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Term Three Week 2 | Wednesday July 31, 2019

From the Principal

Helping children tolerate discomfort

Few right-minded people want children or young people to experience hardships or difficulty. However, growing up generally means that children will experience their fair share of hardships, frustrations and challenges which lead to uncomfortable feelings.

Exercising their discomfort muscles

Tolerating discomfort is an important resilience skill. It refers to an ability to sit with an uncomfortable or emotionally painful feeling such as disappointment, apprehension, nervousness or fear. These emotions can be brought about as a result of not being picked for a team; getting lower than expected marks for an assignment; or going into new, unfamiliar situation such as school camp. These are the sorts of everyday situations that can make some children feel uncomfortable. It’s helpful to think of discomfort as a ‘muscle’ that gets stronger with training. Each time a child or teen successfully tolerates discomfort they’re reinforcing their ability to do so and cementing the knowledge that they can overcome emotional challenges.

Opportunities to practise tolerating discomfort

Opportunities for practice are plentiful and are found in common situations such as when a child or teen is: feeling hungry; wanting something they can't have; having to end screen time; contributing to household chores when they don't feel like it; missing out on a job interview; or not receiving a party invitation.

It’s not toughing it out

Tolerating discomfort doesn’t mean toughing out an unbearable situation. It’s teaching your anxious child to notice how they’re feeling, naming their emotions, and practising acceptance of difficult feelings as they occur. This is done in the knowledge that what they’re experiencing is temporary and that they’re lovingly supported by a warm and comforting adult. Couple tolerating discomfort with social rewards (such as words of praise or shared fun activity) for coping behaviours and you’re helping to build their personal resilience.

Article taken from Parenting Ideas.

Quote of the Week

"The drops of rain make a hole in the stone not by violence but by oft falling."

Lucretius (96-55 BC)

Roman poet

Important Dates

SQUAD  Athletics Training Tuesday  6/8, 13/8, 20/8, 27/8, 3/9

Mandarin Lessons (optional) Monday afternoons from 3-4pm

Grandparent's Day  Friday August 16 @ 9.00am

Year 6 Assembly Monday August 19 & @ 8.30am

Book Week Parade Thursday August 22 @ 8.30am

Father's Day Breakfast  Tuesday August 27 @ 7.30am

Father's Day Stall - Wednesday August 28

South Harbour Athletics (SQUAD only) Saturday August 24

IPSHA Athletics (SQUAD only) Monday August 26

QUAD Athletics (SQUAD only) Friday September 6

School Concert: Peter Pan  Tuesday September 3rd 

Kindergarten Assembly Monday September 9

Year 5 & 6 Country Tour Tuesday September 10 - Friday September 13

School Photos Tuesday September 17

P&F Annual Fundraiser Saturday September 21

Last day Term 3 Friday September 27

First Day Term 4 Tuesday October 15

Speech Morning  Friday  December 6


House Points

1st  McKeown

2nd  Nimmo

3rd  Storey

Class Captains

Kindergarten - Leon Dunkley

Year 1 - Denzel Rankin

Year 2 - Sam See Yong

Year 3 - Orlando Noble

Year 4 - Akash Dutta

Year 5 - Harry Howells

Year 6 - Jeremy Trueman-Farrell

Class Points

Kindergarten     240

Year 1                 490

Year 2                 200

Year 3                 230

Year 4                 170

Year 5                 200

Year 6                 151

REACH Science assessments

The grading system for REACH is quite different from ICAS and is explained below.

There are 5 categories from Participation, Good Effort, Commendable, Outstanding through to Exemplary.

Exemplary is the top 1% of students

Outstanding is the next 10% of students

Commendable is the next 25% of students

Good Effort is the next 10% of students

Participation for all remaining students.

Each boy has an individual TAP-ID and PIN so parents can access online reports for their sons. These details were handed out with the certificates last Friday.

In the Science REACH Assessments this year, Coogee Prep received 2 Exemplary Certificates for Orlando Noble in year 3 and Archie Coulton in year 4

We also received 20 Outstanding, 17 Commendable, 8 Good Effort and 34 Participation Certificates.

The following boys received certificates and all other boys received a Participation Certificate.


