Beverly Hills Girls High School



December 2020

Principal's Report

Congratulations to our Year 12 2020 who have now completed all HSC exams. What a year to be completing the HSC! Our Year 12 have shown tremendous resilience and maintained a positive mindset, despite the obstacles they have faced. Already some of our students have been offered early entry into University courses. Congratulations again Year 12, we are very proud of you all. 

Presentation Day 2020

Whilst life is returning to normal, we are still bound by certain restrictions that will impact how we finish up 2020.

Our Presentation Day is scheduled for Friday 11 December although, we are not able to invite families to be a part of this due to the 4 square metre rule. Our hall is only able to hold 264 people under these guidelines. Throughout the day we will hold a Presentation Assembly for recipients only, in each year group. We will ensure to livestream the event for those who wish to watch from home.

School Attendance

We have been speaking with students about the importance of attending school every day possible. Students should have an attendance rate of for more than 90% and this equates to no more than 5 days absent per term or 20 days per year. Of course, we encourage students to have higher attendance than this although, we understand that we all do become ill and need to stay at home. We will be celebrating over 90% attendance for Term 4 in Week 9 of this term through our Quality Learners award. Remember, EVERYDAY COUNTS.

Important dates to remember

Please note school finishes for all students on Wednesday 16 December.

In 2021, Years 7, 11 and 12 return on Friday 29 January and the remainder of the school on Monday 1 February.

HSC 2020

Congratulations to the following students on achieving early entry to University and Scholarships

Tasnim A 

B. International Business Management (WSU)

Aya A 

B. Law/B Business (WSU)

Sadia B 

B. Nursing (Torrens)+Youth off the streets scholarship

Pushpita D 

B. Law/B. International Studies (ACU)

Zaharoula G 

B. Psychology (Honours) (WSU)

Andrea H 

B. Advanced Computing (Hon) (ANU), B. Science Bachelor of Engineering + scholarship in Macquarie

Nada H

B. Psychology (Honours) (WSU)

Nuzhat H 

B. Commerce/B. Education (secondary) UNSW

Diane I 

B. Medical Sciences (MQ), B. Advanced Medical Science (UWS), B. Pharmacy (CSU

Rana I 

B. Science (MQ) & (WSU), B. Medicine (UOW)

Zarah K 

B. Law (ACU)

Buhaisabanu K 

B. Pharmacy (Utas), B. Medical Science (WSU), B. Medical Laboratory Research (CSU), B. Heath & Medical Science (UOW)

Chloe L 

B. Environment and Bachelor of Marine Science (MQ), B. Environment (MQ)

Charlotte L 

B. Social Science (MQ, B. Criminal & Community Justice/Bachelor of Social Work-WSU)

Amber L 

B. Marketing & Media (MQ) & B. Business (WSU)

Amira M 

B. Advanced Science (WSU)

Layla N 

B. Nursing (Torrens)

Angie N 

B. International Studies (WSU)

Thi My Chi N 

B. Science (MQ) Scholarship (International)

Shiza T 

B. Arts/Masters of Teaching (Secondary) (WSU) B, Science (MQ)

Tram Hoang My V

B. Business Analytics and B. Professional Accounting (MQA)

Bethany X

B. Environment  B. Arts, B. Science (MQ), B. Environmental Management, B. Arts (UNSW)

Lamina S 

B. Media Communications and B. Science (MQ)

Sydney Region Excellence in VET awards 2020

Beverly Hills Girls High had 2 award winners in the recent VET awards night for the Sydney Region.

Award winners have demonstrated excellence in all facets of their VET course throughout the two years including competencies and work placements.

This year’s awards were conducted through a zoom meeting due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Congratulations to the winners

  • Stephanie L  – Entertainment Industry
  • Tung Linh (Andrea) H  – Information and Digital Technology

Congratulations should also go to Cassandra Santos, finalist for Hospital Kitchen Operations.


We have been thrilled and excited to hear of Beverly Hills Girls High School's Widad N and Nouralhuda A and their achievement in being selected for inclusion in ArtExpress 2021. Widad’s work Misplaced and Nouralhuda’s work Generations has been put aside as an exemplar of high achievement in Visual Arts. It is a great achievement to be nominated for inclusion, with the process now requiring curators to select their works, which will be hung in galleries across the state. The student's body of work is not only a representation of hours of work across Year 12, but the years they have spent cultivating their skills from an early age to ensure they would achieve their personal best. 

