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Letter from the Principal

Tuesday August 11th 2020

Dear Families

I hope you have all had the time to enjoy our virtual assembly that was shared with the community last Friday. Thanks must go to our school captains, Eliane, Angus, Finn and Carmel and Miss Gorman for putting our assembly together. Angus came up with the idea and then the team worked together to produce our entertaining assembly. Well done Angus on a great idea to help keep our community connected. 

During this time many people have worried about the experiences that our children may be missing out on. I believe the virtual assembly is a great example of how so many skills and talents are still developing in our children. Undoubtedly their IT skills have continued to improve. What I also noticed as I watched our school captains presenting in our assembly was their confidence to speak to our community. Being able to speak in a public forum with confidence is a skill many adults are still trying to develop and yet here are our Year 6 children presenting with poise, confidence and flair. This small example is very reassuring. A great take away message for us all is that children are not necessarily missing out, they are still thriving and developing great skills but it is just in a different way. 

My Makeshift Learning Spaces

How dedicated are the students of St John the Baptist? Even feeling a little unwell Atisha managed to find a cosy spot at home to continue her learning. Now that is dedication Atisha!

Learning from home has it’s upside. Have a look at Maddy enjoying the snow. Maddy, it looks like a winter wonderland. Maddy also became famous last week appearing on Channel ten news with Minnie. Minnie turned 13 and came inside for a treat and a banana cup cake! 

Arthur and his Mum Vanessa had a lot of fun together making a grass head who they named Bertie. Bertie reminds Arthur and his family of the preciousness of water, being outside,  movement, real food, rest and compassion.

I would love to share more at home learning spaces with our community. Keep your photos and stories coming.

It’s another wonderful way for us to stay connected!

Permitted Workers Permit

As you are aware Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that only the children of permitted workers and vulnerable children will be able to access school and childcare during the current Victorian restriction period. From 11:59pm on Wednesday, 5th August, families will need to obtain a permit, signed by their employer, in order to attend school or Outside School Hours Care:

  • If required to attend work onsite, they will need a Permitted Worker Permit (including childcare).

I will also provide families who are attending onsite with a letter from the school giving permission for school attendance. 

It seems very strange to have to provide and carry permits for children to attend school however I just want to ensure everyone has the correct paperwork when travelling to and from school.  

Random Acts of Kindness

Today I am going to highlight one of our staff members, Gisella Koroknai. To be honest I could highlight every one of our staff. Each of them spends time with families reassuring and encouraging them that they are doing a wonderful job in supporting and educating their children.

Gisella posted this beautiful message to encourage parents in our community.

Thanks Gisella for reminding us of the beauty in every child. 

Rhyming Poems 3/4SK

Family Prayer

Dear Families

I hope you have had a chance to try some of the prayer activities presented in previous weeks.

This week's Sunday Gospel is the story "Jesus Walks on the Water."As a family you may like to talk together about ‘storms’ you have faced in your lives, events that threw you off balance, those difficult times that caused you to be scared, fearful.  How did you get over those troubles, fears? Talk about how Jesus is always with us reaching out his hand to help us in our times of trouble. Jesus wants us to have faith and trust in him.   

Family Prayer: Week by Week

Mrs Marialisa Mandarino, Religious Education Leader

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