Year 3

Exemplary – Orlando Noble

Outstanding – Joshua Capaan, Justin Lo Nero, Rugby Mangan, Sam Wolfe, Lawson Worrall and Ethan Zorbas

Commendable- Dylan Crewe, Christopher Go, Rowan Munro, Zavier Prichard, Joshua Scala, Dylan Silva

Good Effort - Freddie Grindrod, Harry Mozley, Sam Read


Year 4

Exemplary – Archie Coulton

Outstanding – Luke Brown, Akash Dutta, Tyler Fielding, Harry Middleton, Anthony Panos, Dylan Sperring and Owen Storie

Commendable – Charlie Appleton, Gabriel Joseph, Joshua Morris, Sam Radburn

Good Effort - Christian Harris, Hudson James, Henry McAusland,

Year 5

Outstanding - Ben Capaan, Harry Howells, Lu Jurgens, Billy Lagos

Commendable - Oliver Goold, Brooklyn Lagos, Zac Sperring

Year 6

Outstanding- Maximo Di Blasio, Leo Jreige, Ayrton Palmer

Commendable – Harry Crewe, Otto Freiheit, Freddie Fullerton, Aidan Zorbas

Good Effort- Saul Teen, Fabian Wrigg

Infants' Stars of the Week

Kindergarten     Sebastian Siu

Year 1                  Jakob Saad

Year 2                  Noah Nunn

Primary Raffle Winners

Year 3 - Sam Nicholson

Year 4 - Archer Wong

Year 5 - Ben Capaan

Year 6 - Ayrton Palmer 

Bronze Awards

Stephen Chen in Kindergarten receives his Bronze Award and is all smiles despite his painful face plant over the weekend!

Well done Stephen!

Archer sings up a storm!

Archer Wong in Year 4  participated in the World Choral Festival and performed with the Sydney Children’s Choir at the concert house at Sydney Opera House and also at the Sydney Conservatorium during the term break.  

Joshua recycles for Coogee Prep!

Joshua Prazan in Year 1 has been recycling for over a year now and recycled over 1000 bottles. He has donated all of the proceeds ($100) to the School and we will be buying some playground equipment with it at his request.  Well done Joshua - you have done well for the planet and the School and we are proud of you!

Founder's Day

Our annual Founder’s Day will be held on Friday 2nd August. We will have a church service at 9am followed by a screening of the new ‘Lion King’ movie at the Ritz in Randwick. The boys are able to take their recess with them to the movie. On our return to school, the P & F are organizing a BBQ lunch for the boys.

A permission note has been sent out. Click here to sign it

The P&F are looking for helpers with the BBQ - if you can help please contact Lizzie Mangan 0413 999 717 or Emma Garrett Brown 0415 473 450

Birthday Books

Riley Thurman Year 2 Age 8

Thank you to RIley  who has presented us with two wonderful books for his birthday!

Enid Blyton - The Magic Faraway Tree
Elementals - Scorch Dragons

Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)

Congratulations to the following boys who completed the reading challenge.

Year 2 - Harry Richards

Year 3 - Dylan Crewe

Year 4 - Archie Coulton

A total of 27 boys have now finished their reading challenge, but there is still plenty of time for everyone to get reading before Friday 30th August.

Email Ms Gershon on

Back to the (vehicles) of the Future in Year 2

Book Week Parade on Thursday, 22nd August at 8.30am

Book week will take place in week 5, with the parade on Thursday, 22nd August at 8.30am.

The theme this year is 'Reading is my Secret Power'.

All students will participate in the parade. We encourage and welcome parents  to attend. A reminder that costumes are to be organised at home and students may wear their costumes for the day. We look forward to a fun morning celebrating books!

Book covering thanks

Trish Saad  (Jakob in Year 1) has just covered 41 books for the library -  a mammoth effort and thank you Trish!

Redgum Books Catalogue Term 3

The new Redgum Books catalogue is out now and coming home. The more books you order the more books we can order for free! They have a fantastic range of books for all ages. Great ideas to encourage for home reading, and brilliant for gifts. Start stockpiling for Christmas now!

Click here to see the new catalogue and start ordering!

