the Holy Family in Harris Park. It commences at 9.00am and concludes at 2.30pm.  Participation is free.

Speaking 4 the Planet is a public speaking, drama and art competition based on the United Nations’ World Environment Day theme. World Environment Day is celebrated in over 100 countries each year to raise worldwide awareness for the need to take positive environmental action – locally, nationally and globally.  

The theme is Beat Plastic Pollution. The message behind the day is, ‘If you can’t reuse it, refuse it’.  The message includes a call to action to consider how we can all make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on our natural places, our wildlife and our own health.  A resource package will be available for participating teachers and students – it will contain information about the event, links to the issue of plastic pollution, and some teaching/learning ideas.

The competition is comprised of 4 categories:

  • Public speaking – prepared and impromptu (one student per school for each category)
  • Drama – impromptu (one group per school of up to 5 students)
  • Art – prepared art. Maximum 2 entries per school.
Here's a video from the Speaking 4 the Planet event at Mt Annan in South West Sydney in 2018. If you haven't participated in one of these days before, the video will give you a sense of the benefits and fun for students and supporting organisations.

I am the key point of contact for this initiative. If you have any questions about the event, please contact me by email at

GWS Ticket Offer

Students, Parents, Siblings, Friends and Staff from the St Patrick's Marist community have been invited to attend the GWS Giants season open clash against the Essendon Bombers on Sunday the 24th of March with tickets for $11 each. 

They have a family friendly school only bay reserved to ensure an amazing game day experience for all!  The school with the highest attendance on game day will also win a train like a Giant experience at Giants HQ.

Roselea Football Club