Star of Peace

St Patrick's Marist College

Newsletter Number 12 - 14 August 2019

From the Principal ....

Human life by its very nature is fragile, vulnerable and yet incredibly adaptive. Through history we have seen numerous examples of persons who have demonstrated these characteristics and in doing so inspired countless generations. Our context is no different and we find that in our human lives, we experience these realities and see them throughout our social media. What we learn throughout life is this adaptive characteristic, sometimes to hide our vulnerability and fragility. Yet we know in wisdom, that these aspects must all exist in tension with each other. This is so real in the lives of our students, who come to learn daily about who they are, what they would like to be and how to get there. This is the heart of schooling, forming the human person to be fully aware and conscious. This bringing to awareness is framed through our faith that being human fully alive is a real reflection of our living God. In Christ we see what a human person fully alive can be and do. For us as Marists, we look to Mary as our example of responding to Christ – Esto Fidelis – be faithful. For this is at the heart of honouring these natures, by being true to them in our daily lives. As we celebrate the Feast of Assumption, Mary as first disciple exemplifies a sinless heart whose life continues into the Reign of God.

This is exemplified through the eyes of our Year 12 students who continue through their Trial Examinations this week. They have come to these exams vulnerable as their first experience of formal examinations, yet they adapt through the knowledge and understanding they have built within themselves through the process of learning. I commend the Year 12 cohort for their dedication, courage and fortitude through this exam period. I urge them to reflect on their experience and seek to narrow the gaps that they may have found in knowledge, understanding or skills.

Our annual Walkathon is only a week away and I urge our community to continue to support this annual fundraising event. We have over the past five years, built a wonderful sister school for vulnerable young people in Trichy India, so the education may be a pathway to wind back poverty. I ask that you encourage your child to reach out to members of your communities to support our efforts. The Walkathon is on Friday, 23 August and information notes have been provided about the day.

It is never easy to speak in front of a crowd yet a number of our students stepped up to be vulnerable and adapt at our Oratory evening.  I thank Mrs Beach and Ms Nelson and many other supporting staff members for leading and organising this event. I would like to also thank all those students who took part, for their preparations and for stepping up. Congratulations to each of our winners for each year group:

DivisionWinnerRunner Up
Year 7Levi CoggerAyden Bottos
Year 8Quinn StephensElizabeth Hogan
Year 9Aleksandr ZhigunovLauren Chu
Year 10Anthony KhatchigianBianca Garth
SeniorJanika FernandoEve Watson

We do not have to look too far to see that our world is changing at a rapid pace. This change, as we know, means our children’s future will be vastly different to our own. Our Staff Learning day on Monday, 26th August will allow us as educators to continue to ensure that learning here at St Patrick's Marist continues to build in our young people the experience of success and challenge. We will have a guest presenter with us from NESA to continue the work of building rigour and success in our Year 11 and 12 learning as the HSC itself continues to change. Please be aware that Monday, the 26th of August is a pupil free day.

We also look forward to celebrating the wonderful aspect of human life – our fathers. Our dads also reflect vulnerability and adaptivity and we celebrate with them on Thursday, 29th August with a Father’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast here at the College at 7.30am. We invite all our granddads, dads, and caregivers and their sons and daughters to join us for this event of thanks.

Let us continue to keep in our prayers and thoughts all those who at this time are experiencing fragility and vulnerability, we especially remember Chloe Abou-Hamad of Year 9 who has been diagnosed with a serious illness and is recovering after surgery. I commend our Year 9 Leaders for responding with efforts of support for Chloe and her family at this time.

 May Christ who heals the sick

Bring his healing hand upon Chloe

So that peace and recovery may be granted to her

May we all share this peace through our own actions

of love, forgiveness and friendship to one another.

Mary our Good Mother, Pray for us

Mr Jason Scanlon

Acting Principal

Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning


All of the Year 11 cohort have this week been provided with their Year 11 End of Course Examination timetable, with exams commencing Friday, 13th September and closing on Monday 23rd September. Students are reminded to ensure that they are on time for their set exams, to wear full College winter uniform for every exam and to bring all required equipment. This is an important time for demonstrating the learning that has taken place through Stage 6 courses thus far. This year is the first time that students have not experienced a Mid Course Examination period, so it is vital that students are able to use this experience to monitor their use of time management by rehearsing at home and asking teachers for feedback on practice papers. In cases of misadventure, please contact the College – Mr David Bonora – the Year 11 Pastoral Leader of Learning to inform of your son/daughter’s absence. A reminder that in cases of illness to also obtain a doctor’s certificate on the day of the illness and return it to Miss Hagarty the following day.