What’s ahead…….. 

Planning for 2021 is well under way with subject selections having taken place and staff allocations being considered. We have started work on our 2021 – 2024 school plan and reviewing what programs and procedures will drive school improvement going forward. I am really excited by the prospect of new students starting next year and have been delighted to hear that students are choosing Beverly Hills Girls High School as their school of choice. This is validation for the great work our staff are doing and the positive feedback I am receiving in the community.

School Captains 2021

I would like to congratulate our recently elected School Captain Helen I  and Vice-captain Hayley H . I look forward to working with these leaders in 2021.

The Wanago Program

The Wanago Program is a UTS initiative aimed at increasing access for high school students to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Through a partnership with UTS, Beverly Hills Girls High are involved in the Wanago Program pilot which is offering our students the opportunity to:

  • Study Stage 6, Engineering Studies
  • Study Stage 6, Software Design and Development in UTS’s state-of-the art facilities and the CBA’s South Eveleigh Precinct.
  • Learn from an experienced Secondary School teacher.
  • Experience University life!
  • Interact with and learn from world renowned researchers, academics, tertiary students, and industry professionals in Engineering and IT.

 We currently have 8 students enrolled in this new initiative.

 2021 Staff Development Day (SDD) Changes

A reminder the Department of Education has changed the scheduling of SDDs in 2021. Term 1, 2021 will commence with two SDDs, whereas the two SDDs at the end of Term 4 have been reduced to one. Terms 2 and 3 will remain the same, with each of them starting the term with a SDD.

 External Validation

Recently, Beverly Hills Girls High School successfully completed an External Validation.

External Validation is a new procedure established by the Department of Education to validate the outstanding work happening in NSW public schools.

To achieve consistency across the state, each internal validation team must provide evidence to a pair of external validators. The evidence uses the School Excellence Framework as a guide to measure achievements. This framework has three categories of schooling with each category having a number of elements. Essentially, each of the 14 elements outlines a key aspect of highly successful schooling.





  • Learning Culture
  • Wellbeing
  • Curriculum & Learning
  • Assessment & Reporting
  • Student Performance Measure


  • Effective Classroom Practice
  • Data Skills & Use
  • Collaborative Practice
  • Learning & Development
  • Professional Standards


  • Leadership
  • School Planning, Implementation & reporting
  • School resources
  • Management Practice & Process


The Beverly Hill Girls High School Validation Team felt we were performing well in all 14 aspects of the Framework. The external validators agreed with us and indeed felt we were excelling in even more that we identified.

Strategic Improvement Plan

It is a requirement that all NSW government schools develop and publish a Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP).

Our Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) is a working document that details the steps our school will take to improve learning outcomes, and the achievement and growth of all students. To ensure continuous improvement, the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) reflects where our school is at, and how it will further improve learning, teaching and leading.

With the completion of the situational analysis in early Term 4, we are now ready to use collected data and work with the community to develop our Strategic Improvement Plan. This plan sets out the specific steps our school will take in our pursuit of continuous school improvement and improving student outcomes.

We would like to revisit our vision statement to state:

We believe that women can do anything, and we will support each student to be somebody who thinks critically, engages with learning and makes connections.

Based on an intensive review of our data, our strategic directions for the next four years are;

1.      Student Growth & Attainment

The purpose of this strategic direction is to improve student learning outcomes in reading, numeracy, HSC, high potential, engagement and wellbeing using evidence-based practices.

2.      Professional Growth & Attainment

The purpose of this strategic direction is to enhance growth in teacher capabilities and professional standards.

 3.      School Growth & Attainment

The purpose of this strategic direction is to further develop community engagement and to prepare our school for more effective innovate learning.

 We value your contributions and would like to invite our parent community to give feedback in relation to our strategic directions.

Please email your response to

What Works Best

Our school is committed to ensuring that how we teach your child is based on what we know makes the biggest difference to their learning. In our school, we have a focus on using the ‘What works best’ eight practices for effective teaching.

These practices include:

  • Having high expectations of your child. 
  • Using explicit teaching in the classroom. 
  • Giving effective feedback to your child on their learning.
  • Using data to inform how we teach your child.
  • Using regular and effective assessments so we know how your child’s learning is going. 
  • Supporting the wellbeing of your child by looking out for their mental, physical and emotional health. 
  • Managing the classrooms well so they are safe, positive and stimulating environments for learning. 
  • Making sure our teachers collaborate with each other, and experts outside the school, so teaching practice continuously improves. 

