Rawlinson Primary School News

No. 12 – 4th June 2020


Dear Parents

Entry into school:

As you may have heard on Monday, June 8th you will be allowed back onto the school grounds to drop off and pick up your children.

At all other times you will be required to continue to come through the office.

What have we learnt over the last few months?

We have discovered that most of our children are very resilient and strong enough to come to class by themselves.  “Letting go” is a difficult and extremely important part of parenting.

We knew this but, the fact that we are lucky in respect to our school environment has been reinforced.  Rawlinson Primary School is a very safe environment for our children, where you can scaffold a slow release for your children, helping them to develop independence and letting them walk into school by themselves.  It is amazing to watch all the Kindy students walk by themselves to class, hang their bags up, take out their drink bottle, snack and diary and go into class, cleaning their hands and sitting on the mat.  All I can say is Wow!

We are also aware that there is another side to this coin.

At Rawlinson Primary School we love our Culture which is one of inclusion and we enjoy seeing the parents of our students socialising around the school at home time.  You will always be welcome, however, there needs to be a balance and I would like you to consider the serious gains that we have made during the last few months in emotional intelligence with our students.

What else?

We have had far less sickness in the school in the way of flus and colds and we need to maintain this healthy attitude.  So as a school we will be taking the following as policy into the future.  Hand sanitiser will be available in every room and children will continue to be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

Students who have been sent home from school due to being unwell or returning back to school from being ill, may still present with some symptoms.  The degree of these symptoms will vary and teachers will need to judge whether the student is well enough to continue at school and participate in all activities.  If you as a parent think they are unwell please keep them at home.  If they have a cough, runny nose or a fever, please keep them home.  If in the professional opinion of the teacher the student is not well enough to participate at full capacity, this student will have their parents contacted.  Parents need to also consider that their child may potentially infect other students with their illness.  Please ensure we have your correct phone number and alternative emergency numbers.


Mr Pham and I have a had a chat about the Athletics carnival and training.  We are keen to have the carnival but as you can appreciate cannot make any decision yet to run one.  In the mean time I have a very strong opinion that children, when they arrive at school, benefit significantly from doing some exercise.  Mr Pham agrees and so we have decided to engage in some before school training.  This is how it will work.

·         Training will be at 8.30am on Tuesday and Thursday only, at this stage, for all Years 1 to 6.

·         Please don’t arrive at school before 8.20am.  Any student arriving before this time will go to the Undercover area till 8.20.  I will make an announcement that all students are to move to the oval at 8.30.  This is to prevent students from arriving too early and going straight to the oval unsupervised.

·         Mr Pham and I will do games and activities from 8.30 till 8.40.  Any child arriving after we start is to come to the oval.  All children from year 1 to 6 are to participate.

·         Students need to be back at class by 8.45 and we will endeavour to make this happen by dismissing them from the oval at 8.40.

We have had a terrific reception from the students with this program so far and really look forward to having fun on these two mornings before school.

There is a lot more bubbling away at the moment so please keep an eye on the school calendar and notes that go home as we build back into full production.


Darryl Dedman


Friday 5th June

Rawlinson Rainbow Free Dress

(Gold Coin Donation)



Tuesday 9th June

8.30am : Athletics Training : Years 1-6


Thursday 11th June

8.30am : Athletics Training : Years 1-6


Friday 12th June

Book Club Orders due back at school



ONE CHILD : $45.00




Please make these payments to the School Office as soon as possible by cash or cheque.


Pay via Qkr! App

Pay direct into School Bank Account

Rawlinson Primary School

BSB : 016 495     ACCOUNT : 4988 66978

It is important that you include student's FULL name as reference.


Applications for enrolment for children entering Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and years 1 to 6 in the 2021 year can be made at the office.

Please bring your child's birth certificate (passports, visas and copies of any court order, if applicable) and an 'UP TO DATE' AIR immunisation history statement, when you come to complete your application form.

Also, please bring proof of address (current rates notice, current lease agreement or your mortgage agreement).

Please note that this is an APPLICATION ONLY and is step one in the process.

The Principal then accesses the application according to Department of Education policies and if successful, parents are invited to complete an enrolment.

Students from C2 will have their work displayed

weeks 7 & 8 of Term 2.

Please visit the office to admire the work that is on display.


On Thursday 11 June 2020, we will be holding our Specialist and Elite trials for Year 6 students commencing Year 7 in 2021.  Anyone that has enrolled or considering enrolment into Warwick Senior High School and would like to be considered for one of the programs should come along to the trial day.

Please complete the form at http://tiny.cc/wshstrials to let us know that your child will be attending. If you have more than one child attending on the day, please complete one form per child.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.


RAINBOW Free Dress Day

Gold Coin Donation

Come dressed in bright colours

Friday 5th June

Please hand gold coin donation to your class teacher in the morning.

ENTERTAIMENT BOOK Digital Memberships

Memberships are now available.