There has been a change of date for the Year 11 Parent / Teacher Interviews, from 29th October to the 6th November. 


Please note that Monday 26th August is a scheduled Staff Professional Learning Day and therefore a pupil free day at the College. We have been fortunate to secure sessions with Mrs Lisa O’Neill (NESA Liaison Officer) who will continue to deepen staff understanding of the Common Grade Scale, together with Stage 6 Authentic Assessment and inquiry practices. 


The Co-Teaching spaces and Co-Teaching as a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning, addresses the differentiated interventions necessary by identifying groups who may benefit from a workshop to provide additional support, or a master class in order to extend the Gifted. The spaces are meant to be flexible, allowing teachers to be more responsive to the needs of their learners, as well as allowing students to become increasingly self-directed through co-construction and peer to peer sharing and feedback opportunities. The Co-Teaching process also enables staff to work more closely together. Through their collective action, teachers can develop greater effort and persistence, a greater willingness to try new teaching approaches and ultimately attend more closely to the needs of students (Collective Teacher Efficacy). I would like to thank our 6 early adopters to Co-Teaching: Emily Gray and Sarah Duffy (English), Nichole Padden and Aimy Papoulias (Mathematics), as well as Stephanie Thompson and Peter Tusa (HSIE) for their willingness and generosity in allowing staff to walk through their learning spaces last week. A total of 26 staff, representative across faculties, conducted an Instructional Walk using an observational template in order to learn new pedagogical approaches within a Co-Teaching learning environment and articulate this learning within small groups. The work of our 6 early adopters is simply exemplary, demonstrating best practice pedagogy and the deep embedding of the OECD’s seven principles of learning: learners at the centre, the social nature of learning, emotions are central to learning, recognising individual difference, stretching all students, Assessment ‘for’ Learning, and the building of horizontal connections. 

Ms Katherine Maish

Acting Assistant Principal: Innovation, Teaching & Learning

Instructional Leader/Learning Coach 

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Profiler Project

St Patrick’s Marist College is committed to understanding the needs of your child and have engaged a research team from the Centre for Positive Psychology at The University of Melbourne to measure wellbeing of all students. We seek permission from you to allow your child/ren to complete The Wellbeing Profiler survey at school. We hope the results of this survey will help St Patrick’s Marist College understand where students need more support so we can create a positive environment for students to learn and develop to their fullest potential. We also hope that these insights on student wellbeing will inform wellbeing interventions / practices and curriculum at our school.

What is this research about?

Although wellbeing is an important part of life for all people it is particularly important for young people. The purpose of this research is to help understand young peoples’ wellbeing from their point of view. The information will help our school learn more about how young people can be supported.

What will your child be asked to do?

The Wellbeing Profiler was developed by researchers at the Centre for Positive Psychology at The University of Melbourne to measure youth wellbeing. The survey will be conducted at school as a class activity taking approximately 30-45 minutes. The profiler will ask questions about how your child thinks and feels about his/her physical and mental health, school, friends and family. The research team will provide St Patrick’s Marist College  with a confidential report on the findings in which no individual student is identified.

Do students have to complete the survey?

No. Participation is completely voluntary and students are free to withdraw from participation at any time while completing the survey. We are seeking your permission for your child/ren to participate in this survey. To provide consent, kindly return a signed form with the “Yes” option selected. If you prefer for your child/ren not to take part in the survey, kindly return a signed form with the “No” option selected. There will be no negative consequences if you choose not to participate.

What will happen to the information? (Confidentiality and data storage)

The survey is anonymous, responses to the survey are strictly confidential and only group results will be reported back to the College. Survey responses will be stored online on a secure encrypted database that is managed by the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. No-one will be able to identify you or your child from the results which will be confidential, that is, no individual students will be identified. It is important to know that no young person or school will be identified. Storage of the collected data will be kept on secure, password protected University servers for at least 10 years before being deleted.

If you have any questions in regards to this survey, please feel free to contact me here at school.

Mr Matthew Paton

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Family Zone - Families

Visit Website -

Mufti Day


Marcellin Champagnat’s great desire and legacy is that we relate to each other as the members of a loving family. The foundation of that family spirit is the love that Jesus has for all his brothers and sisters, no one is forgotten. Acceptance and a sense of belonging should prevail where everyone in this Marist family is valued and believed in, where we are ready to trust each other, forgive each other and reconcile with each other. Our relationships are authentic; based on great care.

