Issue 13 Thursday 8 September 2022

We learn on the lands of the Ngadjuri Nation


Some Important Dates for Term 3

Premier's Reading Challenge closes tomorrow.  Return your Reading Record forms by tomorrowFriday 9 September
Governing Council MeetingTuesday 13 September
Festival of Music Choir PerformanceFriday 16 September
Swimming Lessons (R-5)Monday 26  -  Friday 30 September
Last Day of Term / Early Dismissal Time of 2:10pmFriday 30 September

**** Sports Day - Friday 28 October Term 4 ****

From The Principal

Staff Professional Learning - Berry Street

On Tuesday, our teachers and student support SSOs joined with the staff from Nuriootpa PS and Tanunda PS for our professional learning day. This was actually the third day of ‘Berry Street’ training: the first two days having occurred back in 2020.

What is Berry Street? Berry Street began 140 years ago as the Victorian Infant Asylum and was eventually named after its current location in Melbourne. It has evolved over the years to include youth and family services and now also includes a school for vulnerable students. Berry Street’s classroom strategies are based on trauma-informed practices and the science of wellbeing. Professionals from Berry Street now share their knowledge and expertise with other educators, as their approaches have been shown to benefit all students.

Mr Claridge and Mrs Sitters had already been using the ‘morning circle’ as part of their practice; and this week the other teachers have incorporated it into their routines. The morning circle includes greetings, values, expectations and ‘positive primers’.  Some of the aims of the morning circle are to:

·         create consistent predictable routines

·         build connections to school and staff

·         produce positive emotions to begin the day

The morning circle includes the question: what went well? This encourages children to always find the positives that have occurred as they began their day. These can be as simple as: I got out of bed straight away, breakfast tasted nice, mum/dad gave me a hug, I played with my pet,… Teachers are also practicing asking this question at other key points during the day: transitioning from another teacher, after lunchtime play, at the end of the day, etc.. This could also be a question that parents can ask at pick-up time.

One of the other aspects of the training that the teachers were particularly excited about was the notion of developing stamina for learning and how children can be engaged in developing this for themselves. For instance, in Ms Moffett’s class the children wrote a weekend recount on Wednesday morning. Ms Moffett talked to them about stamina in their writing and asked them all to set goals around how much they could write. During the SRC meeting yesterday, the student leaders from Ms Moffett’s class were excited to tell me all about their goal setting and how everyone in the class had achieved their goals. Ms Moffett was very proud of how much the students had accomplished during that lesson.

Our fourth (and final) Berry Street training day will occur in Term 4. We are all looking forward to it and the learning that will occur for us.

Gail Holland


Festival of Music Choir

Our Year 5/6 Choir students who will be a part of the Festival of Music concert on Friday 16th September travelled to Morphettville Racecourse recently for a mass rehearsal. Our students were impeccably behaved, and displayed their very best singing. It was a fun day, with a lot of learning packed in.

We have been performing regularly in front of our school assemblies, in order to build our performance skills prior to the concert. Our students have applied themselves well, in order to learn a varied and at times challenging repertoire of songs. Needless to say, we can’t wait for the concert next Friday!

Sports House Team Captains for 2022

Last Friday afternoon a large number of our Year 5/6 students presented speeches to their House Teams. Following this, the students voted for their preferences. Congratulations to all 17 of the students who planned and then presented their speeches with confidence and sincerity. We are very proud to see so many students willing to take on leadership roles and responsibilities. The 12 successful nominees are listed below.

Bevan Captains – Noah M and Emmy B

Vice Captains – Erik G and Maya S


Captains –  Saxon E and Phoebe D

Vice Captains – Cody M and Skyelaih R


Captains – Korbin N and Kaylyn M

Vice Captains – Hunter K and Izzy R

Class Report

Year 2/3 Class

This term we have been very busy with Science Week and Book Week, as well as our regular learning tasks and maintaining the vegetable garden. We were excited to conduct some science experiments, trying out some musical glasses, lensing with glass, making electrical circuits with globes, an egg drop experiment and making slime. From our vegetable garden we harvested broccoli, spinach, peas, spring onion, garlic, chilli lettuce to make San Choy Bau as well as making Orange Cake, Rocky Road and Vegetable Curry this term. During mathematics we have been learning about time and we really enjoyed making our adjustable digital and analogue clocks. This term we have also started learning about contemporary Indigenous Artist Jimmy Pike. We have looked at art elements of line, shape, texture and colour, creating some fantastic art works. 

