Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Newsletter

Term 1- Issue 4. 13th March

Dates to remember:

  • Sunday 15th March

First Communion preparation class 

  • Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th March

Parent Teacher Interviews 

  • Friday 27th March  

Harmony Day

  • Thursday 9th April

Last day of term 1

  • Monday 20th April

Term 2 resumes

  • Monday 27th April

AGM 6:00pm

Message from the Principal - Mr Denis Graham

Dear Parents and Friends of MTCPS,

School Board

Thank you to the parents who attended our School Board information night on Wednesday 11th March. Greg O’Mullane, CEO Director and Geoff Perry, Principal Consultant provided valuable insights on the formation of a School Board. The process moving forward is as follows, as per the Manual for Catholic School Board members;

  • Nomination forms are now available (see attached). Please email to
  • Nominations close Friday 20th March to ensure arrival 21 days prior to the AGM.


  • AGM Monday 27th April 6:00pm in our school board room.

Parent & Friends

Another successful P&F meeting was held on Monday 9th March. Please see attached minutes from this meeting.

The next P&F meeting is Monday 30th March, 6:00pm-7:00pm


The School is adhering to official guidelines provided by the Northern Territory Government. Please ensure that you are reading these guidelines as they are communicated on Skool bag.

Teaching and Learning

Our Teachers are currently working on developing best practice in literacy strategies for the classroom. Next week our focus will be on finalising our Annual Improvement Plan for 2020. We will keep you informed of these plans in the coming weeks.

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Board Nomination Form

Please find attached a School Board Nomination form.

Please return to no later than Friday 20th March.


Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Board Minutes

Please find attached minutes from the School Board Information Night held Wednesday 11th March.

P&F Meeting Minutes

Please find attached P&F Minutes from Monday 09th March

Project Compassion

St Teresa of Calcutta said ‘Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love’.Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School are helping to make the world a better place for all. We are participating in Project Compassion- a campaign of Caritas. Through this fundraiser, we will be raising funds to support people in need.

You will be helping empower our world’s most vulnerable communities to grow stronger and share their strengths with their communities to lift themselves out of poverty.When we Go Further Together in love and compassion, the whole world thrives.

You can donate by putting money in your classroom boxes or by visiting our fundraising page on…

First Communion Preparations

Harmony Event- Friday 27th March

Maths has never been such fun ! A creative way to learn how to tell the time in 1/2 Lemon.

Work Health Safety (WHS) Coordinator wanted !!!

School Interviews 'How to Guide'

Road Safety

  • talk with and teach your child about being alert in a road environment. 
  • point out dangers, such as vehicles coming out of driveways.
  • use pedestrian crossings and traffic lights correctly.
  • teach your child to keep turning their head in both directions to look and listen for traffic as they cross the road.
  • talk with them about everything they need to think about to keep safe when walking.
  • explain why they should look and listen before crossing a driveway, road or carpark. 
  • talk with your child and reinforce Stop! Look! Listen! Think! every time you cross the road together
    • STOP! one step back from the kerb.
    • LOOK! continuously look both ways.
    • LISTEN! for the sounds of approaching traffic.
    • THINK! whether it is safe to cross.
  • students are not to ride their bike or scooter through the car park at school. They are to push their bike/scooter through the school grounds and not ride until they are outside the main school car park.
  • be aware of other students and people who may also be using the footpath. 

Back To School Voucher

Please note that the Back to School vouchers must be used by April 9th.If you have not used your voucher and are in need of uniforms, please contact the office asap. If you have not yet used your voucher and do not need uniforms, the $150.00 can be put towards your school fees. Please contact the office to sign the voucher.

2020 School Term Dates

Term 1 Calendar

Community Noticeboard !!