As Café’s, restaurant and other venues re-open their doors, now is the perfect time to get your entertainment book membership. It’s a bargain for the savings you can enjoy. Each membership sold, the P&C fundraising gets $14.00.

If you order now you will receive an extra 2 months free membership and also a $10 gift card.


Thanks for your support

Wendy Woodgate



Next Uniform Shop: 19thJune - Postponed. All future dates postponed until further notice.

The uniform shop will still be operating as normal, orders are available via the Qkr! app and paper forms are still available in the office.  If you are unsure of the size your child requires, please email me at rawlinson.uniforms@gmail.com and I will arrange a "fitting" at school. 

Winter Sale!!! Clearance items

Size 2 fleece jumpers  - discontinued size          $20.00 

Fleece Pants  Sizes 4, 6, 10,12                              $15.00

Microfiber Jackets sizes 16, L and XL only         $20.00

Microfiber pants  sizes 1 x s8, 14, 16 only          $10.00

All are available on Qkr! at these prices.

Second Hand Items

I have now catalogued all second-hand items.  Not all items are available, please contact Rawlinson.uniforms@gmail.comas I have made a list of items in stock.  All items are in reasonable condition, however, there will be some marks or pulls in the fabric.  The best available of each size requested will be handed out in order.  First in best dressed!

I will return your request with confirmation of the item/s requested that are available and the cost.  You will then fill out an order form from the office.

Uniform order forms are available in the office.  The second-hand items are on page 2 and payment details are on page 1.

Payments can be made via Direct Deposit into the P&C bank account – your transaction receipt must be attached as confirmation, or cash deposit at the office.  If you have made an appointment for a fitting I will have access to our square reader and can take credit card payments. 

No refunds are available for second hand items, re-donations will be accepted.

Out of Stock Items

We are currently out of stock of these items:

Polos size 6

Jumpers size 6

Jumpers size 8

Jumpers size 10

Jumpers size 14

On Qkr! you will see these sizes are not available, when we receive them they will be re-listed.  If you have already ordered through Qkr! you will be advised that your item is out of stock, your order will then be a backorder and will be automatically delivered when they are available.  

We have low stock of size 10 polos. As we run out of these they will become hidden on Qkr! and therefore unavailable to purchase.

Our next delivery is due in June.

Size 14 Jumpers are not on this order.  I'm sure you can appreciate Covid-19 may well have an impact on this delivery window as well.If you need a jumper in an out of stock size and there are none available in second hand, I urge you to purchase a NAVY jumper from one of the local stores Big W, Best and Less, K-mart etc. 

Stay well everyone!

Sue Giles

Volunteer Uniform Shop Co-ordinator


Photo Gallery - Please swipe to view all pictures

In Indonesian, Year 4 learnt about school in Indonesia. Elysses and Riley tried on an Indonesian school uniform (photo below). We also learnt that school starts at 7:30am and Indonesian children go to school 6 days a week!


Need help to find work in the coronavirus craziness?

Schools and other organisations are regularly hiring people for the following roles:

·         Gardener, cleaner, administration, management, canteen, education assistants and many other roles.

Starting in July 2020, North Metropolitan TAFE are running a one-semester course on the skills required to be a successful candidate for employment in a school or elsewhere.  The course aids in preparation for entry into gardening, cleaning, administration, management, canteen and education assistant work.

We have had huge success supporting people to find work and the chances of gaining employment are strong.  This course is suitable for existing gardeners, cleaners, administrators etc., and people looking to change career or people looking for a return to work.

The course includes:

•        Training in skills specific to the role you are interested in e.g. IT skills

•        Work experience in a school or other organisation

•        Help and support to find work

•        Help accessing further training as required e.g. Certificate III in Education Support

•        Development of your job application cover letter, resume and help with selection criteria

Entry requirements:

•        18+

•        Strong work ethic

•        Good oral and written communication

•        Must be able to read procedures, safety sheets and chemical bottles

•        Must be able to send and receive emails

•        Successful completion of an entry interview

•        Working With Children Check and a Department of Education Clearance

Course details:

    Dates - Starts Tue 21st of Jul and finishes Fri 11th of Dec 2020 (20 weeks) Days - 3 days per week, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:15 until 2:45 Cost - Approximately $170 (subject to change) total course fee for full 20 weeks Location - North Metro TAFE Leederville and on work experience Qualification - GATE (Gaining Access to Training and Employment) Certificate I

If you would be interested in this course then please email:

Chris Hodson


 Disclaimer: North Metropolitan TAFE does not guarantee work after completing this course.  This course supports you to find work.  The course is run by North Metropolitan TAFE (RTO code: 52786) and is not endorsed by any authority or government department.

Rawlinson Primary School

To provide a safe supportive environment where all are encouraged to reach their potential.  Diversity is celebrated with acceptance, tolerance, active listening and understanding. We strive to build resilience, cooperation, confidence and self-worth so as to ensure Learning for Life.

Darryl Dedman