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Week 8 Term 4 Friday 29th November

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Yr 6 Leaders 2020

School Captains 2020

2020 School Leaders

The 2020 Sports , Environmental & Social Justice Leaders will be announced at Assembly next Thursday 5th December. We wish all the children good luck as they apply and present their case for why  children their peers and P-4 should vote for them.

Parents are invited to attend the Assembly to hear the announcement.

Mandarin Mini Performance


Mini Performance


Thursday 12th December

2:30 onwards


Step Up Day

Today 11:30--12;30 and and next Tuesday 9 am-11 am  your child will be  involved in Transition days, They will spend time with their 2020 teachers and classmates. It is always an exciting day looking forward to the year ahead.

Gingerbread Men

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After reading the story, we made gingerbread men then cooked them.  We went to find them as they were cooling down but they had disappeared. We got the video evidence from Mrs Rich and found the gingerbread men ran away, but left us some clues. They were too hot in the oven so went to cool down, (fridge) it was too cold in the fridge so they went to find some places to read (Library). The next clue led us back to our classroom ready for us to eat. 

St Tim's Talent on Show!

Thanks to our Year 6 Leaders Fraser and Lachlan B who did a great job at organizing a Talent Quest for our children today.The children were very excited to perform for  their peers with dancing, singing and drama performances.

Parent Committees 2020

A huge THANK YOU to our 

  • Parents & Friends
  • Sports Committee
  • School Advisory Committee

who have worked tirelessly to fund raise, organise and assist  with social events and support school programs and ventures. Your efforts, time and passion are truly appreciated. To continue to reap the benefits of strong committees :


Can you assist by joining our Parent Committees or offering to help run individual events/ activities if you are unable to attend meetings. 

Funds raised are help to fill the gap between Government funding, school fees and the cost of providing rich, engaging and varied opportunities for our children.

Social events build strong community relations both with adults and children.

We would love as many parents as possible involved in our committees. Please see Gail (office) Anne Maree , Carly ( P&F) or Simon ( Sports) if you are able to assist.

Many hands make light work.   

Angel Box Gifts

The Year 6 Leaders are requesting that each child provide a small gift for a child their own age and gender that we can forward on to St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal. Traditionally we put together 'ANGEL BOXES' to share a little of something we have with children less fortunate than our children. It would be greatly appreciated if you were able to donate something small to our Angel Box Christmas Appeal.

Dress Ups

If you have any old dress-ups that you no longer use at home please bring them into school.  We are creating a permanent dress-up box which can be used for our St Timothy's Photo Booth.  We will use this Photo Booth at the grade 6 graduation night. Donations could include any old scarfs, hats, glasses, ties, capes, wigs, beads etc We will have a box in the parent room marked Dress Up Donations.All donations will be greatly appreciated and cared for. Jean M


A huge thank you to TOP SHELF fruits & Fine Foods at Brentford Square for donating a beautiful fruit platter for 50 people for our special grade 6 graduation dinner.  We are very grateful for your support and generosity.  Why not head down to Top Shelf Fruits and select some beautiful fresh summer fruit and veggies to feed your family.  It's wonderful to support our local businesses.

Firemen Visit 2

Tennis Clinic Week 2


Week 1

Garden Maintenance-Mulch & Watering

Once again I am seeking volunteers for the holiday period to water sections of our School Gardens over the summer break. 

A commitment to watering over a given week would meet the requirements for rebate on Maintenance Levy. 

If you can assist please contact Anne Maree or Gail.

Thank you

Swimming Fun Day

On Monday 16th December our Year 6  students have the opportunity to enjoy a special celebration at Nunawading Aquatic Centre. This is designed as an enjoyable morning to celebrate their time together at St Timothy's. More details to follow.

Athletics 2020

P-6 InterSchool Athletics

Next year we are looking at adding another opportunity for our children to join with other smaller catholic schools to conduct a combined athletics carnival.


It is hoped that four schools would compete against each other.

The date is Tuesday March 3rd.

It would take place during the school day at a venue to be confirmed. Parents are invited to attend. Further details to follow.

Students of the Week



Year P/1/2Noah, Amanda
Year 2/3Mia, Maverick, Jayden
Year 4/5Badie, Leisel
Year 5/6Abigail, Grace

2019 Celebration School Year Celebration

2019 School Year Celebration

Monday 16th December

Whole School

Celebrate 2019

Prep Graduation

Farewell Year 6 Students & Families 

       Christmas Get Together


Grade 6 Graduation


Tuesday 17th December

Year 6 Graduation Mass  6pm

Year 6 School & Family Dinner 7 pm

Hello everyone, it's nearing the end of the school year already!

Our grade 6 children will be transitioning into high school in the coming weeks.  It's a St Timothy's tradition that we hold a parent organised graduation dinner for the grade 6 children and parents which is held after the graduation mass (all school families are most welcome to attend the mass).   This year's Mass (6pm) and Dinner (7pm) at St Timothy's will be held on Tuesday December 17th.  This is a very special occasion for the children as they are surrounded by their families, friends and teachers as they celebrate and reflect on their primary school years and look forward to their new adventures in Secondary School.

 We would love to extend a warm invitation for the offer of assistance to all the families across the year levels.If you would like to assist we would love and appreciate in the coming weeks if you could please either donate a bottle of soft drink/juice or a bag of sweets.  All donations can be put in a marked box "graduation" in the Parents room.We will be sending out further details/requests in the coming weeks for offers for the salad/dessert or to help on the night.With love and gratitude,

 Grade 6 families.

Child Safety

Cake Raffle

Week 9 Thursday 5th DecemberGold Team & Blue Team

Out Of Hours School Care

Camp Australia Newsletter

Parents & Friends


S Timothy Parish Newsletter

St Timothy's Parish Newsletter

 Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December

St Timothy's School Calendar

Term 4 dates


Wednesday 21st, 28th November  4th December Tennis Clinics

Monday 16th December Whole School Christmas End of Year Celebration

Tuesday 17th December Year 6 Graduation

Wednesday 18th December Last day of school (children)