In addition, research shows that greater levels of support and engagement from parents and carers are associated with better student academic and wellbeing outcomes. We also know that students learn more effectively when the home and school environments form complementary and supportive roles for learning. It is for this reason that we are focused on continuing to foster the partnership between our school and parents.

The Department of Education has now released a ‘What works best’ resource for parents and carers, which provides tips for having conversations with your child about their learning. You can visit the department’s Parent Hub where you’ll find other tailored resources for parents and carers, as well as message from the NSW Minister for Education the Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC

As this is our last newsletter for 2020, I would like to take this opportunity in wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Please stay safe!

Maria Iemma


Deputy Principal's Report - Ms R Spratt

Term 4 has, as always, proven to be a busy one, even as we get closer to the end. With this in mind, it does not mean that we stop learning or continuing to do our best in every lesson, every day. Term 4 is a time of reflection and we encourage all our students to think about what types of learners they are, what successes they have had and what areas they can improve on. This is so applicable to Year 11 who have now commenced their HSC courses.  We have also taken the time out to interview every Year 11 student to help them set goals, reflecting on the Preliminary Course results. In these meetings, we have given the students access to valuable tools such as:- the NESA Assessment Resource Centre  -,  Students on Line , Edrolo and ATOMI, as well as study plans and information about disability provisions to help them become proficient and confident learners. Some of our Year 11 students have decided to drop a subject, which will now see them have ‘study periods’. As such, we encourage that they use this time to study and revise further, maximising their time at school. The interviews have proven to be very successful and we will repeat this again in 2021, further supporting and motivating our students to do their best in their journey towards the HSC in 2021.

Our Year 7 students have had an enormous year! It has marked the first year of their high school career. Next year they will move into Year 8 with new challenges and a new curriculum, including a subject that they have elected to study. This is one of the great aspects of our school in terms of choices and curriculum.

Our Year 9 students have also been very busy and a new milestone will be reached to them next year as they move into Year 10 and become considered 'seniors'. This will be marked by wearing the senior uniform and sitting in the senior playground at recess and lunch. With this privilege also comes responsibilities and an opportunity to do their best as you complete the Year 10 ROSA. We also encourage all our Year 9 students to set goals and always strive to do their personal best.

I would like to remind all students and parents about the following school policies:  

Uniform - At Beverly Hills Girls High School all Teachers, students, parents and caregivers work together to encourage students to wear full school uniform.

Please see our uniform expectations below:


Junior girls Uniform

Green long/short skirt

Green long slacks

White long sleeve/short sleeve shirt with school logo

All head wear including scarfs, are to be white

Any underclothes eg: long sleeve shirts under the school shirt are to be white

White socks and black leather or vinyl lace up school shoes

Senior girls uniform

Green long/short skirt

Green long slacks

White long sleeve/short sleeve shirt with school logo

All head wear including scarfs, are to be white

Any underclothes eg: long sleeve shirts under the school shirt are to be white

White socks and black leather or vinyl lace up school shoes


Junior girls uniform

Tartan green long/short skirt

Green long slacks

Green jumper with school logo

Green jacket with school logo

Green school blazer

Black or skin coloured stocking or tights (optional)

White long sleeve/short sleeve shirt with school logo

All head wear including scarfs, are to be white

Neck scarfs are to be bottle green with the school logo

Any long sleeve shirts under the school shirt are to be white

White socks and black leather or vinyl lace up school shoes

Senior girls uniform

Green long slacks

Green long/short skirt

Green jumper with school logo

Green jacket with school logo

Green school blazer

Black or skin coloured stocking or tights (optional)

White long sleeve/short sleeve shirt with school logo

All head wear including scarfs, are to be white

Neck scarfs are to be bottle green with the school logo

Any long sleeve shirts under the school shirt are to be white

White socks and black leather or vinyl lace up school shoes


The items listed below are only worn on sports specific days & events:

 Green /yellow polo with school logo

Sport shorts green with school logo

School Zip jacket and tracksuit pants

White sports shoes with white socks

All head wear including scarfs, are to be white


  • Shoes- Lace up black, flat, leather or vinyl enclosed school shoes. No canvas shoes or coloured soles/laces. If participating in Science lessons or TAS practical subjects, leather shoes must be worn.

  • Gloves - Do not form part of the uniform. If worn, they are to be white  and free of logo, slogan or pattern.