As a Marist community, we are called to respond to help those in our community who are facing adversity or hardship. As Mrs Hay indicated in last week’s newsletter, Chloe Abou-Hamad (9 Chavoin) has been diagnosed with a serious illness. The response and support for Chloe and her family is overwhelming, reflecting our Marist values of family spirit, love and support. Whilst the support and generosity of our community has been incredibly strong, as seen by those who have contributed to Chloe’s Gofundme page, our Junior School Leaders have been seeking out the best ways that we as a community can further support Chloe. 

As a response towards Chloe’s recovery and for her family, the College will have a voluntary 'Mufti Day’ on Friday 16th August. Mufti days are times when students do not have to wear school uniform, however, the College expects all those taking part in mufti day to dress appropriately.  Clothing must be neat, clean and modest. A $2 (or more!) donation for the privilege of wearing mufti will be collected during homeroom. Students who do not wish take part are to wear normal school uniform. The theme for the day is to come dressed in ‘Pink’ as Chloe’s favourite colour, or ‘Purple’ to represent Chloe’s homeroom colour.

The following guidelines are to be strictly adhered to with no exception:

  • No torn or frayed clothing

  • No singlets

  • No clothing with inappropriate writing or graphics

  • No thongs or sandals (closed in shoes only)

  • Normal College rules apply for earrings, piercings, makeup and jewellery

  • No bare shoulders, no visible bra straps

  • No cut off shorts or short skirts

  • If students have a practical lesson the usual uniform expectations apply

On past mufti days, students have always participated with respect to the College expectations. If students do ignore these expectations parents will be called to bring their College Uniform to the College.

Thank you for your ongoing support of those in our Marist family, particularly responding to those in most need. 

Mr P. Quigley

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 9

Walkathon 2019

On Friday 23rd August, the College will be holding our annual Walkathon and all our plans are proceeding well.  This is our main fundraising event for the College. It not only assists the College to improve the conditions and resources available for your sons and daughters but it also provides a wonderful experience of school spirit and teamwork to achieve a goal.

The theme for the event is “Dynamic Duos and Dream Teams”

A significant portion of our money raised will go to our ongoing support of the Marist school in Trichy, India. In our five years of support for this developing project, the school has grown to a size of over 300 students. As the community has continued to develop and grow around the school, the requirements continue to grow. In the next couple of years, the school is looking at developing into a high school to continue the educational opportunities for the students there. To give some scope of how far the money we raise goes, if we raise approximately $23000, this will pay the salary for the 18 members of staff who currently work at the College. The average wage for a teacher is $100 a month. 

The school fees for each child attending the primary school is close to $150 for the year. For some families, this is difficult to pay the full fee so exceptions are made. The main aim is that every student in the area has an opportunity to attend. The money we raise this year will help make up the shortfall for these families which will allow their children to attend. Our particular focus this year is to help with the shortfall of these funds which will allow these students to continually attend throughout the year.

Each child has been provided with details on how to fund raise via the MYCAUSE site. We have used this site for the past two years. Please see the details attached as to how your child can fund raise and also how we can continue to contribute to our sister community in India.  We are also seeking sponsorship from local businesses and you will find a letter detailing our sponsorship packages included in this newsletter. 

Mr M. Paton

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Walkathon 2019

How to donate?

  1. Going to the following website
  2. Search for the student you would like to donate and support.
  3. Deposit an amount directly to their online account. Mycause will automatically send a receipt for the donation.
  4. ALTERNATIVELY - You can provide a CASH donation to the student you are sponsoring. The student will collect and record the amount on their card and deposit this cash amount to school.

All details can be obtained via the school’s website.

2019 Leader Profiles


Alana Doueihi entered the Marist community with an open-mind and an optimistic vision to strive for greatness and leave an extraordinary legacy behind after leaving her primary school, St Gerard’s, Carlingford.

Alana has been elected a Prefect for 2019 and strives to be an approachable companion to all those who feel less involved in such a broad community.  To achieve this Alana devotes her final year of schooling to making the smallest, but most meaningful differences. Some may view Alana as a quiet person, however her driven attitude and caring nature is louder than words as her actions at Peer Support, Youth Group and Marist Connect have had a great effect on younger generations. In Alana’s final year she aims to make a strong and meaningful name for herself by continuing to be involved in social justice initiatives and even Marist Oratory.

As a College Prefect, Alana is very excited to work with others, celebrate other people’s achievements, and of course be a part of something great.

