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Week 5 Term 3 - Friday 16th August 2019

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Parent Teacher Interviews Term 3

Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Monday 9th September in Week 9.  Details for bookings will open from today Friday 16th August.

Direct link:Parent Teacher Interview Booking


 URL    Enter Code: 89w8x

Mrs Broderick has scheduled an alternate time with families of Year 1/2 as she will be enjoying some Long Service Leave the last two weeks of term. An email has been sent to parents in regards to organising a time to come in and discuss their child's progress . Parents in P12 are able to book a time with both Tricia McKinley and Rosemary Broderick if desired.

Local School Community Funding -Chicken Coop & Run

The local government is providing grants to schools for between $1000-$20,000 dollars for Community projects. A long awaited passion is to continue to develop our Environmental hub (Kitchen Garden and native planting) by adding a sturdy Chicken Coop and run. 

Such a project creates an amazing array of environmental, educational and social/emotional benefits for young and old.

Applications need to be submitted by 30th September and if successful we would be informed early December. This means the project would start early 2020. 

Learning & Teaching

Science Challenge 3 & 4


Wow! You just got hired for your dream job feeding the marine animals at the local aquarium. Everyone in the community is excited about a special new exhibit. It has been designed with a tank that goes up to the celling. The thrilling part of this exhibit is that this unique tank will be filled with sharks! There is one big problem though, sharks are dangerous animals and they might mistake you for their meal! You have to feed them, but the tank is too high up to just throw the food up to the sharks, and if you miss, the food will fall on the people below. You will have to stand 5 meters away and launch the food into the tank. The cost of the new tank took so much of the aquarium’s budget that there is only $100 left for creating a prototype that will launch food to the sharks.


Create a device that launches food to hit a target 5 meters away and stays within a $100 budget.

Video below: approx 6 minutes of testing inventions

Science Week

In STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths)  we are learning how to design and create musical instruments. We made our own harmonicas following directions. We needed to work together, follow direction, test and re test until successful.  We used elastic bands, straws and icy pole sticks to create a vibration. By blowing through the straws that were wedged between icy pole sticks we were able to make musical sounds from the vibrations.  We had created our very own 'harmonica'  musical instrument.

Maths Cooperation

During mathematics we were working cooperatively to build cubic meters. We used our knowledge of measurement and were required to measure, check, construct and check to build a cubic meter with 6 faces, 12 edges, 8 points using paper , scissors and tape, It took a great deal of discussion, thinking, measuring, checking and trial and error to complete.

Assumption Mass

A very special School/Parish mass was celebrated for the Feast of the Assumption on Thursday 15th August. It is a very special date in our Catholic calendar and one that is still recognized as a Holy Day of Obligation. On this day we remember that Mary was taken up into Heaven to be with her Son Jesus. It is a great opportunity to share our Catholic story with our children and continue faith traditions.

Child Care & Kindergarten

Its so exciting to see all the changes happening at the Vermont Child Care & Kindergarten. Lots of internal demolition and renovations on the go. Fabulous new playground equipment is ready for installation. They have a  target of September for completion. We have started to advertise 3 & 4 year old Kindergarten places. We are very excited about the partnership possibilities with the Child Care and Kindergarten and the extra flexibility this may offer families.


We are very grateful to families, friends and neighbours for the kind donations/sponsorship. As we have had only 20 returns from across the school, we would appreciate if forms and donations could be returned to school ASAP. 

Thank you   

InterSchool Sport

Week 1, 3,  6, 7, 8

The dates are: 

Friday 23rd August,( St Christopher's) Friday 30th August (St Timothy's)

Friday 6th September ( St Bridget's)

Parent assistance on any of these days would be greatly appreciated!

Book Week

Week 7


Book Week is from Aug 17th to Aug 23rd. At St Timothy's we will have a Book Week Incursion Performance on Wednesday 28th August. On this date the children will be asked to come dressed up using 'Reading is my Secret Weapon' as their inspiration. The children will also be involved in a range of Literacy activities around the Short Listed books for 2019.

Shortlisted Books.

School Closure Day


A Term 3 School Closure Day has been scheduled for Week 8 - Thursday  5th September. On this day staff will work together to continue our Intervention Assessment Professional Development. After completing an 8 week program during Staff Meetings, a closure day will assist us to implement future strategies and practices to better assess and implement assessment, teaching and learning for all children.

Term 4 School Closure

Monday 4th Nov ( day prior to Melbourne Cup Day)

Students of The Week

Year P,1,2   Neriya, Alice, Emily
Year 2/3 Vanni, Nour
Year 4/5 Nathan, Aleia,

Year 5/6 

Mackenzie, Tom

Cake Raffle

Thursday 22nd AugustRed team
Thursday 29th AugustBlue team
Thursday 5th SeptemberGold team
Thursday 12th SeptemberBlue team
Thursday 19th SeptemberNO RAFFLE SCHOOL CAMP
Term 4Volunteers Required

Child Safety

Parents & Friends


St Timothy's School Calendar

Term 3 dates

Monday 15th July  Term 3 begins

Friday 19th July, Friday 26th July, Friday 2nd , Friday 9th , Friday 23rd, 30th Aug  & 6th Sep  Inter School Sports

Wednesday 31st July  Confirmation  Reflection Day & Sacrament of Confirmation.

Tuesday 6th August Bunjil Project ( Year 5/6)

Wednesday 7th August Walkathon

Thursday 8th August  Footy Day 

Friday 16th August    Basketball Clinic P-6 

Friday 16th August Prep Orientation 2020 Begins

Wednesday 28th August  Book Week Incursion  Reading Is My Secret Power

Thursday 5th September School Closure Day

Monday 9th September    Parent Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 18th,19th, & 20th September Sovereign Hill Camp