  • Neck scarfs are to be bottle green with the school logo

  • Beanies are NOT part of the school uniform and are not acceptable.

  • Jewellery –Girl’s earrings should be sleepers or small studs. Necklaces need to be simple and compliant under WHS legislation.

  • Acrylic/false nails are not part of the school uniform and are not acceptable under WHS legislation.

  • The uniform shop is open Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays for convenience.

Mobile Phones: A reminder to all our students and their parents about mobile phones. These are becoming more of a barrier to learning and we encourage students to follow the policy. I have included it for your perusal.



The increased ownership and widespread use of mobile phones and other PEDs requires schools to have a policy and procedure that governs the appropriate use of these technologies. These emerging technologies are a part of everyday life and it is acknowledged that these devices can have a number of benefits when used effectively, including in the educational setting. The problems that arise from the misuse of mobile and PEDs, has necessitated a policy to ensure the appropriate use of technology, within school ground, to keep students and staff safe.

Inappropriate use of mobile and PEDs can cause major issues for schools, including but not limited to:

  • Disruption to teaching, learning and class activities
  • Bullying, harassment and abuse via text message and social media websites
  • Privacy concerns related to the sharing of personal information, images and data
  • Access to inappropriate material, otherwise not available on school networks
  • Loss and/or theft of devices
  • Potential for breach of copyright
  • Duty of Care issues for education

School administrators, executive and teachers have a responsibility to model appropriate and effective use of mobiles and PEDs at all times in the duty of care of all students. The following policy has been designed to give students, parents and teachers guidelines and instructions for the appropriate use of mobile phones and PEDs during school hours.

Aim - To minimise disruption of the learning of all students and maintain a safe school environment. As such, mobile phones and PEDs will not be used in learning spaces. This includes inside all buildings and corridors.

Expectations of Students

Students will:

  • Ensure mobile phones and PEDs are on silent mode during lessons and are to be kept in student bags unless instructed to be used as a learning device by the teacher.
  • Take full responsibility for these devices. The school or staff will not be responsible for their loss, theft or damage. Students who bring them to school, do so at their own risk.
  • Be permitted to use their device responsibly during breaks in the school day e.g, before school, at recess, at lunchtime or after school.
  • Understand that unauthorised photographing of individuals is prohibited by law and the school policy unless permission has been provided. Therefore, filming of events or taking of photographs will not occur.
  • Ensure earphones are not worn during lessons without the express permission of their teacher for educational reasons.
  • Remove earphones when engaging in conversations with teachers and staff.
  • Seek permission from any staff member to make phone calls to their parents. These phone calls are to be made only at the office.
  • Refrain from Communicating via SMS, texting or using social media during lessons as this is prohibited.
  • Emergency Contact

    If a parent or caregiver needs to contact a student at school as a result of an emergency, they are required to call the school’s main office and a message will be sent immediately to the student. Phone the school on 02 9150 4280.

    If a student needs to make emergency contact with anyone, they can do so through the school’s main office.




    A student’s phone or PEDs is seen or heard.


    The student is given a warning. Phone is put away.


    A student’s phone is seen or heard again in that lesson.


    Teacher confiscates the phone, clearly labelling the phone. At the end of the lesson, the teacher hands the phone to the relevant Deputy Principal where it will be locked up. The teacher should inform the student that they are to collect the phone from the Deputy Principal AFTER school.



    A student’s phone or PEDs are seen or heard and they refuse to hand them to the teacher.


    If in the classroom, the teacher will notify their Head Teacher who will collect the phone, label it and hand it to the relevant Deputy Principal.


    A student refuses to hand over a mobile phone or PEDs to both classroom and Head Teacher.


    The Head Teacher refers the student to the relevant Deputy Principal. The Deputy Principal confiscates the device and contacts the parent/caregiver to inform them that, due to their child’s persistent disobedience, the device will need to be collected by the parent/caregiver from the Deputy Principal. A Sentral entry will be created, noting the Senior Executive involvement.


    Student refuses to hand phone or device over to the Deputy Principal.


    Student will be placed in isolation by Senior Executive and immediate parent contact will be made by Senior Executive member. Further actions may be implemented by the Deputy Principal including the involvement of the Principal.


    Sentral entries indicate student is a ‘repeat offender’ concerning the use of mobile phones or PEDs.