Written by:  Laura Montiel

Father's Day Breakfast

Thursda, 29th August

We would like to invite our Fathers and Grandfathers and significant role models of our College community to join us in a special Father’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast on Thursday 29th August. It is hoped your son and/or daughter will also join you to celebrate with us. The Liturgy will be held at the Chapel of Mary our Good Mother at the College at 7:30am. Following on from our prayer, we will come together for breakfast in the La Valla Centre. We are fortunate to have the P&F cater for our Father’s Day breakfast. We look forward to you joining us on this day and celebrating the gift and blessings of fatherhood. Bookings are essential for catering purposes.  Please RSVP by going to  Please remember to register everyone attending including your child(ren).

Message from Bishop Vincent Long OFM

Diocesan Mass

On Tuesday, 13th August, Raymond Raad and Isabella Fairall from Year 11 and Imani Cogger and James Wahbe from Year 10 attended the Parramatta Diocesan Education and Mission Mass Expo at the Cathedral.

Our student's presentation was centred around the College immersion to India, and our work in building the Marist Nursery and Primary School in Trichy. We would like to thank Mrs Chrishani Cogger, from the P&F association for attending and supporting our students.

Mr D. Moussa

Youth Ministry Co-ordinator

School Fees


Final school fees are due on Wednesday 28th August unless you are on an approved payment plan.

Please contact me urgently if you have not received your statement which was posted on 29 July.

If any family is experiencing financial difficulty or would like to organise an alternate payment plan you can contact me confidentially on – 8841 7955 Monday to Thursday or email

We have been advised by the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) that due to an internal change, the CEDP will be taking carriage of any concession assessments from the 30th September.  This has been done with the Principal’s support.  This initiative has been taken so CEDP can provide a more efficient and consistent process in supporting families in difficulty.  You will still be required to contact me in the first instance.


Please note that under the School Fee Policy as set out by the Catholic Education Office Parramatta:  “A Term’s notice (10 weeks) in writing must be given to the Principal before the removal of a student or a full Term’s Fees will be payable”.  Parents are also required to complete a clearance form. 

Further details on this policy can be found on

Ms Rolla Wadih

School Fee Administrator

Uniform Shop - Lost Property

Please check our 'Lost Property' for any items you may have misplaced. There are a lot of drink bottles, sport jackets, hats and pencil cases.  It is important that all items of clothing, bags, pencil cases, hats, jackets, etc that are brought to school have the student name on them.

Ms D. Jefferson

HSC Supervisors Needed - Paid Employment

If you know of any grandparents, friends or parishioners who may be interested please pass this advertisement on.

The College requires Examination Supervisors for the upcoming HSC Exams which will be held from 17 October to 11 November.  You will be employed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) but report to the College Principal.  During the examinations you will report to the Presiding Officer who is responsible for organising the supervisor roster, training and management of the supervisors. 


  • Cannot have a child or near relative (including siblings, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or first cousins) sitting the HSC at St Patrick's Marist College.
  • Work in a school in a paid capacity, volunteer at the school or tutor students sitting the exams at St Patrick's Marist College.
  • Must have a current Working with Children Check Clearance (WWCC)
  • Must be able to work as a part of a team
  • Have attention  to detail
  • Ability to carry out duties confidentially and discreetly
  • Physical ability to stand for long periods of time.

Contact Rolla Wadih for further information on 8841 7900 or, St Patrick’s Marist College, 171 Kirby Street Dundas  NSW  2117 by 28th August.


Year 12

We wish Year 12 students continued success as they finalise their exams. H.S.C Trial exams will conclude on Monday the 19th of August. Students will return to normal classes on Tuesday the 20th August. On Friday the 23rd of August, the school will be holding our Walkathon. Year 12 students are asked to make an effort in helping raise funds for our sister school in Trichy and the College. 

Mr S. Belcher

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 12

Year 11

Our College Student Leadership process is currently underway with interested students are required to nominate for a position of House Captain, Prefect or College Captain. It has been impressive that close to 60 students in the Year Group have nominated for these positions and the quality of applicants has been outstanding. Shortly, we will announce our elected leaders that will take up this role from Term 4 into 2020.

Recently, we conducted our College Oratory competition and I was fortunate to witness some amazing speeches from our Year 11 students. I am in awe at how well-polished and thoughtful the speeches were and I congratulate Janika Fernando in taking out First Place with Eve Watson finishing Runner-up.

