Blaxland Public School

Term 4 Week 2

Thought for the week

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

Important Dates

Term 4

    Week 3

    Monday 24 October

    • Swimming School

    Tuesday 25 October

    • NRL Clinics at School K-6
    • Swimming School

    Wednesday 26 October

    • Swimming School

    Thursday 27 October

    • Kindergarten Transition 9.45 am -11 am
    • Swimming School

    Friday 28 October

    • World Teacher's Day
    • Swimming School
    • Father Project Dad's and Kid's Planes and Snags night

    Week 4

    Tuesday 1 November

    • NRL Clinics at School K-6

    Wednesday  2 November

    • Kindergarten Transition 9.45 am -11 am

    Week 5

    Tuesday 8 November

    • P&C Meeting via Zoom

    Permission Notes and Payments

    The School’s preferred method of payment is online via the 

    For all notes sent home please see either the School Website or SkoolBag.

    Message from Mrs Ellis

    Welcome Back to an exciting term of teaching and learning at Blaxland PS. I hope that everyone had a restful break and enjoyed time catching up with family and friends. This term promises to be a very busy term and we look forward to the many new and interesting events planned for Term 4.

    Staffing News

    This term, we welcome Ms Sally Hinde to Blaxland PS. Ms Hinde will teach 3/4E for the remainder of this year and 3/4E have made a settled start to the term. Mrs Wacker and Mrs Johnson have worked closely with Ms Hinde to ensure the continuation of quality teaching and learning in 3/4E.

    School Swimming Program

    On Monday 24th October, Blaxland Public School begins a week of learn to swim classes at Glenbrook Pool. Swimming School students will leave school at 12:45pm each day and return to school at 2:30pm. We have been able to reduce the cost to families by extending the swimming lesson each day and reducing the bus cost from 2 weeks to one week.

    Dads and Planes Night

    The Fathering project team will be organising their next event on Friday 28th October starting at 6pm-7:30pm. Ryan Clift and the team have planned an exciting night for the dads and their kids. We hope that you can join us. Please return your Order form and payment to school by Monday 24th October 2022.

    NRL Clinics

    Next week, Mr De Mattia has organised a free two-week NRL clinic at school for all K-6 students providing an opportunity for the students to have fun and develop their football skills. We will also be offering NRL League STARS After school sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school in Weeks 5 and 6 for interested students. All students from K-6 are welcome to attend the six afternoon sessions. The price is $79 (approximately $13 per session/hour) which is paid directly to NRL using the link below. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school for more information.

    School Attendance

    We want to do all we can to be sure your child achieves their potential and enjoys being in school. One way we can help make this happen is to be sure your child attends school each day unless they are sick, or are absent for a justified reason.

    Protecting the wellbeing of our students through the reporting and monitoring of student absences is the responsibility of both parents/carers and schools. Notifying the school either before or on the day that your child is away helps us keep accurate student attendance records to support you and your child.

    We know that school is the best place to learn, and regular attendance means students can stay on top of their schoolwork and get the most out of their learning. If you are having trouble getting your child to school every day or on time, please talk to our school staff so we can work together, because every day counts. 

    Missing a day here or there may not seem like much, but absences add up and can impact your child’s learning more than you think. When your child misses one day a week over a year, that’s 40 days of school, 8 weeks of lessons and 2.5 years over their school life lost. As your child’s education has already been interrupted through periods of learning from home due to COVID-19 over the last 2 and a half years, now is the time to prioritise face-to-face learning and making the most of every school day.

    Our school strives for the expected attendance rate which is above 95% of students at school each day over the year.

    Kindergarten Transition Program

    This week we held the third Transition to school visit for all students starting Kindergarten in 2023. We have two more visits on Thursday 27th October and Wednesday 2nd November.

    2022 Student last day of school change of date.

    K-6 students last day of school this year will be Friday 16th December 2022

    The department is providing 2 additional school development days – one in 2022 and one in 2023 – to support teachers' professional learning and development which may have been impacted by COVID-19 over the last 2 years. The additional days will be held on:

    • Monday 19 December 2022 (Tuesday 20 December 2022 is also a school development day)
    • Monday 18 December 2023 (Tuesday 19 December 2023 is also a school development day)

    P&C Colour Run

    This year, the P&C will be coordination a colour run on Friday 9th December from 11:30- 1pm. The committee has been hard at work organising a fun day for our students. Parents and family members are welcome to join us on the day. The P&C will provide more information closer to the event.

    2023 Selective High School Applications

    Applications are now open for students in Year 5 who wish to apply for a Selective High School position in 2023. This process is completed online and completed by the parent.

    Applications open from 18th October until 16th November. 

    Please read the attached document for more information.

    2023 Selective High School Applications

    Kindly read the attached document for more information.

    School Travel - Opal Card or Travel Pass

    Students who need a new Opal card or travel pass for 2023 can apply now. Kindly see the attached document for more information.

    P&C News

    Tea Towels, Aprons, and Tote Bags

    Last chance to purchase your 2022 keepsake !!

    Orders due by Friday 28th October,

    Our students and staff have drawn some fantastic self-portraits which will be used to make a unique design for our 2022 Blaxland Public School tea towels ($12), tote bags ($17) and aprons ($17). 

    Friday Chat and Play Continues

    Trev from Brewed Awakening will be coming to BPS every Friday from 2:45 – 3:30. Please come inside the school gates to purchase your afternoon hot or iced pick me up !!  

    Fathering Project

    The Dads and Kids Planes and Snags night is next Friday, 28th October from 6-7:30. Notes and money are due back my next Monday. The plan is to eat some food, build some gliders and play some games together. The Kids will also get to keep their glider.

    Colour Run Family Fun Day

    We will be hosting an End of Year Celebration with a Colour Run at Blaxland Public School. Come and join a rainbow of colour and excitement on Friday the 9th December. Students and parents are invited to participate together, followed by a family picnic on the oval. Please save the date and watch this space as more information.

    In the Garden

    Hello from the school veggie garden! Have you seen what’s been growing? We’re pretty happy with our latest harvest of cauliflower and beetroot. They’ve been real beauts. The kids enjoyed the cauliflower fresh and raw with a bit a hommus and for something different they had beetroot chocolate cake! The broad beans seeds which were planted by 3/4E and 4/5E in Term 2 are now producing beans. Feel free to wander around the veggie garden and check out what’s growing, we have quite a large variety. Gardening Club is every Monday 2:30-3:00, it's a great way to meet other parents and carers, and test out your green thumb, though no experience is required. Happy Gardening. Theresa (parent volunteer)

    P&C Meeting

    The next P&C meeting will be Tuesday the 8th November (Term 4, Week 5) via zoom.

    Everyone is welcome. 

    To contact the P&C please email

    Or message us via the Blaxland Families Facebook page. 

    Keep an eye out for updates in the school newsletter, on the SkoolBag app, on the school notice board, and via the Blaxland Families Facebook page. 

    A Calendar of School Excursions and Events

    We have two calendars available to view our School Excursions and Events that are happening through out the year.


    To find the Events Calendar in SkoolBag:

    • Click our School Emblem - found under My Schools & Services.
    • In the blue bar at the bottom of the screen click Events.

    School Website

    For upcoming excursions and events on the School Website, they can be found either at the bottom of the Home page or on the Events page

    Kindergarten Transition

    If you have a child starting Kindergarten next year in 2023, kindly read the attached Kindergarten Transition session flyer for more information.

    Student Awards

    Great work everyone!

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