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Term Three Week 5 | Wednesday August 21, 2019

From the Principal

What a lovely occasion Grandparent's Day was. It is always so nice to see the Church full of happy faces as the boys show how important Grandparents  are in their lives. It was also great for me to meet  parents of Old Boys who are now Grandparents of boys at the school.  As one Grandparent remarked  "I now have the time to enjoy School events!"  Welcome back we say!

An occasion like this is never possible without the help from a lot of parents and Year 3 put on a spectacular tea that was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all who helped with this event (the boys in Afters were still enjoying the great food late in the day!)

The book drive (suggested by Ryan Mangan father of Rugby in Year 3)  was a first for us and a HUGE success. We now have over 125 new books for the library shelves. These will be processed and covered and then put into circulation as soon as possible. Each book has the name of the child who donated in the front on a special sticker. Thank you to all who purchased a book to support this great initiative. 

Book fun continues tomorrow with our Book Parade at 8.30am which you are all most welcome to watch. 

I wanted to touch on the topic of anxiety in children . We like to think children lead worry free lives in relation to our own adult lives, it is often not the case. Many parents struggle with how to talk to their child about anxiety without brushing it off and saying 'just dont worry about it - it will all be fine'.  On the other hand we need to learn to give perspective to children's problems and worries and not worry for them or make their worries the focus of every conversations  we have with them.

Managing your child’s anxiety by Michael Grose

If your child feels anxious reassure them that these feelings are a normal response to new people, events or potentially challenging situations. Help your child understand that there is a great deal they can do to manage their anxious feelings, so they can get on with the activities they enjoy.

Explain anxiety

If your child is anxious they may struggle to explain how they feel. An important first step in anxiety self-management is explaining to your child how anxiety works.

 • Teach your child that the amygdala, the part of the brain that protects them, is always on high alert when they are anxious.

 • Explain that the amygdala sees danger where there is none, but the body prepares to fight for life or flee from danger as if it’s protecting them from a hungry lion.

 • Talk about the changes that happen in their body to power them up to fight or flee including; increased heart and breathing rates and the pumping of the blood from the stomach to the arms and legs, which can cause nausea and even vomiting for some.

Help recognise anxiety-inducing events

Help your child to recognise the specific situations and events that make them feel anxious such as meeting new friends, sitting tests and fear of rejection. In this way you can help your child manage and minimise his feelings of anxiety.

Respond with empathy

When your child feels anxious, the part of the brain that controls rational thinking, decision-making and concentration temporarily goes offline. They can feel easily overwhelmed by simple, everyday events and situations. Rather than protecting your child by allowing them to avoid meeting these challenges, or dismissing them as trivial, validate their feelings with statements such as “I can see you’re feeling worried about going to camp without your brother.”

Managing anxious moments

Help your child develop the tools to regulate and push their anxious feelings to the background. Practise these anxiety management tools when your child is feeling calm, and it will be easier for them to practise when they are nervous. These include:

• Taking some deep breaths: Deep belly breathing from the diaphragm calms the amygdala, reducing feelings of anxiousness

• Bringing their attention back to the present: Use their senses to bring their attention to the present moment and away from their worries – “Tell me five things you see, four things you hear and something you smell”

• Getting them moving: Physical exercise is not only a great distraction but it releases feel-good endorphins that help children and young people feel better and more optimistic about the future

• Defusing their thoughts: Help your child to distance themselves from their thoughts by using distancing statements. Replace “I’m going to fail the test” with “I had a thought that I’m going to fail the test.” Rather than changing their thinking, assist your child to distance themselves from unhelpful thoughts

There's a great deal you can do to help your child manage their anxiety. Start by assisting your child to understand the fundamentals of anxiety, show your understanding of their feelings and be ready to support them emotionally to push their anxiety to the background.