Our Pastoral Care Program this term has included a talk from NSW Police School Liaison Officer, Constable Dakic on the topic of Drugs and the Law and strategies for Safe Parties as well as lessons run by their Year 11 Homeroom Teachers on how gratitude and positive self-talk can improve well-being and mental health. Hopefully, students can use some of the learnings gained to assist in making good future choices. With students soon approaching the completion of their Preliminary Course studies, it may be a useful time for some to consider whether it is a good idea to continue with HSC studies or look at another career pathway. Many students like the idea of doing their HSC but do not really appreciate how challenging the HSC will be. I would encourage students and families to have a heartfelt discussion on this matter at this point in time. Here at the College, we also have our Careers Adviser, Mr O'Connell, who may be able to give career direction to students who are at a fork in the road and may be unsure of what direction to take. Finally, I remind students of our grooming requirements. As stated in our College diary we expect our male students to be clean-shaven when they come to school each day and our females are to only wear one set of plain studs or sleepers in their earlobes. 

Mr D.  Bonora

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 11 

Year 10


Parramatta and Epping Library

To help students who require a study space outside of their homes, Parramatta Library is providing a YA Study space for Year 10 to Year 12 students during October. ( See Flyers attached to this newsletter.


On the 6th of August, twenty-two Year 10 students attended the zone athletics carnival run by St Bernadette's Primary School.  Students assisted with the organisation and running of the day and left school at 7.30am in order to help with the day. Below is some feedback from Mr Anthony Kensell who was in charge of the day. "On behalf of St Bernadette's, a huge thank you for organising the 22 students for us! They did a fantastic job and represented your school with pride."

Well done Year 10. 

Mr D. Berner

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 10

Year 9


In Week 2 of Term 4 (21st - 23rd October) students in Year 9 will attend a camp where they will take part in  a range of educational and recreational activities. The camp is an opportunity for students to engage in different activities and to get to know their peers, teachers and themselves a little better, in a different environment. 

The camp will be held at the Great Aussie Bush Camp, Tea Gardens and is run by Outdoor Education Australia Pty Ltd.

A letter with more details and a medical form will be sent home later in the term.

Looking forward to a great camp.

Mr P. Quigley

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 9

Year 7

A friendly reminder to continue raising money for the College Walkathon next Friday and to also organise what outfit you will be wearing! 


Recently, Alessia Georges of Year 7 Ludovic competed in Nickelodeon's ‘The Slime Cup’ on the Gold Coast. The Slime Cup is a children's television show in which sixteen teams of players compete in a series of slime-filled challenges. Alessia and her cousin showed amazing teamwork and communication to move through the competition and eventually win the grand final! 

Well done Alessia!

Mr J. Hornby

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 7


The Wiyanga students have had some great learning experiences over the previous week.

On Monday we had a cultural workshop facilitated by the Jarara Indigenous Education Unit. The students went through a first-hand experience of practical workshops to learn about our First Nations culture, beliefs, and sharing of Dreamings. We have also been using our Opal cards to travel to Parramatta Westfields and buy our food tech ingredients. They have represented St Patrick’s Marist College in the local community amazingly.

        Mr B Harwanek

Wiyanga Specialist Teacher

Key Learning

Year 8 Astronomy Incursion

On Week 2 of this term, all Year 8 Science classes attended an astronomy incursion in the La Valla.  The classes went at different times over the week. Once down at the La Valla, we saw a large grey dome, we were asked to take off our shoes and listen to a quick talk from Jeff, the astrophysicist. We were then lined up and were told to crawl into the dome (planetarium). All of us sat in a circle and Jeff started speaking about how the Earth orbits the sun while the moon orbits the Earth. He explained how this makes our 24 hour day, due to the Earth rotating on its axis in 24 hours and orbiting the sun every 365 days.

He then warned us the dome was going to become pitch black and it would take our eyes a while to adjust to the darkness. Jeff then turned on a star projector and we were all amazed by how the whole dome was filled with stars. Jeff informed us about the 4 main phases of the moon:  the New Moon, the First Quarter Moon, the Full Moon and the Third Quarter Moon.

Once we talked about the phases of the moon, he showed us the constellations that the stars create and he talked about the well known Orion constellation. This constellation is made up of 7 main stars, joined together to create the shape of a warrior with a shield. Jeff displayed to us the star signs based on the different seasons. We identified the Leo constellation, Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio and of course the Southern Cross. He spoke about the Pivot Point Star and demonstrated that this star is located in the South. The projector was then spun around, indicating that the star remained in it’s position. On the other hand, all the other stars spun around.