    Referral to Deputy Principal. The parent or caregiver will be required to collect the phone from the Deputy Principal. Further actions may be implemented by the Deputy Principal including involvement of the Principal where it may lead to student suspension.

    Being an ‘askable’ parent 

    Many parents struggle with the fact that their teenage daughters are seeking greater amounts of privacy as they push to become more independent and navigate the path of adolescence, which can at times be difficult. In my conversations with parents, many express concerns about how to find a balance between effective communication, which allows them to know what is happening in the lives of their teenage daughters and respect for their privacy, something commonly sought by teenage girls. Michael Grose, parenting expert, provides some excellent advice and insight into how to be an “askable parent”. Please find here a copy of Michael’s article “Being an askable parent”. 

    Raquel Spratt

    Deputy Principal

Michael Grose Article

Deputy Principal Report - Ms C Williams

Increase your Motivation

(based on work by Andrew Fuller)

As the school year draws to a close it is time to stop, reflect and report on our progress and growth as learners. However, it is also important to remember that the process of learning needs to continue even after the reports are written. By continuing to be prepared for our lessons, staying motivated and focused on our studies, we  will ensure we make the most of all the learning opportunities offered to us. In reality however, many students find the workload at this time overwhelming, which may result in students “giving up’.  Students need to keep motivated rather than give up when the pressure and demands increase.

Fuller proposes that not feeling motivated has more to do with feeling anxious and worried than with motivation.

He says that: -   Fear + Worry = Loss of Motivation

He suggests the following self-motivation techniques:

1. Set small goals and one large one

For each subject, set a small goal each week. Write it down and tick it off when you achieve it. 

Think about the subject/s that are your favourite. Aim to be top of the class in that subject/s and go ‘all out’ to achieve it.

2. Get organised

Get yourself up-to-date, especially if you have fallen behind. Ask for help - other students, teachers, support staff and parents.

If you have missed work or notes, ask for copies. 

Clean up your study area.

Write steps of things that need to be done to achieve bigger goals such as break big mountains into little steps and keep taking one step after another.

3. Give up believing that you know how smart you are

Ensure your self-talk is positive, not negative. You are most likely more intelligent than you realise. Don't compare yourself with others.

4. Build on your strengths, forget about your weaknesses

Success is about doing more of what you're good at (and doing less of what is unsuccessful). So follow what you find interesting and enjoyable and focus your energies on these.

5. Use your time at school well

Many people spend their time at school focusing on the social and not upon the learning. This mindset needs to be reversed.  If you can focus in class and listen closely to what teachers have to say, you can save yourself endless hours outside of school and end up being more motivated and productive.

6. Be honest with yourself

The world is full of people with excuses for not to doing something. You need to reward yourself after you complete the work, not before. Remember, no electronic distractions.

7. Change your routine

If you find it difficult to get motivated, change what, when, and how you are doing. Otherwise, if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep on getting the same result.

8. Why should you care?

You may be able to dismiss the above with statements like 'I don't care' or 'I can't be bothered'. It may be that you are just scared and the scared thinking is that if I try and fail, it will be worse than never having tried at all.  

Just think about it. If you applied this to other aspects of your life, you probably wouldn't succeed.

9. Give up fear and gain motivation

What is the greatest fear? Death - No; Public Speaking - No; Other people will think badly of you - Yes. 

Do others really think about you? Not as much as you think, as they are usually focused on their own life and obstacles.

So don't worry about what others think or worrying about something that doesn't exist and do worry about what you think. 

What you do with these techniques is up to you! Hopefully you will get more motivated and give yourself a mid-term tune up.

Maximising Me

During Term 4 this year, we are running our very successful learning program, Maximising Me for our Year 10 students.  The concept of this program is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about and develop the skill set needed to manage their studies, maximise their potential and achieve success in their senior studies The program is  run through a series of 10 workshops over the course of the term. Each workshop is interactive, with students completing a series of activities addressing essential learning skills.  The first four sessions this year involved students preparing for and attempting the Minimum Standards Tests. Achieving a Level 3 in each of these tests are a requirement for the awarding of the HSC. By giving students additional preparation and support, we have seen considerable improvement in the outcomes for our students in regards to these tests. In the remaining six sessions students have worked through a series of activities which highlight study skills and how to make a success of their senior studies. Our students have engaged well with the program and appreciate the work that goes into best preparing them for the future. We all hope that they will be able to utilise these skills in 2021.