Kind regards

John Dicks


Quote of the Week

“If anyone can refute me‚ show me I’m making a mistake or looking at things from the wrong perspective‚ I’ll gladly change. It’s the truth I’m after.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations6.21

We are a nut free school

A reminder that we are a nut free school. Whilst we don't expect you to check all foods for traces of nuts please do not send in packets of nuts or nut bars or anything obviously nutty.

Peter Pan Update and Costume Information:

The countdown is on with just 4 weeks until our Peter Pan Production on Tuesday 3rd September!

·       Costumes - all boys K-6 need a class dance costume (Year 6 are backstage helpers). This information has been attached to the Chronicle each week.

·       Main characters and Select Dance group - These boys will need 2 costumes; their main character or select dance group costume and their class dance costume. Please see the attachment below for details. You would have also received an email from Mrs Black or Ms Bown with further details.

·       Whole School Rehearsal at Scots on Tuesday 27th August (week 6) for all boys K-6 - This will be a dress rehearsal for Main Characters and boys in the Select Dance Group. All other boys K-6 will be in school uniform. Further details and the permission note will be sent out soon.

·       Our Peter Pan Production will be at Scots on Tuesday 3rd September at 6:30. Further details to come.


Peter Pan costume requirements for ALL boys

Buy your sausage sizzle lunch here

Country Tour Fundraiser

Book your tickets here

Father's Day Breakfast & Gift Stall

Important Dates

SQUAD  Athletics Training  Wednesday August 28 @ 3.00pmTuesday  27/8, 3/9 @ 7.45am

Mandarin Lessons (optional) Monday afternoons from 3-4pm

Book Week Parade Thursday August 22 @ 8.30am

Father's Day Breakfast  Tuesday August 27 @ 7.30am

Father's Day Stall - Wednesday August 28

South Harbour Athletics (SQUAD only) Saturday August 24

IPSHA Athletics (SQUAD only) Monday August 26

QUAD Athletics (SQUAD only) Friday September 6

School Concert: Peter Pan  Tuesday September 3rd 

Kindergarten Assembly Monday September 9

Year 5 & 6 Country Tour Tuesday September 10 - Friday September 13

School Photos Tuesday September 17

P&F Annual Fundraiser Saturday September 21

Last day Term 3 Friday September 27

First Day Term 4 Tuesday October 15

Speech Morning  Friday  December 6


House Points

1st           Nimmo

2nd         Storey

3rd          McKeown

Class Captains

Kindergarten              Mikaeel Yousaf

Year 1                          Enzo Hui

Year 2                          Aiden Kim

Year 3                          Freddie Grindrod

Year 4                          Jordan Fayne

Year 5                          Lachlan Doble

Year 6                          Aston Leslight

Class Points


Kindergarten        928

Year 1                   1175

Year 2                    1080

Year 3                   1021

Year 4                    696

Year 5                     841

Year 6                     553

Book Week Parade on Thursday, 22nd August at 8.30am

Book week will take place in week 5, with the parade on Thursday, 22nd August at 8.30am.

The theme this year is 'Reading is my Secret Power'.

All students will participate in the parade. We encourage and welcome parents  to attend. A reminder that costumes are to be organised at home and students may wear their costumes for the day. We look forward to a fun morning celebrating books!

There will be two book voucher prizes per year awarded at the parade!

Infants' Stars of the Week

Kindergarten        Stephen Chen

Year 1                    Ryan Rumble

Year 2                    Jackson Macaskill

Bronze Awards

Harvey Rumble in Kindergarten was thrilled to receive his award last week!

Spanish at home

Spanish – Languagenut

Teachers have distributed the boys’ logins and passwords for Languagenut so they can logon and practise their Spanish at home. 

Intra school Chess Competition

This has now finished and all placings have been finalised. Congratulations to all boys who competed each week, and in particular to Junior Rookies H who came first in their division and the Rookies E team,  [ made up of year 3 boys ] who came 2nd.

