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November 15th 2019

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Dates to remember


18 November

Curriculum Day


22 November

Multicultural Day Concert


25 November

Book Club Closes

Curriculum Day – Monday 18th November

Students DO NOT come to school on this day.

Celebrating our Multi Cultural Day 22nd November 9.15am – 11.00am

On Friday 22nd November we will once again celebrate the wonderful diversity of our school community. We have students coming to school in their traditional dress, music, dancing, celebrations.  We also have a number of parents who will be performing and joining us for this wonderful celebration. The Lyndale Secondary School band will also be performing on the day.  2 of our local Kindergartens are also coming to participate in this wonderful celebration.


The concert will be starting at 9:15am in the courtyard.  All families, carers and local community are invited to attend. 

Every Minute Counts – Thinking about the importance of Student Attendance

Ensuring your child attends school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Students learning new things at school every day- missing them can put them behind.

Please take a moment to read the “Every Day Counts” flyer attached to this newsletter.  For example, if your child misses 1 hour per day, 1 day per week, 8 weeks per year over 13 years of their schooling, they will have missed nearly 2 ½ years of school!  Every minute COUNTS!  When your child receives their end of year report, please take the time check their absences. 

Semester 2 - Attendance Excursions

A reminder to students and parents about our strong and consistent focus on student attendance, and the wonderful opportunity we provide to students who demonstrate 95-100% attendance during terms 3 & 4.

To acknowledge and reward outstanding student attendance for this year, any student who has had 95 -100% attendance during Terms 3 & 4, will be rewarded with a “Special Attendance Excursion”.

We are in the process of organising some amazing Attendance Excursions for the students who have achieve 95-100% attendance. 

Student Safety & Staff Carpark

I want to remind ALL parents, they are NOT allowed to park in the Staff Carpark at ANYTIME.

The safety of all students is paramount, and I ask that ALL parents obey this rule.  The rule is there to ensure SAFETY of all student. 

Just to let you know…

Maths Olympiad awards & ICAS awards will be given out at our school assembly on MONDAY NOVEMBER 25th.

BASF Chemistry Excursion Grade 4

It was a wild day with winds whipping coats and faces with splatters of icy raindrops as the students walked past the giant Robot sprawled beside the path to the Green Building at Monash University. Grade 4 students accepted an invitation to visit a Laboratory to participate in a series of chemistry experiments funded by BAFS, a multi-cultural chemical company. The weather may have been wild but inside some weird experiments awaited the students.

Briseis, said, “my favourite activity was when we had a cup of water into which we put a teaspoon of this special powder and after a few minutes of mixing it, it turned into something like a gel. I put my hand into the gel and squeezed it and it squirted out of my hand! Anh also loved the water absorber but also enjoyed the “worms”. “We made some slime worms. We used cold water into which we added a syrup. Once the syrup reached the water it starts to look like worms!” Mahsa “enjoyed making chemical worms change colour and texture with cold and hot water at Monash University. We participated in creating many different chemical reactions, such as worms, chromatography, and water absorbing gels and changed a liquid’s colour to blue by shaking a mixture of water and chemicals. Once the shaking stopped, the colour of the mixture became clear again. I learnt that we use chemicals everywhere in our lives.”

The students were given an apron and plastic glasses to protect their eyes and clothes while in the Laboratory. When they left, the students were given a BASF red bag with some gifts inside. It was a wonderful afternoon visiting the University and a chemical Laboratory to work with chemical students. The students and Grade 4 teachers would like to thank Ms Golding for providing a bus to take the students to the University and the BASF Company for providing this exciting excursion.

Judith Sise Science

Lunch Boxes & Drink Bottles

It is important to wash lunch boxes, food containers and drink bottles regularly.  A warm wash in soapy water will keep them clean and fresh 

Stories from Grade 3

The Magic Book

It was a casual day.. Mark with his blue glasses on was reading `Dragon Tales’, when he started to feel a tingly feeling and then… Boom! A miniature dragon appeared!

“Dragon!” he shouted in shock of this. All along he thought it was just some normal $10 book, but he was wrong. This was the book that had magic. The miniature dragon flew to his shoulder when.. “Mark. It’s time for school!” screamed his mum. “Ok Mum,” sighed Mark.

Mark was just on time and when he ran through the door, everyone stared, silently. The teacher led him to the `pet box’ and told him that there are no pets allowed at school.

The miniature dragon had come with him. It didn’t come off unless his master, Mark told him to go off but not yet… Mark insisted and the dragon thought to himself `fine’. The dragon flew into the `pet box’, but he will come after school.

The dragon was returned after school and Mark was his best companion forever.

by Mark  3D

  “Aaaa!” shouted Sio. Sio was a boy that loved books and never told anyone that he hated the books. He read books day and night and didn’t stop, but my story does not end there.

On a hot sunny day, Sio went to the library to borrow another book. He searched for a magic book that would help him with doing magic, but nothing looked like a magic book.  Meanwhile, he gave up and walked his way to the door. Suddenly a book fell on him and he crashed on the floor. When he woke up, he saw the book and borrowed it. He felt ecstatic to read his book, but before he could open it, the book began to shake.

Soon, he woke up and was in a different world made out of candy! He thought it was a dream, but it was not. Sio dashed through the candy and saw an ogre. The ogre told him that the only way for him to get out of the book is to save a girl named Nika from the giant.

After that, Sio had a plan and waited for the giant to go to sleep. When the giant fell asleep, he made sure he didn’t wake up the giant. Sio carefully opened the giant’s hand and ran away with the girl.

Meanwhile, Sio stopped running and fell asleep, but when he woke up, he was back at home. He looked at the book and rushed to the library to return it. Because of the magic book, he never saw or read a book ever since.  by Sina  3D

Multicultural Day Concert

Date and Time

From Friday, November. 22nd, 9:15 am to Friday, November. 22nd, 11:00 am


1-19 Oakwood Avenue, Dandenong North VIC, AustraliaGet Directions


On Friday 22nd November, we will be having a concert to celebrate Multicultural Day.  All students can wear their cultural dress.

The concert will be starting at 9:15am in the courtyard.  All families, carers and local community are invited to attend. 

Community announcement

Updating your child's year group on Skoolbag

To make sure you are receiving the correct notifications for your child's year level, you need to update the groups setting in your Skoolbag App. 

For example your child was in grade 4 last year and is in grade 5 this year, turn off year 4 and tick year 5.

To do this,

  1. open the Skoolbag App,
  2. tap on our school a the top of screen
  3. tap 'Groups' then 'Add/Remove Groups'
  4. Make sure the relevant Year levels are ticked and others un-ticked.

That's it.

If you have any questions about using Skoolbag then please see Mr. Krawczyk.