Technology and Innovation

Students require a high level of digital literacy in order to thrive and work in the world. Seamless and purposeful integration of technology into future-ready learning and future focused teaching can provide opportunities for students to think independently and develop skills that will enable them to flourish in a world driven by technology. Through the effective integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) across the curriculum, students learn to collaborate, globally connect, construct, apply knowledge and seek timely feedback to reflect on learning. Students who use technology and practice good digital citizenship, contribute positively to the global community.

The ICT infrastructure at Beverly Hills Girls High School is designed to provide a learning environment/spaces which helps to achieve the technology outcomes and is appropriate to the needs of the school, offering flexibility and a capacity for extension.  The supporting technology infrastructure is designed to respond to developments and innovations in education and computer technology.  During 2020, and in response to the demands placed on us due to the Covid 19 restrictions, we have planned and implemented considerable changes to how we deliver learning and communicate with our school community. Staff have participated in considerable amounts of professional learning and invested time to prepare resources to support this new form of lesson delivery. We have strengthened our communication channels with families with the introduction of the student/parent portal on Sentral. This digital communications platform allows students and families to monitor student attendance, view important notices and documents, communicate with particular members of staff as well as receive the bi-annual school reports.  The school has committed considerable funds to ensure we are well resourced in relation to access to digital learning.

As we move forward with a new school plan, addressing  innovation and  technology will be an integral part of the strategic direction – School Growth and Attainment. One of the main priorities will be the embedding of  STEM programs across the school.  In education, the acronym STEM stands for the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM education, then, is the learning of these STEM subjects through an integrated approach, one that offers hands on and relevant learning experiences. The incorporation of a STEM approach not only benefits the learning of science, technology, engineering and math as one, but also gaining skills of problem solving, exploratory learning and critical thinking that go hand-in-hand with those subjects that make STEM education valuable. Here at Beverly Hills Girls High School  we are committed to increasing our capacity and our students capabilities in STEM. In recent weeks we started the planning of a STEAM (STEM with the inclusion of the Arts) learning space which will incorporate the latest in technology  such as 3D printers, laser cutter, robotics , 360 cameras, interactive data projectors and so much more. The learning space will be set up with state of the art furniture which will encourage collaboration and critical thinking.   Our staff  have committed to considerable amounts of Professional Learning to develop their skills in STEM delivery. This will see  some interesting lessons being delivered from as early as Term 1, 2021. We have also invested in training programs with numerous multinational corporate organisations such as Creatable and Atlassian which will provide valuable Professional Learning opportunities for our staff in all aspects of STEM delivery. Another opportunity for staff Professional Learning will be from Sydney Bridge Climb who will be sponsoring staff in their new STEM program for students in Stages 4 and 5. Recently four of our staff members were inducted into the program and were even given the opportunity to do a bridge climb as part of the program. We have also joined the Wanago Program, a UTS initiative aimed at increasing access for high school students to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Through this partnership, five of our current Year 10 students will be studying either Software Design and Development or Engineering  in UTS’s state-of-the-art facilities and the CBA’s South Eveleigh Precinct. Students will be able to experience university life and interact with and learn from world-renowned researchers, academics, tertiary students, and industry professionals in Engineering and IT. We will be following closely our students’ progress in this exciting new program during 2021/22.

Christine Williams

Deputy Prinicpal

Wellbeing & Learning Support

There are strong links between wellbeing and learning. Beverly Hills Girls High School is committed to providing teaching and learning environments that enable the development of healthy, happy, successful and productive individuals.

To support our students become confident and resilient learners who have positive relationships with each other, their teachers and the community, we have facilitated a number of programs this term.

In Week 7, Year 7 participated in the “Step Up” program presented by 2Connect Youth & Community. The learning focused on building positive relationships and resilience through a performance and workshops.

Similar themes were presented to Year 8 in their Wellbeing Wednesday by 3Bridges, where students explored their character strengths and the concept of emotional intelligence in interactive and engaging workshops.

To provide more targeted group and individual support for our students, we are delighted to announce the appointment of a Student Support Officer to our school, Laura Turner. She is already making an impact through her #proudtobeme resilience workshops to Year 7 students. Laura is available to parents who wish to make contact as she can provide information and support to our wider community through her links with many external agencies.