Year 2/3 & Year 3/4 Class Excursion

The Year 2/3 Class and Year 3/4 Class went to Adelaide on a cultural excursion. We visited Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute to see the Wild Dog Exhibition which included films, art work and interactive light and colour activities. We then walked through the Adelaide CBD to Beehive Corner where we had a tasting at Haigh's Chocolate. Along the way we saw many statues both artistic and historical through Rundle Mall and along North Terrace. After our delicious treat and windy walk we made it to the South Australian Museum where we had lunch and then visited the many interesting exhibits. Many parents were able to help us on the day and the students had a great day and learnt a lot about our First Nations Peoples.

School Routines and Procedures - Update

Updating Student & Family Information

The school will no longer be sending home student information to be updated at the beginning of each year. 

Therefore, so that we can best support your child at school, we ask parents & caregivers to keep the school informed throughout the year when there are changes to your family circumstances including:

*  home address (residential and/or postal)

*  contact phone number

* employment &/or place of employment

* email address

* emergency contacts

* student's medical condition

* custody information

You can let the school know by completing the 'Change of Details' eform on the Skoolbag App or contact the Front Office by phone or email. 

Illness & Injuries at School:

Colds, the flu and bugs are around every winter for us to watch out for and are passed on if unwell children attend school.

Students who have recovered from Covid can still be at risk of getting these viruses etc that are circulating in the community.

If your child is sent to the Front Office/First Aid room due to illness or for an injury that is considered more serious eg a hard knock to the head, they will be sent home. 

Parents will always be contacted first and you will need to collect your child promptly and keep them at home until they are fully recovered. 

If you are unable to collect your child, please organise your emergency contact and let the school know who this will be.

Make sure you have provided the Front Office with an updated list of your emergency contacts in case we are unable to contact you.

Student Health Update & Reminder

Parents/Caregivers please make sure you have provided the school with an updated healthcare plan and current medication if your child needs support at school for a medical condition and in readiness for excursions & outings and swimming lessons which are in week 10 this term (pool staff may refuse to allow your child to participate and will provide standard first aid only).

Asthma Care, Allergic Reaction plans and Medication Agreement forms are available on the Skoolbag App for parents to access and take to your doctor or you can ask at the Front Office. 

Keep a copy of plans & medication expiry dates at home for your reference and ensure that they are updated in a timely manner.

If you are unsure of expiry dates, contact the Front Office. 

NB:  Parents will now receive an email reminder from school if plan/medication has not been updated.

 Expired medication can not be administered by staff and will be sent home.  

Term 3 Assembly Awards

Week 6

Kindness Award

Nettie's Natter

September 8 ‘22

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another natter.

‘Spring has sprung’ and with that comes the end of the winter sports, netball, football, hockey etc. Although some are still played during the warmer months, I remember growing up playing netball in the winter and tennis in the summer. The boys played footy in the winter and cricket in the summer. Of course, it is very different now. There are so many different sports on offer and some sports you can start playing as young as 5. With that though, the risk of ‘burn out’ can be very high.

Doing something constantly from a really young age can be terrific or you can get to the point where you get sick of it and ‘chuck’ it in.

It doesn’t have to apply to only sport either. I’m over housework. I’d love to ‘chuck’ that in but I can’t afford a cleaner. I try to get excited about it. Put my music on really loud and sometimes that works but not often. I feel like I’ve been doing housework all my life! Oh, that’s right, I just about have.

Sometimes, there are things that we wish we could just stop doing and we can with some. Other things may not be so easy to give up. I can’t give up housework or we’d run out of undies and start growing amazing coloured mold all over the house!

Everything is great to do when you’re in the mood, too. When I’m in the mood, I love to bake. I especially love to bake for the staff. Two of my specialties are muffins and scones and if I bake them while in the mood (sometimes that’s 5.30am), they’ll be amazing. If not, well, we won’t go there.

Sometimes our kids (and partners) may not be in the mood to do something and that’s when we feel like we have to ‘jolly’ them along to get them to participate. Not always easy and doesn’t always work but it can be worth the effort if you succeed.

Anyway, I am going to include my scone recipe for you. It’s very popular and so easy. Enjoy.                                          

Until our next natter.

Smiles are free, so give yours away and make someone’s day.




Heat oven to 220 degrees

Line a scone tray with baking paper

3 cups self-raising flour

1 cup (chilled) lemonade

1 cup of cream

Mix together until a dough. Then knead gently but not for too long

Then roll out, cut into circles and place onto baking tray close together

Brush some milk over the tops.

Put in oven turning it down to 180 degrees

Check when golden brown on top. Remove and cool on racks 

Premier's Reading Challenge 2022 - Ends Tomorrow, Friday 9 September

Please send your Reading Record Form to school  by tomorrow.

Well done to all who have participated in this year's challenge.

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