Championship A          4th place

Championship B          7th place

Intermediate C             4th place

Intermediate D             6th place

Rookies E                       2nd place

Rookies F                        5th place

Junior Rookies G            3rd place

Junior Rookies H          1st place 

Fiver for a Farmer Newspaper Articles by Year 6

Wallets Dry up!

By Otto Freiheit

Coogee Boys Preparatory School students and staff raised a stunning $915 for the drought last Friday. Over 125 students from Coogee Prep in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs took part in ‘Fiver for a Farmer’.

The students and staff came to school dressed up as farmers to raise money for the drought. The school has taken part in this fundraiser before but as the drought has worsened the school has decided to donate again. “ I think it is important to donate as many families are affected by this drought and I want the students to know how lucky they are to have water everyday,” said Mr Sarkies, organiser of the fundraiser.

Students from kindergarten to year 6 were pleased to see staff participate. Mr Maglioni ( a prac- teacher) donated a $50 note as well as Mr Dicks the Principal. A few staff and students were willing to donate more than $5. “I enjoyed dressing up as a farmer and supporting farmers in need” , said Year 5 student Lachie Doble.           

The money raised will go to the White family and will hopefully help them fight the drought. Schools will continue to donate as the drought gets worse.       


Fivers find farmers

By Arran Storie

Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School supported farmers in need by bringing in $5 or more and ended up with $915 last Friday. The day was a huge success with 125 students raising money.

125 students from kindy to year 6 and staff participated in ‘Fiver for a farmer’. With the school raising $915, it was clear that students brought in more than the average $5. There was also mention of two $50 notes! Students came to school wearing traditional farmer clothes like checkered shirts, round hats and belts.

Kindy boys said that the day was really fun.” I thought today was a ten out of ten,”  said Leon Dunkley from Kindy . “I would do today every day as it’s fun to dress up in mufti. I also want to help the help the farmers with water and food.”

Teachers such as Mr sarkies also thought Friday was good. ”For a small school like us to raise $915 is a great achievement,” Mr Sarkies said. ”The average amount of money brought in was $5, but we obviously brought in so much more.”

Teachers and boys hope that we can support lots of farmers and continue this for the coming years.

 Fiver For A Farmer A Great Success

By Cobey Owen

Students and staff from Coogee Prep took part in Fiver for a Farmer last friday raising over $900 for a great cause.

Students were happy that the staff participated and everybody said they enjoyed the day including the staff. Everybody donated $5 or more,with reports of two teachers donating $50.

Mr Sarkies the year 3 teacher said “I am glad that everybody participated in Fiver for a Farmer and surprised by how much money we raised . Maybe next year we can raise more money and we might give some of the money to an old Coogee Prep farming family.”

C.P.S hoped that they could help farmers who are affected by the drought. Kindergarten student Casper Wilkinson said “ I hope we can help”.

Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)

A total of 37 boys have now finished their reading challenge and there are 16 boys yet to finish. Time is running out as the PRC finishes next Friday 30th August.! 

Email Ms Gershon on

Grandparent's Day

School Photo Envelopes

These were sent home today only as a reminder about our upcoming photo day on Tuesday 17th September. Please do not send in the envelopes for orders. All photo orders are to be done online. Sibling photos and sport and extra-curricular photos can be pre-ordered this year which means you will only need to logon once to the website. 

Sports Update

Undefeated Year 3 Blue Soccer Team - smiles of victory!

Undefeated Under 10 Gold Rugby Team - all round winners!

Roosters fan

George Andreatta loved the Roosters game last week as did other members of Year 2. 

I still have tickets for the game on August 31 @ 1.00pm if anyone is keen?

LEGO Camps - early bird discount

Brickz for Kids is very popular with the boys.

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A fun night out of fundraising and bingo!

Lego Holiday Camp: Early Bird Offer

Holiday Fun with LEGO by Bricks for Kids


All non school photos are sourced from a brilliant online photo library