Birthday Book Donation library request list


Peter Pan costume requirements for ALL boys


Art Cupboard Magic

Never in the history of the Art Cupboard has it been so well organised. A big thanks to Angela Richards (Harry Year 2) and Vanessa Miers (George in Year 1) for the hours they put into doing this last week. We have had a full audit and will do a massive re-order of supplies to keep our creative  output on going!

Terms 3 and 4 week by week calendar


Chess Games

Round 10 Friday 2nd August

Intermediate D v St Spyridon B Away Transport BRANDTMAN

Rookies E v St Spyridon C Away Transport MAKIM

Rookies F v OLA Away Transport APPLETON

Junior Rookies G v St Brigid’s C Away Transport LO NERO/TSACCOUNIS

Junior Rookies H v St Brigid’s D AWAY Transport MANGAN/QUINLAN


Round 11 9th August –last round of chess

Intermediate C v St Therese B Away Transport needed

Rookies E v Matraville B Away Transport CAPAAN


Please note parents that the following teams will be going to Mount Sinai next Tuesday [6th August] at lunchtime, to complete their games. Mr O’Connor will drive the bus: Intermediate C and D, and Junior Rookies G and H teams. 

Chess Results

Round 9 26th July

Intermediate C drew 2-2 with St Therese D

Intermediate D lost 1-3 against St Brigid’s A

Rookies E had a BYE

Rookies F lost 1-3 against Matraville B

Junior Rookies G lost 1-3 against Junior Rookies H 

Chess Team


1. Marshall Jones

2. Brooklyn Lagos

3. Billy Lagos

4. Vincent Larcinese


1. Harry Crewe

2. Arran Storie

3. Ben Capaan

4. Lachlan Doble

Intermediate C

1. Luc Jurgens

2. Akash Dutta

3. Archie Coulton

4. Oliver Goold

Freddie Sharpe

Intermediate D

1. Vlad Law

3. Henry Merrion

4.Jack Brandtman

Reserves  Cobey Owen and Jeremy Trueman-Farrell

Rookies E

1. Dylan Crewe

2. Joshua Capaan

3. Sam Wolfe

4. Isaac Makim

Reserve Luke Brown

Rookies F

1. Archer Wong

2. Ned O’Halloran

3. Harrison Wood

4. Charlie Appleton

 Reserve Luke Brown

Junior Rookies G

1. George Tsaccounis

2. Justin Lo Nero

3. Harry Mozley

4. Freddie Grindrod

Junior Rookies H

1. Rugby Mangan

2. Aidan Quinlan

3. Zavier Prichard

4. Rowan Munro


A Fiver for a Farmer: Friday August 9

On Friday the 9th August, students and staff members at Coogee Prep will be dressing up as farmers, to raise money for farmers in drought across Australia.

This campaign began last year, where a young boy named Jack Berne, started the initiative. In 2018 schools all throughout Australia raised over 1.5 million dollars for such a great cause.

Boys are asked to bring in a $5 note or more to support this important campaign. I am looking forward to seeing all the boys and teachers in their farmer outfits. 

Mind Quest Term 3 2019

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Sports Update

RATIO: Year 5 & 6 Country Tour Sponsor 2019

RATIO: is a new brand of compression shorts that was launched earlier this month by parents Kylie Murphy (Zac and Dylan Sperring, Yr 5 and 4) and Caroline Viska (Henry Merrion, Year 5).

The brand was started to fill a gap in the market for youth high performance compression shorts - that were the best in the market and also affordable.

As part of this they have also launched a grassroots campaign where 10% of all sales are  given back to sporting clubs and schools. In our case, 10% of all sales will be given back to Coogee Prep.

Simply enter: COOGEEPREP at checkout ( A free t-shirt will be given for the first three CPS orders.RATIO: is also a sponsor of the CPS Country Tour bag.

Argentum Group: Year 5 & 6 Country Tour Sponsor 2019

Argentum is an Australian owned company, established in 2014 to service the property industry. Ranked in the Top 100 AFR Fast Starters in 2017, Argentum offers an integrated, diversified and customised approach to project & development management services.


All non school photos are sourced from a brilliant online photo library