Our Lady of Lourdes Primary Newsletter

Term 3 Week 4 2020 : 14th August

Key Dates

The AssumptionSaturday, 15th August

Gospel Reading

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew

Jesus left Gennesaret and withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. Then out came a Canaanite woman from that district and started shouting, ‘Sir, Son of David, take pity on me. My daughter is tormented by a devil.’ But he answered her not a word. And his disciples went and pleaded with him. ‘Give her what she wants,’ they said ‘because she is shouting after us.’ He said in reply, ‘I was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.’ But the woman had come up and was kneeling at his feet. ‘Lord,’ she said ‘help me.’ He replied, ‘It is not fair to take the children’s food and throw it to the house-dogs.’ She retorted, ‘Ah yes, sir; but even house-dogs can eat the scraps that fall from their master’s table.’ Then Jesus answered her, ‘Woman, you have great faith. Let your wish be granted.’ And from that moment her daughter was well again.



An Explanation for Kids

On the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we remember when Mary was taken (“assumed”) into heaven, body and soul, after she died. You will not find this story in the Bible. However, a tradition handed down from the earliest days of the Church says that Mary died in Jerusalem and was buried in a tomb. But when the apostles opened the tomb again, her body was gone. Why would God take Mary’s body and soul into heaven? In part because Mary is special to God: she said “yes” to becoming the mother of Jesus.

©Jerry Windley-Daoust

Merit Awards

Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Awards  this week. 
Class Students’ NamesClassStudents’ NamesClassStudents’ Names

Natalia Semrany

Ben Audsley

Daniel Deiri

Santino Lamb

Emilia Crispin


Evie Bollom

Scarlett Gardiner

Daniel Makdessi

Shervin Perera

Nikolas Tamas


Cooper Barnes

Ella D’Souza

Maiya Ehlers

Michael Savarino

Alexis Saab


Lucas Haddad

Chris Koura

Lyla Arkell

Eden Palmer

Eva Enosi Tuipulotu


Ava Chiha

Xavier Martignago

Evie Baldacchino

Matilda Copping

Jamison Connell


Madison Lourens

Tatiana Krieschova 

Aiden Huo

Sophie Roberts


Ivy Afarian

Laura Deehan

Jayda Isherwood

Sebastian Martignago

Christopher Wen


Thomas O’Keefe 

Ruby Skinner 

Raymond Hallal 

Elias Haddad


Thomas Williamson

Luca Tamas

Carter O’Neil

Madeline O’Malley

Addison Arkell


Makayla Hokayem

Sophie Merheb

Elijah Noonan

Noah Pivcevic

Kyla Single


Cooper D’Souza

Nathan Wybrow

Sheena King

Hope Levis


Emilia Rebaza

William Thompson

Xavier Hurst

Natal Gardiner

Matthew Garratty

Joohwan Bark


Halyn Kim

Alastair Mathew

Souria Pathak

Noah Ranola

Mariah Wynn-Chacon


Joseph Wesser

Charlie Bennett

Declan Mission

Holly Gersbach

Zack Gava

Merit Award Photos

Executive Directors Summer Reading Challenge

During the recent holidays some of our students participated in the Executive Directors Summer Reading Challenge. These students were award a participation certificate this week.

Congratulation to :


Sybella HannaThea RajanMaeve Nolan
Matthew KennaRiya FranklinRuby Smith
Sophie NorrisAaron ChevalierAlastair Mathew
Arthur HannaBenjamin KrastevElizabeth Badaoui
Elyssia AlhaEmilia RebazaJames McGirr
Lucinda FallinsElisa Khoury

Kindergarten 2021 Interviews

Earlier this year we were unable to conduct our Kindergarten 2021 Interviews. We have now met all our new families but would still like to meet the siblings enrolled for kindergarten next year. If you have a sibling starting next year could parents please contact the office to set up a time to meet.

Canteen Meal Deal

The canteen is having a Meal Day next Friday 21st August. To place an order please print and complete the form. The form needs to be attached to a brown paper bag with money and given directly to the canteen. 

Forms needs to be returned with payment no later than WEDNESDAY 19th AUGUST 

National Science Week

Social Skills

Parish News

Notice From Hills Shire Council

Please find attached the public notification for the upcoming Regional Fox Baiting Program for The Hills Shire Council and Greater Sydney Local Land Services.

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