We also learnt that there are a variety of coloured stars, in which the hottest star was blue and the coldest star was red. Finally, Jeff discussed the difference between stars and planets and how we could tell the difference between them. We can detect that planets and stars are different because planets don’t twinkle the way stars do. Planets are bright celestial objects the naked eye can identify in the night sky. We were shown the planets, Jupiter and Venus and discovered that they are quite close to each other.

A sad thing that we also discovered was that we have air pollution here in Sydney and in the Dundas area, so the best place to see all the stars would be to go out to the country.

While we were all so in the moment of being amazed by all of this information and imagery, the incursion had come to an end. This was the most devastating thing of all. We were all enjoying this incredible opportunity, but unfortunately we had to leave the planetarium. This experience was amazingly fun and we all learnt so much from this.

I think we speak on behalf of all Year 8 when we say, thank you to Jeff and the Science Teachers for organising this  extraordinary learning adventure..

Written by Belle Nilon and Marissa Nakhoul

Year 12 French Continuers

Alliance Française Excursion

On Friday 2nd August, the Year 12 French Continuers class, accompanied by Madame Dunston, visited the Alliance Française in the city for a HSC Oral Examination Preparation workshop. We were greeted by the friendly staff and then spent the two hour workshop going through various questions and learning more helpful tips in preparation for our oral exam in a few weeks. The teacher in our workshop had us all speaking French as much as possible throughout the workshop and answering questions to the key areas of the exam, including family life, school life and future aspirations. After the workshop, we were served an authentic French lunch at the Alliance Française café, which made the experience even more culturally enriching.

Overall, the day was a complete success. The workshop was extremely beneficial to all students. We all walked away with more developed and sophisticated vocabulary and structures that we can use in our own responses to the oral exam.

I can speak for the whole class when I say that the experience has definitely made us feel more relaxed, prepared and secure as the oral exam approaches.

Lauren King
Year 12 French Continuers

Year 10 History Elective Excursion

On the 7th of August, Year 10 History Elective went on an excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum.

During this excursion, we met a holocaust survivor named Eddie who was at the phenomenal age of 99. Eddie told us the stories of his struggles, hardships and overall experience during the holocaust. Eddie is now known as the ‘happiest man alive’ and provided Year 10 History Elective with an educational experience we will never forget. After Year 10 History Elective enjoyed our time with Eddie, we were given a tour with our various tour guides around the museum. The tour of the museum gave us an insight into the lives of those who suffered in the holocaust and their living standards in concentration camps. We learnt about the labour, starvation, bad living standards, unclean facilities and clothes those in concentration camps were forced to use.

Following the events of our museum tour, Year 10 History Elective was given a seminar about the holocaust. Our guide presented to us the racism, stereotypes and discrimination people of the Jewish faith suffered during the time of the holocaust.

Year 10 History Elective enjoyed our visit to the Sydney Jewish Museum and we thank everyone who spoke to us as they provided us with an enjoyable and consultative experience. 

Samuel Jacobs

10 MacKillop

Extra Curricular

Under 14's Rugby League


Going into the day with only 3 weeks training, and only 3 members of the squad playing full contact Rugby League prior, we didn't really know what to expect as a team. However within 5 mins of the first game, the famous St Pat's Dundas energy and tenacity was on full display, with our girls rattling our formidable opponents in Cronulla High School, of whom all the girls play in the Sydney Combined weekend competition, with some bone crushing defence and strong runs. Against one of Sydney's more prominent rugby league nurseries in Endeavour Sports High School, the girls were coming up against a team of girls that have played together in a school competition all year and gifted athletes. Once again, our girls played with the Marist Dundas spirit and a never give up attitude going down 28-12 in what was a surprising result.

Although we didn't get the points on the board, the major win was the experience for our girls who are already looking forward to next year, and the possibility of playing for a weekend side.

All the girls should be proud of where they have come as footballers in the short preparation. Player of the day was Natalia Martinez who was damaging in both attack and defence, earning the respect of both opposing schools and the NRL officials present.

It was a day that the girls will cherish well into the future and would not have been possible without Mrs Hay's support, Mrs Pavlovich and our trainers Ashlee O'Neill and Lilly Nicholas. I'll never forget the bus trips, well done.

Mr L. Malkoun

Community News

Columban Art Calendar

Purchase the 2020 Columban Art Calendar

Local Library Services

To help students who require a study space outside of their homes, Parramatta Library is providing a YA Study space for Year 10 to year 12 students during October.

There will also be a HSC study space at Epping Library during August - September