At BHGHS we strive to ensure that our students experience a sense of connection, inclusion, respect for individuality and difference, resilience and confidence to positively shape their own futures. These initiatives are just a few of the ways in which we demonstrate our commitment to the individual and collective wellbeing of our students.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Ms S Stock

Head Teacher Wellbeing and Learning Support

Student Support Officer

Hi, my name is Laura Turner and I have just started in the new role of Student Support Officer here at Beverly Hills Girls High. My role as Student Support Officer is a little different to that of a teacher or counsellor and focuses on enhancing and promoting the wellbeing of all students across the school. I will be working with the Wellbeing team to provide social and emotional support through individual check in’s, targeted group programs and whole school wellbeing initiatives. I will also be engaging with services in the community to connect students and families with any external support that may be.You are welcome to get in contact if you have any questions, just call BHGHS front desk and they will put you through. Students are welcome to self refer or speak to their teachers if they'd like to make contact or are seeking support. I work Monday to Friday and am located in upstairs section of the Library. I look forward to getting to know you all and being a part of the Beverly Hills Girls High School community.​

Laura Turner

Student Support Officer/Youth Outreach Worker

Beverly Hills Girls High School

Broadarrow Road Beverly Hills NSW 2209 |(02) 91504280

Art Express 2021

Congratulations to Widad Nl and Nouralhuda A, two of our 2 Unit Visual Arts students, for their selection in the 2021 Art Express Exhibition to tour the state of NSW next year. These two students have been chosen by NESA to have their works exhibited amongst some of the states outstanding student artworks developed for the art-making component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts 2020. Art Express reflects the imaginations, creativity and extraordinary talents of HSC Candidates.

Widad’s animated video titled ‘Misplaced’ is a highly sophisticated tablet drawn animation that sits extremely well in the genre of anime. The detailed illustrative and graphic animation reflects a highly accomplished understanding of the technical aspects of computer animation, storyboarding, continuity and a sensitivity to the concept that it is subtly informing its audience of a pair of young girls understanding another cultures customs.

Nouralhuda has created a triptych of beautifully painted works, titled ‘Generations’; this series subtly displays the concept of domestic violence through the ‘eyes’ of each sitter. Whilst each of the three women do not show physical signs of abuse, the idea also reads as displaying the silent psychological effect domestic violence plays within their contexts.

As a school, we are very lucky to have this standard of work being created and it is an honour to have both of these works awarded the opportunity for the wider community to view these unique pieces in the 2021 Art Express Exhibition.

Wade Jenkins

Head Teacher CAPA

Youth Leaders Training In A Changing World

As a part of our ongoing collaboration with Gymea Community Aid and Information Services, seven  students from our school took part in a youth leadership program this year. Despite this year’s circumstances, we were fortunate enough to have the valuable opportunity to be involved in the program. This year, we have had the opportunity to work alongside other students from schools in the St George and Sutherland Shire areas such as Kogarah High School, Kirrawee High School and our partner school, Engadine High School.

The first project that we worked on was a creative arts competition for young people across NSW. The purpose of this project was to give young people the opportunity to express their ideas through creative mediums. Our next project will focus on delivering leadership training to students in our own school.

The following students are a part of the Youth Leadership Group for 2020

  • Kanaya A
  • Rockford D
  • Madeleine G
  • Hayley H
  • Khadijah H
  • Linh N
  • Shameera S

During the two-week holidays, eight students in Years 10 and 11 took part in a two-day leadership training program. Over the two days, we covered topics such as leadership skills, effective communication, emotional resilience and self-awareness. This program gave us opportunities to enhance our skills and establish connections with others.

On behalf of the students involved, I would like to thank Mrs Anaxagorou, our Anti-Racism Contact Officer, for organising this opportunity for us.

Hayley H

School Captain 

Student Leadership Training

On Thursday 19th and Friday 20th of November, 55 students from the Student Representative Council (SRC) and Successful Aspiring Students Supporting You (SASSY), under the supervision of Ms Antoniadis (Student Leadership Coordinator), Ms Byrnes, Ms Avgenakis and Ms Zissis attended a two-day workshop aimed at enhancing their leadership capacity.

Over the two day period, the students participated in a range of activities, led by the Senior Student Council (who had previously been trained as facilitators) where they developed skills in communication, decision making, collaboration, as well as learnt about the value of student voice and the importance of service. Worthy of particular acknowledgement are our two Captains, Helen and Hayley (pictured right, in deep discussion with Ms Antoniadis) who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to organise and lead the day’s activities.

Guest Speakers included Ms Carey Little (Clinical Psychologist), Ms Laura Turner (Student Support Officer) and Ms Spratt (Deputy Principal).

The students engaged with the learning and have already begun to implement skills addressed over the two days. All councillors (both senior and junior) have found a place in one of the four Council Committees and are in the process of deciding on the initiatives we will implement in 2021.

A big thank you to the entire school community for their donations of cans and presents to be given to those less fortunate. Together, we have collected over 600 cans and many gifts.

Thank you to the wonderful community that is Beverly Hills Girls High School and we look forward to working with you and serving you during our term of office. 

Helen Antoniadis 

Student Leadership Coordinator

VET Awards

Congratulations to three of our very talented Year 12 VET students on their recent success in making Beverly Hills Girls High School proud at the Public Schools NSW Ultimo VET Awards.

At Beverly Hills Girls High School, we deliver four Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses that include Business Services, Entertainment Industry, Hospitality and Information and Digital Technology.

The following students were nominated by their teachers. Their application was supported with evidence of their excellent school results and participation, impressive workplacement reports from employers and their outstanding enthusiasm and ability in their chosen VET course.

The staff and students of Beverly Hills Girls High School would like to congratulate the following students;

  • Information and Digital Technology Winner – Tung Linh (Andrea) H
  • Entertainment Industry Winner – Stephanie L
  • Hospitality Runner-up – Hannah Cassandra S

Kay Glitsos

VET Coordinator

International Student of the Year Nominee

Our very own International Student, the wonderful, bubbly and hardworking Andrea H of Year 12 has been shortlisted  for the very prestigious International Student of the Year Award!


She will find out if she is the overall winner on Tuesday 8th December at an Awards Ceremony at Parliament House.

Since our school iis her second home and she still pops in to see us, you might like to  congratulate her when you see her around.

A huge thank you to all who have contributed to  opportunities allowing her to shine both in and outside the classroom; socially, emotionally and academically. 

Helen Anaxagorou    English - EALD/ International Student Coordinator/ ARCO

Careers Department

What an incredibly challenging year it has been! Fortunately, it has not stopped the students at BHGHS participating in a plethora of programs to enhance their leadership and problem solving skills.  We have offered many fantastic opportunities for students to broaden their awareness of post-school pathways and increase their focus on goal –setting, achievement and critical thinking, which will not only help them in the future, but in their current studies.  The programs equip our students to go forward believing that anything is possible and provide them with the tools to make it happen!

We have continued existing and formed some amazing new partnerships this year  with several universities and independent organisations, with a particular focus on the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) who has been instrumental in offering our students with a range of programs. I know our partnership will continue to grow and strengthen, with more exciting opportunities in the years to come!

Susan Pangis

Careers Adviser

GOALS – ABCN / Optus

This program was informative, exciting and overall so much fun. I was so glad to have been a part of the GOALS ABCN program because over these 5 weeks I have changed as a person for the better and started to have a very positive mindset even in hard situations. This program has helped me grow and has been very helpful to me and my fellow Year 9 peers.

Zahraa H

Barista Course

On 23rd-24th November 2020, we held a Barista course here at school for the students to gain additional qualifications which will help with the skills and employability. We are intending to run a Barista course every year – this will not only complement those students studying VET Hospitality, it will help when seeking employment.

SALT – Trade Workshop

We took part in a SALT trade workshop where we had the pleasure of constructing a timber caddy, using a range of different tools. It was very enjoyable. We learnt many new skills that will be helpful in the future. The instructors were helpful and very patient and attended to our every need. When we made a mistake they quickly taught us how to fix it and helped us gain confidence and knowledge. We all had an extremely enjoyable time as we experimented with new tools and learnt from our mistakes. All up, the SALT trade workshop was productive and allowed us to gain many skills. I would definitely participate in another workshop if given the opportunity, it has made me feel confident in using a number of tools that I may possibly need to use in the future and believe everyone would benefit from participating. 

Aaliyah S

Partnerships with UTS

An opportunity to shine – the possibilities are endless and nothing is impossible. A 2 year program aimed at learning, challenging and refining – to develop and succeed through school and beyond. A program we will continue to partner with UTS in the years to come.

Wanago Program @ UTS

A number of students have expressed interest in studying Engineering Studies or Software Design & Development as part of their Higher School Certificate. Our partnership with UTS has made this possible and we begin this program with them next year.

Work Experience

Once permitted, the students have slowly started to participate in work experience, a valuable program – this will continue until the end of this term and resume as normal next year.

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